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  1. You aren’t missing a thing. We are cautioned even in those “rare things”
  2. No. He asked me to talk then participate in a Q&A.
  3. I've never spent much time on their website and don't know that much about them at all. Sometimes being on this website doesn't feel right. I just chuckle when people dismiss some things they don't know anything about.
  4. That's quite a description for a group you never even heard of until today.
  5. As my kids get older I get far more involved with the school in both volunteer and elected positions. I really strive to know what's going on at al levels. One of the biggest wake-up calls I had was simply walking into the school library.
  6. We had a GA at stake conference not address this directly, but essentially said that if you're following the world, not the church, you'd better wake up and get onboard.
  7. I'm not a member of the JSF, I only cited them as an example.
  8. Gave a talk at Stake Conference with a GA. That's not nerve-wracking or anything.
  9. There are lots of people involved with this forum who aren't as faithful as they'd like us to believe they are. I don't pay much heed to anonymous gossip.
  10. There is a push in many areas of society to indoctrinate youth in the LGBT culture. It's mostly working, and if you aren't active in your schools you're allowing. Most parents aren't even aware of the extent it's happening. The Church is struggling to create a culture of love and acceptance while remaining doctrinally sound. What this means varies depending on a member's views. Organizations, such as the Joseph Smith Foundation, are popping up to oppose the cultural push.
  11. I think the exact same thing and have the same questions about liberals. That said, I try to teach my children tolerance and good behavior.
  12. Maybe? As someone who spent all but the last 4 years of his life NOT as a Saint, I don't know (from a mortal perspective). I will certainly say life is better and more fulfilling. Edited to add: I suppose, as I ponder this, I liken it to going to the gym. I'm in the gym every morning. It's certainly harder than sleeping in or watching television. However, it improves my quality of life. I can do more physically. I'm happier. I'm healthier. The rest of my life is better because of the effort I put into my physical health. I think my life is better because of the effort I put into my spiritual life. That doesn't mean there aren't days when it's time to get up and it takes every ounce of motivation to not roll over and go back to sleep. For me, some days being a Saint is like that. There are aspects of the Church, my faith, and my covenants that I struggle with. But I get up, exercise my testimony and fulfill my calling, and everything falls into place.
  13. First, I think we as Saints are way too hard on ourselves. We all put our best foot forward and seem to live perfect lives, but when you peek behind the curtain you'll see we're all as messed up as the next family. After one of my Church meetings the other day, a few members pulled me aside and thanked me for sharing both sides. I'm still not sure what they meant, but I suppose it's because I acknowledge the difficulty as well as the blessings. That doesn't mean I don't knuckle down and follow in faith, but it's not always easy. Second, I think there isn't a secret answer to changing perspective. A talk, verse, or Hymn can start the journey, but it's a journey. I loved President Nelson's talk yesterday about Spiritual Momentum. If you didn't catch it, please do. In my most humble opinion, attitudes and perspectives are changed through environment and habit. Build a home that is faithful and without sinful distractions. If television, movies, books, or even sometimes people darken your perspective or create doubts, then swap them out for things that bolster your faith. Set a routine of study and prayer. Prayer is incredible, but didn't come easy to me. Study doesn't always have to be sitting and ready scriptures or Come Follow Me, though that is important. It could be listening to talks or reading other faith-building material. Form a routine so that it becomes habit. Third, sometimes we carry guilt and don't even realize it. Things we need to repent for and/or resolve. They don't have to be sins, but could just be things that weigh heavy on our hearts. Maybe none of these apply to you, but from time to time they do apply to me so I thought it important enough to share.