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  1. Maybe I'm out of touch but since when the "ok" hand sign is a symbol of hate and white supremacy?
  2. Oh, so much. Tammy is crazy. Legitimately mentally ill. Spent many years in substance abuse. She lives in a sort of permanent homeless shelter. She's sending Tom to school because her caseworker says she has to. She doesn't want to send him to the local school because government conspiracy. She can't do the online school because the government is spying on her through the school platform. Oh, we are talking about an innocent child living in a homeless shelter with a mother who struggles with mental health issues? This is a lot to take for any person, let alone a child. I'm not surprised that online schooling isn't working for this family when they have so many other needs. I understand you did everything in your power to help them and even though it didn't work out, you gave your best. Having said that, I hope the system and those in charge can keep a close eye on this family and can assist them in any way they can. It is hard to focus on education when basic needs aren't met. I will keep them in my prayers today as soon as I finish writing this post.
  3. Suzie

    Kyle Rittenhouse

    @LDSGator The jury sent a strong message because I don't think the neighbor who was in the truck and filmed the incident was expecting this outcome.
  4. Tom. Tom and his mother whom she call Tammy are really terrible at the whole online schooling thing. Without intending to be cruel but to state a fact, Tom and Tammy are generally struggling with functioning in life. At first, I was thinking around the same line as @NeuroTypical but then, I read over your post and I have questions: Why are they terrible at the whole online schooling? And also, you mentioned they are generally struggling with functioning in life? That's a concerning statement, what do you mean exactly?
  5. Suzie

    Kyle Rittenhouse

    Two correct outcomes in our jury system today, but since it’s a holiday this one will be largely ignored. @LDSGatorKyle acted in self-defense in my view and justice was served. In the Ahmaud Arbery case, justice was served as well. It is truly sickening what they did to this guy. Kudos to the mother of the victim who fought hard!!
  6. Powerful video. Sir, thanks for your service.
  7. Suzie

    Biden's Mandate may be a tad too far

    Honestly, seeing Biden lately I'm really questioning if he will make it...
  8. Suzie

    Judgement and attributing motives

    @Fether I think your heart is in the right place. Unfortunately, mental health issues are often misunderstood and very few people have the knowledge, patience, compassion and understanding to deal with family, friends or co-workers who are struggling.
  9. Suzie

    When all the help isn't enough

    @Backroads Many families are struggling. We have to be very cautious here (in my view). We don't know the kind of jobs they had previously? They have to pay for rent/mortgage, gas, school supplies, bills, etc. Having said that, I recall you mentioned in one of your posts that you teach in a private school or maybe I misunderstood? Parents are paying for this as well? If they have to pay for private schooling plus all the other bills, it will not be enough. They will have to remove the kids from that school and send them to public school until they can afford it again.
  10. Suzie

    When all the help isn't enough

    Backroads, not sure how much information you would like to share but.. how many kids we are talking about? Both parents are receiving unemployment? Did they explicitly state they can't feed their kids? Is anyone from school assisting in any way?
  11. Pontificating about “love” by pretty much any modern entertainer, academic, and/or clinician. Given the endless procession of failed relationships most of those bozos have participated in, I can’t think of a group in the past three centuries that is less qualified to advise us on human relationships. Totally get you. I loveee that answer JAG, it's like the best thing everrrr.
  12. "lemon squeezy" Wow, you just added a new one to my list! Lemon squeezy, really? 🤐
  13. The word "like" every five seconds!!!
  14. JAG, he was the definition of evil. About your question, it was actually a common practice by the Utes. When he died, I believe a couple of women and one boy were buried alive. His horses were killed too to keep him company. It has been said he was buried with the last letter of Young in his hand.
  15. Is this a cut and paste from somewhere? No, I gathered all the information and put it together. I will edit my original post and add some of the sources (I normally do this but I have a COVID vaccine brain at the moment).