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    Two Truths and a lie game

    You hate chocolate cake
  2. Some of my friends have recently been obsessed with this new video out out by a Latter Day Saint on the second coming. I’ve always been uninterested and frankly annoyed by any claims to predict the second coming or becoming enthralled with signs of the times. I’ve always found that those who put time into obsessing on the second coming tend to do so, ironically, at the expense of living all other aspects of the gospel. I promised one of my friends I would humor him and watch the video... I have to say, despite by biased against this topic, it is quite interesting. It lacks many of the typical things you expect to hear when watching YT videos like this. At its worst he is inviting everyone to repent and prepare for the second coming or Christ (supposedly this coming spring). Does anyone know anything about this guy and if he has had things like these in the past? He seems to be just some random Saint that made a YT account just for this occasion. I recognize most people won’t listen to the whole thing, but for those that do... thoughts?
  3. Fether

    Was Jesus married

    No official teachings but your train of thought is solid. Eternal marriage is essential for exaltation. Now whether Mary was Jesus’s wife, I don’t know that we have enough information or revelation to make a definitive claim. But he likely is or will be sealed to someone.
  4. Fether

    Make the Forums Great Again

    Well... I think what I’m saying is that what brings people to forums is also what drives people away.
  5. I see more and more of these videos, articles, and blog posts creeping into the church membership. They all have one thing in common. No scriptural or prophetic words backing them up. It just a soapbox of their own. Read Mothers Working Outside the Home and anyone can see that the church is against what she is advocating. They took it one step further in this video. They quoted Spencer W Kimball and said he was wrong... the only mention of scripture in the whole video related to her topic. The same thing is found in their modesty video and whenever they talk about young men not needing to serve missions. This episode belongs on the Mormon Stories Podcast A good 85% of Saints Unscripted is wholesome and Christlike. But these occasional opinion videos show just how accepting of Satan’s ideals “Saints” my age are. I want a good Latter-day Saint YouTube channel that focuses on nothing but the doctrine when it comes to these controversial topics. No opinion, just what has been said... however, I don’t suppose that would be popular enough to gather any notable following.
  6. Fether

    Make the Forums Great Again

    If you have a written copy of that, I would actually love to read it. Would you be comfortable sending me a copy? You said you mentioned line of authority in it??
  7. Fether

    Radical Orthodoxy

    This honestly just looks like someone’s attempt to fight against the the hundreds of other progressive movements within the church today. I am not comfortable flying a flag like this, but I appreciate the attempt and the effort given... even it it may have missed the mark by a little
  8. Fether

    Make the Forums Great Again

    Me too, and I don’t think you should change, nor anyone that thinks what they are saying is saving the souls of others. We should all be standing up for the truth and admonishing one another Mosiah 26:39 And they did admonish their brethren; and they were also admonished, every one by the word of God, according to his sins, or to the sins which he had committed, being commanded of God to pray without ceasing, and to give thanks in all things. Maybe we can soften our tone on how we admonish one another and maybe we can realize that we are responsible for the tone in which we read another’s comment.
  9. Fether

    Tithing Settlement

    It’s easy to claim tithing settlement is a passive aggressive brute squad approach to getting tithing (I don’t think that is what your saying, you are actually an incredibly impressive saint and it has been a pleasure to see your conversion). But just like ministering interviews, temple interviews and other such interviews, pointed conversation are great ways of getting to the heart of a topic. in the tithing settlement the Bishop essentially says “you paid $8,000 this year in tithing. Is this accurate and did you pay a full tithe?” Ill share a personal experience. I was asked if so was a full time payer last year and I looked at the total and realized I was behind $1200 (I get paid commission 30% up front and 70% when the project is done. If the project cancels, I get charged back the 30% so I wait for the install pay to pay the tithe on the income. Sometimes I miss some tithes cause of how confusing it can be sometimes). That was an amazing situation where I had to decide what to do. I was honest with the bishop and when my next pay check came in I paid the amount I owed God. The result? Well this last year I nearly doubled my income. I believe that has a lot to do with paying an honest tithe and I would have missed it had I not gone to the tithing settlement. At the end of the day, we have to remember that God does not need our money (and neither does the church to be frank). Paying tithing is more for us and we should see tithing settlement as an opportunity to make sure we are right with ourselves and God.
  10. Fether

    Make the Forums Great Again

    And you are part of the “problem” the forum is facing. I’m just like you and so is everyone else I’m who disagrees with the order of authority. I don’t believe your way of thinking is wrong, we are very much alike in that sense. But when there is a forum full of people who see the gospel differently and we are talking about salvation and damnation... it’s hard to not get passionate.
  11. Fether

    Make the Forums Great Again

    Not sure what the solution is. I just notice that many arguments revolve around whether Brigham Young, Ezra Taft Benson, current publication from the church, a personal interpretation of scripture, or some worldly approach to an issue is the true Christlike approach on a specific topic.
  12. Fether

