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  1. Not near the Jello Belt. Living in the Midwest. One set had absolutely no notes, so that one was donated to my friend's ward. Others have very little highlights.
  2. My sister passed away and I'm going through her things to save, donate, trash. She was not married and no children. She has several copies of scriptures and I don't know what to do with them. I was able to give a couple of sets away, but I have some that are in good condition, but has her name on them. What do I do with them? I don't want them (I have my own) and since we were the only members of church in our family, no one in the family will take them. I hate the thought of throwing them away, but I'm not sure what else to do with them...especially with them being personalized. And she has 1 copy of the hymnbook with her name on it and that I'm not sure what to do with (again, I have my own). Thoughts?
  3. I'm less sympathetic to GoFundMe stuff now. For some people, I'm familiar with the family/circumstances and know that there are financial needs. But, for others, I'm very suspicious. One of my friends lived in a house that was easily $800K (by the size of the house and market) and due to a bad storm, her basement got flooded. She went onto GFM to ask for $10k to renovate her basement. Ummm, no, it's called suck it up and save for what you want done. I feel bad this happened to you, but I'm not going to give you money for a want. And I'm really bugged by people who start a GFM for themselves. I guess it's more honest, but in my mind it is the same as standing at the intersection with a sign asking for money.
  4. I can recommend a charity. One Heart Bulgaria--helps orphans in Bulgaria. Linky The founders are my former comps from the mission.
  5. Thanks for sharing, grunt. What a great lesson for your boys (and us). I will never understand people who are so ungrateful and negative.
  6. Is it the actor's duty/requirement to check a firearm? I would think that in that instance, he would not be responsible--it's the armorer who should check each weapon. Would the actor even know what an actual bullet looks like vs. a blank? I'm not familiar with blanks, but I'm guessing an actor wouldn't be familiar with either. If the actor then uses the weapon inappropriately (pointing it at someone), then that falls on him. ALWAYS treat a gun as if it is loaded--regardless if you are "sure" it's empty or not.
  7. I realize that those in power see this as a power grab. But I'm curious about those who don't have power--my fellow voters, everyday people--who insist that vax should be mandated/forced and that people should lose jobs, freedoms, etc. If the virus is a threat to the lives of people so vax should be mandated, then how is it that someone off meds and could be a danger to self/others not be mandated to take meds? How is that explained?
  8. My sister has a mental health issue that is controlled by meds. When she stops those meds, she gets awful....harassment, destruction of property, verbal abuse/attacks and on occasion, physical abuse/attacks. We cannot make her take that medication. It isn't until she either threatens or does actual harm to herself/others before we can get her help. And even then, we had to take her to court to get it ordered for her to take her medication. So, why is it that something that could possibly save her life (she has serious other medical conditions that when she stops her mental health meds she also stops those--and she has threatened suicide or on one occasion actually physically attacked someone) not be mandated for her to take? But, yet, this vax which may or may not (depending on your health and underlying conditions) save your life and from a disease that has nearly a 99% survivor rate (again, depending on individual health) should be mandated? I honestly don't understand why one should not be mandated but the other should?
  9. Sometimes, it isn't just about bringing a company to its knees. I boycotted a particular fast food chain because of my abhorrence for their commercials. I knew my 3 or 4 times/year spending $10 wouldn't do a dang thing to their company, but I felt better for not giving them my money.
  10. In my experience (working in the RS pres), bishops can and do help with rent. However, what I'm familiar with is he'll often work to help with food/utilities so any income can be used for housing. I would encourage her to talk to the bishop, be honest with him about everything, and allow him to arrange help.
  11. I don't mean to sound inconsiderate, but what conversations are you having in a temple recommend interviews? Other than the initial chit chat, my interviews consist of questions being asked and answers given. I can only think of a couple of interviews that had conversations and that was because I asked questions to gain clarification on questions that I had been thinking about.
  12. I knew a young couple (less than 30 years old) who married for time only in the temple. She was divorced and was working on having her sealing cancelled. They didn't want to wait any more than they had already and both were worthy. Sadly, they were both killed in a car accident just 3 months later (on their way to the temple to attend a sealing of their friends). Her family was able to get them sealed to each other posthumously. This is when I first learned about time only marriages. I think that they both wanted to be sealed to each other and so they had the temple in mind when they married and kept that promise to each other to marry in the temple.
  13. Are there still Godfather's around? That was our high school hangout after football/basketball games. LOVE their taco pizza! Dravin and I love pizzas that have something vinegary on it--pickles, banana peppers, etc. Helps to cut through the fat of the cheese/meat.
  14. Wow. Just wow. I honestly would give a complaint to not only the store manager, but at corporate as well. And I would provide names--this is seriously unacceptable. They should not be in any type of customer service job if they can't serve everyone with respect--they can think what they want, but they shouldn't treat someone like that while at their job. I wouldn't want them to be doxed but they either need to be reprimanded or fired.