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  1. You have a link? I'm collecting all of these.
  2. Elon Musk expressed support especially because of what you said above. Most of the people who will say what you said above would have never voted Trump over Biden. So, it just guarantees they're not voting for Biden either. Interestingly, the chans are now busy meme-ing "Biden is taking votes away from Kanye, where's BLM?". This election is starting to become fun again.
  3. Hey Carb, to repay for the joy of watching your watermelons grow I'm gonna teach you the art of the non-argument (where someone is presenting an argument not for discussion but for virtue signal). The answer to all non-argument questions is Yes. "To say All Lives Matter is to support white supremacists. Are you a white supremacist?" The answer is "Yes". "Have you heard of LDS members who said they prayed hard and fasted hard for years with out ever receiving answers or even feeling the spirit? What should we say to these people? "you are not worshipping good enough!"?" The answer is "Yes."
  4. My closest friend in the ward just told my husband he's a disgusting human being because my husband posted Braveheart's Freedom Meme over the Government Mask Mandate and took a selfie fishing in the county next door with no Mask Mandate. FISHING. If you're within 20 feet of a guy fishing, you're too close and he can whip you with that rod (wait... is there a no rod whipping mandate?). By the way, I just went shopping in the predominantly black neighborhood's Walmart yesterday and, if I was to use statistics to presume 90% of them are democrats, then 90% of the democrats were not wearing masks in a government mask mandate. So, I don't know anymore if this is a conservative versus liberal issue rather than a "I'm so scared of covid, I'd rather live under Nazi government and feel safer" issue.
  5. P.S. That watermelon sounds great for taking half of it for party eating and the other half of party juicing. I make watermelon punch a lot.
  6. Dagnabit. I want seeds but I don't got no 15' diameter anything unless I risk another lien on my house by the HOA for replacing my front yard grass with watermelon!
  7. I used to think that meant something until my supposedly conservative friends ganged on me when I expressed dismay at the government mandating face masks...
  8. And now I'll have to call on my lawyer to sue you for doxxing your anonymous source, especially the mention of female and MMA. July 17 is an important Fight Night with a very popular female headliner in Namajunes, which gives BLM, antifa, and free-renters a target to ruin my day.
  9. Y'all need to learn to navigate the interwebs... This woman was not fired. This woman applied for an internship at Deloitte. The internship was supposed to start in the fall. The internship offer was withdrawn. That is not a firing. Now, if this was a real firing, then it is a very acceptable one and even freedom of speech cannot help her here. When you promise violence on people, a company is not obligated to keep you until after you have stabbed somebody at the office. This is way different than just a difference in socio-political opinion. There are other reasons when your off-hour speech is valid reason for firing. If you work for Coca-Cola and in your off-hours you tell the world Coca-Cola is poisoning people with their Cherrry Coke, Coke can fire you. In a private enterprise, your freedom of speech faces your employer's freedom of association. Basically, you are free to say what you want and your employer is free to disassociate themselves from your speech.
  10. I have a hard time understanding rap lyrics so I only like a very few of them because the repetitive beats just get boring after a while. I listened to Kanye's new song and I didn't get it until Knowles talked about it here and I went... whoa!
  11. All the Hydrochloroquine studies at a glance:
  12. Well... of course. The TDS is strong with that one.
  13. You must be from South Carolina. (let's see if you get that reference... )
  14. Since when did Wyoming move to Australia?
  15. There's a ginormous difference between a surgeon who submitted to training to do surgeries in a mask while breathing down the innards of a person and the everyday guy who is FORCED to wear a mask while walking around Walmart. And there is a reason why @Carborendum is not a surgeon. And yes, you should nag about how you are oppressed when you've done nothing but stay home and go to Walmart for the past 4 months and you are GUILTED into wearing a mask by social pressure and then by government tyranny. YOU WEAR A MASK if you so desire. Stop being such a gaslighter to people who do not want to do so. Fad Science is simply that. FAD SCIENCE. The next step is for you to social pressure other people into taking the vaccine. Then social pressured to get digital chipped so they know you've been vaccined. Then social pressured to house arrest for whatever other else YOU consider the Fad Science of the month that makes you feel better about yourself and grandma so you won't live constantly in fear of dying.
