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  1. Grunt


    2nd talk tomorrow. Let's see if I get exed. ETA: Probably came close.
  2. Grunt

    New Zealand Prime Minister

    There is no libertarian slant to excuse being pro-choice. At least not while following the prophet.
  3. Grunt

    Name of the Church

    80% of the questions I get from friends who know I converted start with "I saw the show/news....."
  4. Grunt

    The LGBT stumbling block.

    I believe that it is. We support each other through our struggles.
  5. Grunt

    Nonbeliever's questions about your faith

    During my conversion I did that a LOT. I think that mostly is because of a lack of testimony. Now I just accept things and have peace with most of them. Once I have peace I really just don't care what the reasons are anymore. Sometimes I get curious about something specific and research it until it makes sense.
  6. Grunt

    The LGBT stumbling block.

    It really isn't more complicated than that. You just explained the emotional hardships some have while following Christ.
  7. Grunt

    The LGBT stumbling block.

    Unfortunately, some people portray themselves more as members of a group than individuals.
  8. Grunt

    A generous Fast Offering

    Maybe. I've discussed it with my Bishop and he didn't seem to have anything to say.
  9. Grunt

    Gun people: Tell me about the M18

    I think the Sig P220 may be one of the best handguns I've ever carried.
  10. Grunt

    A generous Fast Offering

    Interesting. I've considered doing this myself. I also get urges now and again to up my tithing for a given period, too. I follow the prompting without really understanding it.
  11. Grunt

    Gun people: Tell me about the M18

    Finding good ammo can be tough. I just use wad cutters for putting holes in paper. Have you ever considered casting your own? Trying different things until you find what works? I use different loads for different firearms. Some just seem to like different things.
  12. Grunt

    Gun people: Tell me about the M18

    Interesting. I never noticed an issue with mine. Granted, I don't shoot it as much as I used to. I tend to stick to my favorites.
  13. Grunt

    Gun people: Tell me about the M18

    Love my 1911. I reload, which helps.