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  1. person0

    Queer Mormon Theology Book?

    Yeah, I saw that thread.
  2. person0

    Queer Mormon Theology Book?

    I was never intending to respond to the person who shared it publicly on Facebook. That said, this thread has somewhat disappointed me in the responses. It seems no one else is concerned about the fact that this type of material is infiltrating the Church. One of the people who clicked that they loved this post and then also commented that they really want to read it is the wife of one of Pres. Nelson's grandsons. It doesn't seem to be locally or minimally confined. My Ward is very woke, including our Bishop and his wife, EQP and his wife, etc. One of our young women recently started asking our children to use male pronouns and started going by only the traditionally male portion of her name. I am genuinely concerned about the way these things are impacting the membership and the fact that there has yet to be any clear direction from higher ups. Thankfully, a high counselor has brought this up to our Stake President today with the hope if obtaining further guidance. I suppose I thought people here would share in my concern and grief. That said, perhaps I didn't give enough information in the original post.
  3. person0

    Queer Mormon Theology Book?

    Any thoughts on the fact that members are reading and spreading this material, or the statement or quote from the image?
  4. person0

    Queer Mormon Theology Book?

    Is anyone familiar with this new book? A member in my area posted this and it has me worried about the material and beliefs that seem to be infiltrating the Church unchecked. I believe we should love all our brothers and sisters, regardless of their background. That love leads us to share the truth and the Gospel of Christ. Christ will then enable them to overcome the world, through His infinite Atonement. This can lead us all to deny ourselves of all ungodliness, in the myriad forms it manifests throughout our mortal sojourn. The quote shared in the attached image seems to directly subvert the eternal truths declared in the Family Proclamation. Am I misreading it, or misunderstanding something? Members of my ward have asked for copies of this book, and I can't imagine it will lead them toward Christ. Is anyone here familiar with it and/or what the author's intent and teaching is? My initial impression is that the title itself identifies it as a book that 'teaches a different gospel'.
  5. person0

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    I'm still in the age and health group where I'd honestly rather just risk getting COVID (assuming I haven't already).
  6. person0

    Career Change - Advice?

    I see that assignment operator where a comparison operator ought to be! On that note, though, I looked up 'why not be a software developer?' and one of the top reasons was essentially, "If you can't handle staring at a screen for 8 hours to diagnose and accomplish what should have only been 10 minutes of work, don't be a developer!"
  7. person0

    Career Change - Advice?

