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  1. The website is back up: Interesting quote from the references page:
  2. That states there is evidence, but the article that talks about the evidence says that the data mostly comes from China, and they can't be sure it was actually asymptomatic spread because it might have come from other interactions.
  3. Did I not link to a scientific research study that suggests that isn't actually happening? I also linked to a different one yesterday that showed the same thing.
  4. Okay, I amend my statement. That point is no longer valid in KY, but also in most other areas. Hospitals are laying people off.
  5. Cloth masks have been proven to have a 97% inbound penetration rate. Outbound for some reason is better, but the truth is that masks are only useful if a wearer actually has symptoms. Here is a recent study proving this: Even if we were to agree that masks work as we expect, and even if we were to ignore the encroachment upon our individual liberty, asymptomatic people are not spreading this virus like was originally thought! It all made sense at first, but now that we have this data, there is no justifiable reason to implement mandatory mask wearing. We let individuals and businesses choose for themselves what risks they will and won't take. We should still encourage people to wear a mask where it makes sense to do so, especially if they are showing any symptoms, but then we let everyone else decide what they will or won't do. It should be that simple.
  6. This point is no-longer valid. Hospitals here in KY have been laying people off since march because no one is using hospital services since they are being reserved for an imaginary influx of severe COVID-19 cases.
  7. Yeah, and my 5 year old son has had three strokes. I'm willing to take my chances with the virus.
  8. It didn't actually bother me. I was saying that more for anyone else who might be lurking about. 😉
  9. I didn't suggest that masks don't work. In fact, I will happily and readily admit that it is reasonable to expect they would, and I need no evidence. I argued that asymptomatic spread is being used as a rationale for mandates and that, so far, the science is indicating that asymptomatic spread isn't actually happening. That means that people who have symptoms should probably be wearing masks (or better - just stay at home), but those who do not have any symptoms are not accomplishing anything. Hence, the general asymptomatic populous should be able/allowed to choose for themselves if they want to wear one or not.
  10. Your friend is wrong. Private businesses absolutely have the right to mandate the use of masks. Individuals like your friend are acting wrongfully. Advocating for individual liberty and being obedient to the requests of a private organization are not mutually exclusive. The statement he is making is that it is okay to ignore the rules of a private organization (which it isn't). Individuals do not have the right to impose their beliefs on a private entity. People like your friend lessen the efforts of those who respect private businesses and also advocate for individual liberty, and against government mandates.
  11. You have the right to your opinion. The idea of mask mandates are because of asymptomatic spread. Consider these two recent research studies that conclude that asymptomatic spread is not measurably happening to any statistically significant degree. Even with 30 min of breathing in close contact with the measuring devices in laboratory settings, even for those who had symptoms, the majority did not shed detectable virus. Admittedly, this was only one patient, but even with a median of 4 days contact, none of those studied became ill with the virus. The point? Given that there is ample contrarian evidence about the effectiveness of masks, I believe we should teach people correct principles and let them govern themselves.
  12. Okay, well the death rate of the flu in any given year is expected to be up to 2.3% of all death's. Death's from random accidents is around 6 to 7 percent each year.
  13. Are you sure you read the numbers right? I will admit, the graphic can be a bit confusing. 8.66% means that it is estimated that 8.66% of total 2020 death's will be from COVID-19. That isn't a super large number, especially when you consider that ~25% of deaths will be from heart disease and ~20% of death's will be from cancer. The graphic states, "IF you die in 2020" not, "IF you get COVID-19." Total USA death's in 2020 is estimated to be ~ 2,649,916. That would mean 8.66% of that (~229,483) would be the maximum anticipated deaths from COVID-19. Sure that is pretty hefty, but that is still only 0.07% of the total population of the US. Sure. However, there are two completely separate arguments in play. One is whether or not one should wear or not wear a mask; the other is whether or not one should be forced to wear a mask. I am only arguing against government officials forcing people to wear a mask; that is the only question that involves oppressive control.