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  1. Fether

    How do epidemics/pandemics stop?

    This is where your confusion lies. Viruses are not living things... now that is as far as my knowledge goes, they are something else though.
  2. Fether

    Comprehensive Sex Education Beginning in Kindergarten?!

    I agree. Some kids just aren’t drawn to it like others. And I do think 0 sex education is better than state guided sex education through the school. Im not so much concerned about differing methods of teaching kids about sex as I am about families with no methods.
  3. Fether

    How do epidemics/pandemics stop?

    Last night at dinner with my parents, I said “we survived the swine flu and the Ebola virus, this will be a cake walk” my dad then Followed up with “the heinie flu!” In trying time do a play in words with H1N1. I misinterpreted it and asked “is that slang for AIDS?”
  4. Fether

    How do epidemics/pandemics stop?

    Yes, but I have a 4 month old at home. I guess this strain is more easily transferred and can cause pneumonia.
  5. I’ve decided to take this Coronavirus thing seriously and start doing some staged preps as it gets closer and closer to home. But I had a question. Now with confirmed cases in multiple countries (and likely unconfirmed cases in almost every country by now)... how does it stop?
  6. Fether

    Comprehensive Sex Education Beginning in Kindergarten?!

    I got addicted to porn at age 8 and had my first sex talk at 10. Didn’t learn about porn and masturbation (or at least realize that that’s what I was doing) till I was 11. I’m ALL for teaching kids young. but don't put that in the hand of the school... but... you are right, some families just won’t talk about it so can school do it better?
  7. Trust us, everything will be just dandy there may be some embarrassment, guilt and maybe even some shame in there, but that is already there is it not? its all part of repentance. I am 99.99% positive you will not lose your membership. You may lose your recommend for a period of time or not be allowed to partake of the sacrament, but losing your membership is for members who have been endowed and then made serious sins. And even then it isn’t guaranteed. One thing that helped me when I was in a similar situation was telling myself “it doesn’t matter what happens, I’m not right with God now and I will go through whatever it takes to become right with him”. I remember a bishop saying “I hope you aren’t mad with how long I’m drawing out the process before giving you back a recommend. I responded “If I needed to be excommunicated I’m order to fully repent, I would gladly accept it” and I meant it. Just text the bishop’s secretary and schedule and appointment. Take that first step! (btw... a young woman who confessed a serious sin to her bishop in order to repent is worthy of the most righteous of all men.)
  8. As Pres Hinkley put it. ”The trouble with most of our prayers is that we give them as if we were picking up the phone and ordering groceries - we place our order and hang up.” The purpose of prayer is not to send God to the store and get us what we need. It is to commune with God... or in more simple terms... to talk to him. We pray to learn his will, ask questions, make requests, etc. it isn’t just to ask for Christmas presents. I would also add that we put too much value in human life. Not saying we should go around pretending there is no value, but dealing with death is one if the greatest battles we face as faithful members. by definition, faith is to NOT have a knowledge. So by definition, we don’t KNOW there is an after life. When a family member dies, we are pit against our beliefs. Are they gone forever or will I see them again. We don’t know, and we won’t until we too die. We run into this with every major trial so it is easy to get worked up. we are accusing God for not answering prayers while holding to the pretense that there is no God. It’s a strange paradox or reverse “begging the question” fallacy. When we complain about unanswered prayers on major life events (like death), we are literally saying: ”God, My brother died because you didn’t answer my prayer, and now I will never see him again because you don’t exist.” Do you see the issue there?
  9. Fether

    The Corona Virus

    The Ebola was a lot scary... and yet here we are
  10. Fether

    LDS Audiobooks

    You have to use the audible app. Buy the books from audible.com (with your amazon account) and they will appear in your audible app.
  11. Fether

    LDS Audiobooks

    Audio books are my jam. I listen to one a month from audible. Always more “self help” style, never a religious one. As far as it replacing scriptures. Absolutely not. We are taught often enough about the need to read the Book of Mormon every day. An audio book or church commentary on it cannot replace that.
  12. Fether

    Book of Mormon – Videos and Movies

    Never thought about that, and I think that is spot on.
  13. Fether

    Book of Mormon – Videos and Movies

    I have to say that the historical accuracy didn’t bug me nearly as much as the intensified 1 Nephi 3:7 scene where the orchestra began to swell as Nephi uttered those famous words. It would have been far more powerful had Nephi just said those words as a faithful disciple and not as a glorified one liner. I really hope they don’t do that with Moroni 10:3-5 and other popular scriptures
  14. I often take this approach but let the class know that I really don’t know and would like some insights. I once made a comment concerning the Book of Mormon containing the fullness of the gospel but lacking specifics on temple ordinances. I was then chastised by 2 other member saying that there were plenty of references to the temple. They seemed to be under the impression that I was pointing out some flaw in the Book of Mormon or something. Also, in a high school seminary I had a hard time wrapping my mind around a lesson. On the surface level it looked as if God had thrown one soul under the bus in order to save humanity. I challenged the lesson and brought my concern in a blatantly honest way that exposed my thoughts. The seminary teacher got frustrated and we got in a little scuffle in the middle of class. Its a great way to learn, but blatantly saying something you know is false in an attempt to learn the truth can end up painting a false picture of yourself to some people haha.
  15. Fether

    Modern Secret Combinations

    I dont get it