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  1. Fether

    Censorship at its finest

    I have no doubt that both of you would feel the same way. You are both people of great integrity. (I'd say men of great integrity, but @mirkwood is going though a gender fluid phase.) However, I have grave concerns that in our highly partisan culture, many other conservatives would not feel the same. I know this is dead, but I wanted to drive the point home with this. Youtube censored a DNC candidate, whom Crowder does not agree with at all, and here he is making an hour-long video that he fears will be removed/blocked. The right voices are far more concerned about equality and freedom for all than the left voices are. The problem with politics expresses itself most on the left side of the aisle.
  2. Fether


    I believe so. I would challenge this and say anyone with authority could.
  3. Fether


    Yep! I have been ordained 4 times. Deacon, teacher, priest, and elder. I imagine they had some similar organization built then too. Someone with authority. I imagine anyone who God seems worthy. How is it performed? No idea. Not sure. Peter James and John were the “first presidency”, but did they replace he selves with other apostles? Not sure.
  4. I’m not saying they are a burden on society, I’m referring to their illness being a burden on them or how they act with the illness being a burden on society. I worked with a house of mentally ill individuals. One of them had a job and is actually about to get married, but due to his mental disorder, he would have eruptions if anger and a slowed brain development. He received treatment for this and has learned to deal with it and control his emotions. Now why did he receive treatment? Because he suplexed an 8 year old girl when he was 25 (among other misdeeds caused by his illness). He was a productive dude, but his illness caused a burden on him and his society. Thats my point. There are some mental illnesses that don’t need treatment (homosexuality) and some that do ( schizophrenia).
  5. I can’t speak for @cat123, but I don’t think he was saying homosexuality was a mental disorder. I think he was just pointing out that it is interesting that everyone is up in arms about it when it comes of LGBTQ, but don’t care if it is used in actual patients. He actually makes an effort in his comment to separate the two. Now... if you ask me, being LGBTQ clearly is some sort of disorder. You would have to convince me that being gay or thinking your the wrong gender is a natural way of life to get me to change my mind. Take God out of the picture and I don’t know that it is a disorder that needs to be “fixed” or “treated” as they aren’t aren’t a burden to society or themselves like others with different mental illnesses.
  6. Fether

    Advice for a Gospel Doctrine Teacher

    I’m mostly kidding, but also mostly not. The older members of my ward are just the worst in the classes. However my previous ward had some very wise older members.
  7. Fether

