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  1. beefche

    Free email provider?

    Yep, I have 3 gmail and 2 yahoo. Used to have a hotmail until it got hacked. There is only 1 account that is my "home" account with my personal info. All others have fake name...Like my first name is "First" and last name is "Last." Or first name is "A" and last name is "Bacon" or something like that. I use several accounts just to sign up for websites. For example, to use Pinterest, you need to have an email account. I don't want to get blasted with stupid spam email so, I use one of my "fake" emails to sign up. That email account has thousands of unread messages since I don't go into consistently.
  2. beefche

    Free email provider?

    Why can't you just create another email account in gmail or yahoo? I have several email accounts. A couple are used simply to sign up for sites that I know is going to send me junk mail. When it asked for first/last name, I use something like "First" and "Last" (literally). That way, I'm not giving any actual information.
  3. beefche

    What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

    "Here's the beef!"
  4. beefche

    Heart attacks are no fun

    What is "shimp?" 😁
  5. beefche

    Women and temples

    I would recommend this sister attend the endowment session now. There are specific answers to her questions in the endowment now. Listen carefully to the words and notice the wording of the covenants. If there are still questions, then ask to speak to the temple president or matron to discuss. Further explanations on a public forum aren't appropriate, in my opinion.
  6. beefche

    Third Hour forum get together

    I really enjoyed meeting everyone. It's always good to put actual faces to names. One of the funny things, I still call JAG and pam by their screen names instead of their real names. JAG just looks like a JAG. And pam, well, she looks very gingery... So, here's beefche's stupid moment of her life. I booked my flight separate from my husband. When I booked my flight, I booked it to leave Aug 24. That meant I could attend the dinner. I enjoyed dinner, drove to my friend's house (where I was staying), got up the next morning. Took a nice walk along the mountains, showered, packed, left with my friend to return my rental car. On our way to the SLC airport, I tried to checkin on the app. But it said my flight was completed. Huh? I looked at my email confirmation and sure enough my flight was the 23rd! I completely missed my flight! I was dumbfounded as this is completely not like me. After talking to a very kind Delta customer service rep, she was able to get me a flight out this evening. It's the worst flight ever (leave at midnight get into Indy at 10 am), but she saved me $500+. Lesson learned: have my husband check our flights to verify date and time!!!!
  7. beefche

    Third Hour forum get together

    @pam I think my subconscious wanted to attend. I accidently booked my flight home on the 24th. So count me in for any dinner on the 23rd. Yay!
  8. beefche

    Heart attacks are no fun

    Not to be morbid, but, I have an email group set up and it's titled "Death." I've told my husband he is to use that to let others know about my death. Our own @pam is on that list. And @NeuroTypical some of our people on that other place are on the list too.
  9. beefche

    Heart attacks are no fun

    When my husband and I did our Filipino Christmas, this is what we made for dessert. Holy cow! The only thing that would have made that better would be to use Nutella instead of just plain chocolate. So, so good.
  10. beefche

    Heart attacks are no fun

    Why do you need to eat bananas? There are other things you can eat to get the nutrients. What's the deal with bananas?
  11. beefche

    Heart attacks are no fun

    Wow, LM! I'm so very glad you are ok. How scary for your family! Are they doing ok now? And yeah, change that diet! Get the whole family on board to change their eating and get healthier!
  12. beefche

    Third Hour forum get together

    @pam I fly OUT of Utah on 8/23. Dang it! I'll be there from 8/14-8/20 with my hubby, then he leaves and I'm staying to attend Ed Wk but leaving on 8/23. BTW, I'll be in Orlando this month. @MormonGator and @anatess2 that anywhere near you?
  13. I didn't take it as ambushing her either. I took it that she and the leaders agreed on some questions knowing that some of those questions may be upsetting to her. I think providing those questions beforehand (and agreeing on them) shows respect for her feelings. And I'm baffled by her claim that Joseph didn't teach or participate in polygamy.
  14. beefche

    I hate my husband's calling (Bishop)

    I'm sorry this is happening. I've not had this issue. As I thought about practical advice, my inner rebel kept piping up, "Don't stop going to church! That means they win! Go to church and be cheerful and smiling so the old biddies will have to work even harder to push us out!" Maybe the sentiment isn't good, but I think the actions are good. Focus on people who need a friend or a kind word or a smile. Support your husband and be even kinder to him--his burden is greater due to the actions of these people. Choose faith--and sometimes it is a choice--and rely on the Lord even more.