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  1. beefche

    Saints Volume II

    Wow, that twitter thread was interesting. I graduated in 1992 as an English major and don't remember anything like this guy's experience. There was only 1 class that I can think of that came close to being critical of the church (but it wasn't really...more critical of church culture).
  2. If the ones who would be susceptible are aware of the risk, shouldn't they choose to go or not? If 80 year old decides to stay home for fear of contracting something, then why should the others not go? Or if 80 year old decides that risking catching it is worth it, why do you get to choose differently? I really am trying to understand. If the majority are in favor of still having it, that doesn't negate the individual choices. I understand that family dynamics may mean some hard feelings or whatever, but perhaps I'm heartless....but if you want to get your panties in a twist because I choose to do something differently than you, it's your twisted panties not mine.
  3. beefche

    Bubba Wallace

    Well, if you don't vote for him, you are definitely not black.
  4. beefche

    Triumph In The Midst Of Chaos

    @NeuroTypical that video you that the same dude who comments on Nascar? Even has the cheering crowds to talk over! 🏁
  5. beefche

    Carb's Take on Racism

    Well, now there is a quiz on FB you can take to find out how privileged you are. First question, "Are you white?" Other very leading questions. I didn't finish as I have the media, celebrities, and politicians to let me know I'm privileged based on my skin color. But, I'm very relieved to see some of my white friends taking this quiz to learn more about themselves and post about how they never realized how privileged they are. I wonder if they were surprised to find out how angry they are based on the month of birth, too, or what LOTR character they are based on their initials. I hope these quizzes help them with their privilege, anger, and problems with their initials.
  6. beefche

    Faked Protests

    @Carborendum how do you know you didn't get the jobs because you were Asian or LDS? Did they actually tell you that? Because that's against the law and even most companies own guidelines. So, I'm really curious how people know they were denied things based on a protected class. In the office I worked in, there was a black lady (good friend of mine) who was a supervisor. We had a newer employee who did good work but it just wasn't working out for him on the team he was on. I spoke with him privately about the issues (I was his coach/mentor) and encouraged him to seek a position on my friend's team. I honestly believed he would be very successful on that team. He prevaricated, never really stating if he didn't want to be on the team or wasn't interested in the position. I spoke with him on at least 3 occasions within a 2 wk or so time period. When I spoke to my friend about it, she said that he didn't want to be on her team because she was black. I was absolutely shocked. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING in my conversation with him indicated that he had an issue with ANYONE on that team. He kept talking about the work and if he would be capable of it, he liked what he was doing, etc. Because she was my friend, I told her that I thought she was wrong. And I asked her what was it that he did to make her think that? She said, she just knows because it's her experience as a black woman. I asked pertinent questions to figure out if he said or even looked at her in a questionable manner. Nope, just that he put off some kind of vibe or energy or something that as a black woman she had experienced before. Well, about a week later, he turned in his notice. He found a job that paid better and was closer to his home. So, that energy or vibe? Yeah, nothing more than he didn't want to give his hand away about getting a new job. When I said something to my friend about it, she just shrugged and insisted that there was still some amount of reluctance on his part due to her race. This story reminds me that we seem to assume so much about others without any real evidence. I remember once being in Sunday School and having to leave the meeting a little early for a calling I had. The next Sunday, the teacher approached me and apologized for offending me. I had no idea what he was talking about. He said he was talking about single people in the church during that class and I ended up walking away. He assumed he had offended me since I was an older than normal single woman. Well, he forced me to admit that I wasn't even paying attention to his lesson and that in fact, my mind was on what I needed to do that prompted me to leave early. I'm not denying that racism exists. Of course it does. And it exists in every country, every culture, every community. It will never go away until our Lord returns. Doesn't mean we shouldn't do what we can to overcome it, but I just wonder how much is assumed when the evidence isn't there.
  7. beefche

    Faked Protests

    @Godless I appreciate you posting on this issue. I am one who truly does not see that police brutality is the biggest issue with black Americans. I know that that fact probably marks me as racist (I've been equated with it when I was upset by the rioting and looting, regardless that I was also upset by what happened to Mr. Floyd) but, since the word racist doesn't mean what it actually means, I'm not sure how valid that accusation is anymore. Anyway, I want to understand why this is the biggest issue and not other things. One can't say it's because I'm not black as other non-blacks seem to understand this. So, I appreciate you providing your perspective. I find that this topic (especially right now) is so emotionally charged that most people can't speak or listen rationally (I include myself in this statement). I appreciate the ability to have such a discussion on this forum.
  8. beefche

    A bunch of memes I just made!

    Can someone help me understand? What does institutionalized racism or systemic racism mean? I hear these terms used a lot, but it doesn't fit what I thought these terms mean. So, perhaps my definition is wrong.
  9. beefche

    Faked Protests

    @MormonGator how does your friend know where the people are from? Serious question.
  10. beefche

    Mormon Enigma

    There is no RLDS church. They are named the Community of Christ and have been for 20 years or so.
  11. beefche

    Fun family history stories

    My family history is a little more modern. My dad was born and raised in Bulgaria. He hated being under Communist regime and longed to go to America so he could have freedom to worship. He and a couple of his cousins decided to run away together and make it to America. They were about 13 years old. Upon the time and place previously agreed, dad showed up but the others didn't. So, he took off alone. He crossed the Greek border (about a 5-7 mile walk) and was placed in a refuge camp. He lived in Greek refuge camps until he was able to get a sponsor for America. That took about 5 years. He said that if he had gone to Western Europe or Australia, he would have left sooner, but he wanted to go to America. He came to America and couldn't speak a word of English. His sponsor helped him find a room to rent and a job. So, he arrived in his new country on a Thursday and by Monday he was working and paying his own way.
  12. beefche

    The Excuse of all Tyrants

    Oh, no, that's NOT what he calls you.
  13. beefche

    April 2020 General Conference Discussion Thread

    Good to see you, Carb. I felt the same as you regarding this moment from conference (I was so hoping to hear some Slavic singing). But, my feelings during this hymn was that we weren't singing so much about Joseph or our current prophet, but about our Prophet, our King, our Savior.
  14. beefche

    Attending a Christian college

    PC, this is true: no matter where you are, if you want x, you will find x. The people who want y, are aware of x, but they continue to choose y. While at BYU, I knew those who were engaging in activities that were inappropriate but I didn't hang out with them.
  15. beefche

    Attending a Christian college

    When I attended BYU, I first went as a non-member (we won't mention how long ago that was but I'll admit it was not in this century). At that time, even as a non-member, the tuition was cheaper than the Indiana University tuition. After I became a member, my tuition went down about 25% and my dad, who was not happy about my baptism, was at least a little gleeful about saving some money. PC, it's seems amazing to me that your daughter is old enough for college! In my head, your girls are still around 10 yrs old (even though I've never met them or know them in any way...just from your mention of them on here). Exciting times!