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  1. And the next day, along comes Elder Oaks! And it unfortunately causes contention between me and my 18 yr old daughter who has a huge heart but has been educated in the woke world of relativism and thinks there is more gray area than there really is. 😩
  2. Robust We need to have a conversation about it So sorry for your loss Louder for the ones in the back like like like
  3. Now what about this nuclear stuff? Is he bluffing?
  4. Well, this would certainly mess up our plans to move back to Utah this summer! How do you prepare for a cyber war?
  5. Does anyone know if missionaries have been removed from Poland? I can’t find any news on that. It looked like there were only couple missionaries in Belarus and they’re probably removed long ago, I would guess. 😢
  6. Has there ever been war in a city where there is a standing temple?
  7. Doesn’t need to say it in the scriptures. It’s painfully obvious! We saw some naked women with painted on flags in Times Square. Clearly naked! 😬
  8. I think it’s interesting how so many claim God made him that way and loves him just as he is. 1-No one knows if God made him that way or not. We haven’t received any revelation on that yet (have we? Did I miss something?) 2- God would want us to overcome the natural man rather than giving in and claiming no ability to control it. Most disappointing was a comment from someone- - former leader who has spoken in General Conference who said she loves him just as he is. No qualifier that he should keep trying to make good choices or encouragement to stay clean and free from sin. Maybe I’m over thinking this. I need to just let it roll off my back but in just feels like the church is caving to public sentiment.
  9. I did in a way. Not that directly. I don’t want the “feel bads” when everyone tells me off. BTDT!! But I found one comment that said “the doctrine on eternal families isn’t going to change but I still hope you can find peace and happiness. “ That was one of the most honest comments.
  10. So I’ll repeat my original motive for posting. I haven’t been active on this or any church forum for a few years. It seems the response to these LGBTQ ( what is Q anyway and how is it different from L?) posts are sooooo overwhelmingly huggy and supportive of these people. More so than it used to be. We seem to be treating them not only with kid-gloves but raining down rose petals on them. This is even coming from very strong members (one gushy “love-you David” note came from an outwardly incredibly spiritual seminary teacher in our ward.) It took me by surprise. I understand we’re trying very hard to mitigate the rash of suicides among this group. And let them know of their value as individuals. That’s all good. But the praise and adoration heaped on them seems like it could be misinterpreted pretty easily that they simply get a pass on having to resist delving wholly into the culture and acting on it. Since when is it ok to not deny all ungodliness? Is it now illegal among Church members to denounce same sex intimate relationships? I haven’t seen even one person in the comments say, “ if you choose to live in a gay relationship you will have to live with the consequences which may not be pleasant.” Not one!! It’s only coddling and sympathy with blame squarely on the Brethren and all the unsupportive members for his unhappiness. Have we gone soft! Is this now what being Christ-like looks like? 😕
  11. I think he was talking in general about anyone-not just David Archleta who doesn’t marry and spend the next 20-30 years of their life raising a family. That extra time NOT spent raising the kids can be used in productive and happy ways. Life doesn’t need to be considered a failure if they don’t marry! I’m sure it’s not easy. The desire to be loved and to love is obviously very powerful. Archuleta has done pretty darn well filling his life with music up till lately (till COVID put the damper on public performances). For whatever reason he’s gone public lately with all this about his sexuality and whatnot. So either he’s had a setback in dealing with it, or he’s a late bloomer who has just recently decided to deal with his lack of success in dating women- and has gone so very very public with it. Because when you’re famous you can and you’ll get an avalanche of response. And if you come out of the closet to announce you’re gay and in your mind your Church has oppressed you, what you’ll mostly get is sympathy and atta boys because that’s just how things are these days. When you say the Church’s response is “off” what do you mean? Can you elaborate?
