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  1. Ohhh... yeah... I was amazed at how I was able to listen to the entire Rush Limbaugh show blasting Bill Clinton's indecency for 3 hours while driving on the roadway back in the 90's when talk shows were still in the AM stations! So that's at least 150 miles of road where there's at least an AM station that carries the Rush Limbaugh show.
  2. Conservatives working to loosen anti-pollution regulations are like people who don't want government mandated facemasks... they don't believe the pollution reduction rendered by the regulation is significant enough or even existent to warrant the restriction. And environmentalists use the same argument as mask-karens... if you don't approve of the regulation you must not care about the environment! It's so stupid it's not even worth a first-grade exercise in dialectics.
  3. I wouldn't do it. Heck, I don't even think I'd get it even if it comes to market. And that's really my concern about these Mask-Nazi's... if they're that Karen over masks, how much more for the vaccine!
  4. We were just talking about Martin Luther in that other thread. As Pope Francis has stated - Luther had a medicine that the church was in dire need of. Unfortunately, Luther administered the medicine in a way that does not conform to God's order. Same in the LDS Church. The Church is led by fallible people. But there is an order established to account for the fallibility and a way for people to get relief from the fallibility of leaders but not fall out of God's order.
  5. It is now July 15 and I still haven't filed my taxes...
  6. See... this is not a British/American difference. I have gone to court without a lawyer in the USA. I will never dream of doing such in the Philippines even for something as simple as a land boundary dispute. In the USA, the complexity of your case and your ability to represent yourself is not something the system imposes on the individual. It's the limitation of the individual which is not the system's doing. In the Philippines, your chances of a favorable judgment by the court is determined by the elitism of your status. American CANNOT take your property without reference to any court or judge. Even in Civil Forfeiture, you still have to submit such forfeiture to the court, otherwise, the ownership of the property does not officially change. What I've been telling you is that, the owner of the property doesn't have to be convicted of a crime before the property is forfeit. The state simply has to prove to the court that the asset being in the current owner's possession pose a danger to society. THEY STILL HAVE TO PROVE THAT to the court!
  7. There is one thing better in Britain than the USA.... swear words. British cursing just sounds elegant that I forget to be offended whereas American cursing just sounds crass that I feel like being washed in the stinky gutter.
  8. Here's one thing better in any state in the USA than in London... peanut butter. Of course you can buy American peanut butter in London but it's like Petrol... it costs an arm and a leg in London.
  9. The USA is about the only country on the planet where desecrating the national flag is a PROTECTED right. And there is no scarcity of Americans doing so. Depends on your Alma Mater. So yes, Alumni with great sports teams will be proud to wear their colors. Alumni with sucky sports teams would be hesitant to wear their colors. Ivys would wear their school emblems everywhere... I've worked with an engineer who've never been within 1,000 miles of MIT buying and wearing an MIT shirt. I seriously doubt if Alumni of Evergreen College would want to wear the school t-shirt nowadays. Now this one... the American Supermarket is a sight to behold. In my town, the quaint shops are doing just fine. In road trips, I love stopping over little towns and going to their town supermarkets as it tells a whole lot about the town... like, some town in Tenessee have a little supermarket that sells Bear sculptures and Bear claws and Bear quotes on a board... and this little town in Louisiana that sells Alligator heads, and Alligator claws, and Alligator mugs, etc. The American freeway system was built for the dual purpose of being used as military runways. There's a big advantage to having one country's landmass having 2,500 straight horizontal miles uninterrupted by oceans. Signage is an American artform. There's laws surrounding its size and placement. This has come through various people suing their city for improper signage. It has become so ridiculous that you will find "don't leave baby unattended" on the diaper changing table in a public restroom making people think there must be a lot of stupid Americans who leave their babies unattended on a narrow plastic fold-out-of-the-wall table 3.5 feet above a hard tiled floor...
  10. anatess2


    It must have been some fiction story. Because... if you wanted to stay out of the war, you wouldn't be moving to an atoll owned and administered by the US Navy. And sometimes you can better influence the world for the better by applying the Benedictine Option.
