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  1. Are the JSTs meant to be correct translations of the Bible, or commentary on what maybe be a correct way of understanding it? Are we suppose to view the JSTs as being more accurate and differ to them whenever possible?
  2. Something like this? https://www.amazon.com/dp/1544259158/_encoding=UTF8/ref=as_li_ss_tl?coliid=I3250QET6NOV2E&colid=N2P1EYGLVUWE&linkCode=sl1&tag=babblawid0e-20&linkId=bfddaa03e4cb35e02a2e1177a6dc86a0 or https://www.bible.com/bible/76/JAS.1.HPB James 1:5-6 ”5If one a you guys donno wat fo do, aks God fo help you, fo give you da smarts you need! He no goin give you guys hard time. He goin help you guys. God give plenny to erybody, you know. 6But if you goin aks him fo do someting, you gotta trus him. No ack jalike you no can make up yoa mind. Da guy dat no stay shua, he jalike one wave inside da ocean dat da wind stay blow all ova da place.”
  3. This is also something I noticed. I imagine the exact time a spirit enters the body may be different and there isn’t any real metric we can look to to really know. Additionally, Christ may have had a little more freedom with this whole process. I understand this may not be where you are going with this, but it is worth pointing out. When the spirit enters the body should have little sway on our opinion of abortion.
  4. My wife has a habit of thinking however things are going in any specific moment is how things have always been through all time. If we are having a good day, she will talk about how perfect of a marriage we have and how things are just so good all the time. If things are going bad and I fail to meet her emotional and social needs, then she will talk about how how bad things are all the time and how she thinks we have been growing apart. She is aware of this so we have a good laugh (or fight) when this happens.
  5. I have known many missionaries who had some sort of justification for not confessing to the bishop and went on their mission. Doing so are them alive until they finally confessed. Every second is mental and emotional torcher if your friend goes on a mission without confessing. Here are some exercises I have done to help my self chill out about confessing sins to the bishop. 1) tell myself “repenting and coming clean is a requirement for exaltation. Serving a mission is not.” 2) Ask myself “do I really believe there is a God? Do I really believe this is God’s church? If I really believe these things, going to my bishop is the obvious decision. If I don’t and I am only in it for the cheap schooling and social life, than who cares, I’ll just go on a mission without repenting” 3) tell myself “this is a weakness I have. The only way to overcome it is through Christ. Christ has given clear guidelines on what someone ought to do to become clean of their sins. Do I become clean or do I stay hiding?” Maybe share those with your friend
  6. I have always understood 1 Nephi 14:10 to refer to ideology and not necessarily organized church. Your beliefs and ideas are either in line with what god wants or against it. The “many churches” is referring to the many ideological movements there are in the world.
  7. A But pure, unadulterated mercy freely given to everyone goes contrary to God’s plan. Christ’s message is not one of “maximum mercy”, but rather perfection for those who wish for it and relative happiness for the rest. Read Alma 42 and it is clear that mercy and justice have their place
  8. Ya. One bad actor and we have ourselves another salt lake tribune article and a HULU docuseries about the horrors of gospel living titled “Gospel Grooming”
  9. I almost want them to just fully commit to it and make a full on Latter-day Saint social media. Not sure if that would catch on though
  10. It’s an incredible tool, but it isn’t being picked up by the church. I think if it became more popular, we may be able to see functions like custom circles and a web browser version of it for the youth that don’t have phones. it’s frustrating members don’t use it. It would solve so many problems
  11. As much meaning an joy as two toddler have living in a home together.
  12. Arming teachers is not about having the cafeteria lady and pre-algebra teachers patrolling the playground with M4s. It’s about school districts allowing, and maybe even paying for, concealed carry permits, classes, and regular trainings. It’s also not about saying the teachers are in charge of safety, but just having an extra precaution in case of a shooter situation. It’s not a solution, but rather another roadblock to prevent a bad situation becoming worst. The problem is mental health and having 1,000 kids, who are trying to figure out who they are, all trapped in a building together 8 hours a day half the year. The fix? Easy. Everyone is homeschooled by parents who are morally pure and have the ability to teach their kids. If a child shows signs of mental health struggles, they get to meet with a good therapist to help them…Actually… nvm… that isn’t simple, finding a good therapist is nearly impossible. This plan won’t work.
  13. I was going to say “your simple answer has a lot of complex words and sentences” xD But the overall “bigger punishment” idea is simple. Just took a minute to get there
  14. Is the gun violence / mass shooting issue not something worth addressing? Do you have better solutions?
  15. We only do the most recent week