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  1. I'd love a Zoom confrence as well. It would be great to "meet" you all.
  2. Point of clarification: I'm not implying that video games are remotely responsible for people on any scale not going to college. I'm a regular gamer myself. But when a child isn't encouraged to engage the world and instead just be entertained by hobbies (whatever the hobby may be), that's a problem.
  3. Secular schools are also female-dominated by in large, especially the Freshman classes. Demographics point to it being the result of so many "Go girls!" programs, while simultaneously being more slack for boys and instead letting video-game addiction or other things take over.
  4. BYU's Admissions department actively forces the gender ratio to be ~50/50. The actual application ratio is something like 70% female, so it's actually a lot harder to get in if you're female.
  5. Statistical brain refusing to be quiet: statistically, there are more active LDS Christian ladies out there then men. Pretty much the same as any other faith group. I got several thoughts on here, and they are disjointed, so I'll just rattle them off in no particular order-- - It should not remotely mattered is a person (male or female) did not serve a mission, assuming that they are now actually devoted to the Gospel. Extra shouldn't matter if they could not serve for a valid reason (like not being a member of the church at the time, medical issues, etc). It extra extra shouldn't matter once you're past the early 20's (as the more recent stuff should be shining through). - Going on a mission and serving with your whole self (aka not being a warm body) is an act of devotion to the Lord, and could indeed be a positive mark for a optional spouse. However, then people (being the faulty creatures we are) can get this idea "oh, he'd didn't serve, he must be a slacker, not worth my time- I want somebody whom really love the Lord." It's a faulty human thought process and should NOT be. But some people do fall into that trap.
  6. Jane_Doe

    hello - church beliefs

    Hello My husband is actually a mainstream Protestant. Let me or anyone else know if you have any particular areas of interest and we'll do our best to help you out.
  7. Jane_Doe

    How do i become a mormon

    Hi @devinegirl34! Welcome to forum and (more importantly) growing closer to Christ! Here's some resources to help you out learning more about Christ's Gospel: Chat with some missionaries: https://www.comeuntochrist.org/requests/missionary-visit Options are video service, phone, etc. Unfortunately, in-person is rather limited right now with COVID. A good basic beliefs website: https://www.comeuntochrist.org/beliefs And of course scriptures themselves: https://scriptures.churchofjesuschrist.org There's also audio / video / whatever format you'd like available. Let us know if you have any questions about anything!
  8. Jane_Doe

    Counsel or Command?

    A huge thing here is: why did the Bishop give you this advice? It's not to punish either of you. Or to say that the connection you two feel is bad. However, it's to put the most important connection first: God. From your story, I'm guessing that in the past you had put hormones first. That's not fair to you, to her, or to God. Focusing on God first and maturing in service to Him is to help you become the best man you can be, to love & honor God and your bride* the way they deserve. *Whomever that may be.
  9. Jane_Doe

    Baptisms for the dead

    The same reason rest of us mortals need to hear the same Truths over and over again. God has always used servants to help with His. That applies equally before and after mortal death. ...no. You seem to be confusing several different concepts here.
  10. Jane_Doe

    Baptisms for the dead

    Big picture: There are a lot of things we don't know in life & the Gospel. There Lord has many great and marvelous things yet to reveal to us. Zooming in to your actual question: we don't know whether or not there were baptisms for the dead performed in Bountiful ~33AD. The limited text is mute on the subject either way. We could take our mortal guesses on the subject, but that's all they would be: guesses from mortal sinners with a tiny amount of knowledge.
  11. There's a few people whom need to be UNinvited to this discussion: - Your ex. He's just not invited to this discussion and all thoughts about him need to go away. - The fairy tale about "the one". There is no such thing. There are many different possible people any person could be with and be incredibly happy with. Love and successful relationship are not about singing at a wishing well "I'm waiting for the one I love to find me today". No. That's a fairy tale. Love is hard work. Developing & continuing exercising strong communication skills, commitment, placing the other person first, and placing God above all. How is your communication with this person? Do you put each other first? Do you both place God above all else? Do trusted friends & family see your relationship and see it as being healthy and wise?
  12. Video service is simplist. Skype/Zoom/FaceTime/etc. He can support you totally fine via video. Same with friends / other church leaders.
  13. Remember your parents are also a resource too, assuming that the bridge is there.
  14. And don't forget to do so in prayer, humbly listening to the Holy Spirit
  15. Jane_Doe

