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  1. I get what you are saying and I believe this is mostly a lexical disagreement. I will also argue that, in my view, what you are saying here is meaningfully equivalent to what I said. I will add the clarifying note that, if there is anything the Father cannot Himself do alone, it is only because the capacity to do so is not something that exists within reality. If anyone needs them, I am happy to provide relevant passages from the scriptures that relate to this discussion, my position, and why I am willing to be more explicit in the way I said what I did (I know Vort already knows them).
  2. That is exactly what it means. The Father can neither dwell within us, nor lay down His own life, because He is already a perfected, immortal being. The Son offered Himself to fulfill the Father's plan, and the Holy Spirit did the same relevant to His role. The Godhead exists out of necessity. The Father, being perfect in every way, would not have introduced roles and members of the Godhead that He was capable of filling on His own. This is also another reason that it can be rightly said that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are one God. None of them possess the capacity to bring about the salvation and exhalation of man alone. Hence, united, they operate as one God.
  3. Not trying to start an argument, but for the sake of further clarifying the LDS position (as I understand it), we definitely are in full agreement on this; we simply believe that the concept of creation ex nihilo makes the above objectively impossible.
  4. Just to blow your mind a bit, I'm going to spin this a different way for you. Latter-Day Saints believe that our faith is the true religion of Christ restored to the earth, possessing His priesthood and the authority necessary to organize and govern His Church. In essence, if put bluntly and taken to the extreme, we are the true Christians and others are in fact, not. Of course, in actuality, we gladly welcome and acknowledge all who seek to follow Christ as fellow Christians. I say it like that to demonstrate how easy it is to declare that someone is not what they claim to be. The truth in any spiritual declaration can only be confirmed by the power of the Holy Ghost, which is how you can figure it out.
  5. I was referring to D&C 91:2. Aside from that, your other points are accurate, I just misunderstood your shift from 19->20, and assumed you were suggesting that Biden would be the first short feather. You never explicitly said that, I just misunderstood what you meant. I never read the book either, just have read and watch a little online content.
  6. Not sure if it was this guy or a different guy, but initially, after Trump lost, the interpretation quickly shifted to 'short feather' meaning the presidency/rule was cut short from any perspective. It was initially suggested that voter fraud and/or election interference sufficient to alter the outcome could be considered a rule cut short. It was also suggested that a 7 year and 363 day term would still be considered a term cut short. Where I'm going with all that is to suggest that if Biden wins reelection, we would still have to wait through the next cycle before the proponents would either have to change their interpretation, or choose to abandon the theory. If Biden loses but finished the full term, they would have to try and come up with a way to suggest that the loss was somehow illegitimate, which would really be pushing it for them since most proponents would consider themselves very conservative and it would be cognitively dissonant to try and suggest a democrat was illegitimately removed. It just so happens that I just came up with a theory at I could imagine would be proposed: The Democrats dislike Biden so much that they intentionally helped Trump (or R candidate) win so that they could shift the blame of all the country's problems and plan for R president's assassination, thus ending R president's term short. Or something like that, haha. Aside: I just noticed @zil2 came up with a nice little variant explanation of her own! 🤣 To @NeuroTypical's point, I'm sure there are ways to try and extend the life of the theory, but they will be increasingly harder to sell. That said, of course, the theory could play out in an obvious way, but how often has such a thing happened, especially considering we don't know what interpolations might exist in the text to modify any of the meaning of the original prophecy. Oh, well. I suppose we'll see what happens, lol.
  7. I am familiar with the Ezra's Eagle interpretation you shared. I like the idea of it and, to an extent, kind of want it to be true, but that's mostly because I see how wicked the world is becoming and I'm pretty much ready for it to be over and for Christ to come back as soon as possible. I am curious to see if Biden doesn't finish his term and it gives further credence to the continuation of the theory. That said, I was under the impression that he had abandoned his theory, but it appears that he made another video as recently as 4 weeks ago. 🤔🤷‍♂️
  8. Among other things, the traditional definition (if that's an accurate description) is wrong. Hence, the Restoration. I hope to respond to your other statements later, but I'm heading out the door.
  9. Just damnation. Not the same as hell. It isn't hell, but it is damnation.
  10. 😁 I never intend to run off, I just get sidetracked with life and forget to check in, haha.
  11. Isn't that by the same guy who was working on the title of liberty movie? He's now making one about Moroni, I guess.
  12. Simpleton here: I always just enjoyed the show and never considered the ending to be problematic in any way. I also never read any of the source material.
  13. BTW, if you get the sealing broken, it will just be re-done after the man and his wife are both deceased anyway. When we do work for the dead, men are sealed to every spouse they had in mortality, especially when children are in the mix. Ultimately, it cannot be avoided at this point, however, we do have the opportunity to trust in the Lord and in His plans for us.
  14. My thoughts (in brief): If the first wife desires to remain sealed, I believe it is generally the right thing to allow her to do so and to not seek to strip away that sealing. The second wife is very much in the wrong here. She is acting pridefully. Though her desires are understandable, she is not willing to trust the Lord to make everything work out perfectly as it should in the eternities. The second wife is also completely wrong about the morality of a man being sealed to more than one woman for eternity and is expressing and enforcing her opinions over and above those of the Lord and the doctrines and teachings of His Gospel. I wish the couple in question the best and pray for the spirit to meaningfully influence their lives to help lead them to all the blessings the Lord desires for them.
  15. Things are progressing. Second round, potentially the final round, this Wednesday with the CEO. Thanks to anyone who lended their support through prayer. 🙂