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  1. Grunt

    Racial Error in Come Follow Me Manual

    This is what drives me nuts. Why does there have to be? Why are we trying to erase history? Why can't we accept what the Prophet has said in this day and still acknowledge what was said in the past? If it is no longer relevant today than I don't care if we do, or don't, teach it. However, it's still there.
  2. Grunt

    Temple Clothing Change

    It's in the store, too.
  3. Grunt

    Temple Clothing Change

    Me too. It sounds like there won't be a huge design change, beyond the two they mentioned. Just a fabric change. I guess we won't know for sure. I will say this announcement brought me GREAT joy.
  4. Grunt

    Temple Clothing Change

    This makes me happy.
  5. Grunt


    It went OK, I think. We asked the parents to attend and pretty much laid it out that our work is to support the children's goals, so it's important that they set them. The next meeting will be with just the primary children, where we are going to set activities as a group that assist our communal goals (which will hopefully support individual goals). That makes sense in my head. Not sure it does here.
  6. Grunt


    Not that anyone follows, but Mrs Grunt received her limited-use this week and starts classes soon.
  7. Sure. I had a habit of biting off more than I could chew as an investigator. There were several things that almost kept me out of the font, but this one was one of the longest, most agonizing, and resulted in some crazy, almost unbelievable, Devine intervention to get me back on track.
  8. KFD almost resulted in me not joining the church.
  9. Her anger is misdirected.
  10. Grunt

    Temples and Adult Converts

    Another interview? Uh oh.
  11. Grunt

    Impeachment question for experts

    As well they should.
  12. Grunt

    The conditional testimony

    I don't view this as a "conditional testimony" as much as I do the habit members seem to have of speculating. I had to endure a one-sided conversation on why there are dinosaur bones recently. Why try to guess about what the Lord may reveal? Why worry about how you'll react to what's to come? You have instructions. You make covenants. You follow them. Through that, you grow faith. With that faith you'll face what's to come.
  13. Grunt

    Temples and Adult Converts

    As an adult convert, I was ordained Priest shortly after baptism. I received a limited use recommend pretty soon after, which granted me access to the baptistry. I went on youth night to assist in baptisms. Shortly after receiving the higher priesthood I continued to attend on youth night with a limited use recommend. I was able to participate in baptisms and confirmations. 13 months after baptism I had a full use recommend.
  14. Grunt

    Temples and Adult Converts

    Mrs Grunt is starting Temple Prep classes