    Update From My Son's Mission

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop @anatess2!
  16. Tragic, but very true. For all of earthly time.
  17. My first reaction is that a lot of the things being discussed in your post (marriage) are values one, not politics. Those are two different things, albeit related. A faith should fight for values, not any particular candidate/party. Especially because we have many values, but sadly politics is so often a package deal with persons/values we may agree with some and passionately disagree with others. Keeping faith value-focused and not political-focused is healthy thing for everyone.
  18. Jane_Doe

    Disturbed by the Left and SJW's

    Yeah, that type of stuff happens, and tragically it's not uncommon. Unfortunately I do not. It's not a good thing to hang around any group that is actively bullying / demeening anyone. If it's just one person, you could say something. If it's become a group's culture, it's probably best just to leave that group, especially in the case of social media. Like I would not stay on the crafting forum you described, precisely for that reason. Get out of the echo chamber and take a breath of fresh air.
  19. Jane_Doe


    It's very empathetic that you're obviously thinking of them and care. And it is indeed tricky times! But they aren't trapped in the room with you two chatting it 24/7. Just make sure that some other conversation is in there somewhere too
  20. Jane_Doe

    What happens if you do not get an answer

    Do you treat your earthly parents like this too? That they're only worth having a relationship with if they give you all the stuff you want and whisk all of your problems away?
  21. Ok, graduate school is a very different thing than undergrad. I would focus on a list of good school for you/your field, apply, and see what happens. Being in a higher density LDS area is a factor, but it shouldn't be the only one.
  22. Jane_Doe


    IT's not like the Gospel is the only thing you talk about 24/7. There's plenty of other topics discussed in your house that I'm sure she has a personal interest in. My in-laws are Evangelical. I don't feel bad she she talk abut her views when I"m around- we'll chat about other topics at other times. LIkewise for my old work partner that was an American Football fanatic: there'd be lots of football talk when I was in the room (which I'm totally not interested in), but then we'd talk about something else. Acknowledging that people have other interests and respecting that fact is just an adult thing.
  23. Jane_Doe


    If you and your wife were really passionate cycling fans, would you feel bad about talking cycling around your sister? Would you feel bad if she used to cycle, but now does not? No- of course not! Neither should you feel bad about talking about another subject you're passionate about (the Gospel). You are free to express your passion, especially in your own home. Don't feel like you need to apologize for it! Your sister is of course free to have her own views (Article of Faith 11) which I can see that you're already acknowledging (example: the boyfriend living at your house). She should likewise respect your views. You can have different views, express them, and still be a loving family.
  24. Jane_Doe

    Some temples begin to reopen

    The following temples will begin Phase 1 of reopening on May 11, 2020*: Boise Idaho Temple Bountiful Utah Temple Brigham City Utah Temple Cedar City Utah Temple Frankfurt Germany Temple Freiberg Germany Temple Idaho Falls Idaho Temple Logan Utah Temple Manti Utah Temple Monticello Utah Temple Ogden Utah Temple Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple Payson Utah Temple Provo City Center Temple Provo Utah Temple Stockholm Sweden Temple Twin Falls Idaho Temple See a full list of temples and their current status. *Some temples in Idaho and Utah are undergoing annual maintenance and will reopen as that work is completed.
  25. Jane_Doe

    Some temples begin to reopen

    Even before the pandemic, a couple could get married civilly and then get sealed whenever they want. This has always been the policy outside of the USA, and for the USA as of 2-3(?) years ago. I do know several couples whom were scheduled for Apr/May weddings/sealings and we directly affected by these closures. I will say that some of them did move up their wedding dates, but this was largely relating to fear that the courthouses would close and they wouldn't be able to get married at all. They want to obey the Lord's commandments and come together in unity. Even if they can't get sealed right away -- which historically was actually the most common thing to do (remember how up until recently temples would be hundreds if not thousands of miles away?). These couples & families also been dealing with the reality that any family celebrations for their marriage will have to wait quite a while till after they've actually tied the knot.