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  1. person0

    The Shame of Elder Renlund

    I agree with all of that. Even so, because this is such a common human experience, it is rehashed time after time in society, books, media, and even Church talks and resources. Both spiritual and temporal guilt for things outside our control is covered by the atonement. I think a better way to have conveyed his normal emotional response without carrying or portraying the weight of undue guilt would have been something similar to, "While they have recovered, it is hard to not feel responsible." That type of modification acknowledges the normal human emotional response, while also recognizing is not actually responsible in such a circumstance. That said, I really doubt that others who have read or listened to his words have focused in on such a minor detail, as that was not the focus of his teaching.
  2. person0

    The Shame of Elder Renlund

    I think the analogy was perfectly fine and appropriate. What I find to be somewhat troubling is that he feels responsible for having transmitted the virus. It seems reasonable to feel devastated at such a happening, but unless he willfully ignored safety measures (against their will or without their knowledge) while also knowing himself to be infected, there would be no reason to feel responsible. If he feels responsible for something over which he had no knowledge, control, or reasonable ability to prevent, that sets a really bad example to the world. That would mean there are potentially as many as 500,000+ people in this country who should feel they are responsible for the death of someone who died from COVID-19. I shudder to think about the implications of all other transmissible illnesses. All that said, I doubt he considered such prior to making his statement; clearly, his focus was on thoroughly conveying the analogy of a spiritual virus. 🤷‍♂️
  3. person0

    What do you make of the ESG Score?

    How much did I pay? ~83K (Full plot was double that) The whole thing is 31.5 acres. We own 1/2. Here's a satellite view.
  4. person0

    What do you make of the ESG Score?

    I can supply the land if you can supply the money! Recently got me a nice 15.5 acre plot about 40 min from Independence. Only 4 minutes from the local chapel too! 🙂
  5. person0

    President Nelson vaccinated

    I understand data. When the virus first hit I regularly downloaded the CDC data to do my own statistical analysis. It appears to me that you may be interpreting more from my words than what is being said, and more than what is meant. I disagree with the person who made the statement about getting the virus and dying in six months rather than three; I was merely pointing out the hypocrisy. I think my statement of facts from the beginning is very simple. FACT: Old people have died in response to the vaccine. FACT: President Nelson is within the proper age group to be negatively affected, but as far as we know, has none of the pre-existing issues that would result in an adverse reaction (i.e. death). FACT: It can be reasonably assumed that if President Nelson were to die from an adverse reaction to the vaccine, millions of members would shy away from taking it. It can likewise be reasonably assumed that the absence of an adverse reaction will soften the hearts of millions who might otherwise be opposed, for whatever reason. I haven't said a single thing to suggest the vaccine is bad, or to suggest people shouldn't take it, etc. You seem to be in some kind of defense mode where every negative sounding statement about the vaccine automatically makes someone an anti-vaxer or something. I suppose it makes sense given you were part of the trial, but it still seems overblown and inappropriate.
  6. person0

    President Nelson vaccinated

    Sure, now can you get the people who record all COVID-19 death's to follow that same advice? I heard someone put it this way: If people are willing to say that about the virus, why change tune when speaking of the vaccine?
  7. person0

    President Nelson vaccinated

    Did you not read the article? There ARE old people who have already died from the effects of the vaccine.
  8. person0

    President Nelson vaccinated

    You all do know that the vaccine is only expected to provide protection for one year, right?
  9. person0

    President Nelson vaccinated

    I understand where you are coming from, but that simply isn't true. God may or may not prevent His prophet from death at any given moment; it all depends on His plan.
  10. person0

    President Nelson vaccinated

    Not really. There have been plenty of people who have had severe pains and symptoms after the shot so far. If it is a pretty bad experience for some, as I have heard, I could certainly imagine it resulting in death among those who are older and more frail. I'm sure President Nelson will be fine because, as far as I know, he doesn't have any underlying conditions, but he is very old.
  11. person0

    President Nelson vaccinated

    While I'm sure the vaccine is probably fine, we also should remember that President Nelson is in his late 90's, has lived a good, full life, and there is essentially no downside to him taking it. If it kills him, members will know worldwide and reject it; if he appears completely unharmed, members will be less skeptical and will take it, likely to their advantage. It is a win-win situation: either many members are guided away from an evil in the world (bad vaccine), or they are guided away from an evil within themselves (pride). I wonder if he will take a photo op for the second dose? 🤔
  12. Given the Constitution outlines the method for being amended, it does not follow that an amendment necessarily means the Constitution has not been preserved.
  13. Clarification: The Constitution specifically vests the authority to choose electors with the State Legislatures. That is an important note.
  14. Unless the Supreme Court has failed the Constitution and thus it is hanging by a thread. 🤔
  15. person0

    The election

    Everything that is happening now has happened before! Is it wrong of me to hope we have 1877 all over again?