  11. See... this is one of the biggest flaws in your judgment of American Law - you think the Law changes depending on how much money you have or how much knowledge you have. The law IS the law. You are either within the law or outside the law. Criminally prosecuted or sued - either of them is pursued when cops operate outside the law. So, basically, what you are doing is comparing British Cops' LEGAL activities to American Cops ILLEGAL activities and then point to how much better the British System is. Go watch the movie The Judge starring Robert Duvall on vidangel.
  12. Well... Luther is basically Uzzah. He had good intentions but because he did not bring his intentions to fruition within God's order was plagued by his conscience as he witnessed until his dying breath the unintended chaos - political, cultural, and religious - he caused. @Carborendum might agree with me that Luther is like Sanderson's Lord Ruler, trying to steady the ark using his own wisdom by trying to bend the heavens to his will and harvesting ash and soot and blood instead as he stumbles from irascible foible to foible. The days of Luther is pretty much reflected in today's progressive movement... using theses instead of tweets.
  13. You can say something nice about British cops. But you shouldn't put down American cops using untruths to make British cops look good. It's like making yourself feel better about yourself by telling others how bad they are.
  14. Actually, you don't need money to sue cops. You don't even need to have a lawyer to sue anybody, including cops. You think George Floyd put up a single penny?
  15. Meh. There are LAWS behind Civil Forfeiture which is different from State to State which "googling civil asset forfeiture" is gonna just be a "don't believe anything you see on the internet". Cops can't just take your stuff without just cause, otherwise it's an abuse of power and you can sue them. But, as I mentioned above, some States codified forfeiture of an asset deemed harmful without a criminal conviction. For example, in Jackson County, Missouri, the County Police Department can take your meth lab complete with all the cash you made out of it stashed in the lab closet without the need for a Criminal Conviction. The only requirement for seizure is that... they provide proof that the property is a meth lab. This goes hand-in-hand with the Jackson County law wherein meth addicts are not criminally convicted and sent to jail, rather, they are given the opportunity to enroll in government-mandated rehab instead. So, a meth addict who owns a meth lab will have that meth lab seized even if the meth addict did not get a criminal conviction. There are other ways the government can take your assets without a Criminal Conviction - the most common is Eminent Domain.
  16. Hence my post on page 1 clarifies the descriptor "Liberal" as used by Pres. Harold B. Lee.
  17. All of this is irrelevant. Your claim is that "US: Police can give you a criminal record simply by arresting you.". They cannot do such a thing due to the Constitutional provision of presumption of innocence. You can think all you want that somebody is guilty. You can even claim such in the "court" of public opinion. A politician can even grandstand and say somebody is guilty... none of those will cause the court to write up a criminal record UNTIL the case is judged by the court and ruled guilty.
  18. The time stamp on this says 56 minutes. I thought that whole interview was over an hour because it was still going on when I bowed off... in any case, I listened to the first few minutes and it is the right interview, so hopefully it is not an edited version.
  19. anatess2


    DUDE... GET A TINY HOUSE ON WHEELS! Find a State without an income tax and a low vehicle registration fee... like Florida... and establish a residence there. You can do this by simply renting a brick-and-mortar mailbox (not a P.O. box), or just purchasing an el cheapo place to call yours (Florida has low property tax as well). Then build an off-grid Tiny House on a towable trailer and get a heavy duty truck and go wherever your heart desires. Now, here's a way you can fund your house... you already got a truck to pull your house... you can park your house at a place (like on BLM land, or an RV campground or State Parks, or on people's backyards, you can take your house anywhere a highway takes you... from Canada all the way down to South America) for most of the year... then, when you're ready (or need) to make money, just go to your business base and hook up a loading trailer to your truck and dispatch it for Hotshot towing! You can make $12K in 2 months - $12K for an off-grid minimalist lifestyle should be plenty if you stick to almost-free parking. I'm not sure how fed taxes work out for Hotshot owner-operators so you're gonna have to figure out how to minimize that. Cool, huh?
