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  1. Grunt

    How to restore desire ?

    I'm not a marriage counselor. My wife would probably tell you I'm the last person you should ask. Communication is key, though. I'd get counseling if I were you.
  2. Grunt

    How to restore desire ?

    It also sounds like it isn't a "me" thing. It's an "us" thing. They aren't a team.
  3. A police officer in our ward open carried this past weekend. I've never seen him do that before. Made me wonder.
  4. Grunt

    Thank God for Dallin H. Oaks

    Mine were Elders Gong and Soares. So long ago....
  5. Grunt

    Is this valve open or closed?

    Everything looks fine to me. Valve is off. I assume the PEX goes to your supply and the copper goes through the wall. Depending on where you live I'd shut that off in winter. Maybe install an anti-freeze faucet. Solder job is rough and looks like there is some extra flux there. Did you have a specific issue you were concerned with?
  6. The concept of what you're saying makes sense, but the way you are saying it doesn't show you in a good light. You married your wife. You became one. You're a team. You need to communicate and compromise. If you can't do that yourselves, you need to find someone to facilitate it.
  7. Grunt

    Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

    That's what caused me to ask. I'm not sure I could answer that one "yes". I don't know if I'll ever be able to.
  8. What does "keeping the Sabbath Day holy" mean to you? What are things you absolutely must do to accomplish this, according to you? What are things you absolutely won't do? What does the Sabbath look like, to you?
  9. Grunt

    Censorship at its finest
  10. When I was on the set of Witnesses there was a baptism scene. Several of the actors weren't members, including the person doing the actual baptism. We were standing on shore watching it happen and during the baptism an arm stayed above water. It was pretty funny because we were all in character, but there was an audible "UUUuuuuuhhhhhmmm" of negativity from those who were members. The actor had no idea what it was about and they had to shoot the scene again. You probably had to be there to see the humor.
  11. Grunt

    Career Change - Advice?

    I ran our automation department for a year (knowing nothing about automation). I had several people with similar certifications go to work in the civilian sector making six figures. One went to work for TJX.
  12. Yeah. That was a rhetorical question. What do I know. I'm only 640 days into this.
  13. Grunt

    Peace or Stress

    I get far more stressed when I slack on my duty to God.
  14. Interesting. If a man is married to two women, those women aren't also married to each other, correct? Then it would still violate the Law of Chastity. The rest of your examples aren't doctrine, but policy. Policies come and go.