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  1. It's totally a great place to be! I wish I could stay there permanently, alas I get swept away too often. And no, it doesn't equate to not being Christ-like.
  2. This sounds terrible!! Functionally what this is: requiring teachers to publish things a month in advance to then allow parents to micro-manage their lessons. Which you know is only going to be done by that one super aggressive helicopter parent with a soap box. No!!! Let the teacher be the teacher. If you want to micro-manage your child's education, then home-school your kid! Teachers don't need more work, and the month delay will prevent them from pivoting and having those lessons that come up unexecptectedly. A super obvious example: this week my daughter's teacher came down with covid. Hence, there was a spontaneous lesson very pointing going over pandemic stuff again and "reminders on how to be good for a sub for an extended period". There was no month forewarning on this- he got a positive test over lunch & then left the building. Other time spontaneous lessons some up are with bullying, etc.
  3. Like @Grunt, I think it's more of a change in focus where culture & intelligence is going. In hunter/gather societies, your intelligence went to hunting & gathering. In agricultural societies, intelligence went to farming. Basic industrial it went to figuring out motors. Today's society is about electronics, the internet, and such things. If I wanted to just fix my car, it could be a mechanical problem or a computer issue, but I'm not allowed to touch it without forsaking my warranty. Kids wiz around the internet, when my grandpa can't figure out how to check his voicemail. What's obviously a phishing scam to younger generations mercilessly trick & exploit older folks. As to "don't drink the battery fluid" is an obvious statement. It's included in the manual not because it's "hard to figure out", but because car company needs to officially state that warning to not be liable for the one idiot that will drink it as part of a dare or something. Such idiots have always existed, but in today's legal climate their mom can sue the car company for lots of money. Walking to & fro unsupervised: this is also a cultural shift. The world is more dangerous, and we are more aware of hurts that have always existed. Plus the different legal environment. An obvious example of this even at church: 20 years ago you could just be alone with some else's child. Such is not remotely ok today-- we are very aware of the dangers that one wolf in the flock can do.
  4. For your situation: you still love your SIL, and still care for her. But that doesn't mean you need to sit around for hallow conversations or take her stress on yourself-- it's HER stress, not yours. You can love a person and not have this conversation (or any conversations). Loving others doesn't mean you neglect healthy boundaries and self-care.
  5. I also finally watched Encanto and LOVED it!! I actually really liked the very small plot- that this is truly about a family learning to get along better, and address the undertones under the "everything is perfect" exterior. There's no big dragon to fight, no "we need to save the world", or anything like that. (Maybe spoilers ahead?) Rather the solution to the problem is truly: a hug. Walking into your sister's room, truly talk to her, and give her a hug (and other family members too). Mend the cracks in your family by seeing the true worth of very member.
  6. LDS Christians believe everyone is a child of God. However, not every person will receive the same glory. I've also heard these "different crowns" so to say, discussed in Baptist discourses.
  7. "No way home". I'm a long time Spider Man fan, whom went to see a movie specifically aimed at me, and yes I was very happy. It's also aimed at a general audience and is a generally very good movie. Not flawless but very good. I also won't say that it's my favorite Spider Man movie (Spider Man 2 remains uncontested), but I don't feel that it should even put in that race. Much like "Endgame", it's a love letter to the previous movies more than anything.
  8. Dude- Coco is AMAZING!!! You're totally missing out, especially as a Latter-Day Saint. I'm really looking forward to Encanto, whenever our next movie night happens.
  9. I'm sorry to hear that. My dad loved the book series, but I haven't heard his review of the tv series.
  10. D&C 76 pint blank disagrees. Over and over again, it states how people in other kingdoms minister to one another. There is still seeing each other love, there is still love, and there is still service. For me, I don't see anything about the descriptions of the Degrees of Glory being about your geographical address, rather about your state of being. What level of God's glory shines through you? Have you fully embraced Him and fully shine His light (Celestial)? Or have you held back and still cling to your old selfish way of being? (Note: all of this is many centuries down the road of where we are today). We will all be there and all love each other. Those whom have fully embraced God & His love (Celestial) have in them a greater capacity for love than those that do not. For example, an unrepentant child abuser is stunted in their ability to love due to that unrepentant sin. And while both unrepentant abusive dad and child can see each other & care, dad's unrepentant nature will put a distance in that relationship. Compared to a relationship where both people have fully embraced the Gospel & are that sun-like level of devoted & loving in everything they do. Yes, both relationships still love each other, but they are also comparing the stars & the sun.