    Advice for a Gospel Doctrine Teacher

    As someone who greatly values the time I spend in my classrooms at church, I have some strong opinions on what makes a good teacher and what makes a TERRIBLE teacher. how to avoid being a bad teacher: - Teach the doctrines and principles as found in The scriptures and manual - Don’t share something that is simply cool but doesn’t fit in the lesson - Don’t teach historical context if you aren’t planning on connecting it to principles taught in the lesson - Don’t play “read my mind”. Instead of saying “What is the most important thing in scriptures?” (The Atonement/Restoration/Fall of Adam/the actual record keeping). Instead say “The Fall of Adam was an immensely important event and brought agency into the world. 2 Nephi 2:27 reads... Now why is Agency so important to our life here in earth?” - Remember to bear your testimony. We have one gospel doctrine teacher that breaks all these rules. I once went through an entire class and wrote down every principle taught. He had a little line here explained revelation, but the rest of the discussion (more like lecture) was obscure historical context hullabaloo. At one point he explained something historically fascinating, but also gave a HUGE spiritual insight on a certain principle in the lesson. I fully expected him to capitalize on it... but he didn’t. He shared the rid bit, there was a short argument about the distance between two separate cities, and then he went on to talk about how Jewish law worked at the time. And he ended the lesson with no testimony... but I guess if you don’t teach any principles, there is nothing to near testimony of. Don’t do that. If you follow those instructions on how to avoid being a bad teacher, I would likely thoroughly enjoy your lessons. Now... How to impress Fether with your teaching ability: - Put effort into the lesson prep. This is a no brained and probably should be in the previous list. - don’t ask “who knows” questions and focus on insight based questions. Instead of asking “Now how many times did Peter dent Christ before the rooster crowed?”. Instead ask “Peter denied Christ 3 times prior to the rooster crowing, fulfilling what Christ prophesied. Even after being warned of this, why do you suppose Peter still denied Christ?” The big thing is that you should never ask a question that has one answer. If it has only one answer, just skip the question and is it to set up an open ended question that can lead to discussion or quiet pondering. These questions will also get the class to talk a lot more and make your job so stinking easy. - Use scripture. It’s incredible how often teachers forget to use and quote scripture. - Reference recent GC talks - Don’t set low expectations. Don’t ever say “I didn’t have time to prepare...” or “I’m it great at teaching so...” or anything like unto it. Just teach the lesson 👍 - People laughing does NOT mean your lesson is good. You are not there to entertain, you are there to inspire. Feel free to use jokes, but don’t use humor as your gauge of how successful your lesson was. You will be forever below mediocre if you do that - Don’t be old... old people are just the worst in classroom settings cause they break all the rules I’ve mentioned. If you’re old, then stop. But you know... if you can master the types of questions you ask, you have mastered teaching. Your calling is important and I would take it seriously, but remember 2 Nephi 25:23. By grace we are saved after all we can do. Do your best, and once lesson time comes, accept that the time for preparation is over and do your best. If you bomb, them figure out why and prepare for your next lesson 👍. I would second @Vort in that it is a fun calling and I would add that it is immensely satisfying as well. I request to be a teacher everywhere I go. I have had a teaching calling in my last 3 wards over the last 5 years since my mission. Its hard to be a bad teacher. Easy to be a good teacher, and it only takes time and humility to be a great teacher. You will be great (unless, of course, you’re old...)!
  8. Here is what I found: 1) The church does not oppose banning conversion therapy, the mention explicitly that many forms of conversion therapy are extremely harmful and that the church does not practice such things. The following is a direct quote from the letter: "Family Services has a longstanding and express policy against using therapies that seek to "repair," "convert," or "change" sexual orientation, such as from homosexual to heterosexual. Research demonstrates that electric shock, aversion, and other analogous therapies are both ineffective and harmful to youth who experience same-sex attraction. Those, including youth, who seek therapies that constitute sexual orientation change efforts will not receive them from FS counselors. Instead, FS counselors assist youth clients in understanding sexual orientation issues in the context of their families and social networks, their expressed religious identity, and their self-determined personal goals, including those pe1iaining to their faith. Gender identity. While many issues of gender identity are not well understood, FS counselors do not provide therapies designed to change a client' s established gender identity. FS counselors assist youth clients in understanding gender identity issues, including gender dysphoria, in the context of their families and social networks, their expressed religious identity, and their self-determined personal goals, including those pertaining to their faith. FS counselors assist young children in healthy identity exploration and development. They also help parents of young children in understanding gender identity and gender dysphoria issues experienced by their children so they can appropriately assist their children in their identity exploration and development. Family Services supports the ability of other responsible practitioners to provide ethical treatments... " 2) The proposed bill, as it stands, will protect youth (age 17 and younger) who experience same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria from incredibly harmful conversion therapy techniques. But it will ALSO prevent those same youth that ALSO wants to continue living the gospel as taught by the church from receiving professional help. They would be stuck receiving guidance from Bishops and parents (which we can all agree is far from ideal). The following is quoted from the letter from the LDSFS. 