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  1. What was the experience like? We went back for the first time today and it was surreal, depressing and I didn't feel anything because of the distraction of it being so different. Our ward is so divided up (Northeast Area directives) that we only had 18 people there for our session ( granted a couple families were missing). I sat there the whole time wondering what church really is for me. I definitely have felt the spirit more at our home meetings than I did today. I should have felt the spirit at the building today. Everything went ok. But the few families that were there aren't the ones I'm closest to and it made me wonder if the feeling of the spirit has more to do with the emotional warmth of being with people we have a bond with than the "mechanics and structure" how the meeting is carried out.
  2. I doubt the two are related at all. The timing isn't right, nor is the motive for producing the film. Epstein was arrested in July of 2019. Cuties was shown at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2020. It was probably already filmed and edited before Epstein was even arrested. I believe the producer had an important and critical message she was trying to portray about culture clashes and women's rights. She just had poor judgement in how she went about that. The FACT that she used actual 11 year old girls as the actresses in the movie was just so tone deaf. And she deserves all the criticism she's getting for doing that. I doubt she had a smidgeon of the motive of feeding pedophelia when she produced the film, though.. I haven't seen any more than the trailer so I don't really know but from what I understand the theme is very much about the young girl's father not being present in her life and him being gone to Senegal to bring home a second polygamous wife. And all the crazy abuses and neglect of women in the Muslim culture and what happens to this poor little girl as she gets lost in the shuffle in France and the group of fun little friends she gets involved with to fill an emotional cavern in her life. If there is a hint of pedophelia in it, I haven't heard about it. Truthfully, child actors have been used in horrible films for a very long time. This isn't the first one. If a man has that tendency, there are plenty of other films they probably shouldn't watch. In fact it probably doesn't even have to have sexual overtones for a man with that problem to be affected. ( My guess.)
  3. I agree with this. Though my daughters showed promise in dance ( pop music) , I took them out early ( after a year) or had them do clogging instead. Thankfully, they all eventually opted for soccer or track without me having to fight them on it, much. This was 25-26 years ago for my first daughter. Granted I came from a family where I was the youngest and my mother had me at 42 so I was probably a generation behind in my social acceptance of pop culture of the times. But I was appalled!! This was a pretty conservative community and the dance club included lots of little LDS girls. The high school age dancers were very suggestive in their dance. During practices for the big end of year show I watched some of the watchers- high school boys! and I saw it through their eyes. That's when I decided my girls weren't going to be dancers. A decade later when my youngest girls had friends that invited them to take ballroom dance with them, I agreed to let them. And it was cute in the way you think miniature farm animals are cute or a tiny house is cute. Someone small dancing like adults do in a formal and very chaste manner. Cute! Until I watched a performance at a competition including some 14 year old girls salsa dancing. Then I about puked. And after that I told the girls "sorry" but competetive ballroom dancing wasn't anything I would support if it included dancing like that (much to the dismay of my girls and their friends and their friends' mother who despite being one of the most conservative LDS moms I've ever known, had no problem with her young teenage girls dancing with so much sexual overtone. There was a disconnect there that I still don't understand. ) It would have made me sick to see my own girls in that role. My daughters got over it and, as I said, hopped right into cross country and track without missing a beat. I have one sweet friend with a tiny 10 year old who has won competitions in dance and she posts lots of pictures of her on social media. I just pray that little girl isn't found by a pedophile. She's an easy target and even very suggestive in, like, first day of school pictures. I take it that her mom thinks it's funny but I worry for them.
  4. carlimac

    What is happening?

