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  1. Jane_Doe

    Prayer: when you don't want to ask

    I'm not angry, more just sad, wanting to hide, and not ask anymore. Even something like Pres. Nelson's call for a worldwide fast this weekend... I feel like I can't ask.
  2. (please be gentle here) Prayer & I have a complicated relationship. Or to be more specific, the "asking for things" part of prayer & I have a complicated relationship. I don't like to ask people for things-- such is a huge move of trust for me, and I feel like I've been burned too much in the past. I'm much more comfortable doing something myself, or making do without. I don't want to trouble others, I don't want to ask and be disappointed in them. I feel like I give and give- which I do because I enjoy so much, but too often people don't give back. From the evidence, they appear to be different than me. Some aren't, but a lot of people are different in this regard. Asking God for things...yes, I know that God is the ultimate giver, and has already given way more than I could. I got that. But I also feel.. like I shouldn't ask Him for things. Which as a parent breaks my heart- I WANT my kids to ask me for things. I know the Father does too. But when I do work up the courage to ask- something super important to me and by all indicators is a righteous request... a lot of time there is not receiving. And I hurt. I hurt a lot. And I want to hide. I don't want to ask again. I really don't. Yes, "thy will be done". Yes, God is not a vending machine. Yes, God is equally with those that receive miraculous healing and those whom He more directly welcomes their spirits into His arms. Yes, God is equally with those whom keep their jobs, and those who are forced to leave. Yes, I know that I am blessed in some many areas. Yes, I have a GOOD life that I am so grateful for. Yes, things could be much worse. Yes, yes, I know all of those things- I recite them to myself regularly. And sometimes they help. Most times they help. But other times... I hurt....
  3. Jane_Doe

    All foreign missionaries coming home?

    With things changing super fast all over the world, communication is constantly messed up lately. Such is the upside down pandemic world.
  4. Jane_Doe

    Pornography Addiction

    If his use has been compulsive for that long, there's probably underlying triggers. Like (for one possible example) he's feeling down about himself, so indulging in this served as a pick-me-up. To break such a long-term thing, he needs to find a healthy way of dealing with that trigger instead of just white-knuckle-not-doing-that-bad-thing. For example, he's feeling down about himself, so he instead goes on a jog, gets his mind off of it, endorphins pumping, and taking good care of himself.
  5. Jane_Doe

    Corona Just Killed My Job

    *hugs* and prayers for you @Verner's Ginger ale.
  6. Jane_Doe

    Liberty vs. Safety

    I don't see being asked to not spread disease (or potentially spread disease) by staying home as being an infringement on liberty at all. And one of the purposes of the Executive branch of government is to act quickly in case of something comes up that requires quick action. Doing so now (from my point of view) is actually a fairly good system working fairly good.
  7. Jane_Doe

    All foreign missionaries coming home?

    There was an update yesterday(?) that essentially if you're new and assigned to a place where travel is not currently available, you'll be temporarily re-assigned to a place that is available. Also that some abroad and nearly done missionaries could be coming home a few months early.
  8. I misunderstood you then, my apologies.
  9. There's a HUGE difference between social distancing and panicking. Two VERY different things. Also, no one is arguing on the importance of accurate reporting.
  10. And the potential of millions of folks being sick and overwhelming our ability to treat them?
  11. Note: a leper is someone whom at some point had leprosy. Such a person may be totally non-contagious (the bacteria itself being gone for years) or only minorly contagious. Leprosy isn't a very contagious disease at all. But that's not your real question. Slowing the spread of disease is a being a good steward of ourselves, our society, and especially the elderly. It's something President Nelson himself and rest of Church leadership have heavily endorsed. And yes, I see Christ Himself support it too. Ministering still goes on-- like I actually heard from my ministering brothers for the first time ever, because they checked up on my family via text. My daughter's primary teacher brought over cookies and a object-lesson. My ministering sister & husband offered to bring the Sacrament to my house. And Pres. Nelson is the #1 trending YouTube video, his message and the power he brings touching people whom have no idea who this is, as well Latter-Day Saints around the world. Yes, this whole thing is inconvenient-- a novel disease broke out globally and we are inconvenienced by staying home, living a home-centered Church-supported lifestyle, reminding people the importance God, being prepared, actually spending time with your family at home, and ministering to others. I'm just picturing some soul whom lived through the Black Death watching us right now, being inconvenienced versus what they lived through.
  12. Jane_Doe

    struggling with the law of chastity

    Hi @mimi_kute, I'm an LDS Christian lady married to a generic Christian dude. We have an amazing marriage. Here's my advice: It is essential that you date/marry a guy that respects you-- which includes your morals and relationship with Christ. If he's not 100% on board with that, then he's simply not worth your time. Simple as that. My husband isn't a member, but he respects me. He waited with me. He honors my time at church, supports me when in comes to teaching our daughter about Christ. He's kind, considerate, smart, and loves all of me. Don't settle for a thing where all of you is not truly loved and supported. If this dude loves your morals and relationship with Christ, then he might indeed be a good catch. But not if he wants you to give up that huge part of yourself. As you're having such trouble in person, I would maybe suggest reaching out over online.
  13. Jane_Doe

    2020 General Conference Via Technology, ONLY!

    I do very much agree on the importance of getting together & helping each other, and I will miss church during this break (granted, the break is a very rational precaution). For me at least, that desire is largely separate from wishing to partake of the Sacrament though.
  14. Jane_Doe

    2020 General Conference Via Technology, ONLY!

    Honestly I rather expected this. It will indeed be a different and memorable conference