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  1. Jane_Doe

    Baby Formula Shortage

    We’re fine on our home, but thank you for the concern.
  2. Jane_Doe

    Baby Formula Shortage

    My family is directly affected by this shortage- baby boy is still a baby and I’m physically unable to breastfeed. We had several cans of formula in the recall. Since then we’ve been able to get formula, but the prices are super high and it takes work - buying one of the few little cans on the shelf, rather than in bulk like I prefer. In fact I need to go shopping this morning best we’re nearly out (again). Im a person who’d rather keep focused on helping people and working through things, rather than making things political (whomever is to blame).
  3. Jane_Doe

    Donny Osmond

    Back in the day, my sisters & I loved it so much we decided to memorize it and perform it for our parents. We each had parts, costumes, sets, etc. I was the Brothers (yes all 11) during this part. We put puppets on my hands to show the "many" people I was playing and then all the Brothers "punched" Joesph & threw him in the pit (played by the baby of the family whom did get all of that attention). Even today I still have the songs memorized and still sing them to my baby boy when he's having a rough night and I need songs I can sing for an hour straight.
  4. Jane_Doe

    Anniversary alone

    Hugs for @Vort and his wife
  5. Jane_Doe

    Catholicism and the Nature of God

    I totally get that. though I would like ooh t out that the Orthodox churches do also claim that church authority matters through their lines.
  6. We actually read Moroni 10:3-5 together tonight. After explaining to her what it meant, she said “but I already know the scripture are true.” “But you need to know because you asked God yourself, not just because Mommy and Daddy told you.” “Ok, Heavenly Father are the scriptures true? He said yes. What do we do next?” …. Not sure here… Alma 32 and highliighting the word “faith” was her assignment to do over night and we’re talk about it tomorrow afternoon.
  7. Jane_Doe

    How are all the unfilled jobs affecting you?

    The impacts to me & my family have been relatively minor. The most annoying are supply chain issues and the recreation center has very limited hours due to staffing shortages.
  8. Jane_Doe

    Catholicism and the Nature of God

    This doesn't really seem to be specifically about Catholicism, more just about general Creedal theological philosophy (that is am much bigger umbrella than Catholicism specifically). I'm going to start with this broad picture, and then move into more specifics. The idea of the "immovable mover" pre-dates Catholicism, the Creed's and even Christ's mortal ministry. The founding philosophers on this question were the Ancient Greeks (Plato, Socrates, etc). These philosophers rebelled against the very Pagan materialist pantheons around them (let's face it: Zeus is essentially a super-powered bratty teenager), and instead looked for larger meaning in non-material things. Eventually they came to largely see anything with physical components as being lesser, and more interested in the essential essence of something. History moved forward: after the pagan Greeks came the Pagan Romans and then the Christian romans and then the Early Church Fathers*, most notably Saint Augustine*. (*I'm using caps / their traditional titles out of respect to those faiths, even they are not ours). The earlier philosophical traditions influenced the later ones, some for good and lots for ill (this is part of the Great Apostasy). This idea that "physicality = lesser" heavily permeated Creedal understanding of God. The humanity of Christ was greatly downplayed. The humanity of the Father nigh erased. Focus become of the "essence" of God, reflecting back on that Ancient Greek mentality. In this tradition, God could not be God unless this primordial God-essence predated everything else. He had to be the one to be alone in the beginning. To have good and evil be simply what He declared them to be. Honestly I find, the deeper you look into it, the more nebulous it is and "because God said so and He's the prime mover". God must be alone in the beginning else's He's not God. <<In contrast>> The restored Gospel of Jesus Christ does not teach this. We acknowledge a eternity that is MUCH more massive. For example, in addition to the Father & Christ always existing, we acknowledge that each of us always existed. That doesn't remotely make the Father any "lesser" -- He's still our Father after all! We acknowledge that we each can become joint-heirs with Christ, becoming one with Him & the Father. That likewise doesn't threaten the Father's or Christ's divinity, rather I think it is more marvelous over the "prime mover" view. We can become like God and perpetrate things forward, though we know very little details of what this actually looks like (use humans fail to grasp the tiniest iota of eternity). As to what is right versus wrong: for LDS Christians, what is right is inherently right, and what is wrong is inherently wrong. There's no reality where going around murdering random folks is not wrong-- it's just inherently wrong and inherently bring misery. God says "thou shalt not kill" because He doesn't want us to go down that miserable road. He tells us to do other things (like being honest) because those inherently bring joy in the big picture. These things just are. Our Father in Heaven so deeply embodies the road to happiness / joy / glory / mercy / justice that they are at the core of who He is as a person. Everything He/Christ/HS tells you to do is for your Good. It embodies that Goodness. God's mission is to bring about the glory & eternal life of man. Not to be the "prime mover" the Ancient Greeks saught.
  9. For context: I am trying to improve teaching my elementary aged daughter about the Gospel & strengthening her testimony. She's also extremely "to do list" oriented: she thrives/required having clear stated expectations, a stated goal, outlined schedule of the day, and stated check marks to get there. Which is VERY different than how I'm wired! And I don't want her getting baptized just because it's an expected box to check -- granted, she'll be ecstatic to check the box. The Gospel isn't just going through outward doings (obviously), though also don't want to discount my daughter's testimony because she wired differently than I and does enjoy the outward. So, my question for to-do-list oriented people: what's your experience with learning the Gospel? Do you have any insight here? Pinging @Backroads because her teaching experience could be really useful here?
  10. Jane_Doe

    Sacrament Meeting Fail

    I was teaching my daughter the story of Jesus’ betrayal this last week. We were acting it out with a bunch of toys and her playing the part of Jesus. The Pharases toys came up to Judas and said “we want to hurt and kill Jesus! If you show us who he is, we’ll give you 20 cents.” Daughter’s hand shot in enthusiasticly in the air. “I want 20 cents, I’m Jesus! Mommy can I have 20 cents?”
  11. Jane_Doe

    A Tragic End

    Prayers for you, the family, and all folks struggling under the many burdens of this world.
  12. Jane_Doe

    Student Loan Forgiveness Antireligious?

    It's not so simple as those class lines, but yes it is welfare and rewards poor money-management / planning. I'm not saying that every person who graduated with student debt did so because they were not responsible (that's not remotely true!), but it does directly penalize those whom 1) never went to college, 2) went to college and worked really hard to minimize debt, and 3) set the expectation that finically irresponsibility is rewarded. The anti-religious point I'm not going to quite agree with. I find it more people just don't want to pay their debts.
  13. Jane_Doe

    Received a Strange Text

    Options: 1) ignore and forget it. 2) in a separate text/call say “hey just so you know, this happened”. And then ignore and forget. And never open unfamiliar attachments.
  14. Jane_Doe

    Elder Holland talk April 2022

    There is not really an issue with it directly. But when you’re actively in that dark place, it’s very very VERY easy to feel like others talking at you are don’t “get it”.