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  1. scottyg

    Conference Ready?!

    Right at the end you can see the ref shake his head and say "No, no."
  2. scottyg

    Biden's Mandate may be a tad too far

    It is the same drug, so yes, it is safe for human consumption...if the proper amount is taken. All it takes is a simple math conversion, yet folks don't even bother to think that an animal dose may be different than a human one. Cut up the large tablet into smaller pieces. Don't squirt an entire syringe into your mouth...take it in smaller amounts. No one is forcing them take the entire thing all at once. Taking a large dose meant for a horse = stupid.
  3. scottyg

    Biden's Mandate may be a tad too far

    Some folks are just plain stupid. They are taking an entire syringe of the stuff meant for a 1,200 pound horse...a dose 6-8 times higher than the upper limit should be. Something that is odd about all of this is that when new treatments for any type of condition arise, there are studies done to judge the efficacy of said treatments. This happens all the time with new medications. They are found to have beneficial side effects, studies are done, and then new indications for prescribing those medications are recommended. Sometimes drugs that are meant to originally treat one condition are found to more effectively treat another. Does Ivermectin work against Covid-19...the truth is that nobody really knows for sure. Why doesn't anyone really know...because large and legitimate studies are not being done on it. Anytime anyone in the medical profession beings it up they are labeled as a crazy person. Given the attention it has received, one would think that several unbiased studies would have already been done, but thorough studies are not being done on it because of money and politics. And, as petty as it may sound, one root of this is due to the left's hatred of President Trump. Because he brought it up once upon a time, it has to be roundly and soundly defeated for all time without the necessity of any evidence to support that conclusion. Anything he has ever been for has to be untrue by default. Does Ivermectin work...maybe. It might be a great tool in fighting the virus. Or, it might be a waste of time. But, until the medical community moves the bulk of it's research away from the university setting, as well as away from politics, we will begin to see greater forms of lackluster healthcare in the future.
  4. scottyg

    Biden's Mandate may be a tad too far

    My wife got the shot after being pressured into it...and started bleeding the very next day. She was only on day 11 of her cycle. We are done having kids, so she wasn't/isn't too worried, but regretted her decision immediately. She is always very regular, so it seems too odd to just be a coincidence.
  5. scottyg

    Condoms are flying off the shelves in TX!

    So I assume you believe that a baby is a baby right at conception, and that the plan B pill is abortion correct? A large amount of people do not believe that, and are just fine with the pill. Yet I rarely hear plan B brought up in the topic of rape by the pro-choice camp. The abortion defenders always bring up the need to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, yet fail to acknowledge that taking a simple pill after the traumatic event will prevent the pregnancy. I am trying to understand why, outside of just being evil, why they would rather have a more expensive procedure weeks/months later that terminates the life of an almost fully developed person, when the pregnancy could just be avoided in the first place for around $40. Walmart sells the darn pill for just $12. I believe this is really all about money, politics, and influence/power. Also, the more the adversary can get people to care less about human life, the faster his plans take shape.
  6. scottyg

    Condoms are flying off the shelves in TX!

