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  1. Fether

    Fly Fishing

    I actually do live in Southern Utah now! We just moved. Haven’t changed my info though. But... again... I’ve heard that a dozen times
  2. Fether

    Famous Last Words

    So... Excuse me if this distracts from the nature of the thread, but whenever I read any profound last words, ai can’t help but think they had said those words a dozen times before because they were so obsessed with trying to make them their actual last words. For example, I can see Beethoven saying “friends applaud, the comedy is finished” every time he left a room. Or how many times did Nostradamus say “tomorrow I shall no longer be here” and then Spend the rest of the day in silence before he was actually right? ... but anyway... I would like to say some variation of Jacob 7:26 as my last words. ”I conclude this life, declaring that I have done according to the best of my knowledge, my life passed away like as it were unto us a dream, I being a lonesome and a solemn man, wanderer cast down from heaven far yonder, born in tribulation, in a wilderness, and hated by my fellow man, which caused wars and contentions; wherefore, we did mourn out our days. Yet here I lie, ready to meet the God that gave me life. To rest from my labors and to bring the gospel to those in prison. Farewell” But again... I don’t know how many times I would have to say this before I actually die. Perhaps it would be more realistic to put it in my journal and call this my final writing.
  3. Fether

    Fly Fishing

    I am not joking when I have said I have been fishing at least twelve times and have never caught a single fish. Every time I tell this story, someone says “well you haven’t been fishing *insert fav fishing spot*” My response is always “The last twelve people all said the same thing”. Im openly bitter about my fishing experiences. I hate it more than I hate doing puzzles or branding myself if an iron.
  4. It is clearly a satire christian website
  5. Don’t pretend there are critics and apologists discussing this. The amount of critics and apologists arguing Against your claim is exactly 0. Why? Because it is completely ridiculous
  6. That doesn’t mean there is isn’t a more righteous answer one ought to choose for their situation. Not all decisions are held equal in the eyes of God.
  7. If you want to believe this, then go ahead. But don’t teach it to anyone... cause you are so clearly wrong. In order for you to be right, then that would mean any or all of the following: 1) you are more inspired than the men called specifically of God 2) You are the only person in the world that is smart enough to come to this conclusion (as I have never heard this rendition of a female god theory before) 3) God does not really speak to his prophets but rather to you when correcting false doctrine Want to know my opinion? I am so immensely annoyed by this whole discussion. Trying to explain how I feel would take paragraphs upon paragraphs of analogies describing my frustration. I don’t know how someone could be so prideful to think he could be any of those claims I listed above.
  8. Fether

    Enochs time compared to ours

    I would argue every time has been like Enoch’s time
  9. Fether

    The Plan of Salvation and dependence

    Salvation is free. Everyone is saved and yes, we are all dependent on Christ for that salvation. However, the purpose of life is not merely to be saved, but to be exalted. Exaltation is to become like God in every sense. It requires a duel effort. Christ’s saving grace coupled with our agency and desire to be like him.
  10. Fether

    Third Hour forum get together

    Man, I want to go so bad. So many great people to meet! How often do we do this???
  11. Fether

    And they all found joy and peace

    This ☝️ Covenants were made. Does he believe it’s on to break covenants with God when he finds something he thinks is better?
  12. Is the apostle special in that he has unique responsibilities? Or is the witness he holds special in that he has witnessed more than all other members of the church? I would argue the former.
  13. Fether

    Why the focus on the man's skin color?

    Well look at Elder Gong. He is the first “Asian” apostle right??? He is 100% American. Born in CA. He is as much Asian as I am European.
  14. Fether

    Questions for Apostles

    These are incredible questions to ask a GA, thanks for sharing them
  15. Fether

    Questions for Apostles

    So many great Qs that should all have their own threads. I’m refraining from commenting on them all.