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  1. Jeff Sessions, poster child of the Tea Party is as conservative as you can get. He sure does believe "that guy" is the answer for that. No, he doesn't claim to believe that "that guy" is conservative. Rather, he believes that "that guy" is the best facilitator for conservatism. Because, he believes "the other guy" who is touted to be the most conservative of them all and who Sessions worked side-by-side with in the Senate, will not be able to get anything done because of his extremely idealistic stance on everything - it will be gridlock just like it is now with the extremely idealistic Obama.
  2. This is funny. In 2012, lots of people stayed home guaranteeing an Obama win because Romney is "not Christian". Today, people are going to stay home or scheme for 3rd party guaranteeing a Hillary win because Trump is "not Christian". I swear... religious people just love shooting themselves in their own foot.
  3. HEADS UP! That's also why Muslims - and Obama - don't want us to call the terrorists Muslims or Islamic. I had an exhausting debate with a whole bunch of people on Facebook who are fit to be tied because Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court is Muslim (yes, I know he's Jewish). I said, So what if he's Muslim (even if he isn't)? And man... the bigotry of the many many posts after that makes me sad.
  4. PRISONCHAPLAIN! I'm calling you out. You said something about holding your nose... you mean Trump? If so, give me a reason. Be specific. So we can discuss.
  5. We have a family cemetery so whoever is left when I die is more than likely shipping me over there to lie with my kin. But I really don't care what anybody does with me or my stuff after I die. Bury me, burn me, plant me, give my liver away... whatever. I told my husband if you decide to put me in a casket and you don't pick the cheapest box you can find you're wasting your money.
  6. Special snowflake poster child. Could you imagine if she finds out her next-door neighbor has a cadre of armaments?
  7. Do you know how often I've been checking to see if will finally let me sign in? EVERY SINGLE DAY. I miss you too!
  8. High School was a blast! It was the bestest best time of my life and all my friends are still my friends and a lot of the ones that weren't are now my friends... except that we are all scattered all over the planet. Most of us are meeting in August, though, and I am looking forward to it! So yeah, one of my best friends sob-storied me out of 200 bucks a couple years ago, but that was on me. I still love the dude even as we work to get him out to rehab. So, the lies... Wearing a uniform will prevent gangs. Hah hah. Ever heard of bandannas?