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  1. Fether

    April 2020 General Conference Discussion Thread

    pretty sure that is false I’m 90% positive that it has nothing to do with the content and everything thing to do with the tempo and intensity. I don’t think I have ever heard Master the Tempest is Raging, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Called to Serve, or Count your Blessings. There is another song that starts with a heavy triplet melody intro on the piano but I can’t for the life of me remember what it is. (The song is “God of our Fathers, whose almighty hand”)
  2. Fether

    Slaughtered my Name and now my Image

    Also... does anyone else see the irony?
  3. Fether

    Slaughtered my Name and now my Image

    I think there is some truth to what you are saying, but we shouldn’t speak so harshly and definitively of how things were in the past. I honestly belief that the name “Mormon” helped our religion get into the minds of everyone. Now that everyone knows who we are, let’s start adjusting their perception.
  4. Fether

    Sacrament at home Q

    My question dealt more with families from separate stakes (5 different stakes to be exact) with separate guidelines from leaders with seperate stewardships. We ended up not doing it together cause one stake said to only to do the sacrament during the time they would have done it had the church not been canceled. Another said to not hold any formal ”sacrament meeting“ with a group.
  5. My two year old asked this very question not three days ago
  6. Fether

    I'm so excited!

    I and another guy from my school were once auditioning for professional level Drumline. I told him “dude, I have been practicing like 3 hours every day for this audition!” he then said “I practice 3 hours a day even when there is no audition” Ya...No one liked him.
  7. Fether

    The COVID thread

    We probably all know this already, it here is further truth the media is lying
  8. Fether

    Amusing Misreading

    So the death bed repenting I have been doing was all for nothing???
  9. Fether

    BYU classroom lecture

    Showing romantic affection toward the same gender is a sin.
  10. Fether


    How do you know that isn’t her daughter’s name? She has four very strangely named sons, I wouldn’t put it past her to name her daughter “Someone”
  11. Fether


    🤦🏻‍♂️ I got it. I now want to challenge this and say it is lacking a key feature to even be considered a “riddle”, but it is tricky non-the-less.
  12. Fether


    I’ve seen this riddle before, but with in variation. It ended with “Can you tell me the name of the fourth son?” And the answer is simply “no”
  13. Fether


    Doesn’t quite work when done in text
  14. Fether

    Doctrine and Covenants 10:52

    Seems like this is just a tautology based question. The words “this”, “part”, “my gospel” can all refer to many different things. We can’t read the mind of God, but we can hear his words. And he has said those words above, which are more vague than deliberate, and he has said the Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the gospel. I would say whatever the quotation you posted means, it has to fit in with what we know about the Book of Mormon containing the fullness of the gospel.
  15. Fether

    The COVID thread

    Perhaps it has to do with accessibility to testing kits