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  1. Jane_Doe

    BYU Hawaii - vaccine required

    Zooming out to what is known: -Hawaii is in a very tough position when in comes to covid. They rely economically on tourism from all around the world. So lots of opportunity for things to come in. Most of the population is also very concentrated in certain areas- the population density of Waikiki is 7x that of Tokyo. So they want people to come in, but also want to not have things go rampant. Hence a lot of thier actions as a state -BYUH is a prime example of this: their students come from all around the world, in addition to general Hawaii tourism, the Polynesian Center is a huge part of BYUH’s history, culture, and students finances - if it has to shut down many students won’t be able to work and pay for school/living. -It’s a HORRIBLE situation to be in as a decision maker. You want to respect individual choices, but there’s also the group to look out for. I do get the impression it was a school-admin decision to mandate the vaccine. And they appear to be working hard to make things work for cases where a student declines. I’m not sure how the current general rules are in Hawaii. -Zooming specifically about this one student: I would like to know a fuller picture of what’s going on (if we’re going to stick out noses in her specific affairs). The linked news article appears extemely biased in its accounting of things. Like I’m wondering: if you have an autoimmune condition severe enough that getting a vaccine has large chance of death: would you not likewise have problems with other vaccine? What would happen if you actually did contract the full disease - is that not even more life threatening? Would it be safest for you to do an online school rather than a densely populated international tourist attraction? There’s so many unanswered questions here, I can’t even begin to make a call.
  2. I think it’s fair, that if you’re contributing to something, to have reasonable expectations of what the contribution is going for. You also have right to choose withdrawal support if things aren’t going. On the or there side:people receiving the contribution have the right to know what the associated expectations are, and to decline the contribution of things aren’t reasonable or they choose to take a different path. And all all of the above should be separate from affection! Love is not a bartering chip!!
  3. Jane_Doe

    Your Ward... back to normal after Covid?

    My ward has such. It’s been a really contentious subject with some wanting everything back a year ago and some just not ready. There’s also conflict/inconsistency between the stake and wards on the subject. status in my ward: ward leadership wants everything back to normal. Currently the only rements are the sacrament served at the end of sacrament meeting, with separate give trays and collect trash bags. They’re threatening ending the broadcast and ending even the last special cases to stay home. Honestly... it makes me uncomfortable and like I’m always a step behind what I’m ready for and being rushed forward.
  4. Jane_Doe

    I think I need to see a therapist...

    Part of picking a therapist is you interviewing them to find one you like and is cool helping you go where you want to go, and how you want to get there. You don’t need (and shouldn’t ) join with someone random or you’re out of sync with. And that’s not what a good therapist wants either.
  5. Jane_Doe

    COVID Office Chic

    I’m in the same boat: comfy clothes are where it’s at. I finding myself resenting having to ditch them for something less comfortable if more “professional “. Fashion is silly.
  6. Jane_Doe

    Full and complete lesson on modesty?

    Agreed. Honestly my reaction at the time (being ms snark and not the most polite) was and inward “well, if I knew the way to my dorm, why would I be asking you for directions? You must be stupid”.
  7. Jane_Doe

    Full and complete lesson on modesty?

    People are sinners. Even desk ladies at BYU. But it is an example of how we need to be careful in how we approach people and doctrine, always putting charity first.
  8. Jane_Doe

    Full and complete lesson on modesty?

    Sharing a personal experience: when I was 10, I attended a soccer training camp at BYU. One afternoon we had some water sports at the fields, to which we all wore our bathing suits (me in my one piece). As the day came to a close, I got separated from my group. Lost and distressed, I went into one of the buildings, hoping someone could give me directions. The response from the lady at the front desk “Come back when you are dressed modestly, then I might be able to help you.” We need to be very careful on how we approach some gospel topics.
  9. Jane_Doe

    Full and complete lesson on modesty?

    No. Conduct yourself modestly because it’s the right thing to do before God. Not to do with others.
  10. Jane_Doe

    How can I be a good neighbor to a racist?

    I see it the same as any other major sin: you need to express love while also being clear on what you believe is correct. Going up to someone you barely know, recounting what you heard, and demanding that they repent for their actions is only going to harden hearts. Obviously I don’t envy the bishop’s position here, as he does have jurisdiction and obligation step up to stop this. I see lots of prayer for him, and counseling with the sake president and/or other guiding people.
  11. Jane_Doe

    How can I be a good neighbor to a racist?

    Agreed- their Bishop should 100% be told about this and swiftly deal with this totally inappropriate actions. As to what you can do with Sally... it sounds like you two aren’t friends, or interact with any regularity. So I would deal with this the same as any other major sin: love the sinner. If when your paths cross this some how comes up directly, then deal with it directly.
  12. Jane_Doe

    Full and complete lesson on modesty?

    "Modesty", when properly understood, is about being humble in thought/deed/word/appearance. It is the opposite of being boastful. And I find that people errantly try to make it all about appearance, especially a girl's hem line. That bothers me. As to how to better teach this: stress that modesty = humble. I would even have an entire lesson on modesty where talking about clothes is banned-- just so that other aspects of this important topic can actually get talked about. And yes, it's an issue that equally affects both genders.
  13. Jane_Doe

    Encouraging Temple recommend renewals?

    Due to my non-member husband, the tithing part is complicated and not a one word answer. Also, my bishop is very specific view of "attend your meetings" (covid conflicts there). I'm also not a fan of the assembly line feel interviews can have. It's.... faith is a very sacred personal thing and it feels uncomfortable those times when interviews are akin to a drive-through.
  14. Jane_Doe

    Encouraging Temple recommend renewals?

    @NeedleinA, I’ll raise my hand as one of those people that is hard to schedule, despite being an active very believing lady. . Here’s the OCD honest reasons, all of which work together, but last is the biggest — -The shortage of time is indeed a factor. Both for the interviews themselves and actually attending the temple. - My non-member husband, while supportive of me believing and participating locally, is complicated when it comes to matters of tithing and me being gone for a 6 hour tremble trip. Especially when I was working 100 wks, and we did/do have little kids at home without outside support. - While I love the principle of the temple, my experience actually going ... has been a mixed bag. There’s a lot of complicated emotions there. - (The biggest reason) I love the gospel deeply, and all of the above are very delicate- close-to-the-matters of great importance. And to be frank, I do NOT trust my local leadership to discuss them with the needed delicate reverence. I either don’t know them at all (majority of them) or I’ve been trampled by them in the past and had trust very broken, and it’s not the type of broken that having a conversation will fix anything. I believe in the Gospel deeply. And the time of temples being closed will pass. Regardless of whether or not it’s open, I’m going to keep living my life worthily. But I really don’t want to open up to a man whom I don’t know well and/or has hurt me badly in the past.
  15. I don’t see marriage as an end to honoring your parents - there is no end to that. An adult person should also be their own person, not a subsidiary (physically, emotionally, spiritually) of thier parents. This is true for all adults, single and married.