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  1. This family has FOMO like none other. And not much medical knowledge. 82 year old finished chemo six months ago. Just wants everyone else to be happy. The rub is that the organizer family member who personally knows the owner of the condo refuses to ask for a refund. We’ve all paid dearly into this and would lose big money. So because she still wants to have her vacation, (as well as 82 yr old and a couple others) the rest of us are obligated, or at least look like scared ninnies if we opt out. She says she’d refund us but she doesn’t have that much money.
  2. No I don’t! The family is doggedly going ahead with it. Apparently they fasted and prayed about it and felt they could still do it.
  3. We’ve had a reunion planned for 6 months. A very large condo reserved for 37 people to all stay together for 4 nights. Scheduled for the last week of July. Would you still do it? Or cancel? One person Is over 80. One person over 60 and all the rest are between 9 months and 58 years.
  4. carlimac

    New insight from Elder Holland

    Just found out Elder Holland is in the hospital. Not COVID 19. Praying it’s something he can recover from!
  5. I found this video with Elder Holland talking with a Jewish rabbi. It explains some of my questions about where our leaders have been lately and why we maybe haven’t heard as much from them as we would have wanted. This is where Elder Holland is personally. In my mind it really helps me to see him not just as a leader that I have all kinds of expectations for, but as an individual and fellow passenger on this crazy COVID ship we’re on. It humanizes our leaders which is humbling to me. I appreciate them more after listening to this and don’t feel so demanding of them. Basically this is a time of “renewal” for them. It’s almost a blessing of down time for them. About halfway through at min 27 or 28 it takes a more theological turn. I haven’t finished listening to that part.
  6. carlimac

    Help from our leaders...

    That’s good to know.
  7. carlimac

    Help from our leaders...

    I was just hoping you’d keep the depth on the other thread. I simply wanted to know why Church leaders seem quieter than usual right now- as in the last few months and especially the last few weeks. Probably because of the quarantine and they aren’t in public gatherings and meetings where they would be quoted in the news. There. Answered my own question. I cant even begin to want to read all this yammering on the tangents you’ve gone off on, not once but twice. Start your own thread if you want to go down some extraneous rabbit hole. I’d appreciate it if you’d not do it on the relatively simple questions I’m asking. But I’ve got to say you hooked some whopper fish with your bait. 🙄
  8. carlimac

    Help from our leaders...

    It sort of grew it’s own wings and flew away while I was otherwise occupied.
  9. carlimac

    Help from our leaders...

    Hijacked again. 😩. I was looking for a much simpler discussion.
  10. carlimac

    Help from our leaders...

    Perhaps another helpful message would be that to accuse others of racism, simply because you see everything through that prism, can be damaging to those you are accusing. A message about being patient with each other’s imperfections and switch up your focus if you really believe everyone is out to demean you. There probably have been messages about this sort of thing over the years but it would be appreciated by many to hear it now, whether it’s in the form of a social media post or even an official statement. Members need to rise above this kind of mentality. And that includes a whole bunch of white skinned folks, too. Essentially, get over it and do something more Christ-like than forEVER looking for something to be offended about.
  11. carlimac

    Help from our leaders...

    Maybe more concerning current racial problems. I recently saw a tweet from a Church related group and it was as all complaints about how racist the Church is. I was frankly disappointed 1) If there is racism going on, Why??? and 2) That there are people in the church that seem to be looking for racism. We are expected to forgive our trespassers- of which there were many in our history. Shouldn’t the whole race and slavery stuff in the Church’s past be forgiven, too? I can’t think of a single reason anyone should feel we are still racist.
  12. No, you clearly comandeered the ship and sailed off in a different direction. My question was not about whether the youth of the church are stalwart or about crying at the pulpit.
  13. About all the difficulties of 2020, do you feel we’re getting enough direction from our Church leaders? Or would you prefer more? We aren’t Israelites so I don’t expect them to tell us every little thing we should be doing and thinking, for instance to wear a mask or not, to protest or not... we all have to use our best judgement. But I sense a lot of angst and infighting between church members concerning these societal issues. It might be good to get some reassurance or more specific instruction about how to handle the fall out from all this.
  14. I might try asking my question again in different words on a different thread because this one got so off track from the get-go that it’s irretrievable at this point.
  15. Both my husband and I are return missionaries. Both our sons served missions. Both are BYU graduates. Now both our sons are agnostic less than a decade after their missions. We did everything right in raising them. 🤷‍♀️