3) The LDSFS has positive feelings toward the anti conversion therapy law that was proposed earlier this year. The letter says "HB 399 represents a good-faith effort to grapple with some of the fine distinctions that must be drawn. We are confident that additional discussion among stakeholders and the people' s representatives in the Legislature can produce a workable legislative solution that addresses many of the concerns raised here. 4) The church is in favor of putting this bill through the legistlation to get it passed. The letter says "With respect, the Governor and DOPL should allow the Legislature to perform its constitutional function in this important policy matter." 5) Lastly, here is what the church proposes the changes should be: "If DOPL is not convinced to leave the issue of conversion therapy to the Legislature, it should amend the Proposed Rule to clarify that each of the following practices does not fall within the definition of sexual orientation or gender identity "change efforts": * Therapies that assist a client in achieving the client's self-determined goal to modify or cease behaviors or expressions that the client determines are inconsistent with the client's values, or that are objectively dysfunctional or destructive. (ie allow therapists to assist youth in living the gospel dispite their homosexual / gender dysphoria) * Therapies that address premarital, extramarital, irresponsible, abusive, or predatory sexual activities. (ia including discussions about the Law of Chastity in therapy sessions) * Therapies that discuss the client' s moral or religious beliefs or practices. * Therapies that account for the client's capacity for sexual fluidity. (ie Discussing the potentiality of a shift in their sexuality) * Therapies that explore other psychological conditions as potential contributors to reported gender dysphoria. (ie suggesting that in some cases, they are not "born" that way) * Therapies that account for gender fluidity in children or for the likelihood that gender confusion or dysphoria in prepubescent children will desist without the need for medical interventions, including therapies that encourage a wait-and-see approach. (ie suggesting that these feelings of gender dysphoria may just be a phase of exploration and that they will cease. * Therapies that explore factors associated with sudden onset gender dysphoria. * Non-coercive, age-appropriate therapies that seek to assist a client in resolving gender dysphoria without the need for medical interventions, including counseling with parents about appropriate ways to facilitate identity exploration and development." Ultimately, the church wants to allow the youth to decide what kind of therapy they want to pursue and not be forced down the path of living a homosexual/transgender life as pushed by the current standing of this rule. If you want the truth, go to the source. If you want your narrative, find a website (or many) that supports it.
  9. If you find it let me know. I have quite a few friends and family members having a fit
  10. https://le.utah.gov/~2019/bills/hbillint/HB0399S05.pdf https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/statement-proposed-rule-sexual-orientation-gender-identity-change I am no lawyer so I couldn’t necessarily find any thing I’m the bill that is worth opposing. It seems to me that the writing in this bill has the Church in mind and is seeking to allow its members and leadership to continue to preach the sinfulness of homosexual skirt and the falsehood if the transgender movement and even still allow bishops to persuade those with transgender feelings to no change their gender. It only prevents professional therapists from doing any form of conversion therapy. The only thing I can see this preventing is a bishop suggesting a youth who feels he/she is transgender to a therapist for the soul purpose of convincing them out of being transgender. Can someone explain to me what is vague about this bill that the church would want amended?
  11. I’m actually skeptical that anything “amazing” will be done or said. I have a strong feeling it will be just a bunch of talks about the restoration, potentially done in a different location or maybe the release of the 2nd/3rd Book in “The Saints” series or other publications. No new doctrine, no crazy announcement, no revelation to be added to scripture. Just a typical GC with a focus on the restoration. I think only those that prepared themselves, as pres Nelson discussed, will have any notably different experience.
  12. Fether

    Thank God for Dallin H. Oaks

    Funny enough, the first apostle I remember sustaining was Elder Rasband. I was 14 when Elder Anderson was as called, but I had little interest in the gospel and I probably didn’t watch that session of GC
  13. here is another incredible video. Brad Wilcox and an evangelical have and incredible discussion. Though I’m not a fan of Bro. Wilcox’s bombardment of platitudes, he does explain things in an incredible way. His responses are most always incredible.
  14. Fether

    Who coined the term "covenant path"?

    After doing some simple gospel library searches, I found that it was first used seemingly as an anecdote in 2007 by Elaine S Dalton (counselor in The young woman presidency), again in 2009 by elder Christofferson, and then exploded in use in 2013 CORRECTION: the 2007 use was a quote from Jefferey R Holland from October 2006