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  1. I look at this from several angles. 1. We shouldn't stress and worry about anything. You act, and sometimes those actions lead to the results you desire. Sometimes the actions of others lead to the results you desire. Sometimes they don't. 2. We can't NOT worry. The natural man feels stress and worry. 3. It isn't connected to faith at all. We don't know what God has in store for us. What if it had been God's plan for the Church to NOT receive funding? What if the path was meant to be different? This knowledge should support number 1, but really leads to number 2.
  2. Baptizing long-time family friends today. Pretty happy for them, and glad they made this decision for themselves.
  3. I wonder where Hyena is in their faith journey today.
  4. I'm looking at this same move for next year.
  5. Do you know something I don't? I sure hope so.
  6. Good. That's the kind of president I want. Sit at home and ignore us.
  7. Lots of pretty morally crappy people do good things. I wouldn't call them role models, though. Then again, society considers many depraved individuals to be role models.
  8. Not yet! #FakeNews
  9. Is it more than normal, or is it just that you're getting to the age that it's your formative favorites that are dying?
  10. We may see it differently, but I live it. I like to think I have a clearer picture and more facts. My position isn't emotional, it's derived from years of experience home and abroad.
  11. If it breaks out as a succession, it very well could end with one side winning. That isn't what we're discussing, though. With a succession you have 2 standing armies slugging it out. The US Army fighting citizens with ARs wouldn't be the battle. You'd have, to use the same example, the northern army fighting the southern army and both sides would have the modern tech and capabilities that came with their territories. An insurrection, where the discussion of armed civilians comes more into play and what this discussion was about when I entered, is people from the block going against the government. To use your example, what do you think would happen if the US Government nuked a domestic city? What do you think the average military member's reaction would be? What would happen if the US used their advanced firepower in Miami? What percentage of Soldiers called to carry out that strike would participate? Would it endear the locals and state to the government? Would it cause locals to back down, or join the cause? Would escalation cause more Soldiers to turn their guns on their neighbors, or back down? It doesn't matter how good the Army's firepower is if Soldiers won't wield it and if wielding it turns more people against the government. Soldiers see themselves as protectors of freedom and America. They don't seem themselves as the armed thugs of politicians. Like I said, this gets chess boarded at high levels regularly. It's not a great outcome for politicians. Heck, we saw what would happen in many places on January 6th. Police/Soldiers opening the doors and welcoming them in.
  12. I'm hardly an expert. The biggest factor you seem to be missing is the US military isn't the US government, and the US military can't do anything to the populace.