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  1. Grunt

    The election

    Here's a book everyone should read:
  2. Grunt

    The election

    I've never understood the "can I get my account deleted" requests. Just don't log in, delete the bookmark, and forget about the place. I've done that will countless forums that I choose not to participate in.
  3. Grunt

    The election

    This is simplistic and doesn't paint the entire picture. Trump claims those running the system are corrupt and changed the outcome. Some of his claims are absolutely true, but that doesn't mean those actions were fraudulent. Some of his claims are that fraud absolutely took place, and we'll see how his claims pan out.
  4. Grunt

    Trump 2024?

    It's much worse than that, now. They are actually openly trying to shape public opinion (not even touching on the whole existence of CFR). Yesterday, on public record, a sitting US Senator questioned public platform owners about why conservative voices weren't banned from their platforms. They don't even try to hide it anymore.
  5. Grunt

    Trump 2024?

    America has a short memory and the anti-establishment ballot caught them unaware in 2016. It won't happen again. It won't be Trump in 2024 and as others have said, it likely won't be Biden, either.
  6. Grunt

    Reminded of Anatess...

    She still sends me an email from time to time. Sad that she was removed.
  7. Grunt

    The second coming is in March

    I'm just trying to make it through today, my friend. Just trying to make it through today.
  8. Grunt

    Sacrament Talk

    Well, the Stake President was there and nobody pulled my Temple Recommend, so I think I'm in the clear.
  9. Grunt

    Question on "Faith Crisis"

    Faithful study and prayer won't have the possibility of it leading away. I can't see how it would. My encouragement to anyone whether they are an investigator, coming back to church, or having a faith crisis would be to study and pray, and please reach out to me with any questions or help they may need, and that would include you. My experience with people deconstructing their faith, and I've known more than a few "former" members, has been that they aren't studying the right things. Edited to add: I'm probably a HORRIBLE person to discuss generalities with, though, because my faith is pretty black and white. Something is either good and of God or bad, and not. I don't play with the grey much. There is too much good to uncover and study. Being so black and white often leads me to deliver definitive and blunt advice. Even though I mean it with love and I really do care, if someone comes to me and says "I'm really struggling with what the prophet said" my response is typically "well, he's the prophet". 14. The prophet and the presidency—the living prophet and the First Presidency—follow them and be blessed—reject them and suffer. In fact, this is the meat of the talk I'm giving in Sacrament tomorrow, so my post tomorrow night may be "help Grunt get re-baptized after his ex-communication".
  10. Grunt

    Question on "Faith Crisis"

    See, I think this is an issue that those who challenge faith run into and I have difficulty understanding why. We assume because it isn't a talk given every conference that the "Church" hasn't adopted it. Elder Bednar addressed that very point this last General Conference in his talk. President Ezra Taft Benson very directly counseled us "The prophet and the presidency—the living prophet and the First Presidency—follow them and be blessed—reject them and suffer." He didn't say "choose what we follow" or "wait until everyone in the Church gives talks on something before following it." I'm ecstatic to have anyone worship with me. The Lord's house is open to all. I've shared a pew (well, row since our tiny ward still racks chairs after every Sacrament and sets them up the next week) with drunks, atheists, Buddhists, and many other people that don't believe what I believe. I'm not sure why someone would think that I would feel differently. That said, you have to be equally comfortable with the knowledge that if you utter things that run counter to what the Lord has revealed to us through His Prophets and Apostles, I'm going to call that out and cite the people He has chosen to speak through.
  11. Grunt

    Question on "Faith Crisis"

    -Elder Bruce R. McConkie
  12. Grunt

    Question on "Faith Crisis"

    1. Errors? I guess that depends on what you consider an error. What others I've spoken with in a faith crisis have considered errors I don't particularly consider to be errors as much as a distancing from the Church. 2. While ANY participation is better than no participation, all is obviously best. Follow the Prophet. If you're rejecting things from the Church, you're rejecting things from God. That's certainly a personal use of your agency, but it does come with consequences. 3. Why would you expect Christ's Church to be comfortable with heresies? Your Bishop's office is likely the space you are looking for.
  13. Based on their modern articles and issues, I wouldn't be surprised if many Latter-day Saints were members, just not talking about it.
  14. I don't think JBS is a sensitive topic in the Church. I don't know anyone in the Church that belongs to the organization. I read just about anything suggested to me and found many of the JBS scholarly articles and Welch's speeches to be insightful, even if sometimes misdirected. Back in Welch's day communism was the boogie man but really most of his supporting writings was more a warning of globalization and the micro steps leading to it. He was convinced many politicians and the media were complicit and playing the long game. Many of his concerns have been realized.
  15. Grunt

    Question on "Faith Crisis"

    I avoid it. Not because I can't handle it, but because it adds nothing to my life. It's not spiritually uplifting.