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  1. Grunt

    Liberals in the Church

    Sure. Party platforms aren't always representative of their members. I'm sure most Libertarians are pro-choice. I'm just saying those that are pro-life aren't exactly rare.
  2. Grunt

    Terrified of baptism

    That's funny (not funny ha ha but funny odd). My wife had the exact same issue. In the end, she opted for a ceremony with just myself baptizing her and 2 witnesses.
  3. What are your thoughts on people that lack testimonies but have the commitment to live up to the Church's standards?
  4. Grunt

    Liberals in the Church

    It's speculation. That people die from pollution is possible, and in some areas probable, but that modern roll backs of EPA rules will lead to more deaths from pollution is speculation. Not a single Libertarian that I hang out with supports abortion.
  5. Grunt

    Liberals in the Church

    Speculation No I don't.
  6. Grunt

    Liberals in the Church

    Sure, it may seem flawed to you. You have liberal leanings. That said, I would say it is flawed logic to assume there is a correct time to hint around topics contrary to Church teachings. I don't understand why it's so difficult for people to just work on building faith? What's the big attraction with challenging it? Why to just stick to teaching what we DO know and what Christ or the Prophets have taught? Isn't that why they taught it?
  7. Grunt

    Liberals in the Church

    I don't disagree. That's probably why it appears liberals are more inclined to leave the Church.
  8. Grunt

    Liberals in the Church

    It SHOULD be harder to hold most liberal views in Church than it is to hold most conservative views. It's also ABSOLUTELY necessary to call it out when seen. I don't want you asking my children the hard questions to get them to consider alternative views. I want you to teach them the gospel and teachings of the Prophets. Period. There were two groups of members that made my conversion more difficult than it had to be: those who loved to sit in class and discuss things they "believed" were true but had zero teachings to support them and those who thought it was cool to be "edgy".
  9. Grunt

    Church has issued a statement on Covid-19

    That's not entirely accurate. The reason this coronavirus is so damaging is the strain is different enough that our bodies aren't prepared for it. Once you get it, that is no loner the case. It is the same reasoning we use with the flu shot. You're likely to still get the flu, but if the flu you catch is similar to any of the strains in the shot you received, it will likely not be as harsh.
  10. Grunt


    This popped up in my memories from three years ago today when I met the missionaries for the first time.
  11. Grunt

    Safely Passing The Sacrament These Days

    We're still at home.
  12. If moral character is the key decision point in your voting, then who do you vote for?
  13. Grunt


    Not sure. The Temple is still closed. Also, the missionary that taught me online is getting married this fall in SLC, so we may discuss going out there for that, then getting sealed there where we have dear friends.
  14. Grunt


    Nobody follows this anymore, so it's mostly for myself, BUT: Mrs. Grunt finished her Temple Prep classes and was set apart this week as a Primary Presidency counselor.
  15. Grunt

    Twitter vs The White House

    More time? FSP hit its trigger of 20,000 over FOUR years ago. NH is importing people from MA at a very large rate. It's house is so blue we could currently have waiting periods, weapon bans, and a whole ton more if we didn't have a veto happy governor. Unless something dramatically changes, more time isn't going to help things.