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    Is there a word for this?

    What would you call that phenomenon Frasier experienced?
  2. The experience when someone doesn’t want something until they see it. My children experience this when they see each other playing with a toy. They were as happy as they could be until they saw their sibling playing with a toy. They all of a sudden become angry until they get that toy. Im trying to find a word for this because it helps me overcome weaknesses if I can label it. I find myself doing this extremely often. I am as happy as can be until I see an interesting video, forum post, or article. I then can no longer function until I watch or read the thing I saw. Is there a word or concept that explains this?
  3. There are numberless platitudes, one liners, phrases and words we use in the church that I feel we use in more situations than is called for this leads to ambiguous definitions. I can see “joy” being in that pile. To me, I understand joy just meaning peace in the direction are going. I am without a doubt happier playing video games than I am at the temple. But the peace and self assurance I get from the temple is essential for my life. Plato t video games does not give me peace or provide a sense that what I am doing is good. I would not connect joy and happiness in anyway.
  4. Fether

    Tree of Life

    I had the exact same question after my temple visit last night. I understand it represents eternal life… but there is an assumption there that immortality is possible without going through life. Why would there be cherubim and a flaming sword placed to guard it
  5. Fether

    Knowing and Believing

    I find that belief and knowledge are opposite ends of a spectrum where Faith is the application and internalization of those beliefs and knowledges in our own lives. For example: I know that eating too much unhealthy food is unhealthy for me and will cause me to gain weight. But I still choose to eat it despite my desire to be healthy. I have knowledge, but no faith. I believe that investing in NFTs and Crypto will result in mass wealth in the future… but I don’t do it. I have belief, but no faith. I know spending time on scriptures every day brings me peace and joy. I choose to spend that time in scriptures each day. But have knowledge and faith. I believe doing work for the dead is helping bring about Gods plan of salvation. I choose to spend some of my time doing work for the dead. I have belief and faith. We won’t be judged on what we believe and know, we will be judged on our faith. The examples above seem to go along nicely with that
  6. Fether

    Knowing and Believing

    I love and hate this topic. It is very interesting… but it always ends up becoming a “what does it mean to know” epistemology conversation which is such a bore. I think Alma, when is talking about gaining knowledge, is referring to knowledge on specific principles. Not things like whether there is a god or not, if this church is gods one true church, or if Joseph smith was a prophet. I think he is referring to commandment. I know, through experience, that the principles taught in the word of wisdom are true, that reading scriptures every day gives me peace and strength to overcome temptation. And so , and that obedience brings blessings. I do not, however, know that God is real or that this is gods one true church. This is what I think he means by having a perfect knowledge in That thing, but not a knowledge that is perfect (Alma 32:34-26). Hence why continued faith is necessary.
  7. Fether

    Knowing and Believing

    knowledge and faith produce different powers. You need them both. I’m also not so sure faith is meant to evolve into knowledge. I think belief evolves into knowledge, but faith seems to be it’s on factor unrelated to knowledge. I have beaten this topic of faith and knowledge I’ve met head for years. I dont really understand it all. here is a link on another forum where I recently offered similar questions: https://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/74511-belief-knowledge-and-faith/#comment-1210092801 Personally, I think faith has greater power than we think. I’m bothered when I hear people emphatically state that they KNOW the church is true and that they KNOW there is a God (and so on). I have a couple of arguments and thought experiments that tend to disprove their proclaimed knowledge… but really what bothers me is that people seem to value knowledge above faith.
  8. Fether

    Feedback requested to Alma 11:37

    being saved from our sins is synonymous with becoming clean. Cleanliness is a gift from God to those that have faith and repent. those who die in their sins are those who do not have faith and do not repent.
  9. http://www.ldsliving.com/Studio-C-Member-Comes-Out-As-Gay-Shares-Touching-Message-for-LGBT-Youth/s/89990
  10. Fether


    This is the first economic down term I have been in since being married with kids! how exciting
  11. Fether

    Stacey Harkey comes out

    And being angry with your brother is not murder, yet Christ condemns both. Its not a matter of where the line is, it’s a matter of the heart. I would say, at VERY LEAST, homosexual dating is to breaking the LOC as anger is to murder.
  12. Fether

    Stacey Harkey comes out

    I have seen far more people use “I prayed about it and God said…” to justify all sorts of decisions. One of my biggest frustrations with members is they will use prayer to cover their bad decisions or to do things they are embarrassed to admit it they wanted to do themselves.
  13. Fether

    a limitation on the Atonement?

    The limitations are placed by us individually. I think after all is said and done, those who do not fully partake on Christ redemption will know in their hearts that they didn’t really want what was offered. If they did, they would have acted differently.
  14. Fether

    Is there a word for this?

    I love this 👍 this is probably the closest thing, if not exactly, what I was describing
  15. Fether

    How are all the unfilled jobs affecting you?