  11. Yes. I’m not sure the purpose of your questioning then.
  12. I do see the benefit of having things being private before an official announcement is made-- just to simplify things versus having the gossip grape-vine involved. That is the point of an announcement: to let people know. We would do the same at work: if you're discussing "Sam" being put on this team & in those negations, you don't make an announcement until things are official. Now, I don't think this needs to be taken to the extreme of sneaking around like a CIA agent. And culturally, I've seen that done which is silly. Like feel free to discuss things with your spouse.
  13. I take it that by "indirectly punished" you mean that we have live with results from his actions, rather than being directly punished ourselves? How do you see you view differing from LDS Christians' view?
  14. @romans8, rather than trying to poke holes at what you think LDS Christians believe, I'd encourage you to share what you believe and bring that for discussion. @romans8, do you believe that a person shall be punished for what Adam did? Do you believe that deceased infants are sent to Hell or something else?
  15. Agreed, I'm always down for that!
  16. Majority on MormonDialoge are not, or at least is seems that way. Also, there is a wide variety among personalities, views, etc amount faithful members. I'd consider yourself and MormonGator/LDSGator to be two examples of this. I consider variety to generally be a good thing, but can certainly create clashes.
  17. MormonDiagloue... I'm on there, but wouldn't recommend it. Honestly I've been on +30 religious forums of various types over the internet. They have many good qualities but I cannot recommend any for deep style questions-- trolls, or even just members that have a different view than you and don't get along. For deep discussion, I find the best thing really is just a close friend or two to talk with it. I've PM'd with several people on here with that purpose.
  18. Now this has me over the moon happy on your behalf!!!
  19. Even if the schools can’t turn down kids, a steep price tag or other demands can be used to filter down students.
  20. YSee the invitable result of privatizing education being the reverse cry (to publicize education) years later. The best (or rather the perceived best) schools will emerge, consolidating the best/expensive resources there. Come high tuition rates and restrictive waiting lists, and you have school reserved for the wealthy- Notre Dome for kindergarteners. Trickled down the socioeconomic tiers, and the poorest schools have so only the previable scrap resources, teachers, and students. And then comes the push for “universal education where everyone gets the same opportunity “.
  21. There’s points I need to remind myself repeatedly that the idiots around me are nothing compared to thier glorified Christ-like sleves
  22. An important refinement on this to make (speaking as an LDS Christian lady) Free will is foundational to what it is to be. It is intrinsic to whom person is. The Father acknowledges this. Christ (whom was always the chosen to be the Savior) choose to follow in His Father's wisdom in this regard. It was Lucifer whom then said (in essence) "Time out-- no no, that's a horrible idea. I'll force everyone to behave. I'll be the Savior I"ll be the most High!". The Father already had the Plan, Lucifer's rebellion was never a valid option. But Lucifer did always have the option to obey or rebel, and he choose rebellion. You can't get a more anti-Calvinist view point than LDS Christians. The "sovereignty of God" is... not a concern. Just zero. We have all have choices- you, me, the Father, etc. They are intrinsic. Obviously some things aren't possible and consequences comes with choices. Even the Father acknowledges this and works within that framework.
  23. FWIW @Fether I’m pro-covid safety measures (masks, vaccine, distance, etc). I just don’t vocalize things to much online or IRL.
  24. Having the option to stay home is very different than the default assumption being that a working woman is working because she didn't have the option and has a lesser quality husband. Also, there are legitimate reasons a man could not work / unable to make enough to solo provide. A medical disability being an obvious example. I went, created, and account, downloaded the book, and read through the first 30 pages and it's ... very chauvinistic... I'll go for a very simple quote to illustrate my feelings here: "Lack of chivalry is apparent on every hand. Women, of necessity, must take care of themselves. They must change their own tires, wash the automobiles, mow the lawn, repair the furnace, paint the house, and life heavy objects. Where are the men waiting to offer masculine assistance to the gentler sex?" --pg 12 The assumption here is that a woman doing any of these things is because of a man's failings. That's not honoring her choice whether or not to do them, a couple's right to divide work as equal partners, or her need to learn these skills as a agent in her own right. It's not empowering to women. OR to men as the tone is very negative rather than encouraging men to develop themselves and their individual talents. Going for a simple example: a lady is driving on the super busy highway on the way to a Relief Society activity. She gets a flat and has to make an emergency pull off to the shoulder. She knows how to change the tire, and quickly does so, thus getting safely off the busy highway shoulder asap. This is a GOOD thing. Her having this skill to quickly enable her to get to safety it's a failure on anyone's part (hers or any man's). Likewise it's ok if as a couple they decide that the wife's going to spend the afternoon working on the car while the husband is taking care of another thing. That's ok: they both have options and made a joint decision to do things. That's working as help-mates, as God intended.