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  1. I know. And i was dead serious... as always... 😜
  2. Oh, fine. I guess it's a bit too text heavy for a meme. 😄 But my inner girly girl wants to take it and put some sort of decorative border around it. My practical side just wants to post it on facebook.
  3. I love this so much! It should be a meme.
  4. The last movie I watched was Oscar a couple of weeks ago. This movie stars Sylvester Stallone and is the story of a gangster named Snaps Provolone who tells his dying father that he will give up his life of crime and what happens on the day he attempts to do that. It’s hilarious! Apparently it’s based on a stage play. The hubby and I like to watch this one every once in a while. It’s the first movie that pops into my head with a male character named Connie. Here’s one of my favorite exchanges during the movie: Connie: Even in the old days he was known as an honest crook. Dr. Thornton Poole: That's an oxymoron. Connie: Gee, you shouldn't oughta said that, Doc. Snaps: Yeah, leave Connie alone. He does the best he can. Also stars Tim Curry as Dr. Poole, the elocution teacher. It is rated PG. So what’s the last movie you saw whether in the theatre or elsewhere? What is it about? Who are the actors/actresses? What’s it rated? Did you like it? Any favorite quotes or other things you’d like to share?
  5. I like them so far. I don't think they're perfect. But i feel the spirit as i watch. They are a vast improvement from the living scripture cartoons i grew up with, and my kids seem to enjoy them.
  6. Connie

    What's the last book you read?

    The last book i read was Princess of the Wild Swans by Diane Zahler. It is a children's fairy tale about a princess who must save her older brothers from an enchantment. It was a cute story. I enjoyed it. It is a great book for young girls. What is the last book you read? Did you like it? What was it about? Would you recommend it to others?
  7. Connie

    What's the last book you read?

    Wow! Brave of you to read that! I'm familiar enough with the history that I don't think I could stomach it. Reminds me of the time my husband recommended The Hot Zone. I told him to go jump in a lake.
  8. Connie

    What's the last book you read?

    Well enough. You?
  9. Some areas have Singles Wards for 30+. You could ask around or do a meetinghouse search on the Church website to see if there is one in your area.
  10. Connie

    What's the last book you read?

    Skyward by Brandon Sanderson. Great YA sci-fi! I enjoyed listening to the audiobook.
  11. In addition to the ideas in the CFM manual, you can find more ideas in Church magazines. Most of my kids are YM/YW, so we mostly just read and discuss. It's been nice. My kids are great at asking questions when there is something they don't understand, and we can share thoughts and ideas.
  12. Connie

    What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

    I read a biography earlier this year about Henrietta Swan Leavitt (famous in astronomy and also my distant cousin) where I encountered her obituary written by her colleague, Solon Bailey. “Miss Leavitt inherited, in a somewhat chastened form, the stern virtues of her puritan ancestors. She took life seriously. Her sense of duty, justice and loyalty was strong. For light amusements she appeared to care little. She was a devoted member of her intimate family circle, unselfishly considerate in her friendships, steadfastly loyal to her principles, and deeply conscientious and sincere in her attachment to her religion and church. She had the happy faculty of appreciating all that was worthy and lovable in others, and was possessed of a nature so full of sunshine that, to her, all of life became beautiful and full of meaning.” I would love to hear others say the same about me. Definitely lots here I need to work on.
  13. I chose the 4th option. That most closely reflects my understanding. As per the Guide to the Scriptures: "In Greek, Apostle means “one sent forth.” It was the title Jesus gave to the Twelve whom He chose and ordained to be His closest disciples and helpers during His ministry on earth. He sent them forth to represent Him and to minister for Him after His Ascension into heaven. Both anciently and in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in the restored Church today, an Apostle is a special witness of Jesus Christ in all the world to testify of His divinity and of His resurrection from the dead." Link And just to add, Elder Bednar says some interesting things in this video: Elder Bednar Speaks on Apostles Role
  14. Connie

    To Gain a Fuller Understanding

    In no particular order: Jesus the Christ & The Articles of Faith by Talmage The Miracle of Forgiveness by Kimball Our Search for Happiness & When Thou Art Converted by Ballard Christ and the New Covenant by Holland A Marvelous Work and A Wonder by Richards Saints Volume 1, they are also starting to print chapters of volume 2 in the Ensign every month The Ensign Conference Spend some time in the Gospel Topics on the church website The Teachings of Presidents books Come Follow Me Teaching in the Savior’s Way Study helps such as the Bible Dictionary and Guide to the Scriptures have a lot of useful information The Proper Role of Government by Benson The Infinite Atonement by Callister Anything by Neal A. Maxwell and Things As They Really Are in particular Lectures on Faith The Lord’s Way by Oaks Spiritual Patterns trilogy by Bednar
  15. Connie

    MCU's new HERo

  16. Connie

    What is that word???

    Maybe sloganeering? "Reductionism: (also, Oversimplifying, Sloganeering): The fallacy of deceiving an audience by giving simple answers or bumper-sticker slogans in response to complex questions, especially when appealing to less educated or unsophisticated audiences. E.g., "If the glove doesn’t fit, you must vote to acquit." Or, "Vote for Snith. He'll bring back jobs!" In science, technology, engineering and mathematics ("STEM subjects") reductionism is intentionally practiced to make intractable problems computable, e.g., the well-known humorous suggestion, "First, let's assume the cow is a sphere!". See also, the Plain Truth Fallacy, and Dog-whistle Politics." from:
  17. Connie

    So um... I have an announcement.

    Congratulations! That's awesome!
  18. Domestic violence perpetrators, I imagine.
  19. Connie

    Luke 22 and swords

    Talmage only spends one paragraph on this in his book, Jesus the Christ. I lean more toward the spiritual swords idea. Maybe something along the lines of the armor of God from Ephesians 6--the sword of the Spirit.
  20. Connie

    Here’s a tough one!!

    That's pretty horrific. Maybe see if your area has something like Adult Protective Services. You can report cases of self neglect.
  21. JAG looks like such a nice guy. It's hard to imagine him as a hardened lawyer.
  22. Yes. A person can still take institute classes if they are attending a family ward. That's what I did.
  23. I went to a YSA ward a couple times after high school graduation. I didn't really like it. I preferred the age variety of a family ward--learning from the experience of the older ladies in Relief Society as well as the bright, young testimonies of the primary-aged kids. I stayed in my family ward. No one ever pestered me about going to the YSA ward that i can recall. It didn't feel awkward to me, but I was a bit of an odd duck. I never gave much thought to what anyone else thought of my choice. I think family wards are very benefited when young single adults chose to stay. I had a calling as primary pianist. I think it just depends on what you're looking for and where you do your best learning. I have lots of family and friends who love their YSA ward and benefit greatly from meeting and serving with people their own age.
  24. "Artificial insemination of single sisters is not approved. Single sisters who deliberately refuse to follow the counsel of Church leaders in this matter are subject to Church discipline." Wow! There it is. When in doubt, check Handbook 2. Thanks, @zil.