    Honest question here. If a woman was raped, why in the world would she not go out and take a plan B pill at the soonest opportunity? They are readily available and not expensive. I would recommend it even if it was near the end of her cycle and chance of pregnancy was slim to none. Far better to prevent an unwanted pregnancy then to end an actual life several months later.
  7. Well, now that I think about it, I have heard it a few times myself.
  8. This is taken out of context. This verse is part of the introduction of this principle (plural marriage) to the early saints in Nauvoo. It was meant specifically for them, a select few...not the church at large. They needed reassurance that they were not entering into sin, but that the practice was allowed by the Lord at that time. The practice, which was an exception, is no longer taking place. Could it return...maybe. But, not every man in the church will one day be asked to take more then 1 wife. The standard is 1 man and 1 woman.
  9. When I think of the word principle, I think of something that applies to everyone - kind of like doctrine. I guess some folks can interpret that a different way. Of course more of God's daughters will be saved than His sons. The concept wouldn't make any sense otherwise as many of His sons would be left without the ability to progress. However, plural marriage is not, and will not be, required of anyone. There will be single couples exalted just as plural ones.
  10. Correct. But as I said, it is better to make assumptions based off of the standards in place...not the exceptions. Even better is not making assumptions on matters that have no impact in our lives. This matter is of no real importance, and is in fact a slippery slope. There is a reason why such references are few and far between (and usually come from the odd member in the ward who secretly thinks he knows more about the eternities than the rest of the group). God holds Her in very high esteem, and does not want Her image disrespected in the way that He and His Son are in the world. He also wants us to concentrate on what is essential here and now...our progression and relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.
  11. Odd thing for the chap to think...but many missionaries are impressionable and like to research "deep doctrine", some of which is false. The word Restoration means returning something back to what it originally was. The first and standard marriage relationship is 1 man and 1 woman. Plural marriage will never be required of is not something that is 100% coming back to the church someday. And, even if it does, no one will be required to enter into multiple marriage one is all you need to qualify for exaltation.
  12. I have never heard anyone ever mention anything like that in or out of the church. It is better to make assumptions based off of the standards in place...not the exceptions. Plural marriage has been authorized by the Lord at various times for various reasons, but the standard is one man and 1 woman. Maybe God does, but it is much more likely that He doesn't. Show me one scripture that says plural marriage is an "eternal principle". You will be searching a long time, because it is not. It is a special additional/optional blessing given to only a select few who have been prepared to enter into more than one marriage covenant. In no way will it be ever required of anyone.
  13. I said it that way because not everyone would be asked to participate...very likey a smell few. And of course some would be expected to fail. All those who were not asked, but kept their faith in the church nonetheless, would also be blessed.
  14. That would be a travesty, as it would not be done after the manner of God. It would be abused greatly, and our younger generations would see much more filth and be exposed to much more dysfunction than they are today. As for the church, I doubt anything would change. Although the people of God have practiced the principle of plural marriage (more properly named plural families) over thousands of years, it was always for a wise and specific purpose. Plural marriage is not a requirement. The standard is 1 man and 1 woman, and I highly doubt the Lord would just allow anyone in His church to marry multuple persons without need or authorization. Hypothetically, if it was reinstituted in the church, that would be a great blessing for a few, and a great test of faith for many.
  15. scottyg

    Elder Holland at BYU

    1. Only Elder Holland knows why Elder Holland said what he said. My guess is that he, and/or other church leaders, did reprove the dean of the Family, Home, and Social Sciences College for allowing him to give this speech...they simply reproved in private. We don't need to know all the juicy details. To me, Elder Holland's words indicate that something was said. 2. Not necessarily. However, if one speaks about personal growth stories and/or their trials, yet fail to explain how they overcame such trials, it gives the impression that either the trial was never overcome, or that the trial was in fact, not a trial at all, but something acceptable. This kid never once said that he overcame his temptations (he didn't even use that word). He did not explain that through the Atonement he has been able to become a better person, or the person that the Lord ultimately wants Him to be. Instead, he simply said he was a proud gay man. Sins are personal, and should be treated as such. It takes a very difficult balance to make mentioning something so personal in a public speech appropriate, and he botched it by making a meeting about everyone in attendance all about himself, while at the same time implying that those who suffer from the same trial have no need to change. He also implied that BYU helped him come to this conclusion, which is disturbing. The favorite oft quoted lie of the lbgtxyz crowd is "God loves me just the way I am." It is a wicked lie because it is only half truth that also implies sin is acceptable in God's eyes. Yes, God loves you, but He does not love the way you are. He does not love the way any of us are really, and the hope is that we can better ourselves so that we can become the people He ultimately wants us to Him. Participating in homosexuality is nothing short of a damning wall for individuals and families. Lastly, this kid was the valedictorian of the Family, Home, and Social Sciences College. What a slap in the face. When it comes to families, homosexuality is directly against what God has intended for His children. It does not paint a true picture of what BYU should be trying to stand for. Methinks that church leaders will, unfortunately, need to start being more involved in the school, and having more direct say in the day to day goings on. They should be able to trust their hired staff and appointed committees, but this has proven to not be the case multiple times. The school has been too lax when it comes to hiring staff whose beliefs align with church doctrine, because many of them do not. Instead, they have their own personal agenda, and prove Paul's words to be true... "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables."