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  1. Thanks, it seems as though there are divided opinions among scholars about this topic. I appreciate the source.
  2. Hi! Do you have a source for this? As far as I know, he finished the translation on July 1833 and was ready to go press a short time after that.
  3. It looks like she had her lawyer on speed dial, same for Pam Bodtcher's husband. When the police told him that they found Franke's children in a state of starvation etc, the guy didn't even flinch. This case is getting crazier by the minute particularly during Kevin Franke's interview where he described himself as the "resident exorcist" trying to help Jodi (who claimed to be Satan's bride). He also stated that paranormal activity was going on in the house while Jodi was staying with the family. The most interesting part is when he said that the Bishop and another Church leader were helping Jodi and they were giving her blessings in order to "cast out evil spirits from her" and because they weren't successful, they suggested Jodi to move in with the family. Really? Hmmmm doesn't sound right. On top of it all, Ruby decided to stay in Jodi's bedroom where they spent hours behind closed doors and they slept on the same bed. No comment on that one! However, here comes a contradiction. Kevin first stated that Ruby "invited" him to leave but then later on he stated that he left after growing tired of this lunacy. So he leaves HIS children in that crazy environment with no one to protect them? He has no contact with them for a WHOLE year??? Just because those are Ruby's rules?? Who is she, God? He worships her like a goddess EVEN though he knows what she did to their children! When he is told during the police interview that his children were found emaciated (let's think about that for just a second!), he didn't ask ONCE how they are doing and if he can see them. Not. One. Question!!!!! The only thing he asked was if Ruby was okay "because I love my wife". What the....And he is seeking custody of these children??? Sorry for the extra question marks but this case has me infuriated. Just like when Jodi claims to be a psychologist when she is NOT! The truth is that both parents have been abusive towards the children way before Jodi came to the picture. I am just hoping justice is served because 4 years behind bars isn't enough for what they did to these poor babies.
  4. I can confirm it isn't as rare as we think it is. Unfortunately, there is a lot of work to be done to change this mindset. About your second point, it seems to me that LDS members who wound up in the news over the past few years had clear traits of being part of dysfunctional families prior to becoming internet celebrities. Narcissism is on the rise thanks (in part) to social media.
  5. I don't think my last sentence implies that only LDS counselors are abusers because obviously it isn't the case. But let me explain again in case my comment was misunderstood. I just speak out against choosing a mental health professional solely based on their Church/religious affiliation. I observe this often and it has become a serious concern for both clients and professionals who are out there trying their best. Being an LDS counselor doesn't automatically make you a good professional and yes it applies to every other religion but the reason I mentioned this specifically is because Bishops recommended Jodi Hildebrandt and clearly, members trusted the suggestion. I was trying to explain this to my sister but all I can say is that she has been living in UT for too long.
  6. Jodi Hildebrandt is a therapist and the Church would refer members to her. There were countless allegations against Hilderbrandt and this is one of the reasons why she had her license put on probation by the Utah Clinical Mental Health Counselor Licensing Board for 18 months. The allegations are very serious in nature. This is the reason why (even though some people get upset with me) I always suggest that if you need to choose a mental health counselor/therapist/psychologist for you or a loved one please, please, please don't do it only based on Church membership.
  7. I just hope the children don't end up with their father. Atrocious parents!
  8. @beefcheI'm so sorry to hear about your sister. Please accept my condolences.
  9. One of our sons (teenager) has been struggling with health-related issues for the past few months and we still cannot get a proper diagnosis. It has been exhausting for him and our entire family. Honestly, I feel quite shaky emotionally and I'm not that kind of person but it has been so overwhelming and frustrating to see our own child like this and even do we are doing everything we can, we still cannot get proper answers. I'm not sleeping well and I'm not able to do my best at work either. Having said that, I know the power of prayer, I have been fasting and praying constantly. I know the Lord doesn't abandon us when we most need him but can I please ask you to keep my family and our son in your prayers today? I believe when we unite as brothers and sisters in prayer, anything is possible. Thank you all in advance, I truly appreciate it.
  10. No, I'm not joking. I love it!
  11. But...but...the skin is the BEST part!
  12. Many years ago, when I just graduated from college and I had my first job, I was quietly eating a few kumquats and this co-worker became enraged over it and said that she found it very disrespectful to eat this without asking first because some people don't like the aroma of citrus fruits. 🤨 Take a guess who brought oranges the following week?
  13. Good questions. And the answers for both "affirms his unfitness for leadership" IMHO. JAG, I appreciate your take on this because it tells me that even though there are people out there who do support Trump and many of the good things he did, it doesn't mean they are blind followers willing to justify anything and everything. I don't recall who said it, but a Republican some time ago said something along the lines of "Trump is not part of the Republican party, he IS the Republican party." This level of deification and adulation is extremely concerning.
  14. Conclusively perhaps not, but the "event" was planned and even promoted online. He knew they were fully armed and his speech did nothing to calm the mob but all the opposite. He wanted support, he wanted people to rile up and stand by him no matter what. He took a very Machiavellian approach "the end justifies the means" and that's a very scary way of thinking and acting particularly if you happen to be the POTUS. It is the behavior of either a very evil and self-absorbed narcissist or someone who is unhinged or demented. And yet, I feel as though none of this is important because "he was good for the economy". Honestly, I feel as though he can go and commit the most serious crime in front of the whole world and someone will say "but did he really do it? Hmmmm Do we have proof?. Maybe it was a double...those dems again!" or worse: "I don't care about that, look how good our economy is now!".