    I just landed my first job as a software developer! God get's all the credit, though. This job was made available to me in a way that could only come from Him. I was at Young Men's Camp with my oldest son a few weeks ago. While there, I had the opportunity to talk about my efforts to break into IT with a brother I was already moderately acquainted with through having served in the High Priest Group leadership with his father. He encouraged me to meet with the IT Director who is also self-taught and grew himself in the industry from the ground up. Fast forward to last Monday; we go to lunch together and hit it off pretty well and as we are about to leave he says to me, "Hey, I have an opening. . . you're not qualified for it, but if you're interested you can apply, and worst case we can get you some good feedback and point you in the right direction." I was exited to see what the interview would be like, and to get more advice, so I accepted. Wednesday, I get into the interview and I can tell it is a mixed bag performance. All the management type questions I am easily hammering out since I've been in management for many years now, but as far as the development questions go, I probably scored a 40% just from lack of familiarity with certain concepts, due to only working on hobby projects and never within an organization. Having developed two fully featured front-end applications and one full-stack application was much less valuable since they were all as the sole developer. At the end of the interview the IT Director repeated, "Just as a reminder, you're not qualified for this position, so we're going to talk about what if anything we could do, and worse case, we'll get you some good feedback and advice." Two days later he calls me and offers me a job! He laid out a plan with a specific path to get me get me the experience and qualifications to put me back in a leadership position over a team like I am now. I have the personal drive and God given talent to ultimately be successful, yet only in my dreams have I ever imagined someone would be willing to take a chance on me like this! The pay cut is only about 10% with the opportunity to be back at or above my current income within a year depending on my performance. This is a blessing that only God could have placed in my path. Without God softening the heart and granting vision to this IT Director with whom I have spent less than 3 hours time and have known only since last Monday, I can't imagine being given such an opportunity. I start next month and I am so excited about the continued learning and opportunities that lie ahead. I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven; I know and testify that He loves us individually and is intimately aware of the desires of our hearts, and our talents and capabilities. I pray that He will continue to bless me as He has thus far, and that I will never forget Him, that I may always be worthy of His Spirit and His outstretched hand! I will need it now more than ever, as this is only the beginning of this new road.
  8. I can imagine that. My wife used to be a public school teacher, so she is accustomed to the effort. We have a dedicated homeschool room where she works her magic with the kids. I think it is fair to say that the majority of her time as a mother is spent teaching and preparing.
  9. Well, my wife and I took our kids out of the public school system and are homeschooling them, that is the action we have taken. There is some expansion in the works on that to create a local homeschool co-op. I would suggest one of the most effective things that could be done would be for people to leave the public school system en masse. Then you have complete control over what is being taught to your children, and the principles of the Constitution and liberty can be instilled within them at home.
  10. Because of the modern social climate fostered by the organizations and individuals who support and sustain CRT, they have established real and actionable institutional power for minority races (black in particular), and have implemented Affirmative Action which is by definition "a system of advantage based on race". Therefore, an interesting thing about this new-fangled definition of racism is that, in acquiring the power and influence to re-define the word racism and institute Affirmative Action, minority proponents of CRT have exerted "social and institutional power" and unintentionally defined themselves into perpetrators of racism.
  11. There was a time when real policies existed for this purpose. It was called Redlining. Those policies are no longer in effect, so the current claim is that the historical issues propagated poverty to the current day, and impoverished communities (minorities in particular) are continually impacted by the racism of the past with no recourse to improve their lives on their own. Of course, that is false, because almost anyone can improve their livelihood through their own efforts.
  12. My daughter and I literally just got done doing a co-op session on Portal 2. Both Portal 1 and 2 are fun, but with 2 you can download a seemingly endless supply of levels, or create your own (I'm too busy to make them, though). EDIT: Just realized this thread was resurrected, but still a great game.
  13. Uhh. . . Can someone love the gospel and not love Jesus Christ at the same time? I'd say the two are mutually exclusive when it comes to a point of not even trying. (Looks like you responded to this already) Perhaps not directly, but don't we see a little of that from King David? His circumstance was certainly different as he committed a major sin and then experienced continual remorse and a desire to repent; Fether was not referencing people who want to turn away from their sins, but those who want to continue to live them. If they can't come to terms with the unfairness, they have a lot more to learn, and a lot more looking around to do. How is their life any more unfair than a child who is sold into slavery and sexually, mentally, and physically abused their entire lives until they die or are killed? How is their life any less fair than someone who never has the opportunity to marry, and yet lives their entire life having to cope with normal sexual desires? If they struggle with that question of fairness, their mind's eye is shallow and they need to recognized the endless pit of unfairness that exists in our mortal world.
  14. I only read the first two pages of this thread and came out shocked no one shared this connection. I sincerely believe the brethren have been instructed, as the Lord's servants, that the time has come to let the wheat and tares grow together as we navigate the "winding up scene" during the "latter part of these latter days". When wheat and tares grow together, some of the wheat may be starved by the tares, and some of the wheat will be spared by not gathering the tares. In the end, all the tares will be burned and only the wheat will remain. So long as we maintain our number one priority to live in accordance with the commandments of God, and the principles of the Restored Gospel, we will be prepared.
  15. person0

    The Shame of Elder Renlund

    I agree with all of that. Even so, because this is such a common human experience, it is rehashed time after time in society, books, media, and even Church talks and resources. Both spiritual and temporal guilt for things outside our control is covered by the atonement. I think a better way to have conveyed his normal emotional response without carrying or portraying the weight of undue guilt would have been something similar to, "While they have recovered, it is hard to not feel responsible." That type of modification acknowledges the normal human emotional response, while also recognizing is not actually responsible in such a circumstance. That said, I really doubt that others who have read or listened to his words have focused in on such a minor detail, as that was not the focus of his teaching.