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  1. person0

    Stacey Harkey comes out

    They are. You shouldn't if they are in opposition to established truth. A lady in my ward claims she has received confirmation by the Spirit that one day Homosexual sealings will be approved. Should I take her experience at face value? Or should I stick to the doctrine? I think the latter. It is hard to get more universalist than the Restored Gospel already is. Doing so requires embracing falsehoods and at that point, it is useless because it isn't true. Like, perhaps, Christ's millennial reign?
  2. person0

    Stacey Harkey comes out

    Being fairly confident they will obtain at least a Telestial glory, I assumed we might consider that as "happiness" in the context. Separate from that, I have traditionally separated in my mind the concepts of happiness and joy. Joy being eternal; happiness being temporary, like fun.
  3. person0

    Stacey Harkey comes out

    When I look at his Twitter feed over the last few months, it's hard to understand how that isn't representative of such. Happiness? Yes. Eternal life? No.
  4. person0

    Stacey Harkey comes out

    Have these individuals expressed an intent to betray the Gospel of Christ? Or are they just seeking attention? If one claims the intention to live according to the commandments, what could be an appropriate purpose for coming out? Edit: As suspected, in Bergs case he's just completely rejecting the gospel. I presume the same about Harkey. 😔
  5. person0

    Mid-term election Predictions

    Do you also agree with Ben when he acknowledges that fraud wasn't ultimately necessary because the left wing media & social media outlets were successfully able to censor enough content and control the narrative sufficiently to produce an equivalent result by keeping the American people uninformed/misinformed?
  6. person0

    Irreversible Damage

    This has infiltrated and infected our ward. 2 female youth who have identified as trans (one has fully socially transitioned), 1 who identifies as pansexual, 1 as bisexual, my daughter (for a time) was introduced to it by another young woman. Our kids are homeschooled and video websites with suggested/automatic content are heavily restricted in our home, so nearly 100% of their exposure to this phenomenon has come through associations at Church. Thankfully, intervention helped our daughter and at least one of the other youth to escape and align themselves on the path (for now). Our daughter was being led down the path that could eventually have led to a trans identity (all seemingly stemming from a desire for social acceptance). One of her so called 'friends' in the ward even helped come up with a new name for her that we quickly, lovingly and successfully shut down (thankfully). We had three special counsels with ward and stake leaders (incl. youth & primary presidency) to foster ideas for how to help. Admittedly, I am generally impatient and to me it seems that progress is slow. Our ward has many woke individuals who publicly trumpet lgbtq affirmation (among other things), to such an extent that a member of the Bishopric, while teaching the plan of salvation, mentioned our eternal identity as sons and daughters of God and then followed up by saying that he "didn't mean to get into that", specifically referencing gender identity. I don't blame the individual for the type of anxious thoughts and feelings that led him to say that; instead I question how we allowed such circumstances to develop in our ward in the first place. Anyway, it seems this stuff is all over these days. We have been seriously considering ward shopping to seek out an environment that is more safe for our children. This coming Sunday we will be visiting another ward just for a break and to see what we feel from the Spirit. Thus far, somehow, through all this, we have not yet felt a strong spiritual impression to flee (although a few others have already done so).
  7. person0

    two questions re. the Atonement

    Depends on how one is applying the word finite. The duration Christ's suffering in the garden was finite according to our measurement of time. However, at the same time, even a finite measurement of time can be subdivided into infinite moments, just as in mathematical theory, how line can be subdivided into infinite points. In other words, something need not be endless in time in order to be infinite in scope. Not that you weren't aware of this already, but I think it is worth stating.
  8. person0

    two questions re. the Atonement

    Well, I did some research on the Church website and could find no resources that directly address this passage in an attempt to explain what we are discussing, so I suppose your interpretation is as good as mine until more is revealed. The most important thing I wanted to share is that when we really get down to it, permanent separation from God and His light is the only eternal punishment for all sin. We also know that no unclean thing can dwell in the presence of God. Understanding this we can see that the eternal consequence of stealing a piece of bubble gum is equivalent to the eternal consequence of stealing a car (i.e. separation from God). Our earthly laws would punish the one much more severely than the other, but to God, both would be immediately ineligible to dwell in His presence until they had truly repented. On that note, consider how King Lamoni murdered his servants, and yet his repentance process took only a few days. Alma the younger not only committed many unwritten sins, but he persuaded other to sin also such that he wrote of his effect on others as having 'murdered their souls'; similarly, his repentance took only a few days. I think that the lack of lengthy punishment and forfeiture of God's Spirit and blessings was the result of the sincerity of their change. It only takes a long time for some of us to repent because it takes a long time for us to truly decide to change our ways and be dedicated to following God's will in the thing for which we are repenting. So anyway, that was my main point, that there is only one punishment for sin, and that punishment is permanent separation from God.
  9. person0

    two questions re. the Atonement

    Although there is much we don't know, we do know that Christs Atonement does not work based on Him being punished in our place. By that I mean to refer to: From this passage, we can understand that Christ did not suffer a literal legalistic style punishment for our sins. Therefore His infinite atonement must work upon some other principle. While I don't know the full answer to the question, "how does Christ's Atonement work?" I do have an insight to share. Because of the way we experience law, punishment, sin and repentance, we are accustomed to thinking that differing and/or more grievous acts require different/greater punishments. However, in reality, there is only one punishment for sin, and that is permanent separation from God and His light. Does considering Christ's atonement from this perspective and with this added detail in mind help you?
  10. person0

    Why the King James Version?

    The relationship is more similar to how close D&C is to the KJV. All of the conjugations and tenses are there, but often the Book of Mormon is a slightly 'easier' read than the Reina Valera.
  11. person0

    Why the King James Version?

    In Spanish we use the LDS edition of the Reina-Valera translation dating back to the 1500's. It is very much akin to the KJV in its language as it pertains to Spanish. On my mission, we used a 1960 revision from a different publisher which obviously lacked the footnotes which are included in the LDS edition.
  12. person0

    Question re the Law of Moses

    I think a reasonable assessment of the intent of the question might be to interpret it as, "How well did the Law of Moses fulfill the intention of it's originator (i.e. God)?" To which (in my opinion) the answer was and is, "Perfectly." 🙂
  13. person0

    Elder Holland talk April 2022

    Imagine the misery of going through life after rejecting the true gospel you once loved. I was explaining to my daughter the other day that, for me, there is no alternative to the Restored Gospel. If the Book of Mormon and Church weren't true, I couldn't find answers in any other faith; they have similar or greater flaws and fewer answers. On the other hand, disbelieving God exists would make life a meaningless pursuit of pleasures, at which point, I might as well choose to believe; if I die and cease to exist, I have lost nothing and am none the wiser, yet gospel structured living blessed me with family, hope, redemption, and personal growth through my mortal sojourn. In myriad ways, the opportunity cost of living without the gospel is far greater than that of living with it, hence, there is no satisfactory alternative. I'm so grateful to know that Christ is my Savior and to have His true Restored Gospel in my life.
  14. person0

    Elder Holland talk April 2022

    Yeah. Unfortunately, there are many in the same boat.
  15. person0

    Question re the Law of Moses