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  1. Fether

    General Authorities

    I remember about a week after I got my patriarchal blessing, I was at work stocking shelves at a local grocery store and I ran into the patriarch. I smiled at him and said hello thinking he would recognize me. He then got really crabby and demanded to know where a certain product was. He told me he had been looking for almost 20 minutes and no one in the store seemed to know where it was. I learned two things that day. (1) We are all human, and (2) I want to be better than that.
  2. Fether

    The Great Paradox of Evil

    Evil is most concerned with itself and the status of its own existence. It doesn’t care if it is self destructive, it is only going to exist for a finite amount of time so it/he/she does everything it can for itself in the shortest amount of time while withholding zero restraint.
  3. Fether

    Where did it happen

    So... would you prefer that it was some cultureless depiction? Everyone wearing grey clothing while walking around an open grass field with variation of grass species from across the world to avoid picking any specific scenario?
  4. Fether

    The second coming is in March

    At the end he narrows down his prediction to March or early April. But that’s besides the point. I named this thread that only because that is what my friends were saying to me
  5. Fether

    The second coming is in March

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I was looking for this very quote actually. It is an incredibly interesting video he made, but I worry the excitement of it distracts from what the goal is on this. my stance he always been “my judgment day comes when I die”, so I try to prepare for that day
  6. Some of my friends have recently been obsessed with this new video out out by a Latter Day Saint on the second coming. I’ve always been uninterested and frankly annoyed by any claims to predict the second coming or becoming enthralled with signs of the times. I’ve always found that those who put time into obsessing on the second coming tend to do so, ironically, at the expense of living all other aspects of the gospel. I promised one of my friends I would humor him and watch the video... I have to say, despite by biased against this topic, it is quite interesting. It lacks many of the typical things you expect to hear when watching YT videos like this. At its worst he is inviting everyone to repent and prepare for the second coming or Christ (supposedly this coming spring). Does anyone know anything about this guy and if he has had things like these in the past? He seems to be just some random Saint that made a YT account just for this occasion. I recognize most people won’t listen to the whole thing, but for those that do... thoughts?
  7. Fether

    Question on "Faith Crisis"

    I think for people like you, these types of faith crisis are so important. Some people can get away with never questioning or doubting, but you can’t and I don’t think you should pretend otherwise. In your case, I would put every possibility on the table and test it. Throw yourself up against the wall of faith and see what happens. You can’t pray for financial blessings while not be paying tithing, and then deduce there is no god when no blessings come. You can’t test God through priesthood blessings while you are also indulging in porn, and then get upset when the blessing you gave was inaccurate to what ended up happening. Test God with full purpose of heart and do it correctly. I am all for people testing the spirit and god to the best of their ability. For better or for worst (most likely better).
  8. Fether

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Peanut Butter Falcon very good movie. A solid story lacking in expected cheap cinematic tropes and doesn’t seek to wow. Not overly predictable nor unpredictable. Has a satisfying and subtle climax.
  9. Fether

    Question on "Faith Crisis"

    @laronius (side note, until this very moment I thought your name was iaronius) That is a good talk 👍. When reading yours and @Anddenex’s post I realized that one of my motives for reading it is to have answers for these questions.I have a sister and a couple friends that left the church because they couldn’t reconcile some issues they had (there were likely other things going on, but this was what was at the forefront of the conversation). I have had many leaders (including my parents) whose approaches to difficult questions was the ol “we just don’t know and aren’t meant to know”. We may not have any revealed answers to some questions, but that doesn’t mean their aren’t explanations. The more I read the apologetics against the church the more I realize how simple the answers are to virtually all the “difficult” questions. I want so badly to be that guy in my friends life that has seen and read all the anti and has sensible and accurate responses to it all. I do not want any more friends or family leaving on the pretense of “there is just too many in answered questions”. I would much rather either (a) help them through these questions or (b) force them to admit To themselves (at the least) they just want to break the commandments without feeling guilt from the church and their own conscience.
  10. Fether

    Question on "Faith Crisis"

    I’m actually interested on what is in there. Would you mind pasting the whole 100 pgs in your next comment?
  11. What do you guys do with the potentially difficult topics in church history and in modern days? Personally, I crave to hear all the "anti" and "difficult" topics. I enjoy listening to a popular anti Mormon podcast every couple of months just to hear if there is anything new in the world of anti. However, I realize I am unique in that sense. A good friend of mine told me that he refuses to look anything up cause he knows he won't be able to "take it". His comment struck me as odd. If you are fearful that there is something out there that may "disprove" the church, shouldn't you go after it and figure it out? I am also aware that some will read about these issues and they won't give it a second thought, just pass it by as if it never existed. Personally, it fascinates me. Though lately, I have been getting more and more bored with it. No matter how deep and earth-shaking it is, it all tends to fall under the same fallacies How do you guys deal with it? Does it bother you to the point that you avoid it? Does it not even bother you?
  12. Fether

    Are members in your area: Awake or Asleep?

    To be frank, the people in my ward who are most politically active also tend to be the least Christlike and the ones to hop on the conservative Headline news (ie “the dems hate American!” Or “The dems all want to make pedophilia legal!”). There is one brother in our ward that prides himself on being politically active and uses scripture to rebuke those who aren’t. During some political hype dealing with the Middle East, he posted a picture to FB saying “why do we dump so much money into helping other nations that don’t want us, why don’t we just let them all kill themselves!? That’s what they want!” From what I have seen, it won’t be the saints who are watching every political breakdown and are constantly campaigning for different delegates in different offices that will be the saints saving the constitution. I see it being those that are politically aware and vote righteously, but choose to dedicate their time to serving God instead of engaging in non-stop political discourse. I have a few members in my ward that are constantly inviting me to political stuff and I always turn them down cause I just don’t want to associate myself with them.
  13. Fether

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Just finished the first season of “The Chosen”, A crowd funded Series about Christ and the apostles. I would say it is a must watch. It’s free on “The Chosen” app and through Vidangel. Their portrayal of each apostle and Christ are unique and very convincing (particularly Christ). But seriously, go watch this masterpiece. The first Christ centered show I have ever enjoyed from purely a viewer perspective and not just a Christian perspective
  14. Fether

    Sacrament Talk

    My experience had always been: 1: I’m super smart on this topic, I’ll talk on this 2: spend all week preparing on that topic 3: 1 day before talk I get inspiration to talk on something else but I brush it off 4: morning of I can’t get the new topic out of my head so I rush and rewrite my talk
  15. Fether

    Sacrament Talk

    I’m personally hate picking my topic. I can get much deeper in preparation if I have a topic