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  1. Grunt

    Investigator Question

    That's all I've been doing for quite some time.
  2. Grunt

    Investigator Question

    Thanks. It's tough. I want to help, but I need to do so in a way that allows her to come to her own conclusion.
  3. Grunt

    Investigator Question

    That's basically what I said. I have to respond to it. It's not someone being argumentative, it's someone upset and sincerely looking for answers.
  4. Grunt

    Investigator Question

    Because if the Bible said there would be no other books, what if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a false church? Wouldn't being baptized in it anger God?
  5. I was asked "What if it's wrong? What if by being baptized you are condemning yourself to hell?" Curious how you would answer this.
  6. Grunt

    Men as Providers

    They've been accepted for awhile now.
  7. Grunt

    Men as Providers

    The dynamic is completely different. It's more of a police action.
  8. Grunt

    Men as Providers

    Tough question. The personal answer is I just want someone who can do the job. The real answer is far more complex. What's more important, equality or combat effectiveness? The emotional reaction of men to women dead, wounded, or even in danger is different than that ofother men. Men have a natural instinct to protect women. This can cause issues in combat. Isolated deployments of mixed units can have issues same sex units don't. All of these things affect combat readiness and morale. Will forced integration eventually change that? I don't know. I serve with what they give me.
  9. Grunt

    Men as Providers

    You didn't fix it, you changed it. Standards for jobs that were traditionally male were formed based on the minimum requirements to do the job, typically. The requirements for women were formed because they could t meet the minimum requirements for the job, again, typically. I've seen the first had effects of this in the military and firefighting. The military is changing to a single requirement for specific jobs that is gender neutral. I think that is a good standard to follow.
  10. Grunt

    Kindness & the Internet

    Now we're telling fairy tales.
  11. Grunt

    Kindness & the Internet

    Or @MormonGator . He's a great example of grace.
  12. Grunt

    Heading to Utah

    I should be at the airport by 6:30. I'm waiting to hear about a ride.
  13. I would like it more than getting pregnant then leaving my child in a single parent home and go marry someone else. What you mean is you aren't willing to be that person, not that you can't. Pretty selfish.