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  1. Here is a great YouTube channel that explores such issues: https://youtube.com/@thedadvocate?si=nFxYl-z7zJw2hilv
  2. Having no chance of winning isn't sufficient reason for me to compromise my values and vote for someone who's values are aligned elsewhere. How is it hurting my cause by not voting for someone who doesn't embrace my same values? Or maybe I can't in good conscience vote for the two principle candidates and it has nothing to do with pride or feelings superior to others- and I wholeheartedly support whatever choice others make happy for the freedom we enjoy to vote for whomever we want.
  3. Why is voting 3rd party "selfish and self-congratulatory"? For me it's informed and true to my values. Why should I be shamed into voting for one of two people I find deplorable because the vast majority of the citizenry is convinced you have to be a elephant or an a.., er, donkey? Maybe if more people took the time to research and vote for whomever truly comes closest to their values we wouldn't be in this current situation?
  4. Being a slimeball isn't illegal, and though I don't support Trump (or Biden), inventing laws to go after your political opponents is not something I want for our country- so of necessity I am obliged to side with Trump on his conviction.
  5. He doesn't know because whatever "law" he "broke" was a federal campaign law which the jury was allowed to not disclose. He still convinced that the "felony" Trump committed was a bookkeeping issue.
  6. Using your example- you can still be truthful. Does the dress go with the "feature" of her eye color? Her hair? If you try hard enough you can find a way to be positive. I think too many people- not saying you- don't want to be bothered to invest time in other people to find ways they can be kind. We need to work on that. Side note: I think the teaching of hyper-honesty is a little off. The Lord counseled Abraham to lie (by omission) about Sarah being his sister. David feigned being crazy to avoid Philistine wrath. The Nephites gave Lamanites guards wine that had been "fortified" more than it's normal strength to cause them to pass out. These are just a few examples of scriptural "good guys" being misleading.
  7. I saw Lee Strobel ("A Case of Christ") teach marriage in heaven on James Robinson's show, and read a months long debate among Catholics about the same subject in New Oxford Review in 2023. Do you think any of them will admit that we may have been right all along? 🙄 Nope, just "but not to be confused with what those crazy Mormons believe" type "clarifications".
  8. Bragg used Federal election law to create a felony out of a misdemeanor state law- something that has never been done before. It has to be reviewed.
  9. For those who believe that at least some of the Michigan tablets are authentic- they point to the "Son of the Left Hand" (bad) being older than the "Son of the Right Hand" (good).
  10. Effort? "18 Whatever principle of intelligence we attain unto in this life, it will rise with us in the resurrection. 19 And if a person gains more knowledge and intelligence in this life through his diligence and obedience than another, he will have so much the advantage in the world to come." (Doctrine and Covenants 130) **Maybe the same principle applies to pre-mortal --> mortal life. **
  11. It won't survive the Federal system. Sonski 2024! 😁
  12. I haven't said any different. Like I said- this medium isn't ideal to convey my pondering.
  13. Yes, only exalted beings can create/organize/?? spirit children.
  14. No...? There is something important about the mortal probation as it relates to covenant. Perhaps be born/organized as a spirit by Celestial parents is the what allows you to enter into higher covenants? Remember we don't start at the top- we work out way up through covenants. Perhaps, but you, as a savior, will you ever go to an earth and perform an Atonement? No. Thus, even leaving my theory behind, there is something fundamentally different between a Savior and saviors. Consecration. United Order. Zion.