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  1. Ahhh. Feminists. Now this thread makes sense.
  2. Grunt

    Joining the Church

    Honestly, I don't think it's anything you need to worry about. However, if Heavenly Father is calling you, MY experience during my conversion is that it's best to answer him, regardless of the situation. He knows what's best.
  3. Grunt

    Joining the Church

    The Church loves new people. Depending on where you live, you could get an incredible amount of support.
  4. Grunt

    Prayer Dillema

    I don't tell them anything. They say they'll win the super bowl. Ok. Why do I need to respond? Additionally, even if I were to respond, I can't see the future. Maybe they will.
  5. Grunt

    Prayer Dillema

    I wouldn't think so, but there has to be some point, before saying things you know not to be true, where a line can be drawn. I mean, the alternative shouldn't have to be capitulation.
  6. Grunt

    Prayer Dillema

    See, I'm not sure honesty and compassion have to be exclusive. The truth is the truth. You can control the love you deliver it with. You can control whether you even deliver it at all. You can't control how it is received. That is owned by the recipient.
  7. Grunt

    Fates worse than death

    Sometimes the best thing you can do is let it all out. At the end of the day, this is between you and Heavenly Father. Does the Church have a rapidly spreading cancer? Let's table that for now. Do you believe the Book of Mormon is the gospel for our time, that Joseph Smith was a prophet called by God, to restore Christ's Church? If the answer to that is no, then whether or not the Church has a cancer is irrelevant. You need to regain your testimony. If the answer to that is yes, then that's awesome. Now we can go to the next step. The natural man is imperfect. Society is falling further from Heavenly Father, and that without a doubt is bleeding into all aspects of society, to include The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That doesn't, however, mean all Saints. I truly believe the majority of Saints we meet are just trying to be the best person they can be in the image of Christ. However, we all fall short at times. I know I do. I bet you do, too. That's what makes this individual. The Church needs you, you need the Church. Why? Because He wants us to need it. He wants us to serve each other. He wants us to gather. You need to go to Church, and follow the covenants YOU made with HIM. You need to do this because in the blink of an eye you'll be facing eternity. You want to be the best disciple you can be. What other members are, or are not, doing is not relevant to you. You need to do what YOU need to be doing.
  8. Grunt

    Prayer Dillema

    Personally, I don't necessarily cater to the mental illnesses of others. It's easy for me to say, though, not having a family member with one. I suppose I might think of it differently. Darn missionaries made me call into repentance today, so who am I to talk.
  9. Grunt

    Unpopular Opinion: Stuff taught at school

    See, would you trust anyone that truly liked math?
  10. Grunt


    Starting my 8th month as Activity Day Leader with my spouse. I've gotten better at some things with relating to both my calling and personally, and worse at others. Regarding my calling, it's tough. There are three siblings who are incredibly disruptive, screeching, throwing chairs at times, fighting, etc. One of them can become violent. This isn't just an issue with my class, but with every class they are in. I've chosen to keep them in my class, because it's good for them, but I often feel like it's at the expense of other kids. They spend decent amounts of time sitting there while we deal with disruptive behavior. It's frustrating. Is it unChristlike behavior to tape kids to walls?
  11. I see no reason why I would study another religion.
  12. Grunt

    Heart attacks are no fun

    Glad everything worked out!
  13. Grunt

    Third Hour forum get together

    You’ve already met me. Most people can’t take twice. I’m in Vegas at the end of the month for a week.
  14. Grunt

    New garment styles

    I'll change this statement to hoping they don't go to printed. Even my military garments are faded and in some cases gone. If I have to buy new garments every 6 months it's not going to be fun.
  15. Nobody has to take me seriously. It’s not my doctrine I’m speaking, though. It’s Heavenly Father’s. You’d best take Him seriously.