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  1. I had a somewhat scattered but entertaining discussion with a born again gentleman. I didn't catch his whole backstory as he was jibbering and jabbering too much. After I had gone on to explain that my over all goal was to move to the states and be with my people, possibly starting my life as a saint properly and settling down, he rather condescendingly informed me that I would be '' planting a generation of hellbound seeds ''. The discussion ( although random ) was civil enough but I was mildly amused at him thinking he could shake my testimony. He had just been dispensing all manner of flyers and pamphlets about this and that. I haven't had a good talk with someone from a random encounter since the Jehovas about four years ago. Anybody else have any tips or stories regarding such people. Normally I'd keep walking but today I had some time to kill and the summer hasn't left us altogether so it was pleasant enough for a stop and talk.
  2. Movies to an extent are about escapism however they are more often glorified adverts. Someone is paying a pretty penny to have their ideas and agenda laced into modern cinema. After over ten years of super hero movies I'm low-key glad they're being nerfed.
  3. Connecting ones worth to ones gender is a dicey game.
  4. She was indeed a driver. One of my favourite stories of her Majesty was when some Sheikh went to visit her at Buckingham Palace. At the time his country had a dull view on women, especially on the subject of being worthy enough to hold a drivers licence. So she asks the Sheikh if he'd like to see some prized horses down by the stables to which he agreed. The Sheikh, the Queen and her butler all head out to the court yard where a Range Rover sat. The butler opened the rear door and got himself buckled in. The Sheikh being accustomed to cars that are driven on the left side thought he'd do the right thing and offer to drive as a show of respect to her Majesty, but when he got in and sat down he looked over to see her Majesty clutching the wheel with a big smile on her face and twinkle in her eye. It was driven from the right hand side. She told him to remember his seat belt and went on what the Sheikh later called a '' Spirited and exuberant drive '' around the property. Her majesty making sure to hit every single bump and lean into every corner. Her majesty commented on how women are more capable of driving a car and being of benefit to the country. This encounter is what is thought to be the catalyst to women getting drivers licences in the Sheikhs part of the world. It's an example of her soft power being used to maximum effect. Rest easy Ma'am.
  5. She was a rare breed and will leave a massive hole to fill. She did her duty to the very end and found her rest in her beloved Scotland. I'm sure the usual suspects will be along to take their passive aggressive digs just shortly, but she will be sorely missed. Long live the King.
  6. How are you finding the Rooibos? You noticed any changes since you've been drinking it?
  7. When I recall the life and trials of Joseph Smith. When I consider the turmoil of pioneer life. The persecution as well as the dogged determination required to keep a continually brow beaten people inspired. This man has the right amount of rugged features combined with a once handsome boyish good looking charmer. Who, unfortunately, has felt the weight of pioneer life for longer than your average man should or could. I like this image. I can see this man ( for want of a better way of putting it ) having the shoulders to hold his own in conversation with Brigham Young. He looks earnest. He's loved and lost. His eyes tell a story of tragedy but hope. It's an inspiring yet haunting image for sure. I like it.
  8. I think what I was getting at with the thread, was that Tea and Coffee rightly or wrongly are praised for their benefits and so I was wondering as a latter day saint, what would be the substitute drink for those kinds of benefits. I understand the whole hot drink thing, although back in the days of pioneering and harsh winters, a hot drink would have gone a ways to lighten the weather. Although to extend this, Section 89 of the Doctrine and Covenants, commonly known as the "Word of Wisdom" gives members dietary guidelines. It says to consume fruit seasonally, eat meat sparingly, and to eat grain, especially wheat, which is referred to as "the staff of life." The scripture prohibits consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and "hot drinks" (coffee and tea). Is actually something I take seriously, I'm 95% vegetarian and rarely touch meat. I don't consume anything out of season. And I can confirm, wheat is indeed the staff of life, hence why I look great for my age....
  9. Back in the day when the missionaries were helping me with my investigation of the church, they couldn't believe I didn't touch tea, coffee or alcohol. Just didn't interest me. But I've always wondered, tea and coffee, rightly or wrongly has always been a bit of a poster boy for health benefits. Now as we're not supposed to consume such things, is there a type of herbal tea or drink that Latter day saints drink for health benefits? I know they enjoy a good bit of hot chocolate every now and then but I've often wondered if I'm missing a cultural trick as I'm not in the triangle so to speak. Personally, I'm partial to the odd chamomile at night.
  10. East midlands of England. Although I'm Scottish. As soon as I realised the sun shines more than 2 days a year like it does in Scotland I stayed!
  11. You are absolutely fine. 2013 seems like such a long time ago but my faith in the church is absolutely sound. It's just my life I am trying to figure out.
  12. Thank you everyone. I know I have been scant on details but the question / scenario is still there. For a little bit of history, her mother was hardcore Jehovah before she died when my lady was just 15. One of her ex's was a control freak and a zealot so her experience with Christianity isn't great. Although I understand her reasons I find them to be lacking in her overall world view. I don't believe in changing her just to suit my religious world view but at the same time I know I can't sail into deeper seas with that big a leak on the boat. So I now feel like I am at a junction in life where I need to pack up and head over the Atlantic to answer the call that has been ringing off the hook since 2015. I am currently consolidating my businesses so I can make such a move but I for sure need guidance on this issue. It's a massive decision and has been weighing on me for a time. Although I cannot stress enough, the good lady is an outstanding human being.
  13. Laaaa, laaaa, lalala la lala laa laaa...
  14. I've been in a relationship with a gorgeous and wonderful girl for 2 years. However, she is absolutely 100% against Christianity. ( bad experiences ). Plus a previous partner who was a bit of a rabid zealot. Question, how long do I give this relationship before I should be looking towards raising a family etc. I'm 38, she's 31. We currently live in Britain but I have felt and heard the call of Utah for a few years now. I'm not married and have no kids.
  15. Russia has bitten off more than it can chew. HIMARS are making the difference so far, ammo depots and supply lines being destroyed are also slowing down the invaders. I can't see Ukraine losing this. The question will be, how hard and far do the Ukrainians want to push back. Putin handing out free cars to the families of fallen Soldiers, only to run out of cars says everything I need to know.