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  1. Could it be that is when the chorister cuts them off? Or maybe it's because the congregation cuts off early and they feel silly holding it out so much longer when no one is singing anymore. I've been playing the organ (badly) for over 20 years, so maybe it's easier for me to have charity towards those pianists who are the vast majority of organists these days and who are actually willing to try (there are many who aren't willing). The organ is very different than the piano. There are a lot more fingering strategies one has to learn because of the lack of a sustain pedal. It makes sense to me when an organist (who is really a pianist) has to play a song slower than it calls for, though unfortunately I do still find it annoying. I try to play the hymns at speed, but there are definitely those that I still struggle with. Plus there are other considerations such as following a chorister, which an organist is supposed to do. A lot of choristers aren't musically trained and are just doing the best they can. They can be difficult to follow. Might I suggest walking up to your ward organist and/or chorister some Sunday and thanking them for their willingness to serve. It's a mighty rare occurrence and may just make their day.
  2. I am still collecting responses to my survey for the next few weeks if anyone else wants to take it. @The Folk Prophet Though I wouldn't call myself GREAT, I would totally sing for you.
  3. Thank you to everyone who has shared their thoughts. I've already done a lot of research on the topic and understand that this is a complex, nuanced issue. Your comments have helped me to decide where to go next in my research.
  4. @Carborendum Sorry my survey is offensive. I'd love to hear what you think about the topic. What questions should I have asked and how would you answer them?
  5. Bump. Even if you’ve never experience censorship yourself, you likely have an opinion about it. Please consider sharing your opinion on this brief survey. Answers are anonymous.
  6. Thank you, Vort! I really appreciate that. I think of you all often. And, even though I don't participate, I do occasionally hop on and read a little of what you all are discussing.
  7. Hello, forum friends. I’m popping in because I need your help. I am continuing my education and taking a writing class this term. My big assignment is to write an argumentative essay, and my chosen topic is censorship on social media. I wanted to collect some opinions and experiences of regular social media users, so I created a short survey. If you have a minute or two to spare, I would appreciate if you’d take the survey. I am particularly interested in users of Facebook, Twitter (X, if you prefer), and YouTube, but any social media is fine. At this time, I am not counting forums in my definition of social media. If you or anyone you know has experienced censorship on social media, I would be particularly interested in how you would answer these survey questions. Feel free to share the link to this survey with others. Answers remain anonymous. Let me know if you have any questions. I would also appreciate any feedback you have on my survey questions or about the topic in general.
  8. He came out months ago on Facebook.
  9. It sounds like your daughter has a wonderful childlike faith. It reminds me of Adam when the angel asked him why he offered sacrifice and he said, “I know not, save the Lord commanded me.” She is at the age of leaning on the testimony of others, her parents and leaders. That’s okay. Don’t discount that too readily. “More blessed are they who shall believe in your words because that ye shall testify that ye have seen me, and that ye know that I am” (3 Nephi 12:2). She has years in which to come to know for herself. Your role (and it already sounds like you are doing a great job at it) is to teach her the doctrine of Christ. Help her to understand what commitment she will be making at baptism. Help her understand how to gain a testimony. It’s a process that she will love because it involves checking off boxes every day. Teach her the steps along the covenant path. Baptism is just the first one. It is a lifelong process of checking off little and big boxes. Help her understand that all those boxes are to get her to the ultimate objective of becoming like her Heavenly Parents and living with them in the Celestial Kingdom. Utilize the children & youth program. Help her learn to set and achieve goals that will help her along the process. You’re doing better than you think, Jane. Keep doing what you are doing.
  10. Thanks for being willing! I'll let you off the hook this time.😉 I have enough participants to turn in the assignment.
  11. No, not at all. I would just recommend taking a minute or two to look up some info about the product. I appreciate you being willing to take a little bit of time for my survey. I will PM you the link.
  12. I did this just last week with my oldest daughter. She will be serving in Ohio.
  13. Hi, fellow forum members! Long time, no see. I am in my third semester of the PathwayConnect program, and am taking a digital marketing class. My current assignment is to create a survey for a specific product and have 10 people take the survey. Then I get to write up what this teaches me about marketing research. I have created a survey on Google Forms for the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 laptop/tablet. If anyone is willing to help me out and take this totally fake survey, please PM me so I can send you the link. Thank you for your consideration of my request. -Connie
  14. Thank you! I really want to study this topic more now. 🙂