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  1. person0

    Career Change - Advice?

    Passed the Security+ exam today. Studying for CCNA now!
  2. Don't forget the Jaredites! That was a unique way too 🙂
  3. I agree with @prisonchaplain. I would not financially support one of my children on a mission for another Church. The only exception might be if it were one of those short-term service only missions, where preaching 'another gospel' would not be part of the agenda. On a similar note: My father, who is Muslim, did not speak to me for three years when I married my wife in the temple. We have been hanging out and talking, just like before, for about seven years now. Stand for your principles; things will work out as they should. Remember Christs words, "For I am come to set a man at variance against his father." I can almost guarantee that standing your ground will have a more 'positive' impact than donating. Why? Because if you donate, your children may see it as evidence of you gradually coming around to their way of thinking. If/When you still present contrary views, they could take it all the harder. Anyway, I wish you the best and I hope you are able to maintain a positive relationship with your children.
  4. person0

    Kwaku at Payson Bible Church debate

    Just pulled up the debate on you-tube and watched a few minutes right in the middle. The pastor was asking Kwaku various questions. I would give Kwaku about a B+ in his responses; not too bad overall. The problem with these types of debates is that the fact that a debate is occurring is the inherent flaw. A debate can only effectively apply to the beliefs that extend from the shared foundations of the debaters. For Example: Once, on my mission, while shopping on P-Day, a Muslim man came up to my companion and I to discuss a few things. We politely acquiesced, and since my companion knew that my father was Muslim, he decided to let me take the reins in the discussion. The sincere believer with whom I was discussing was inviting me to watch videos of imams debating pastors and was telling me that he though I would find it interesting and about how he was amazed at how blown out of the water the pastors were. I proceeded to explain to him that it would be pretty useless for me to watch those videos, because I already know the pastors were wrong; I explained that although they were Christian, their version and interpretation of Christianity was false/incorrect and so the imam's would be debating and 'disproving' things that I already know are not true. Suffice it to say, he was very confused, haha. On a related note, a small but notable part of my interpretation of the flaws within the Quran extends from the fact that the Quran explicitly preaches against Trinitarian Christianity, but is not forward-thinking enough to preach against any other form of Christianity. I would suggest that, for any debate to be truly effective at presenting the positions of both sides in a way to enable to audience to come away edified, it would involve both sides presenting the beliefs they feel are the most important to address, why they believe as they do and then, if there is to be a question/answer section, the questions should be provided by both parties in advance so that they may prepare an answer as they choose. Debate, in general, would best be used as a problem solving mechanism, not a source of entertainment. A religious debate should never really be a debate; it should be people discussing why they believe what they believe in a sincere and straight forward way. But of course, I suppose that would take all the 'fun' out of it for so many.
  5. person0

    I am an LDS Card Counter.

    Card counting is not against the rules of blackjack, it is against the rules of the casino. The rule exists for the sole purpose of impeding legitimate mechanics of play. That is why in some states it is illegal for casinos to prohibit people from card counting, or to ban them from play for it.
  6. person0

    Career Change - Advice?

    Passed the Network+ exam today. On to the Security+ next 🙂
  7. person0

    I am an LDS Card Counter.

    I disagree that card counting is cheating. I acknowledge that it may be against casino rules of play (In NJ it is illegal for a casino to ban players for card counting), but it most certainly isn't cheating. It does not involve any fraudulent method of play, nor is it dishonest; it only involves memorization and statistics. That said, gambling is gambling and should be avoided regardless. Anecdote: In regards to gambling, I have taught my children that I never make a bet unless I am 100% certain I am right. Recently my oldest son said, "I bet you $100 that . . ." I responded by saying, "Okay, I bet you $100 that . . . [the opposite]". My son initially responded saying, "okay", but then immediately retracted and said, "Never mind, you only bet when you know you are right!" 😄
  8. Super thumbs up to you! That is what I think too! I find it tragically comical that the published Run-Hide-Fight guidelines specifically state, "Use any available materials or tools as a weapon." Seems very counter-intuitive to implement a gun ban and then give that advice. 🤔
  9. Just finished the whole thing. In general, I liked it and felt joy about the fact that there were no veiled jabs. I did take note of at least one thin in particular that was inaccurate. The female host presented the idea of modern revelation changing doctrine and presented two examples as evidence, the priesthood and plural marriage. I would contend that there was no doctrinal change implemented, but merely a policy change; revelation was needed in both cases because, in regards to plural marriage, it was the implementation of a policy to no longer directly practice the doctrine. In regards to blacks and the priesthood, it was a policy reversal; there was never an official doctrine to bar them from the priesthood. In fact, I can't think of a single actual doctrine that has changed over the history of the Church. That said, I can see why someone lacking the worldview of ongoing revelation would consider any revelation based change to be doctrinal, whether it is or isn't. Another thing I noticed is that the male guest was inaccurately under the impression that the Church recently started emphasizing Christ. I think this once again just goes back to public perception and lack of knowledge/understanding of the doctrine. In general, it was a very positive and inviting video. I can easily imagine someone who is not LDS viewing that video and then having the desire to learn and understand more about the Church and the doctrines of the Restored Gospel.
  10. person0