  12. What I would tell him to do depends on my mood. Sometimes I get so tired of people trying to update the doctrine to fit what they want the narrative to be that I think - fine! Go get yourself a same sex partner and see how that works out for you. Otherwise, if I’m not feeling snarky I would remind them that they are loved, that they can be strengthened through Christ and that this life is a minuscule dot in eternity and to trust that eternal blessings are worth enduring some pain and perhaps loneliness if they choose to remain single. But I’m married with 7 children and 9 grandchildren so that kind of advice doesn’t sound very empathetic coming from me. I like this!! Compelling ideas. I don’t think it would fly with those who have forsaken the church to deal with their trial. According to many, life is so much more beautiful without having to be limited and bogged down by doctrine. But I find enough beauty in life with the Gospel that I don’t need to leave to find a different source of beauty. I agree. So is it wrong to push back or even just gently and politely disagree with all those trying to lead him astray? There may be only one voice in a hundred or more trying to stand up for truth. Why is that? I’m quite sure that a huge number of the thousands who have watched the video are members of the church. Is it not appropriate on social media to encourage someone to stay strong? Or are we as the broad membership tipping toward actually thinking they might be better off leaving the church? Or are we just too squeamish or unsure about this topic to voice our faith in God’s plan? Are we letting Satan win?
  13. He’s obviously looking for help wherever he can get it. But maybe mostly validation that he’s normal for being attracted to men. If he really wanted to stay in the church and not act on his attractions, I doubt he’d ask “the world” at large. Surely he’d realize he’d get more encouragement to leave. He also said he thought maybe he would find a non-LDS therapist to help with his confusion. I don’t that’s going to help much.
  14. Has anyone seen David Archuleta’s emotional, more than 45 minute video he posted a couple days ago on Instagram and You Tube about his struggle to reconcile his disinterest in women/being more into guys and his 31 years of being devoted to the church. He’s apparently on the edge of suicidal about it. I feel for him. That’s tough. I still have no answers. But the thing that’s more frustrating than anything is that in the comments there are more encouraging him to leave the church, be his authentic self and know that God made him that way. Most claim to be former members. There is a lot of the typical “ just love who you’re attracted to”. Why is it that almost no one is getting on there to encourage him to hang onto the truth and weather the storms and stay with the Gospel of Jesus Christ? What would you tell him to do?
  15. This document was adopted into our school district “Code of Conduct”. It has thrown a bunch of parents for a loop de loop! They were especially peeved by the first “Whereas”, that teachers will be trained in “implicit bias”, and the last one that makes it sound like kids of color will be from now on disciplined less harshly. Whoee are some parents spitting mad!! This and the fact that our Board of Ed won’t commit to no masks for kids in classes come fall. They’re ready to fire the whole board. Anti-Racism Resolution of the Board of Education of Calvert County Public Schools Whereas, the Calvert County Board of Education is outraged by the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, as well as countless other African Americans who have lost their lives as a result of racism and police brutality that persist in our country; and Whereas, the Calvert County Board of Education acknowledges racism exists in our school community, and we expressly denounce racism, bullying, discrimination, white supremacy, hate, and racial inequity in any form within our school community; and Whereas, racism has no place in our schools, we must protect the constitutional rights of each person who attends or works in our district; and Whereas the Calvert County Board of Education will not tolerate the values, structures, and behaviors that perpetuate systemic racism; and Whereas, policies, practices, and procedures that produce equitable outcomes for students of color and marginalized groups will be adopted and maintained; and Whereas, it is time to listen to, learn from, and speak up for those who have endured discrimination and intolerance. Every member of the district, individually and collectively, is responsible for creating and nurturing a safe, anti-racist learning environment where each student and staff member is respected and valued for who they are, regardless of skin color; and Whereas, curriculum and instructional materials for all grades shall reflect cultural and racial diversity and include a range of perspectives and experiences, particularly those of historically underrepresented groups of color; and Whereas, all district staff, administrators, teachers, and support staff shall be trained on implicit bias, racism, and about how racism produces inequitable practices and outcomes; and a racially diverse and inclusive workforce is achieved by identifying and removing bias interrupters used during the hiring process; and Whereas, discipline processes to increase racial disparities in discipline and suspension for students of color and marginalized groups shall be eliminated; now, therefore, be it Resolved, that the Members of the Board of Education of Calvert County affirm our obligation to require a safe, anti-racist, and inclusive educational environment where each student and staff member is treated with respect and dignity regardless of the color of their skin. We further acknowledge it is the responsibility of the Superintendent of Calvert County Public Schools to uphold the commitment to eliminate bias, racism, and inequities from our system. William J. Phalen, Sr., President Inez N. Claggett, V. President Dawn C. Balinski, Member Pamela L. Cousins, Member Tracy H. McGuire, Member Dr. Daniel D. Curry Secretary-Treasurer and Superintendent of Schools