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  1. Why would God tell Adam and Eve to go multiply and replenish the earth if they couldn’t in the Garden anyway?
  2. Thanks. I’m a bit of a skeptic but obviously they are somewhere and won’t be found again till in God’s time.
  3. My missionary daughter and her companions are allowed to go to Institute classes once/week. Last week she told us that the teacher said the gold plates were in a cave with other records and artifacts. Perhaps my daughter could have been only half listening and misunderstood, but she seemed pretty certain that’s what the teacher said. 🤔 Who has heard something similar?
  4. I took a look at the chart. Impressive that someone has researched it so thoroughly. But all those terms and number of days are completely foreign to me. I really haven’t paid attention to the intricacies of the Second Coming because it’s too overwhelming to me. I figure I’ll just be as good as I can be, get my food storage and hope for the best. With the uptick of podcasts and You Tube videos on the subject I’m hearing terms and ideas tossed around that I’ve never heard in my life. The 144,000, the End of Teaching the Gentiles, the Times of Judgement associated with eclipses. Huh? Is this stuff we’re supposed to know or just obscure facts 2nd Coming hobbyists like to throw out there? Here is a video that threw me for a loop.
  5. Yes I’m fine. Just getting older. We moved back to “Zion” from the east coast 21 months ago. My husband started working from home in 2020 and that allowed us to make the move. We’re up to almost 11 grandkids and all but two kids married now. Empty nesting is a bit dull but we have trips in the works. Youngest just left for her mission 5 weeks ago. And obviously I need a refresher on how to respond to posts. SMH!! 😆
  6. Hi again. It’s been awhile. Lots of life changes over the past few years. My questions for this forum have been piling up. I’ll start with this one- Do you believe the coming eclipse on April 8th is a sign from the heavens that correlates with end times? Why or why not? And if you do believe it is, and the really intense parts of the 2nd coming are on our doorstep what does your SPIRITUAL preparation consist of?
  7. And the next day, along comes Elder Oaks! And it unfortunately causes contention between me and my 18 yr old daughter who has a huge heart but has been educated in the woke world of relativism and thinks there is more gray area than there really is. 😩
  8. Robust We need to have a conversation about it So sorry for your loss Louder for the ones in the back like like like
  9. Now what about this nuclear stuff? Is he bluffing?
  10. Well, this would certainly mess up our plans to move back to Utah this summer! How do you prepare for a cyber war?
  11. Does anyone know if missionaries have been removed from Poland? I can’t find any news on that. It looked like there were only couple missionaries in Belarus and they’re probably removed long ago, I would guess. 😢
  12. Has there ever been war in a city where there is a standing temple?
  13. Doesn’t need to say it in the scriptures. It’s painfully obvious! We saw some naked women with painted on flags in Times Square. Clearly naked! 😬
  14. I think it’s interesting how so many claim God made him that way and loves him just as he is. 1-No one knows if God made him that way or not. We haven’t received any revelation on that yet (have we? Did I miss something?) 2- God would want us to overcome the natural man rather than giving in and claiming no ability to control it. Most disappointing was a comment from someone- - former leader who has spoken in General Conference who said she loves him just as he is. No qualifier that he should keep trying to make good choices or encouragement to stay clean and free from sin. Maybe I’m over thinking this. I need to just let it roll off my back but in just feels like the church is caving to public sentiment.