    Clarified temple recommend questions

    Amen. BTW, here are some of the exact words from one of the people I mentioned previously: Reads to me like she is the one with hatred in her heart in the literal sense. She, and others like her seriously have issues. I am not sure how someone could even begin to help people like this overcome them? I mean, the only way to change is to actually come to a knowledge and understanding of the truth, and I can't imagine someone like that being willing to have enough of a conversation to connect the dots to even begin to come close! UPDATE: Looks like she has officially decided she no longer believes in the restored gospel, according to a recent post. Makes sense that she would go that way, but deeply saddens me nonetheless.
  11. person0

    Clarified temple recommend questions

    I think that was part of what she said. She also was ranting about him spreading hate, and sustaining hate for LGBTQ. Basically, she was spewing a bunch of inaccurate crap based on her perceptions of what she would have preferred to hear. The family was, until about a couple of month's ago. I'm not sure what happened to lead them down this path. Sadly, there are multiple families and individuals in our Ward and area who appear to be tossed about because they can't understand the difference between love and approval. Makes me wonder if they've ever actually read the scriptures (any of them).
  12. person0

    Clarified temple recommend questions

    Someone in my Ward posted about how they despise Elder Oaks based on his talk during the Women's Session. I am constantly amazed and baffled by how many members of the Church are unable to comprehend the idea that to love and care for someone does not mean to approve of their choices and actions. I think that based on this new wording, there are many who will be unable to renew their temple recommends (assuming they are honest); I assume many will use that as fuel to their fire of indignation.
  13. person0

    Career Change - Advice?

    I have considered it, however, I'm not yet to the point where I feel comfortable with that, mostly because I can't imagine having enough time to dedicate to my regular job and to starting a business. Secondly, because I actually did begin the process of starting a new business (with a partner) developing secure and trackable solutions for child pickup and drop off from schools, and it was taking too much of my time so I dropped it halfway through the development process. We had a working alpha, but the schools didn't want to test it until we got to the beta stage. Earlier this year, about 10% of the way through the Beta stage, I put everything on hold. Suffice it to say that my business partner is pretty upset about that. I hope to come back to it soon, but I need to focus on this other stuff right now, and hopefully in the long run I will be better equipped to complete the project and actually take it somewhere.
  14. person0

    Youth (especially YW) changes!

    I don't think the changes will actually alter much in practice. I think existing Young Men's Presidencies will just continue a similar role as advisers. They already don't actually hold any keys. I think mentally, the change will shift the logical understanding of the role of the Quorum presidencies back to how they were intended to be from the beginning; the presidencies and quorum members will simply be given guidance as they are held accountable to their stewardship. This is an effective tool to both separate the wheat from the tares as well as to help the wheat grow strong in good ground. That said, when I was in a YMP a few years ago, we were already trying to follow this type of model. Hopefully this shift simply drives the concept home more efficiently.
  15. person0

    Career Change - Advice?

    Thanks for the perspective! I'm happy to say that I could do that stuff in my sleep; those things are part of a skill set I have kept current since I was a teenager. I am looking to hop into a deeper level of IT, and am actually working on some projects at home to use as 'experience' and evidence of my knowledge and abilities. Since I have 7 children, I am going to set up an Active Directory server to manage our home systems. Additionally, I intend to implement a VMware ESXi virtualization system running both Windows and Linux virtual environments providing services such as a mail server, SMB file server, DLNA/Media server, firewall, and a DMZ to protect local environments while remotely enabling access to the appropriate servers. I am also planning to physically set up off site storage that will backup/sync pretty much everything in near-real-time over a site to site VPN connection. Once I have all this in place I will take it into every interview to show them I know what I'm doing. Other than our mortgage, my wife and I have no debt, however, I am the sole provider, so income is still fairly important. You are right though, wage information is very general and it is pretty hard to pinpoint an exact figure. I suppose we'll see what happens, however, this is the first time I have felt truly excited about my where I am looking to go with my career. I have done very well for myself in my current role, but it is just a job to me, and I am curious to see where I can go once I hop into a career I am actually passionate about.