    Seriously?? I missed that.
  5. carlimac


    Some parts of Idaho are very conservative, cheap and pretty. Central Utah has cheap land, Northern Utah up around Bear Lake has nice properties but the winters are brutal. How about Woodruff Utah? Plenty of places to go but only need to stop watching the news to find the peace you need.
  6. Update: Reunion was cancelled. But the organizer said she is still using the condo and anyone else who wants to come is still invited to come. So... Really just a faux cancellation. Hence, EVERYONE except my family are staying in the condo. 26 people. My family would have made the numbers 48 plus a couple more nephews who either don't want to or can't go would have made 55 people. - all together in this condo. An ill conceived idea even without COVID. My own kids ages 32 and down are much more concerned about this than even my husband and I. My 28 yr old son in medical school has practically begged his Grandma not to go. He hasn't seen her since last Labor Day and would be devastated if she got it! Only one of my daughters lives in Utah and she works in an Assisted Living center so she feels very strongly about being extremely careful. All the rest of us live on either the east or west coast or in Texas- areas of devastation by this virus. The rest of the extended family live in the Salt Lake or Utah County areas. Frankly, it's disturbing to watch the cognitive dissonance going on with them. Despite the Governor and Church leaders pleading for mask use and social distancing, nieces and nephews are forever posting stuff on social media of them with about 30 of their closest friends in different activities- not social distancing, no masks. Here are the comments or justifications I've heard-" All the positive cases are within the Hispanic communities (of which the family isn't), only 4 people in my ward have gotten it, it's just a political conspiracy, I don't know anyone who has died, well we're all seeing each other outside ( and jamming in close for photos with arms around each other), masks are just so ugly (said by 22 year old golden boy nephew), we can't cancel it because all my work reward trips were cancelled and this is my only vacation ( said in a whiney voice by a 30 year old who has already spent time at Bear Lake this summer) and the best...Everyone is having family reunions!" When my family says, "I'm sorry we just feel like we need to take it seriously". Or "we feel the responsibility to stay away" they get defensive and insist THEY ARE being responsible and taking it seriously. 😵 I hate to say this but from the outside looking in, it has the optics of a very entitled group of people unwilling to sacrifice their fun for the greater good. My own group of 20 may sound self righteous and pompous. I admit we may be. But we just don't get their attitude at all! Also, Grandma who has FOMO herself is still going to "sneak up there". As if you sneak, it doesn't make it real.
  7. I didn't read this whole thread but I'm sure it's been pointed out that wearing a mask is not as much a matter of taking care of your own health as it is watching out for others'.
  8. This family has FOMO like none other. And not much medical knowledge. 82 year old finished chemo six months ago. Just wants everyone else to be happy. The rub is that the organizer family member who personally knows the owner of the condo refuses to ask for a refund. We’ve all paid dearly into this and would lose big money. So because she still wants to have her vacation, (as well as 82 yr old and a couple others) the rest of us are obligated, or at least look like scared ninnies if we opt out. She says she’d refund us but she doesn’t have that much money.
  9. No I don’t! The family is doggedly going ahead with it. Apparently they fasted and prayed about it and felt they could still do it.
  10. We’ve had a reunion planned for 6 months. A very large condo reserved for 37 people to all stay together for 4 nights. Scheduled for the last week of July. Would you still do it? Or cancel? One person Is over 80. One person over 60 and all the rest are between 9 months and 58 years.
  11. carlimac

    New insight from Elder Holland

    Just found out Elder Holland is in the hospital. Not COVID 19. Praying it’s something he can recover from!
  12. I found this video with Elder Holland talking with a Jewish rabbi. It explains some of my questions about where our leaders have been lately and why we maybe haven’t heard as much from them as we would have wanted. This is where Elder Holland is personally. In my mind it really helps me to see him not just as a leader that I have all kinds of expectations for, but as an individual and fellow passenger on this crazy COVID ship we’re on. It humanizes our leaders which is humbling to me. I appreciate them more after listening to this and don’t feel so demanding of them. Basically this is a time of “renewal” for them. It’s almost a blessing of down time for them. About halfway through at min 27 or 28 it takes a more theological turn. I haven’t finished listening to that part.
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    Help from our leaders...

    That’s good to know.
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    Help from our leaders...

    I was just hoping you’d keep the depth on the other thread. I simply wanted to know why Church leaders seem quieter than usual right now- as in the last few months and especially the last few weeks. Probably because of the quarantine and they aren’t in public gatherings and meetings where they would be quoted in the news. There. Answered my own question. I cant even begin to want to read all this yammering on the tangents you’ve gone off on, not once but twice. Start your own thread if you want to go down some extraneous rabbit hole. I’d appreciate it if you’d not do it on the relatively simple questions I’m asking. But I’ve got to say you hooked some whopper fish with your bait. 🙄
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    Help from our leaders...

    It sort of grew it’s own wings and flew away while I was otherwise occupied.