    I haven’t noticed any changes
  16. Fether

    Story Time

    Which I already do. I love taking my kids on walks, hikes, and the like. The soccer schedule doesn’t take me from work at all, it just means I am with my son at soccer practice instead of with my son at home.
  17. Fether

    Story Time

    STORY TIME! A couple months ago, my wife signed my 4 year old so. Up for soccer. While at the signup place, she saw that there was a signup for parents to be coaches. When she got home, she said “Fether! We should coach our child’s soccer team!” I explained to her that we have too much going on and adding another thing to our plate would not Be good. We debated this over the next week or so, sometimes turning into an argument. One day, she got a little frustrated and said something to the affect of “Our child needs to see us doing things like, and you spend so much time at work, you need to spend more time with our son!” (Side note, I have complete control over my schedule and choose to work 40 hours a week. I’ve calculated it many times. The fact that I have the ability to take time off whenever I want and still choose to work 40 hours a week gives the illusion I spend too much time at work. A conversation we have had multiple times). Anyway… I gave in and agreed to do it with her. Fast forward to last week when we had our first practice. I decided to give it my all and choose to have a good time with the kids. On our way there, my wife told me that she was feeling really really nervous and wanted me to head everything off. Fair enough, I could do that. The practice went great. The next day, my wife was feeling overwhelmed with being a mom, homeschooling, ministering, and other stuff. She said to me in a very emotional tone “I can’t help you with soccer, I just have too much going on and it stresses me out”. So the very reason I told her I didn’t want to do it is the reason she is now wanting to pass it all off on me. Wives… can’t live with them… also can’t live with them.
  18. Fether

    Story Time

    Every time I think about it, I just start laughing. But then it turns into frustration as I think about how instead of going home after work, I have to go teach 4 and 5 year olds how to play soccer… a sport I never liked. We had a good talk today and she is going to do it with me still
  19. Fether

    Student Loan Forgiveness Antireligious?

    I’m pretty conservative in my thinking, but I do have to admit that many of us were sold a bill of goods when it comes to college, college loans, and degrees. On one hand, I would life some sort of repayment for the 30+ hours I worked while taking 16+ credits a semester to pay my way through college. Why should the people with no work ethic, poor fiscal literacy, and a lacking vision of their future be rewarded? On the other hand, everything we were taught growing up from educators, parents, church leaders, and media screamed “go to college or your life will suck, also, you are cool if you go to an expensive college”. Then, everyone is thrown on front of government back predatory lenders as their first experience in borrowing money and told “this is a good decision”. I’m lucky to have had the wit and vision to not have fallen into the traditional traps. My mom works as a school counselor and college is not longer the push for their district. They just push for what they call “secondary education” which encompasses college and other post high school learning opportunities.
  20. Fether

    Is there a word for this?

    I did see it, sorry I didn’t respond. I am familiar with the term and it’s probably the closest thing to what I am thinking of. However, FOMO is often used to describe something like a party, movie release, new meme, or anything else that provides some social credit for a group of people. A fear of missing out on something that everyone else is going to experience. You don’t want to be left out. What I am talking about fits into that, but elsewhere. It’s something that happens regardless of whether there is social pressure or social credit gained. Some examples: - I go to YouTube to watch a video showing me how to cook empanadas. On my way there, I see a video of Neil Degrasse Tyson explaining black holes from 6 years ago. All of a sudden I NEED to watch that video because it interests me so much. This is the moment. The seemingly primordial instinct that kicks in. 20 seconds ago I was happily making my empanadas and had no reason to to get sucked into a 10 minute lecture by Mr Tyson. Yet simply seeing it triggered my brain to start screaming at me to go watch this video. Again, 20 seconds ago I was perfectly happy without it, now I cannot imagine ending the day without watching this video. - You are writing in your journal and the thought comes to mind that you want to order catering for your job in a few weeks. You don’t need to do it now… but your mind won’t leave it alone and now you need to look up catering places and see what is in budget. You can no longer focus on your journaling until you figure out what the catering options are. 20 seconds ago you were happily focused on the task at hand and knew nothing of this need to find catering. You could have happily gone to bed and not dealt with it… yet here you are, searching the web trying to find a good catering company. - You about to go to bed when you notice someone has texted you an interesting question. You are no longer interested in going to bed and spend the next hour crafting thoughts on how to respond. 20 seconds ago, you were about to go to bed, now your mind won’t leave this alone and you go to bed an hour late trying to craft a response. It’s really just that little experience I am intrigued by. That point where you go from content to hopelessly obsessed simply due to a little stimuli and becoming aware of it. If you strip away the socially contrived meaning of FOMO, I think there is an argument there for it fitting what I am describing. However, it has a deeply embedded addendum that it is about social events, and what I am trying to describe is something that can happen completely by yourself with zero social influence. it’s an unbridled curiosity. An easily distracted mind. A mind that quickly grabs on to the newest thing and won’t let it go till it is satisfied. Maybe just ADD/ADHD??? Just plain addiction? A bad Habit?
  21. “Eternal Families” “Families can be together forever” “family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave.” What does all this mean? What does this actually look like? Do we have any sources that qualify this a little more beyond those phrases? What do we know and not know? I have met MANY members (current and former alike) that understand it all to mean that if you don’t go to the celestial kingdom, you will be barred from seeing your family, but you can still hangout with everyone else in your respected kingdom. I have always taken the approach that we don’t really know what eternal family means beyond those few lines. I’ll sometimes point the Doctrine and Covenants 19 where it explains that the word “Eternal” simply means “belonging to God”, so “eternal family” is just “God’s family” that that not being an eternal family does not mean that God is going to bar you from those you were raised by, but rather, eternal family means to eternally live in an ever growing family setting…however, as nice as that sounds, the context of what is said and the feeling of the wording doesn’t always support that, but rather seems to support the cultural understanding many members have. Does anyone have any insights on this? Any references to words of the prophets or scripture?
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    southern boarder

    What’s the fix?
  23. Fether

    Elder Holland talk April 2022

    Makes sense
  24. Fether

    Elder Holland talk April 2022

    Just re-read the talk. Im confused. What is the issue with it?
  25. I don’t understand this graph when compared to your comment. It looks like shows conservatives are far more violent than liberals