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  1. My other question about this is would you have to prove that in that situation you would have indeed been able to pull your gun out and actually hit the perp? In a stressful situation how many would actually turn into a wobbly Barney Fife who couldn’t hit the side of a barn? (raises hand)
  2. I asked two of the wives at Mutual tonight. One husband doesn't carry at church but she said she is aware of an agent in the ward who usually does. The other wife (third SS agent) does "all the time". There are at least two other agents that I don't know about. So we're in luck if it ever happened in our ward on a Sunday they weren't off protecting POTUS or some other dignitary. Plus we have several active military members in our ward who might be in the habit of carrying. I wonder if they are included or excluded in this clarified rule.
  3. What are other scenarios where you'd need your firearm on a routine day out and about?
  4. So we just hope we have a few cops in our wards. Can they carry at church if they are off duty? We have several secret service agents in our ward. I certainly hope they are carrying when they are in attendance!!
  5. Why do they need to be re-baptized if they weren’t excommunicated?
  6. Is this for real or is Lark news related to the Onion?
  7. carlimac

    Question on immigration. Does this sound right?

    I really don’t know. This is a friend talking on Facebook about a family she knows. So it’s second hand . It’s possible for the story to get scrambled in translation. But this is helpful to know. Thank you.
  8. carlimac

    Question on immigration. Does this sound right?

    I asked her for more specifics but I doubt she’ll respond. She knows I have different viewpoints from hers. My guess is there were mistakes made/ appointments missed, either due to work schedules or bad lawyers or language barriers. Could be the offices are run by inept folks. Or simply the adults taking everything casually and thinking they’d just do it later. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of the workers in my friends’ business. I don’t think she is interested in those things. Only that the parents are being separated from their children. But the same thing happens to parents who are American citizens if they break the law. So... 🤔
  9. I'm trying to squelch any feelings of bigotry by getting correct information. I have a bleeding heart friend who said this on facebook. "Don’t try and ‘other’ your way out of this situation. This is the difference of luck. Of Melanin in your skin. My friends who have been living in America close to 20 years - came with papers, been trying to go through channels for 20 years, laws keep changing- they were assigned SS # upon arriving- they have been paying taxes since they came - and the parents were “arrested” and are being held for deportation. They have a home, they have 3 kids - 2 are DACA and one is a citizen- our country has created a no win situation. People are here, working, living, and paying taxes. Yet they are not allowed to vote, not allowed to have a voice and not allowed citizenship. This is not their problem! This is our governments problem- and the government“solution “ is to rip families apart. Leave all of them financial, emotionally, and psychologically, devastated." And then it went on and on with white privilege stuff and we are all immigrants, etc, etc.! There is something about this story that doesn't add up. Can anyone who knows what's what with immigration tell me what went on here or is she scrambling the story? * I haven't engaged with her on this particular post ( which is one of three in the last 10 days with the same sentiments- different stories about different people.) She is the kind that if you question or offer a different opinion she comes at you with a firehose. *If* I do answer her post I want to be informed and educated- not just emotional. I tried researching some of this but I'm not finding clear answers since the story started 20 years ago.
  10. Late to the party again. Not all of Baltimore is that bad but there are sections I would stay out of after sunset. Really rough! But same goes for all big cities . But here’s this:
  11. carlimac

    International Relations

    Apparently not, but my house needs a do over, another heat/humidity wave is upon us, my beautiful 16 yr old daughter just started driving and dating whereas my beautiful 22 yr old needs a date that will commit and not flake out like 99% of BYU boys and it took DH 2 hrs to commute to work this morning due to a fatal accident on the road he drives and my oldest daughter with 4 sons is expecting and desperately wants a girl but decided not to find out on the ultrasound resulting in 3 more agonizing months to find out and another pregnant daughter has high blood pressure and is due to deliver our first granddaughter in 6 weeks and my son just gave up a cushy job at microsoft to work for amazon and my other son is in a boring rotation in medschool and can't find a nice non-LDS girl to date and my 15 yr old daughter is resisting piano lessons to hone her natural talent and the new puppy keeps piddling on the floor and i need to figure out what I'm going to do when I grow up because I just hit another milestone birthday and am done with living in the DC area because of all the drama and some very liberal neighbors and just want to retire in a cabin in the woods with mountain views and cool lakes and rivers and without ticks, snakes or poison ivy. What is going on in China and Russia? As long as AOC and Omar and Rapinoe aren't headlines, I'm relieved. But then Trump offended another Black senator with his tweets, so there's that. Did someone say something about a vacuum?
  12. Someone actually did a study on this?😮 What a waste of time and effort.
  13. I actually love to watch women's soccer. It's one of my favorite sports to watch. And I think the women look amazing!! Really fit and pretty after they've showered. I wouldn't expect them to be trying to chase balls in stilletos and ball gowns. I don't think there is much difference in how they look when they are playing than gymnasts look when they are gymnasting- except one is wearing shorts and a t-shirt and the other a leotard. Figure skating usually involves a little skirt and makeup so maybe more feminine. But honestly, some women barrel racers look very feminine in jeans and plaid flannel shirts when they are riding in the rodeos. I think the difference in popularity is that there is higher intensity and extravagant display of bravado that attracts more fans in mens', than womens'.
  14. Hmmph! I saw Toy Story 4 over the weekend and totally missed any two moms scene. I forgot to watch for it. was NOT obvious or blatant. Now if Bonnnie's parents had been two moms or two dads, that would have been uncomfortable to watch and something to make noise about. But they were a regular ol' mom and dad. I suppose someone could make a stink about them only having one child. But then that would hurt many many couples who experienced infertility after their first child, much to their dismay. Much hoo haw about nuthin in my opinion!
  15. I feel the need to take her by the hand back to kindergarten where we learn to talk with nice words and say thank you. 🙄