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  1. A new approach to killing with kindness
  2. Fether

    2 Nephi 24: 21

    I’m reminded of Alma 3 where the allocates mark themselves to separate from the Nephites. It goes on to say that we bring upon ourselves our own Cursing. If I go and have sex with many women and contract HIV, every child I have from them on out has a high risk of getting HIV, and they too are passing that on to their children, and so on. This isn’t a curse from God, but rather a natural curse that was brought on by not listening to God. Similar thing happens with the Lamanites. If I abandon society and join a savage blood thirsty tribe, all my children will grow up to be savage blood thirsty people .
  3. Fether

    Gays and the church

    He was responding to a post where I was trying to point out that declaring doctrine to him is likely mot what he wants, nor what is best for him. My response to his comment was in that context
  4. Fether

    Gays and the church

    Blame for what?
  5. Fether

    Gays and the church

    Yes, however, some doctrines for some people cannot be understood simply by throwing a book at them.
  6. I was always under the impression that we would all be happy regardless of where we go. That the separation of kingdoms wasn’t a “you weren’t good enough to go here so I am putting you here”, but rather a “you didn’t want to go here, but you wanted here instead”
  7. Fether

    Gays and the church

    There also seems to be this idea that it is the church’s duty to punish all acts of immorality. Everything from rape down to eating too much food and not exercising. If the church doesn’t have a corporal punishment for an act, it must be ok to do.
  8. Fether

    Gays and the church

    Good news, it isn’t 45 minutes. It’s 58 minutes. This is actually a fairly heated topic right now. David Archuletta, Tom Christofferson, and Stacey Harkey have all announced they will start dating. It seems to be a new frontier that the Latter-day Saint lgbtq community is pushing. Additionally, BYU removed the “dont participate in homosexual behavior” phrasing from their honor code and there were some professors who felt they could make some commentary on it. This lead to some clarification but not reinstating the phrase in the honor code. Since then there had been a ton more people asking if it is ok to date the same gender as long as you keep the law of chastity (which I always thought any homosexual romantic act was against the LOC but apparently that isn’t widely accepted).
  9. Fether

    Gays and the church

    I don’t think David and the many many other LGBTQ saints are looking for doctrinal explanations for what they ought to do. It seems to me that they are in immense pain, have tried everything they can to get through it, and haven’t seen the light. It seems more to be a cry for help. David himself said that his post was more about getting things off his chest. I know what the prescribed doctrinal answers are… but I don’t know how to help David, and others in his situation, overcome these immense feelings he is facing. I think the best thing one can do is mourn with those that more and comfort those that stand in need of comfort.
  10. It’s not o e of those direct scriptural phrases that makes a specific message clearly and plainly. It wasn’t a deliberate “all decisions will be. celebrated equally and we are all the same” type scripture (which I get the feeling you think that is what I’m looking for). It was more like a message in passing that there would be some sort of joyous call that we are happier now than on earth… or something like (or nothing like) that. I have been trying to find that reference for a while but I listen to at least one talk and podcast a day… along with regularly listening to “church” biographies and the likes
  11. Went way over my head and still does haha
  12. Follow up question… where does the concept that we will all be happy regardless of which degree of glory we go to? I did a little looking and could t find anything solid.
  13. I read a scripture not that long ago that I can no longer find. The theme of it was something to the effect of "Everyone will be celebrated regardless of which kingdom of glory they go to". Does anyone know which scripture that is?
  14. I dont always succeed, just to clarify. But I’ll give some examples of things I’ve gotten rid of or changed. - Sleeping longer than 8 hours. 6 1/2 - 8 hours is perfect. Anything less is insufficient and beyond that is unnecessary and almost always is a catalyst to a lazy day. Lazy days don’t make me happy so I no longer sleep longer than 8 hours. I use this rule instead of the “wake up early” rule. I still end up waking up really early most mornings, but the 8 hour rule gives me room to adapt when needed - Studying controversial church topics. Regardless as to whether the article is faithful or not, it drains my energy to read those things. It’s intellectually stimulating, but fails to feed me spiritually. In fact it starved me more. I choose to love longer read those unless it is necessary to help someone. This is one I fail at often, but I am working on it - Playing video games when I have other more important things to do. I save all video games for when my other tasks are done (like scriptures, journaling, preparing for the day, etc.) and only when my kids are asleep. - Playing games online. This is one I am working on myself with. I’m trying to teach myself to not get angry when I lose to someone else online. This is similar to the sports thing you mentioned earlier.
  15. I do agree completely, just poking fun. I’ve started to become hyper sensitive to things that drain my energy and make me mad. If I find something that does that, and I can’t change how it makes me feel, I remove it from my life.