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  1. carlimac

    Bruce R. McConkie’s Legacy.

    People can be who they are but there are consequences. The main thing I felt missing from Elder McConkie's style was any love or genuine concern for the individual. I feel Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven would be more accepting of mistakes and imperfections in us that McConkie was. And besides that, he was wrong on at least one issue so I lost trust in him and his very assertive and, frankly, scary style of preaching. But Vort I can see why you would like him. Your style isn't too unlike his. Just an observation. Not meant to be a cut. Some people are more straight liners than others.
  2. carlimac

    In the phrase "Hear Him"...who is "Him"?

    No, I understand that. It's the problem of the prophet making a clear distinction of whom we should try to hear (Jesus Christ) when apparently the doctrine is that we shouldn't try to make that distinction. Or was that really just a slogan to go along with the 200 year anniversary of the first vision? Because that's what the Father said to Joseph Smith. "this is my Beloved Son...Hear Him." And then the Son spoke. It probably doesn't really matter at all except that it seems the prophet is encouraging us to try to hear ( at times?) Jesus Christ only. 🤷‍♀️
  3. carlimac

    In the phrase "Hear Him"...who is "Him"?

    I listened to that talk by Elder McConkie. He says a couple times in no uncertain terms, "Jesus is our Elder Brother" He never says in any way the Christ is our father. He says our relationship with God ( only God) is that of parent to child. So I wonder after listening to that talk, if Elder McConkie is really speaking truth- that all revelation comes from whichever of the Godhead because they are unified, why President Nelson would single out Jesus Christ as the one we should try to hear? Why is he clearly separating The Father and the Son in regards to where the revelation is coming from by saying "God wants us to know that in uncertainty and fear what will help us the very most is to hear His Son... Because when we seek to hear- truly hear- His Son we will be guided to know what to do in any circumstance." McConkie was so very stern and forceful in saying we shouldn't single them out and that if we were to at all our deference should be to the Father. Nor should we try to have a special relationship with Jesus Christ. I think that in focusing so much on trying to hear the Son, maybe we're crossing the line into that territory that Elder MCConkie says is false and dangerous. I don't know... Am I justified in being confused?
  4. carlimac

    In the phrase "Hear Him"...who is "Him"?

    I appreciate these answers but it still remains nebulous to me. In the church a pretty big deal is made of the fact that the godhead is made up of three distinct individuals and yet when it comes to receiving revelation they are kind of meshed together in a way that is hard for me to get my head around. I personally don't communicate with Jesus and I don't receive revelation from Him. I am eternally grateful to Him and want to follow his example as taught to us in the scriptures, but I don't hear Him. I feel like that would take some mental gymnastics to pray to and communicate with Father in Heaven but get personal revelation from Jesus Christ- as President Nelson says. Maybe I'm autistic-like in that I see this in a literal sense. If they are literally separate beings, I want to know which one is communicating with me. I have felt a nearness to Jesus on occasion, but never actual personal revelation from Him. Only from my Father-in-Heaven. I feel poked and prodded by the Holy Ghost with an occasional almost verbal (ish) nudge in my mind. And the warm blanket feeling now and then. But after being in this Church my entire life, I can't say I've ever heard from Jesus. I don't mean to be disrespectful. I just want to know if I'm doing this wrong and how, in a very practical sense, to change if I am.
  5. For some reason, this has been something I haven't really understood my whole life. But I didn't realize I wasn't comprehending till maybe the last few years. I have merrily gone along in my life believing one thing but now I'm confused. I have yet to get an answer that is clear and definitive and sticks with me. This is my current understanding. Show me where I am wrong: Who do we pray to? - God the Father, Elohim through Jesus Christ as the conduit. So all communication goes through Jesus Christ to the Father. Who answers us?- God the Father through the Holy Ghost When President Nelson says " Hear Him", who are we to be hearing? God the Father? Jesus Christ? The Holy Ghost? Does it matter? Would they all answer us in the same way anyway? When we are encouraged to "have a relationship" with God, are we to develop three different relationships with three different beings? Here's why I ask- In my logical mind I have a very different relationship with a father than I would a brother. And almost no " relationship" at all with the Holy Ghost in that I don't pray or speak to that entity, only listen. There is no back and forth with the Holy Ghost. With a father I come to him to express love and thanks for all he does for me. ( He is the giver of all earthly blessings, right?) I come to him for help and advise and for a hug and comfort when I'm feeling lousy. With a brother who has been (as I understand it) the creative engineer of this earth and all that's in it and who came to earth to become half mortal so he could take on my sins, I'm ovewhelmingly humbled and grateful to him. What an amazing brother. But am I supposed to ask Him for help and advise...if I don't really pray to Him? This confusion struck me again yesterday as I listened to a BYU Education week talk and the speaker pointed out this quote by President Nelson from last April's conference "Our Father knows that when we are surrounded by uncertainty and fear, what wil help us the very most is to hear His Son... Because when we seek to hear- truly hear- His Son we will be guided to kow what to do in any circumstance." Someone help me out. How does this work?
  6. carlimac

