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  1. Grunt

    Gays and the church

    This. I actually gave a talk that touched on this. If God says "the line is here", why would you get as close to that line as you could? Me? I'm staying as far away from that line as I can, particularly if it included temptation.
  2. Grunt


    You trying to get people to leave the Church?
  3. Grunt


    If people want to know, please send me a direct message. I've learned a valuable lesson about sharing too much information on this board.
  4. Grunt


    BUT, I already have my new calling so back to work.
  5. Grunt


    Agreed. She's a judicial activist.
  6. Grunt

    For Fun: Stocking A Library

    This. Second: The Proper Role of Government by ETB Third: The Law by Frederic Bastiat
  7. Grunt


    Yes. My service was no longer required.
  8. Grunt


    New Year, new calling.
  9. Grunt

    Kyle Rittenhouse

    People are tribal. You're always going to have racism, classism, etc. People settle where they deserve to be, typically. It's also not unusual for them to blame "X" for them being there. In the cases mentioned above: I'm not sure how I feel about the Aubery sentences, but it's only because I don't know all the details. From what I've read, Travis McMichael deserves far worse than he got. I'm unsure of Gregory McMichael's role. I also thought William Bryan's sentence was harsh considering he testified against the other two and was the videographer. Then I read that he hit Aubery with the truck. Regardless, society is better off with three violent racists in jail. They can all burn. The Aguilera-Mederos case is more complicated, and sadder all around in my opinion. It doesn't appear he intentionally killed anyone. The judge agreed and said he wouldn't have personally delivered that sentence if it wasn't required by the state. The DA and AG were pushing for a sentence reduction and the Governor delivered it. It's just a horrible situation because he appears to be a decent guy who had an unfortunate brake failure and handled it horribly. He killed people and has to live with that his whole life. It's tough for me to feel good about any situation like that.
  10. Grunt

    Repetition of Testimony

    That was one of the things I talked about often when investigating. I always thought it sounded like they were trying to convince themselves. I've developed the opinion that it is just cultural. At one point it probably meant something or was commonplace in society in general. Now I believe it's treated the same as Saints folding arms when praying instead of clasping hands, wearing white shirts, etc. Kids hear others say it and repeat it. It becomes reflex.
  12. Nice. I never went past General, myself.
  13. Grunt


    Today my sons became Deacons.
  14. Grunt

    For Romans8

    Matteo, This reminds me of that old gravestone that floats around: "Where you are now, so once was I....." Feel free to reach out if you want to chat about my journey. I have a thread in the "Learn about the Mormon Church" section titled "Missionaries". I studied and prayed myself into a corner. Through this time, I really wanted to believe in the Church, but at the same time I really DIDN'T want to believe in the Church. Accepting the doctrine would require uncomfortable change on my part. Throughout my journey I was give some great advice by some great people, as well as some crappy advice by some crappy people. I'd love the opportunity to share the great advice with you, if you'd like, and answer any specific odd questions from a fairly recent convert's point of view. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is where Heavenly Father wants me to be.
  15. Grunt


    Boston Temple