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  1. Jane_Doe

    Question on "Faith Crisis"

    I get some (a lot of) people are polarizing. It really annoys me. REALLY annoys me. As I stated earlier, I have no problem acknowledging that folks are imperfect humans. I also don't like the term "Cafeteria Mormon", mostly due to all of the negative associations I've heard with it. Believe what you do believe, listening to Christ and walking with Him (or at least trying to). That's the most anyone can do.
  2. Jane_Doe

    Question on "Faith Crisis"

    I like to be productive with my time. So if it's a conversation with somebody, and they have honest that they honestly want to hear answers for, then I'm totally game for talking about pretty much anything. And giving honest answers, including when the answer is "I don't know". If somebody isn't really interested and just wants to talk at me, then they aren't worth my time at all. So I'm not going to crash a site where people aren't interested in talking with me. Which to be frank is most anti groups. As to history in particular: I actually get really really annoyed with how much this topic comes up in anti stuff. We have such limited info on church history stuff, so much is he-said-she-said, and frankly- people are human! I don't have any acknowledging humans as fallible beings, and get really annoyed when some anti dude wants me to "defend" Joseph Smith (or whomever) as if he were absolutely perfect and we had absolutely perfect information. It's a ridiculous straw man.
  3. Jane_Doe

    The Fall - Blessings or Punishments?

    @Jonah, rather than actually addressing my post and questions (you know actually having a theological discussion), you've completely ignored me to instead focus on a 50 year old printing of a children's magazine. I'm sorry, but such is incredibly disrespectful, disregarding me, showing that you've no interest in real Christian study or behavior, and is downright trolling.
  4. Jane_Doe

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    My daughter and I went to go watch "Coco" in theaters this week. I've always loved that movie, and we got a private showing for a total price of $8 (nobody else bought tickets). It was an fantastic mommy-daughter date!
  5. Jane_Doe

    Sacrament Talk

    Ok, that's hilarious. And so fitting. I'm sure you're doing wonderful.
  6. Jane_Doe

    Sacrament Talk

    *Time out* Bolded part: did I miss something!?!?!
  7. I find it interesting that you find this interesting. Majority of LDS Christian meetings I'm in are likewise apply to other Christians too. Running with your high quality Passion of the Christ comparison: I also don't see this as Mel Gibson going out of his way to be generic, he's just being a Christian and telling the story. I mean, he could have inserted some Catholic-specific thing in there (like have Mary mention "I'm still a virgin") but such would seem... incredibly awkward and artificial. It's much more natural to simply tell the story and have it apply to everyone whom it does. That is a 100% honest answer. *thumbs up*
  8. Jane_Doe

    Sacrament Talk

    I too love the you=[ick talks, letting the Spirit guide me. The 30 minutes notice is... a mixed bag. The upside is that it is so quick and from the heart, and not something you fiddle with a million times over. The downside is if you feel silly when-the-straight-from-the-heart has some tongue ties involved .
  9. I'm curious @prisonchaplain, do you feel/think any different of this movie knowing that it's makers were LDS Christians? Do you think other will feel/think different?
  10. Speaking as myself: a LOT of my daily walk with Christ shares the same principles and beliefs as other Christians do. I chat with friends and talk about my own scripture study lately -- unexpected blessing, trusting in God's plan, forgiveness, re-birth etc. None of those are remotely LDS-Christian specific, and it doesn't remotely matter that the friends I'm talking with are Christians of other denominations: this we share. There's no watering down on anyone's part. The theme of having peer-pressure, family dysfunction, inner turmoil: those are a major themes almost all of LDS Christians go through at one at one point or another. And we spend a lot of time talking about them: stories, scriptures, and movies too. Same as Christians of other denominations. And it's great to share -- if another's heart can be uplifted by the movie you create.... what greater joy can a movie maker or a Christin of any type ask for? PS: I am curious what platform you found this on PC. I have a lot of spare time this weekend to check a movie out.
  11. Jane_Doe

    The Fall - Blessings or Punishments?

    Neither of those ideas you present are correct. This Earth and life is how God always intended it & according to His plan. God never went "oh shoot, they ate the fruit, guess I now need to come up with a backup plan to fix this." Knowledge of good: knowing what is good, happiness, joy, glory, lawfulness, light, etc. Do you believe those can be learned is a person is kept in an environment where there is no bad, they never are hurt or sad, no lawlessness, no darkness, etc.
  12. Jane_Doe

    COVID update

    So sorry to hear that JJ!
  13. Jane_Doe

    Heavenly Parents

    Your bodily parents created your physical body -- the whole conception / pregnancy / delivery process done through bodily means. It's an area us humans have studied a lot. Your Heavenly Parents predate you having a body, and are instead parents of your spirit. We don't know how that works.
  14. Jane_Doe

    Heavenly Parents

    A important thing here: we humans default to "parent" = "somebody whom gave literal birth to our physical body". That's obviously not the case for spiritual parents. We don't know how the mechanics involved with eternal intelligences / spirits, etc, but it's not the bodily mechanics we think of with bodily parents.
  15. Jane_Doe

    Freedom, Family, and The Gospel

    Both of those passages apply equally to Creedal Christians and LDS Christians. Both on monotheists, albeit not in a super-simple way like in Islam. 1 God, 3 divine persons. The LDS Christians this is one via unity (see John 17). For Creedal Christians it's one via a shared substance (see the Athanasian Creed).