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  1. Suzie

    Original Mission

    Hi Comp, I'm sorry you're going through difficult times. I hope you're feeling better. Are you keeping in touch with your son regularly? The reason I ask is because I find it strange that you don't know the name of his Mission President? You said: "Anyway, he wants to come home now. I don't want him living in my house, and I'm not absolving him of his own part in it". Maybe I missed some of your posts. Absolving him of what exactly? You mentioned that he didn't return to his original mission and that you don't know why. I got the impression that you found this to be "unfair" since the rest of the group returned to their original missions but your son didn't. I can understand the disappointment. Having said that, as an outsider I'm seeing this differently. I have the impression that Church leaders took this decision to protect your son, particularly because he went through counseling and is taking medication. We don't know the extent of his depression or the things he shared with his therapist. You mentioned that he said very little about it which means he is not ready to talk and perhaps when he is ready, he will. If your son comes home, welcome him with open and loving arms. He will need all the love and support he can get. Depression is a highly complex and heterogeneous syndrome. It cannot be ignored so my advise to you right now is to focus on your son's mental/emotional health rather than WHERE he will be serving which is frankly, inconsequential. Because if he is not well enough to serve, will it matter the "where" at the end?
  2. Suzie

    Child support/ temple recommend

    In my line of work, I talk to many stepmoms with similar situations and I always ask the same question: What would be the purpose of talking to the Bishop about it? It is a very valid and important question you need to ask yourself. If the issue is the fact that she is behind child support payments, then as it was suggested here, there are legal channels to address this. But when you bring up the Bishop, then something tells me that this isn't really about the fact that she isn't paying child support but the fact that she has a Temple recommend and you perceive that fact as "unfair" or "wrong" or like you stated "the only thing that may register to her that what she is doing is wrong." Granted, everyone is entitled to their opinion but not everyone should be entitled to act upon that opinion. First, because this person is not your ex. But your husband's ex wife, the mother of his child. Therefore, it is up to your husband to decide what he would like to do (if he chooses to do anything about it) and I'm quite sure that as a responsible parent, he would choose to take the legal route so he can have the funds to continue supporting his child. But this is something between him and his ex-wife. Of course, with your support as a stepmom. I understand it might be very upsetting seeing someone "getting away" with something we consider "wrong" but there are other legal channels to address it ( IF the issue is really child support payments) but if the purpose of calling the Bishop is to expose her, to shame her, to "correct" her this is not the way to go about it and frankly (and I say this without any disrespect or animosity) none of your business.
  3. Suzie

    How close should extended family be?

    By "the family" you mean her family, right? I believe that once you're married, your spouse and children are your family. The rest are relatives. If she means your family too then....R-U-N. lol At the end of the day, it is a decision between you and your husband. No one else. Don't feel pressured, generally relatives want you to do things to satisfy whatever needs they have with little consideration about how YOU feel. Do what is best for your and your family.
  4. And this is why I said my heart breaks for this boy and all the children who are in similar circumstances...I just cannot process it.. there is so much pain and uncertainty. These children should be enjoying their childhood, not worried about being kidnapped and assaulted!!
  5. As a heart is breaking for this boy...and for all these children. I don't know the solution for this but children are innocent!!!
  6. All I can say's extremely concerning and I'm not sure if there is a real solution for this issue. Even though my views tend to be quite progressive in certain aspects, I see things differently with regards to immigration. Some of those concerns: 1. I don't believe in rewarding illegal immigrants with a path to citizenship. I'm not against immigration at all but I find it disheartening to know that there are thousands of people out there waiting to migrate legally (some who have been waiting for 15+ years!). Just the thought that they're going to be forgotten by the system because someone jumped the line, makes me a bit upset. Having said that, it is NOT the children's fault. What can be done? 2. The immigration system is a MESS. It shouldn't be an open door policy neither shut the door and throw away the key policy. Unfortunately, it will remain as it is. 3. My heart is filled with compassion towards ANYONE who is need and I think we all have a responsibility to help but not sure what is the best approach in situations such as this.
  7. Yes, Oliver Cowdery saw the sword of Laban along with Joseph Smith when they entered a cave in the hill Cumorah. David Whitmer saw the sword and the directors in 1829 along with Smith and Cowdery. A little after that, Martin Harris saw the sword as well (he was with Joseph Smith).
  8. Suzie

    Fox News and social values

    Traveler, not anymore. They lost a lot of followers, their ratings are ridiculously low that their shows aren't longer informative but drama-driven. The only thing missing is an audience shouting: Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!! 😳
  9. Godless, I am very sorry to read this. I hope 2021 can be a better year for you! We don't know each other but I hope you know that I value and appreciate your contributions. I would hate to see you taking a break but of course, you need to do what is best for your health. I have taken my own sabbaticals over the years and it worked very well. I also use the ignore feature (if It is too much or I find a poster too combative/argumentative). At the end of it all, we are supposed to be here sharing our views and having a good time! Wishing you well.
  10. FWIW, my main issue with Biden's plan (and most immigration legislation pre-Trump) is that they seem to reward illegal immigration (and I'm not talking about refugees or asylum seekers). What about those persons who want to migrate legally? The system is failing them and has been failing them for years, they are waiting patiently in their home countries for decades (which I think is absolutely ridiculous) and now laws will be passed to reward those who entered the country illegally. How fair is that? We are rewarding those breaking the law and punishing those who are being honest? And even though there are plans to reduce their waiting time, it will not be a priority. I don't know if there is a solution that can benefit/help all at the same time but this particular point bugs me.
  11. I agree. You forgot quite a few people who violently stormed the capitol on January 6th and identified themselves as supporters of the President.
  12. Suzie

    Why is taco seasoning so bad?

    I love Mexican food but I don't like the food served at typical Mexican restaurants (besides Taco Bell and other fast food places). The food is very different. Having said that, I make tacos often and we all enjoy it.
  13. The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles released a statement:
  14. Suzie


    @Just_A_Guy I don't have much to contribute without breaking the rules about politics, but all I can say is: PLEASE wake me up when this nightmare is over.
  15. Suzie


    It is sad to see that a few people in power are now saying "enough" after 5 people died, seriously? People had to die to say enough is enough? It makes me even more sad to see many people supporting and justifying what happened in the Capitol, I've said it before and I'll say it again: Some of these people act like they are part of a cult, a dangerous cult saying the President is the Chosen One, the Messiah.He has become their religion. Having said that, I always try to be fair, I don't think for a minute that MOST of his supporters are like the ones we saw Wednesday.