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  1. Fether

    Eat Your Heart Out, Tony Stark

    I think you are grossly over estimating the effects of your arguments.
  2. Fether

    Episode IX Trailer

    I bet it will be a pretty alright movie.
  3. Fether

    BYU Honor Code. Students all afire...again!!

    All I know is what I read and watch. I dont go or have any family members that attend either.
  4. Fether

    BYU Honor Code. Students all afire...again!!

    Just by reading the stories about how “Terrible” The HCO is, it appears that many people want it to be more lenient to their standards, which are standards the world holds. Essentially to step back from the standards of the church and adopt more lenient standards. That, and there are some of the questionable pro LGBT and Black Lives Matters movements on campus. Though they don’t represent the school ad a whole, I’m surprised to see it at BYU.
  5. Fether

    BYU Honor Code. Students all afire...again!!

    From what I understand, the HCO only approaches people when they get reported by someone else. In almost every complaint story I hear, I think to myself “ya... if I witnessed that then I would report it too” sure maybe sometimes there was nothing wrong happening, but there would be no way for the reporter to know what was really happening. Additionally... there seems to be a liberal lean starting to occur in some topics in this school (which I assumed would be conservative).
  6. So I am selling my current computer on KSL right now and I got an offer from someone who wants to send me a check and have me ship my laptop to him... well duh this is a scam. But later today I got another offer for my laptop from another person out of the state that wants me to ship it to him, but he said he will pay me via PayPal... We agreed that I would not send him the laptop till I got paid. As far as I know, PayPal is a foolproof way of making sure you don't get scammed (assuming you don't do anything weird in the transaction. Can a PayPal payment to you "bounce" like a check can? Could this be another (or the same) scammer but using PayPal? Any advice?
  7. Fether

    Favorite April 2019 Conference Moments?

    And 3 seconds later my wife literally screamed at 2 of them.
  8. This is the only reason I need
  9. I really appreciate the title suggesting there are multiple reasons for using military time, but only offering 1 reason... yet that 1 reason is better than any comprehensive list one could possibly come up with
  10. If by “tail end” you mean last 50% of the short 10ish paragraph article than ya.
  11. Lol Sometimes I skeptically challenge my heavy leaning political and social views by asking things like “Does the media REALLY make so-called fake news?” My desire to seek common ground by slightly leaning the other way is constantly thwarted by those leaning the other way.
  12. https://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/first-presidency-messages-general-conference-leadership-session-april-2019 essentially: - Children of same sex parents can now get baptied without first presidency permission - Same sex marriage is no longer considered “apostasy” but will be treated similar to heterosexual type sexual sins.
  13. Fether

    Church ball

    Whenever I think of this movie, I only think of this cast:
  14. Definitely stay in the YSA. You may or may not get nagged, but YSA and institute are made to help young adults grow in the gospel and offers real growth and opportunities to serve. You have experiences and strengths that are best served around those your age. Going to a family ward as a YSA you will likely be out in primary and become stagnet there for a LONG time.
  15. Oh thank goodness, my anxiety level was shooting through the roof