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  1. carlimac

    BYU Honor Code. Students all afire...again!!

    In reading some of the comments on the KSL story ( I broke my resolution to quit reading comments) there are some bleeding hearts saying it's because they love BYU so much that they want the Honor Code office to either go away or start acting more Christlike when they call students in. Hmm.😵
  2. carlimac

    BYU Honor Code. Students all afire...again!!

    Yeah, not sure what the moment of silence for LGBTs has to do with the Honor Code Office.
  3. carlimac

    BYU Honor Code. Students all afire...again!!

    It seems to all have stemmed from the Instagram account @honorcodestories where students and some alumni are telling their horror stories about being snitched on and the Honor Code office calling them in. My response would be , "If you were following the code then there would be no need for anyone to snitch on you. If you are falsely accused then a call from the Honor Code office shouldn't be a threat." If they aren't guilty, there is nothing to worry about. If they have broken the honor code, then maybe they need to re-think their choices and actions. The problem I'm seeing is that they are taking offense to someone else reporting them and they don't like getting caught. They think students should be "self reporting". Like that's going to happen? 🤣 I think the environment that encourages snitching is a little obnoxious and promotes this whole "judgemental" thing we Latter Day Saints have a probelm with. But what would you do if your roommate was in your room alone with her boyfriend or girlfriend for an extended period of time? What would you do? Keep quiet? Talk to the bishop? Report her/him to the HCO? Or maybe talk to your roommate and tell them how uncomfortable you are with it. If it persists after that, I'd report it.
  4. I roll my eyes at the demands of these youngsters. I hope the Honor Code stands firm. Perhaps the tattlers need some talking to. But these protesters seem ignorant of the fact that if BYU were to implement a "No Kissing on Campus" rule, they would have every right because they are a private university and can make their own rules. The ones that don't like it should go elsewhere and let the ones who will happily comply take their place. And why was there a need for a moment of silence to honor LGBTs???
  5. I edited it above to mean immoral heterosexual behavior that even the world agrees is wrong- having sex with someone other than the person you are committed to -whether officially married or not. Unless you are part of some obscure tribe on a hidden island, all culture condemns unfaithfulness in sex. ( UNLESS you're part of the swinger crowd.) Most people who are involved in adultery try extremely hard to keep it hidden.
  6. Some ideas: Immoral heterosexual behavior is most often kept in the dark.Meaning, if it's going on and it shouldn't be- as in the case of adultery) it doesn't get talked about till someone finds out. But homosexual immoraity get's a HUGE amount of light shown on it. It's out there! According to society It's nothing to hide anymore. Heterosexual immoral behavior, (especially adultery) is bad- no question. We all agree on that. Nothing to argue about. We know and understand that the world disagrees with our morality and there isn't much new to discuss. ( Frankly Trumps indiscretions are boring. Now if Mitt Romney had had affairs, you can bet this forum would be a-buzz!!) ) But with homosexual immoraity, some of us think it's bad. Others don't. Hence there is more controversy- more intrigue. More to debate about. More stuff to try to get our heads around. Heterosexual immorality after marriage isn't ever justified by any church member and even by most of the world. Homosexual behavior is justified by many people, even within the church. Speaking for my generation- heterosexual immoral behavior has been around since we first learned about sex in the elementary school years, or shortly thereafter. It's been hashed and re-hashed ad nauseum! Not that we have become complacent about it. It's still wrong but we "get it" and why it happens and there is nothing more to learn about it. But homosexual behavior is basically still blowing us away, even after 35-40 years of it creeping more and more into the world around us. We don't "get it". It's still very very confusing! I remember in my 20's finding out that a friend was gay and that he actually had very high hopes of marrying his "boyfriend" some day. I was floored and laughed out loud. ( not in his presence) It was preposterous! but the unthinkable has happened. And it still makes as much sense to me now as it did then. Zero!
  7. I had a friend who ended up marrying her roommate from a time when they were both Washington DC interns. There were other men and women living in the house with them. I don't recall that they had to "repent" of anything before being married in the temple. They got married a week before I did so we compared notes on everything.
  8. carlimac

    Is it just me?

    But the repurcussions of that 👆 are so dire. It's not that easy to just quit what you've grown up doing and believing, especially when people like Elder Ballard continually remind us to stay in the boat. Oh the guilt! It's fairly easy for me to not go to the temple right now because since our local temple is closed for renovation it's currently it's a 3-4 hour drive and an all day event to go. And life is chaotic with non-driving teenagers schedule.s So I'm in the middle of a two year or so time period of infrequent temple attendance for me to reevaluate what I believe and try to get my head around temple participation again- And what it all means-( truthfully my biggest struggle with church teachings right now). But every time someone in my ward talks about their frequent treks up to the temple, it's like a gut punch! And I hear a voice in my head telling me I'm not righteous enough or willing enough to sacrifice my time to go. I don't know what to do about that. How do you just "stop doing it"?? For what it's worth, my son did. He now lives in a city with a fairly new temple and could go all the time. Except that he stepped out of the boat with no intention of getting back in anytime soon. BUT he is living in a city alone with no family members nearby to be "bugged by" ( for lack of a better description). He's free so live as he wants without any remorse ( or so he says). I honestly don't know how one does that, especially when it's a multi-generational tradition, Pioneer ancestry and all that.
  9. carlimac

    I'm surprised by...

    This would make sense. We attended the Seattle temple last month when we were in town visiting a new grand baby. It was so hard to find our way around and very few temple workers to help direct us. Very odd experience. Yes, it needs to be re-done!
  10. carlimac

    I'm surprised by...

    the Moses Lake Temple announcement. It's only 75 miles/90 min from the Kennewick temple. Are there that many members in the Moses Lake area?
  11. carlimac

    April 2019 Conference Predictions

    Seems like the Lord was encouraging the leadership to keep it to a minimum this time. Let the bishops catch up. Or maybe they knew the one change (aside from new temples) would be all the membership could handle this time around.
  12. carlimac

    Favorite April 2019 Conference Moments?

    I wish I could do that but because of agency, at least one of my family has chosen to not be there. A couple others are fence sitters. I can bear testimony, but I can’t “make sure” of anyone’s readiness but my own. And that is a pretty big project itself at the moment.
  13. carlimac

    New revelation about Temples!

    He may have been referring to the recent changes in the endowment ceremony.
  14. carlimac

    Favorite April 2019 Conference Moments?

    The whole of Sat am and pm sessions. Just really good gospel basics without any jarring changes sprung on us. Sigh of relief!! I suppose that might change tomorrow.
  15. What did the journalists do wrong?