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  1. Godless, I am very sorry to read this. I hope 2021 can be a better year for you! We don't know each other but I hope you know that I value and appreciate your contributions. I would hate to see you taking a break but of course, you need to do what is best for your health. I have taken my own sabbaticals over the years and it worked very well. I also use the ignore feature (if It is too much or I find a poster too combative/argumentative). At the end of it all, we are supposed to be here sharing our views and having a good time! Wishing you well.
  2. FWIW, my main issue with Biden's plan (and most immigration legislation pre-Trump) is that they seem to reward illegal immigration (and I'm not talking about refugees or asylum seekers). What about those persons who want to migrate legally? The system is failing them and has been failing them for years, they are waiting patiently in their home countries for decades (which I think is absolutely ridiculous) and now laws will be passed to reward those who entered the country illegally. How fair is that? We are rewarding those breaking the law and punishing those who are being honest? And even though there are plans to reduce their waiting time, it will not be a priority. I don't know if there is a solution that can benefit/help all at the same time but this particular point bugs me.
  3. I agree. You forgot quite a few people who violently stormed the capitol on January 6th and identified themselves as supporters of the President.
  4. Suzie

    Why is taco seasoning so bad?

    I love Mexican food but I don't like the food served at typical Mexican restaurants (besides Taco Bell and other fast food places). The food is very different. Having said that, I make tacos often and we all enjoy it.
  5. The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles released a statement:
  6. Suzie


    @Just_A_Guy I don't have much to contribute without breaking the rules about politics, but all I can say is: PLEASE wake me up when this nightmare is over.
  7. Suzie


    It is sad to see that a few people in power are now saying "enough" after 5 people died, seriously? People had to die to say enough is enough? It makes me even more sad to see many people supporting and justifying what happened in the Capitol, I've said it before and I'll say it again: Some of these people act like they are part of a cult, a dangerous cult saying the President is the Chosen One, the Messiah.He has become their religion. Having said that, I always try to be fair, I don't think for a minute that MOST of his supporters are like the ones we saw Wednesday.
  8. Suzie

    Christmas dishes

    Wow! I love crusty bread and I'm so happy you all enjoyed this food. I cook with coconut milk often, it is such an amazing ingredient and I love to experiment in the kitchen too. Dravin is Alton Brown (knowing all the fancy facts lol) and you are like Ina Garten. Congrats to both of you! Missing you guys in the forum.
  9. Suzie

    I have been deceived

    Now you got me curious, what was the mascot?
  10. Suzie

    I have been deceived

    If she found out that the original words from Elder Whitney were not "fearless bands of indians" but "savage bands of indians". 😳 Yes, I welcome that change.
  11. As long as they are fresh fruits you are good to go. I'm already planning mine right after Christmas.
  12. Suzie

    Christmas and gifting

    What about gift wrapping? You see those perfectly wrapped presents during a Christmas commercial or a YouTube video? You know, "45 EASY ways to wrap presents". Well, I'm not one of them. I hate wrapping presents because I'm not good at it but also because my logical self says it isn't that important or because from experience, I know my kiddos will destroy the paper in seconds... unless of course, I'm LUCKY enough to gift someone who takes HOURS and HOURS unwrapping presents by carefully removing the little pieces of tape so they can save the paper. Just thinking about it makes me sweat.
  13. Suzie

    Updates to the Handbook

    @JohnsonJones I understand your point with regards to the wording however, on closer inspection: In matters of doctrine and Church policy, the authoritative sources are the scriptures, the teachings of the living prophets, and the General Handbook. The way I read it is that there is a clear separation between doctrine AND Church policy, I think we all can agree on that. The key word in the whole statement is "and". So when it says: "the authoritative sources are the scriptures" followed by a comma "the teachings of the living prophets" they are referring to the first part "in matters of doctrine". Finally the last statement "and the General Handbook" seems to coincide with the "and" of the first part of the statement "and Church policy".
  14. Suzie

    The election

    @mirkwood sorry but you chose the wrong guy, I didn't like Obama at all. Nice try though.
  15. Suzie

    Liberal Ideas Creeping In

    Wow, you are either great at budgeting (kudos to you and your wife) or your kiddies are very young and therefore don't eat much? (j/k, no seriously).