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  1. Jane_Doe

    Return to Church Guidelines

    I know a lot of ares where they do youth activities with several wards combined, specifically for situations like yours.
  2. Jane_Doe

    Return to Church Guidelines

    Speaking in for non-pandemic times: a benefit of having larger wards is simply to have more people, particularly for some sub-groups - like youth. It's MUCH easier to run Young Women's if there's at least 10 where they can support each other and have that variety of personalities , and do more things as a group. Trying to run a youth program with ~2 can be awkward and often they miss that peer support.
  3. Jane_Doe

    My doubting daughter

    I get that. As I'm teaching my daughter, I've been realizing a lot of the same things about me: I feel the Spirit but it's not... an emotion? I'm struggling with the word here. I feel it -- because it makes sense, it "clicks" super foundationally for me, yes I very much agree with these doctrines & have a firm testimony. It's just not.... not really an super emotional thing (again, for want of a much better word). God speaks to us each individually, and we each learn/understand the same things differently. My way doesn't quite work for my daughter right now.
  4. Jane_Doe

    My doubting daughter

    Here's what you can do: - Share those previous moments / insights you have as they come up - Pray for her - Acknowledge her agency here. - Have patience. She's got to be the one to have that interest & step through the door to want a testimony. If she's had issues with peers and if she's like many early 20's, she'll probably keep any real feelings here EXTREMELY close to the chest -- it feels easier and safer to outwardly roll eyes. But she's been taught, and what happens next is between her and God.
  5. Jane_Doe

    Return to Church Guidelines

    Haha. That's a great thought. I'm the only adult member so, home church feels even less formal when it's just me and no bread whatsoever. I've started recruiting some family members of a Zoom social / church time wherein my 6 year old tell her "primary class" what we've been studying this week (or the 10 minutes before "primary").
  6. Jane_Doe

    Return to Church Guidelines

    My ward's official email could be summarized as "we're working on a plan, don't expect anything soon, continue to enjoy church at home".
  7. Jane_Doe


    (To best answer this I'm going to break the original post up in a weird way). "Angel" means "messenger". Yes, Moroni was the messenger to Joseph Smith in this case. LDS Christians believe that everyone is the same "species" (for horrible want of a better word). And "angel" is a person who's being a messenger (such as Moroni). This does differ from other Christians faiths whom regard God as one "species", man another and angels another (if not multiple species). Such transformation does not happen instantly upon death. In fact, with a handful of special exceptions (such as Moroni) LDS Christians believe that most people aren't resurrected until Christ's second coming. Let alone exalted.
  8. I'd love a Zoom confrence as well. It would be great to "meet" you all.
  9. Point of clarification: I'm not implying that video games are remotely responsible for people on any scale not going to college. I'm a regular gamer myself. But when a child isn't encouraged to engage the world and instead just be entertained by hobbies (whatever the hobby may be), that's a problem.
  10. Secular schools are also female-dominated by in large, especially the Freshman classes. Demographics point to it being the result of so many "Go girls!" programs, while simultaneously being more slack for boys and instead letting video-game addiction or other things take over.
  11. BYU's Admissions department actively forces the gender ratio to be ~50/50. The actual application ratio is something like 70% female, so it's actually a lot harder to get in if you're female.
  12. Statistical brain refusing to be quiet: statistically, there are more active LDS Christian ladies out there then men. Pretty much the same as any other faith group. I got several thoughts on here, and they are disjointed, so I'll just rattle them off in no particular order-- - It should not remotely mattered is a person (male or female) did not serve a mission, assuming that they are now actually devoted to the Gospel. Extra shouldn't matter if they could not serve for a valid reason (like not being a member of the church at the time, medical issues, etc). It extra extra shouldn't matter once you're past the early 20's (as the more recent stuff should be shining through). - Going on a mission and serving with your whole self (aka not being a warm body) is an act of devotion to the Lord, and could indeed be a positive mark for a optional spouse. However, then people (being the faulty creatures we are) can get this idea "oh, he'd didn't serve, he must be a slacker, not worth my time- I want somebody whom really love the Lord." It's a faulty human thought process and should NOT be. But some people do fall into that trap.
  13. Jane_Doe

    hello - church beliefs

    Hello My husband is actually a mainstream Protestant. Let me or anyone else know if you have any particular areas of interest and we'll do our best to help you out.
  14. Jane_Doe

    How do i become a mormon

    Hi @devinegirl34! Welcome to forum and (more importantly) growing closer to Christ! Here's some resources to help you out learning more about Christ's Gospel: Chat with some missionaries: https://www.comeuntochrist.org/requests/missionary-visit Options are video service, phone, etc. Unfortunately, in-person is rather limited right now with COVID. A good basic beliefs website: https://www.comeuntochrist.org/beliefs And of course scriptures themselves: https://scriptures.churchofjesuschrist.org There's also audio / video / whatever format you'd like available. Let us know if you have any questions about anything!
  15. Jane_Doe

    Counsel or Command?

    A huge thing here is: why did the Bishop give you this advice? It's not to punish either of you. Or to say that the connection you two feel is bad. However, it's to put the most important connection first: God. From your story, I'm guessing that in the past you had put hormones first. That's not fair to you, to her, or to God. Focusing on God first and maturing in service to Him is to help you become the best man you can be, to love & honor God and your bride* the way they deserve. *Whomever that may be.