    President Nelson vaccinated

    It is being reported if it's the virus that actually killed the person. The FDA would shut it down in a nanosecond. My husband works in the industry. Also we have close friends who are researchers. They have a list of friends who won't take the vaccine till they do. They offered to put me on their list. I declined. ☺️
  7. carlimac

    President Nelson vaccinated

    So you prefer no vaccine at all? Let's just let this thing kill as many as possible. Sound good?
  8. carlimac

    President Nelson vaccinated

    So he is acting as guinea pig for the Church?? That's preposterous. He's a physician! And a prophet!
  9. carlimac

    Wokeness in schools

    No why? the schools are listed in the top 10 conservative colleges in the country. they do still exist.
  10. carlimac

    Wokeness in schools

    This was in Meridian magazine today. (Is it OK to repost here? There is an acknowlegement of where the article came from. ) I only read about half of it before I felt compelled to send it to my daughter with five kids. Is this where we're going as a nation? I'm so uncomfortable with this! Luckily my two youngest kids are 11th and 12th grade and moving on to conservative colleges. But I fear for the education my grandchildren will face. The oldest of eight of them (from three families so far, with hopefully many more to come) is in 5th grade. Their mom is homeschooling this year since their district is closed, then open then closed about every three weeks. Looks like the rest coming up the ranks are going to face some "re-programming" if they attend public schools. This makes me sick!! (Katie Couric, I used to like you. ) I see the only alternatives to public school as being home school, private Christian school- depending on their curriculum or finding the rare charter school that is grounded in conservative values. We sent our youngest to a charter school in Idaho that was fantastic but then we had to move. Is there any way to stop this?
  11. carlimac

    The Shame of Elder Renlund

    I fail to see anything wrong with his metaphor. How is it damaging to congregations?
  12. carlimac


    I know that rules are rules but I also have been dismayed at the wide gap between the opinions and perceptions of members of the Church who you would think are looking at these events from the same place. I wish there really were a place where we could talk about political events ( are these not events of the Last Days?) and figure out how even members of the Church got so polarized. It's like we're living on alternate planets. It's really disturbing and to have these discussions continually shut down feels counter productive to figuring out how to meet in the middle with our fellow saints. Any ideas how to help? I feel like we're pretty evenly divided politically here, yet our discussions seem civil and educational to me. I know there is potential for things to get out of hand but so far this thread has remained mostly even tempered. Even our Church leaders have encouraged us to get involved in the political process. Seems like this forum would be a good place to learn and look at things from a gospel perspective.
  13. carlimac


    I just deleted Twitter for good. I never did like it. Also took Facebook off my phone so I'm not tempted to spend too much time there. I also put a moratoreum on myself for posting or commenting there. ( which is probably why I showed up here again. got to get this stuff off my mind! 😁) I only broke my rule once yesterday when I read a really good post by a conservative commentator from my old stomping grounds out west. I was reading the comments and one woman said this: "I don't know if I should say amen or a-women so I'll just say well written!" I burst out laughing and had to " like " that. Unfortunately, Facebook has also got the monopoly on groups for information like our ward RS info page, a community info page and another local group against virtual school (which is STILL going on where I live. So-long fun senior year for my daughter!)
  14. carlimac


    Then Maxine Waters and AOC should be thought of as a gay wedding cake, too. Why are their inciting violence videos allowed to stay up? This is the problem that is painfully obvious. Facebook and Twitters rules aren't applied evenly or fairly. It's plain as day.
  15. carlimac


    Then the government ought to cover the cost of medical school (says the mother of a soon to be med school graduate. Whoa baby- those student loans!! 😵)