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  1. Why? I don't have a race? I'm not speaking about what it is like to be black, which is what I would have to be doing for your analogy to work. I'm speaking about race relations, of which I'm a part, and past policy of the Church, of which I have access to about the same data as anyone else here. To say I'm unqualified to discuss the topic is a page right out of the liberal playbook to establish a moral or intellectual superiority that just doesn't exist.
  2. Grunt

    Car accident, what would you do?

    I'm of the same mindset. Having good insurance is well worth it.
  3. Grunt

    Last vote for forum name change

    Just send me your login and I'll post for you. All kinds of good stuff.
  4. Grunt

    2 hour church ? why so happy

    That was a little antagonist and assumptive. It's not either/or.
  5. Grunt

    2 hour church ? why so happy

    I don't disagree with anything you've posted, but I'm also grieved at how the members are taking it on the other side as well (myself included). I lament the time lost communing with my fellow Saints. We are told to gather together and this will be one less hour of that. However, I'm really excited about the home study program. It looks awesome and will be a benefit once I understand it. That said, it seems it's time to stop waiting for Church leaders to organize my time and educate me. It's time to take the ball and run with it, perhaps even organizing a weekly gathering or two outside the home with other families for study.
  6. Grunt

    Last vote for forum name change

    That's a thought, too.
  7. Grunt

    Ten Day Fast from Social Media

    If being married has taught me anything, it's when I think I know what's "for my own good" I'm usually wrong.
  8. Grunt

    Last vote for forum name change

    Hub at Temple Square is still my favorite. However, as @MormonGator stated, if this had been called "Third Hour" or anything similar, I'd never have found the place.
  9. Grunt

    Military Obligation

    It absolutely isn't different. Taxation is theft. We weren't discussing taxation, though.
  10. I think my kids will be disappointed. They like church for the same reasons I do. Having Dad teach them more than he does now isn't the same. Regardless, it's done. It's now become my responsibility to figure out how to make this work for my family.
  11. It's going to be tough on those, particularly children and young adults, without strong home programs.
  12. Grunt

    Military Obligation

    I disagree. First, I don't want people who don't want to serve in the military. Second, I shouldn't be enslaved by anyone simply because of my geography.
  13. Grunt

    Military Obligation

    I don't believe in slavery as a condition of citizenship.
  14. Grunt

    Car accident, what would you do?

    I wouldn't sue you, I'd sue your daughter.
  15. Does your daughter have a mental illness or are you just saying she's really, really dumb?