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  1. Jane_Doe

    Unhappily Married an emotional financial mess

    A couple can married and still be a broken family. You aren't remotely "unlovable". But learning how to be a healthy relationship is a learned skill-- there's communication, sharing tasks, supporting each other, balancing different roles etc. That's why I recommend counseling: to help you (both "you" singular and "you" collective) learn those skills. There isn't a silver bullet to any of these things-- they take a lot of individual and collective work.
  2. Jane_Doe

    Unhappily Married an emotional financial mess

    Have you two tried martial counseling?
  3. Jane_Doe

    Essential Oils, Do they work?

    There isn't any actual scientific study saying that essential oils work. That being said, some people do very much enjoy them. As to selling them: it's your standard MLM setup.
  4. Of course for baptisms and confirmations. I was referring the a limited-use recommend for getting sealed to your parents, as that's what B.Cole's question was about.
  5. Assuming that this is in recent years -- if she got married and sealed in the temple at the age of 17, that's something that would have required special permission both legally (in most states) and through the Church.
  6. God will force no man to Heaven. Ultimately, come Judgement Day, a person will either A) accept and personify the covenants they've made with Him and want to join Him in that life. Or B) not. Rejecting Him and His ways, and finding so much less happiness because of that.
  7. Starting with the big picture here: A sealed family in eternity is not a copy-paste version of the family you have here on Earth. On Earth a lot of our relationships are heavily influenced by our sins/fallen world. We grow old, we die, we bicker, we mistreated each other, we get distracted with meaningless junk, etc. None of that exists in a fully Celestial-ized family unit. In such a unit, each person is as 100% perfect as the risen Christ Himself. 100% perfect love. 100% perfect you, inside and out. 100% perfect relationships. It's .... frankly so different than what we see day to day, and we really don't comprehend it at all. We don't comprehend living forever, inward perfection, or perfect relationships, or the logistics of it all. On to specific questions: 1) This is a logistics question, that we really don't understand right now. We do know that know person is denied entry into the Celestial Kingdom or their place there due to the fallings of others. 2) Standard adult requirements are being an adult: age 18, done with standard schooling, if male Melchizedek priesthood holder, and of course living a testimony of Christ (including the getting a recommend part). See my other post for more detailed answer. And don't feel embarrassed for asking questions!
  8. Explaining standard adult requirements: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/temples/what-is-temple-endowment?lang=eng Cases where child is being sealed to parents is in Handbook 1 and hence I'm not going to link it. Anyone going through this of course would consult with their bishop/branch president to go through things. The basic jist is: -Under 8, no recommend needed. -8-21 is a limited used recommend, unless of course you have your own adult full recommend.
  9. Current policy (not doctrine) is that the first time you enter a functioning temple as a will be adult, for your own endowment. It's not to spectate: you are there to make covenants with your Father. After your own endowment, you are welcome to participate in your own wedding-sealing, vicarious ordinances for the dead, or witness close friends'/relatives' sealing. Again, not a place for spectating, but rather for acting-- you must have an actively living the Gospel and hence have an active recommend. All secular wedding traditions (ring exchange, aisle walking, music, etc) are separate from the temple sealing and happen elsewhere. Possible exceptions to this are: - If you are a young child being sealed to your parents, there is a special recommend for that, and of course you may attend your own sealing. -You are visiting a temple during it's open house before dedication. -You're an emergency responder here to help somebody. Fetching sources in a minute here.
  10. Jane_Doe

    Mark Harrison

  11. Jane_Doe

    Playing with opposite gender--primary age

    There's nothing wrong with having opposite-gender friends at an age. Dating is a different thing.
  12. Isn't it great that they will all have the opportunity to fully embrace Him, even after death?
  13. They can 100% obtain exhalation and full co-heirs with Christ.
  14. Jane_Doe

    Ward Boundary Changes

    That is sad. It's REALLY hard to get boundaries right. A lot of thought goes into (or *should*) go into getting youth numbers reasonable, leadership, general population, school boundaries, kids, economics etc. And even when folks try their hardest, it's possible to have some unforeseen development happen in town and things don't go remotely to plan. I've also seen that completely backfire at some churches-- even when they just have 2 different sermon times at the same church with all the same leadership people. People go where they are comfy yes, but that also results in lots of cliques and listening only to your own "in" group. I more see both styles of where-people-going as having different up and downsides.