    Make the Forums Great Again

    I would suggest that there are many of us who are in the same boat. Someone, at some point needs to stand against the evils of the world and at other times the torch needs to be passed off to others to provide us some relief. I understand your reasons for needing to step away, I do. I commend you for your efforts while you were here, it didn't fall entirely on deaf ears. There are many, many good people here committed to taking a stand This concept is probably the worst part about what is driving people from our forum. Some forum members are strict to the old ways and what was taught in the past, some are strict to to the current ways and what is taught today, some are strict to what they perceive to be the future, and some are strict to a middle ground approach where the church is just a guideline. We all fall into one of these and find views from other parties to be distracting from what Christ wants of us all... then we stand up and start bickering. I have my “line of authority” as I call it. Modern day prophets/publications from the church -> Standard Work / older prophets -> personal revelation -> Opinions from leaders and books written by them -> everything else. Some may flip older prophets to the top due to belief that the church is slipping away while others may believe the standard work as being the end all authority and everything is just built of that (I personally don’t understand the hype behind “canonization” to me the modern day prophet has more teaching authority than any book of scripture. I get that ideology from the talk 14 fundamentals of following the prophet https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/liahona/1981/06/fourteen-fundamentals-in-following-the-prophet) In my opinion, it is underlying disagreement like these that cause strife on the forum.
  13. Fether

    Make the Forums Great Again

    I meander on to MormonDialogue sometime but that community is just too massive. Within 5 minutes of a thread starting the 2nd page has been reached. there was another one I got on once but it had the opposite problem. Not enougj what other forums are there?
  14. Fether

    Make the Forums Great Again

    That would actually be very interesting to see! I remember one hot source of conversation was the forum posts of articles put out by TH, but those have long gone (probably because they were often met with back lash from us). ask Gramps questions would be great
  15. Fether

    Make the Forums Great Again

    My honest thoughts. I joined about 2 years ago because I enjoyed the conversations and felt there were some great insights... today I feel like all insights have been exhausted. Conversations seem to be rehashes of old and few are posting gospel questions anymore. politics have a negative effect, but it’s the lack of honest and thoughtful gospel questions. That is/was the life blood of this forum.
  16. Fether

    Make the Forums Great Again

    So when you say “deleted accounts” you mean “dead”
  17. Fether

    Liberal Ideas Creeping In

    I have noticed it for a long time. Something just triggered in me this time around. I am completely ok with the changes. But cultural changes without the church's stamp of approval is my only complaint. If the church came out tomorrow and said "mothers do not need to be home with their children, go to work and leave the children to daycare" Then I would be less frustrated with videos like these. But when they are spitting out opinions that have no scriptural backing, I can't help but imagine Satan laughing at us for falling for his tricks.
  18. Fether

    General Authorities

    I remember about a week after I got my patriarchal blessing, I was at work stocking shelves at a local grocery store and I ran into the patriarch. I smiled at him and said hello thinking he would recognize me. He then got really crabby and demanded to know where a certain product was. He told me he had been looking for almost 20 minutes and no one in the store seemed to know where it was. I learned two things that day. (1) We are all human, and (2) I want to be better than that.
  19. Fether

    The Great Paradox of Evil

    Evil is most concerned with itself and the status of its own existence. It doesn’t care if it is self destructive, it is only going to exist for a finite amount of time so it/he/she does everything it can for itself in the shortest amount of time while withholding zero restraint.
  20. Fether

    Where did it happen

    So... would you prefer that it was some cultureless depiction? Everyone wearing grey clothing while walking around an open grass field with variation of grass species from across the world to avoid picking any specific scenario?
  21. What do you guys do with the potentially difficult topics in church history and in modern days? Personally, I crave to hear all the "anti" and "difficult" topics. I enjoy listening to a popular anti Mormon podcast every couple of months just to hear if there is anything new in the world of anti. However, I realize I am unique in that sense. A good friend of mine told me that he refuses to look anything up cause he knows he won't be able to "take it". His comment struck me as odd. If you are fearful that there is something out there that may "disprove" the church, shouldn't you go after it and figure it out? I am also aware that some will read about these issues and they won't give it a second thought, just pass it by as if it never existed. Personally, it fascinates me. Though lately, I have been getting more and more bored with it. No matter how deep and earth-shaking it is, it all tends to fall under the same fallacies How do you guys deal with it? Does it bother you to the point that you avoid it? Does it not even bother you?
  22. Fether

    The second coming is in March

    At the end he narrows down his prediction to March or early April. But that’s besides the point. I named this thread that only because that is what my friends were saying to me
  23. Fether

    The second coming is in March

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I was looking for this very quote actually. It is an incredibly interesting video he made, but I worry the excitement of it distracts from what the goal is on this. my stance he always been “my judgment day comes when I die”, so I try to prepare for that day
  24. Fether

    Question on "Faith Crisis"

    I think for people like you, these types of faith crisis are so important. Some people can get away with never questioning or doubting, but you can’t and I don’t think you should pretend otherwise. In your case, I would put every possibility on the table and test it. Throw yourself up against the wall of faith and see what happens. You can’t pray for financial blessings while not be paying tithing, and then deduce there is no god when no blessings come. You can’t test God through priesthood blessings while you are also indulging in porn, and then get upset when the blessing you gave was inaccurate to what ended up happening. Test God with full purpose of heart and do it correctly. I am all for people testing the spirit and god to the best of their ability. For better or for worst (most likely better).
  25. Fether

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Peanut Butter Falcon very good movie. A solid story lacking in expected cheap cinematic tropes and doesn’t seek to wow. Not overly predictable nor unpredictable. Has a satisfying and subtle climax.