  16. @Jamie123, also... if you haven't yet... I highly recommend you watch the movie Sully (Tom Hanks). This is a "Based on the true story" of Chelsey Sullenberger, a pilot who landed his plane on the Hudson River. It was quite eye-opening when the event was viewed from the audio capture in the cockpit compared against the armchair quarterbacking of the "simulation crew" who were investigating the events through their simulations already knowing what is going to happen next.
  17. You do know that Howard is the Georgia DA we've been mentioning, right? Here's some background on Paul Howard - he is facing a run-off election. He is hell-bent on getting some fire on his campaign to get re-elected. Now go back to your google search and look at the statements from the Defense Attorneys. Also, if you can still find it, go watch the FULL video of the altercation.
  18. Rolfe had his own taser out and ready to fire after the first shot of his partner's stolen taser but it failed. When Brooks turned around to fire the 2nd shot, the cop got his firearm and shot Brooks. Your armchair quarter-backing is looking at the event ALREADY KNOWING what's going to happen. It takes quite a bit of molasses sureality to go through that kind of altercation.
  19. It was not an unloaded taser. And there's the difference. In the USA, you will only be facing a jury if the guy who shot you with a taser did not fire first. Europeans have this attitude that you first have to be dead then you can defend yourself. Americans have this attitude that you defend yourself while you're still alive. So, whereas a European will wait until he has gotten tased, then his gun taken from him and shot at his head, then he'll say, "I shoulda fired my gun!". An American will say, "Take your hands off that taser or I'll shoot."
  20. Yes, it's supposed to be a less lethal alternative to firing a metal bullet, although the same Georgia DA who ruled on the Brooks case is the same DA that ruled the taser as a lethal weapon when it was fired against an unruly student resisting arrest. But you're looking at a taser in the hands of the person who is supposed to be holding a taser. This is not the case in this situation. The taser was in the hands of Brooks the perpetrator, not Rolfe the cop. In this case, Brooks, purposefully fired it upon the cop... which means it was intended to incapacitate the cop WHO HAS A GUN. The next step to that altercation is for Brooks to take the gun from the incapacitated cop and fire it. It isn't. Try it sometime - get yourself shot by a broken water pistol, then get yourself tased. The alternative is for Brooks to stop beating up his kids, stop getting sent to jail, stop driving around drunk as a skunk while on parole, and stop getting violent against police officers. You cannot expect the police to not defend himself against violence when all he wants is to go home safe to his own children. The fallout is overblown in this case. If Brooks was not black, this would be an open and shut cop-did-his-job case.
  21. We talked a lot about Joseph Smith last Sunday. It was noted that Joseph Smith was in the middle of a Presidential campaign when he was martyred. It was noted that Joseph Smith ran as an abolitionist on that campaign.
  22. We had a great backyard Sacrament Meeting last Sunday. We had a Joseph Smith Restoration theme to reflect on Joseph Smith for his death anniversary. We had a recording of my Missionary son playing the Joseph Smith Medley (First Prayer, Poor Wayfaring, Praise to the Man) and a talk reflecting on the life of Joseph Smith and the Restoration Proclamation. We had 3 other ward families join us plus my in-laws and 5 ward missionaries so we were a bigger than usual group. The cool thing is the missionaries can now enter our home! So, even as we continued to hold sacrament in the hot and humid backyard with birds flying and dogs running all over the place because it's harder to set up in one place indoors, we were able to hold dinner inside the house so we can fellowship in relative comfort. I enjoy Taylor and Tyler and I've watched some of their videos. I also enjoy @prisonchaplain's sermons although I haven't yet got to the last one he sent. I'll for sure go through it this week. Thanks, PC!
  23. Holy cow! What does it take for that thing to be ripe! Was it red or still pink? Zooweemama! You're getting tons of fruit out of that yard. My watermelon has several flowers but no fruit yet. My yellow squash and zucchini rotted on the bush in the week-long wet monsoon. Tomatoes and eggplants have had steady harvest. The peppers got eaten by caterpillars. We've been harvesting tons of green leafy veggies. Overall, not bad but could be better. I've been hit or miss with this square-foot gardening method but I'll give it a couple more years to see if I can do better.