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  1. scottyg

    Church opposes anti conversion therapy bill

    This is from LDSFS per the Deseret news “Although well intentioned, the proposed rule as written will strongly dissuade many responsible therapists from providing much-needed therapy to minors,” the letter said. “That is especially true of therapists whose counseling respects the religious identity and faith perspectives of Latter-day Saints and members of other faith communities with biblically informed beliefs about gender and sexuality.” I am not an expert on this particular issue by any means, (I work in healthcare, but stay far away from mental health) but it seems to me that the church is worried that therapists will not be able to actually tell the child they are wrong; to be able to help them see that they were not "put in the wrong body". Rather, they will be forced to just go along with what the child is feeling and help them "transition" to whatever it is they want to do/be. Making a child believe that they are lgbtqmnop or whatever, when they really are not, is exactly what conversion therapy is...just from the other direction. The church is opposed to "abusive conversion therapy", whereas many on the radial left think that conversion therapy is anyone telling a person they are actually not gay, and not born that way. Therapists should not engage in abusive or harmful therapies, but they should be allowed to tell the truth.
  2. Scary thought, but it may come to pass if the radicals in this country have their way. Many of the evil practices detailed in the scriptures are not yet happening at large in the world today...the world is going to get a lot worse before it bets better. I was reminded of this quote from Joseph F. Smith yesterday while watching the broadcast video... "We expect to see the day, if we live long enough (and if some of us do not live long enough to see it, there are others who will), when every council of the Priesthood in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will understand its duty, will assume its own responsibility, will magnify its calling, and fill its place in the Church, to the uttermost, according to the intelligence and ability possessed by it. When that day shall come, there will not be so much necessity for work that is now being done by the auxiliary organizations, because it will be done by the regular quorums of the Priesthood. The Lord designed and comprehended it from the beginning, and He has made provision in the Church whereby every need may be met and satisfied through the regular organizations of the Priesthood." More and more responsibility for gospel learning is being placed on individuals and parents (especially Fathers). We need to buck up and be spiritually, as well as temporally, self-reliant.
  3. Exactly. I serve in the Bishopric in our ward, and with almost every family we can tell who is following the "Come, follow Me" program and who is not. Some of the youth I talk to have a different/new feeling about them as they are now in the scriptures more each week. Some homes and families, sadly, have not changed one bit, and are being left behind as others progress.
  4. Very interesting. I have never looked at Utah this way before.
  5. Yeah, marriage for Jews in Biblical times happened at much younger ages. Depending on the number of sisters between Nephi and his brothers, I have always viewed Sariah in her mid to late 30's when they left Jerusalem. I too loved the scenery. Good choice of location.
  6. scottyg

