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  1. carlimac

    The COVID thread

    I haven't kept up with this whole thread. I didn't know your son stayed in the Phillipines. What was the big to-do about with the airport scene then? I thought you said your whole familiy was going to pick him up.
  2. carlimac

    Comical manufactured outrage at BYU

    There is still an extra one. 🙈
  3. carlimac

    Comical manufactured outrage at BYU

    For pity sakes! will one of the mods please remove two of my posts above? I kept punching submit on my phone because it looked like it wasn't going through.😜
  4. carlimac

    Comical manufactured outrage at BYU

    I couldn’t understand what he was saying through his megaphone. Anyone else understand it?
  5. carlimac

    Comical manufactured outrage at BYU

    One of my 40ish LDS acquaintances posted on Instagram, “I stand with the LGBTQs at BYU”. What does that mean? Do you sanction everything they do? Do you think they are totally helpless to control that aspect of their lives so they should have the freedom to be “authentic” at BYU? Another friend with a gay son feels the same. So how do you reconcile that with church doctrine and frankly, with nature. I myself also stand with LGBTQ at BYU. I stand with their confusion, loneliness, the rejection they may feel from family, friends and maybe even church leaders. I stand with them as they face whatever made them that way. Abuse, dysfunctional relationships? In some cases they may have been born that way. I remember a baby with ambiguous genitalia at the hospital I worked at. Hopefully the surgeons that fixed the problem got it right but back then it was more of a crap shoot. I stand with the underdog and anyone who feels different from the majority. I feel compassion. I want to hug them and soften their pain. But we all have to decide where that line is when we’re standing lest they get they idea that standing WITH them means standing FOR them and condoning all that they want. Some parental emotions and midlife wokeness take people way farther over that line than is good for them or the kids they are standing with. It can be a pretty fuzzy line and can cause even more hurt and confusion!
  6. carlimac

    Church has issued a statement on Covid-19

    Of course it can.
  7. carlimac

    Lori Vallow Daybell arrested!

    I watched these today, too. It’s certainly creepy and the makings of a mystery novel. And the body count...😱. I pray those kids aren’t part of it.
  8. carlimac

    Church resources on transgender folks

    Nothing is said about children with gender dysphoria. They definitely need to be helped/listened to/loved but possibly distracted till it passes. Which it does most of the time.
  9. carlimac

    Church resources on transgender folks

    Oops. Feather didn’t say that. I did. Don’t know how that happened or how to fix it. But I was trying to respond to the same quote Grunt posted.
  10. carlimac

    New Handbook

    The Big Ugly of this is far from over. There will be gay couples called in for kissing or making out in public and they will get their panties in a bunch and file lawsuits over it and sue the school and church and the whole crew of this hormonal, emotional, high strung BYU cruise ship from the First presidency down to this clown of a professor will get a back eye. I would bet on it. At BYU things need to be spelled out. Dresses this long, No facial hair unless there are skin issues, no bellies showing, no spaghetti straps,etc etc etc!! Many students are mature and sensible and realize you just can't play with sparks in a dry field without there being significant danger. They will respectfully hold off on PDA on campus. But many are barely out of childhood and will push the limits like a feckless spoiled kid until mommy and daddy come bail them out. After a day and a half of conversations with the mom of a gay kid, I'm so tired of the whining and tantrums. Some parents are worse than the kids themselves and no wonder there are identity and maturity problems. I know that sounds harsh but I really haven't had any reasonable and smart discussions with people from this crowd. State the obvous to them, such as yes you can get married and even adopt kids, but those kids will never experience having a mother (or father) in their home. That's a disadvantage for those kids right out of the gate. Doesn't matter to the gays getting married. It's all about "me, me, me!" And sometimes their parents are snootier than snoot! But...the Lord loves them just as much as he loves me. I need to remember that. sigh!!
  11. carlimac

    New Handbook

    I remember a few talks by President Hinckley where he told the General church membership that we were good people striving to do our best. I felt so much more motivated by that than almost any other General Conference talk.
  12. Finally!!
  13. This makes God the Father seem like a being with no emotions except happy ones. Loving and benevolent ones. different from the angry, disappointed, and vengeful God sometimes described in the scriptures. I wonder if this view of God would give a pass to people who commit dumb preventable sins. “Since God is always loving I can do anything I want and still be OK in his eyes. I’ll still make it to heaven no matter what I do.” Thoughts?
  14. carlimac

    New Handbook

    The woman I was talking to, mother of a gay son and great ally to LGBT, etc., and in her words, “liberal Democrat” was very upset by the wording on transgenders and says it leaves them no choice but to leave the church. 🤷‍♀️