  20. One thing you have to remember when making these comparisons: USA is composed of 50 independent States under a Federal Government. "Police" can be a City/County Police, State Police, or Federal Police (FBI). Traffic violations are usually handled by City/County Police. But, I don't know of any State who has constitutional protections to "The Right To Operate A Motor Vehicle". There SURELY is no such protections in the US Constitution. States, therefore, codify their own laws when it comes to Licensing and Operating a Motor Vehicle which includes License Plate and Driver's License Issuance all the way to Seatbelt Mandate as a Privilege not a Right. Each State has different laws governing their State Driver's Licenses. There are no Federal Driver's Licenses, not even commercial. Therefore, when you compare Cops in the USA to Cops in Britain, more than likely, you are only describing Cops in certain States and not all American cops. In any case, I've lived in many States. I have not heard of cops taking driver's licenses for simply "suspicion". In Florida, for example, you have to have tested above 0.08% blood-alcohol level for the cop to take your license (Florida DMV authorizes City/County/State Police Departments to suspend the privilege of people arrested for DUI). BUT - if you are stopped for suspicion of DUI and you REFUSE the alcohol test, the cop can suspend your license for refusing the test (not suspicion of DUI). Now, the Police Department will have to file the arrest order and the suspended license to the DMV for the suspension to activate. At the same time, the person have 10 days to challenge the arrest and nullify the suspension. In Florida, your Driver's License is a Privilege granted by the State to its residents. If you move out of Florida, your Florida Driver's License is automatically suspended. I have never heard of any US Police in any State, not even the FBI that can give you a criminal record on an arrest. The US Constitution protects an individual's right to face his accusers with the presumption of innocence. Some States allows Civil Forfeiture without a Crime Conviction. Some States don't. This is a big beef and party platform of Libertarians. That's what BLM wants you to think. But this is not true. Police authority HAS TO BE within the bounds of law. If they are exercising authority beyond those bounds, they are performing illegal actions and can be sued. Tons of cops get sued. In Florida, for example, everytime a cop discharges his firearm on duty (justifiably or not) he has to go to court and account for each bullet fired. Now, here is the problem in some States - Police are unionized... the Union protects bad cops. But that doesn't mean they have ceased to be illegal, it simply means the Union make it harder for people to get rid of bad cops.
  21. So, @Anddenex... there was this time in Sam Harris' podcast where he interviewed Jordan Peterson. I was kinda excited to listen to this podcast between Harris, the atheist, and Peterson, the believer. I expected them to hash out their philosophical positions on the presence or absence of a God. Well... an hour into the podcast and all they've done is debate over "What is truth?". I was disappointed, bored, and thought I wasted my one hour (I checked out before their discussion was over)... until you made me think of that again with this thread. Maybe I'll revisit that discussion and listen more closely to their views on what is true.
  22. Probably in the same manner as CCW church policy in Florida. Those that feel that the policy contradicts their deeply held personal convictions that drive what they do will continue to do what they do.
  23. Still my friend. I have this principle that if I can handle it (or, in this case, my husband can handle it), I try to keep friends even when they do bad things to me so we can continue to be an influence, hopefully it will help so they can stop doing bad things. Yeah, it requires a dose of naivete but I like to think we're made of tuff leather.
  24. It was not just that one tweet either. Mormongator has been virtue signaling about his mask wearing for days now... which is uncharacteristic for him. My post was a direct reply to that virtue signal.
  25. Saying why you believe masks is a good thing and encouraging others to do so is one thing. Saying that, "I can wear a mask, you can too" like that tweet you liked implying that those who don't wear masks are just whiners and that wearing a mask is the ONLY right thing to do, or "Wearing a mask shows you care about other people", implying that you don't care about other people if you're not wearing a mask, or... what my friend did to my husband - called him a disgusting human being because he posted a joke about Braveheart shouting Freedom from the mask mandate... is the stupidity we are now in with this social media mask culture.