    Canadian election

    I think you have missed the greater problem. I believe the greater problem is that Hitler and the German government (bureaucracy) were putting on a public persona that was a cover up and lie to many "things" that were kept secret and hidden from the public. Hitler was elected into power without a majority of voters and from those that did elect him - the fast majority did not know the extent and purposes of what was going on. Without a doubt there were mistakes made leading up to WWII. One of the greatest failure was the internment of (some - not even the majority of) Japanese. However, a lot is taken out of context. The Japanese were misunderstood. Having worked in Japan - life (culture) there is very different than here in the USA - I can give many personal examples. It is very easy to exploit such differences. But I would say this about Japanese internment - #1. It was done by a liberal, left wing administration. It seems to me that most often when this is brought up - it is mostly by someone with liberal leaning in an appearance of conservatives as though they were the only ones at fault. #2. The president was FDR - who was the grandson of one of the most powerful drug lords in the most powerful international opiate cartel to have ever existed - that had strong political connections in the USA and Europe. This drug cartel was the single greatest cause of the fall of Qing Dynasty which led to the rise of Communism in China. The reason I point this out is because a lot of information that is finding its way into scrutiny is somewhat filtered and only a tip of an iceberg. But I am concerned that so many do not understand the differences between the internment camps and the WWII concentration camps. There were some similarities but there is no more logic to the statement that the internment camps were basically concentration camps than to say you are basically a Nazi Storm trooper because you have more similarities to one of them than you have with an amoeba. Vietnam was a great mistake - but the reason is still not well understood in historical context. To understand - one must know about the Tyrannical system in Brazil - not a government system but an international effort of a small cartel to control the rubber industry. To make this short - Brazil was the only place in the world were rubber could be harvested. But then a French group smuggled some rubber tree plants out of Brazil and took them to Vietnam. The war in Vietnam was not about Vietnamese fighting against colonialism – It was about Communists China getting control of a piece of the rubber market. But the rubber market is not as important now as it once was and with the decline in the rubber market – that market has fallen apart and is no longer under cartel control but more subject to capital market operations. It is my opinion that the Book of Mormon warns us about the wars and violence that will be created in our time by secret combinations seeking power over financial markets, institutions of law (judges and lawyers), countries, and people in general. I do not believe the problem is about citizens wearing MEGA hats or other citizens hating MEGA hats - they are just the pons - the problem is in the power brokers (liberal and conservatives) doing unusual and unpeaceful things directed towards limiting liberties - especially free speech and the right to bear arms by citizens. The Traveler Very true, and I agree with the one-sidedness, which is why I like all laws to apply to everyone equally. If they only apply to certain people (a "disadvantaged group") then they are actually creating the very problem they are purported to solve. A rising tide should lift all ships. I agree as well with your view of the Book of Mormon. Also, the post you are quoting from is not mine.
  7. scottyg

    Canadian election

    The problem with your response is it's length. It is that you, and sunday, and the majority of people on the left today are reading too much into things. You are making it more complicated than it needs to be. All 3 things are bad to do, but one cannot equate calling someone a name to punching them in the face - the latter is worse. The actions of those who followed Hitler and killed innocent people were worse than the words that he said in some speech. One cannot abdicate their own agency. You cannot say that his words made them do those things...that is the plan of the adversary. We are responsible for ourselves. (Hitler also killed many people himself though, including many other atrocities, so overall he is definitely the worse individual in my opinion) Too many people today have no foundation to stand upon when it comes to their beliefs, and are too mentally weak to tolerate a difference of opinion. Plus, they are full of pride, and so they must keep pushing forward on their position whatever the cost. So, they restrict the speech of others to make themselves feel safer inside their own minds, knowing full well that the reason they still feel so insecure is because their position is not rational...which is why so many on the left are also so angry today.
  8. scottyg

    Canadian election

    I don't like throwing people out of boats either. However, that scenario you posed is in no way related to the question I did. If you don't want to answer the question that's fine, even though what you think is now quite obvious.
  9. scottyg

    Canadian election

    Clarify? Seems like a simple question to me. Which do you think is worse. 1. "Hate speech" / calling someone a name 2. A threat of physical harm 3. Causing physical harm / battery I don't really care what your employment law has to say...I want to know what you think personally.
  10. scottyg

    Canadian election

    Just for my information so we're on the same page, which of these 3 do you find worse?...saying something considered "hate speech", making an actual threat against someone, or actually physically harming them?
  11. scottyg

    Suicide and the Law of Chastity

    My comment may seem harsh as I do not know you, her, or her situation, but you should not marry this girl right now. She has issues that need to get resolved, and she should seek professional help and counseling. Yes, it was still wrong, and you should begin the repentance process ASAP.
  12. scottyg

    Membership in the Church

    He is a master at sleight of hand. Most people never notice the flaxen cords.
  13. scottyg

    Canadian election

    Makes sense, but just doesn't sit well with me. I guess I will not be moving to Canada anytime soon.
  14. scottyg

    Canadian election

    Yes, yes you can. Discrimination is discrimination. No one is exempt. Are you telling me that if I walk into a restaurant and the owner refuses to serve me because I am white and male, that that is not discrimination?
  15. How exactly do you "expand" Sunday best, or make Sunday best "less rigid"? Best dress is best dress.