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  1. scottyg

    Isaiah 5:20 Another article from nbc states that the toy will also be sold in a family pack with accessories for two sets of "same gender" parents for the baby potato. Our children need to be taught how to feel the Holy Ghost and discover truth for themselves, because the world is ready to sweep them up in sin.
  2. scottyg

    Charity: Feeling jaded on charity

    I can relate as well. This is very common amongst almost all families, both in the church and out. We should not make judgments about other people thinking that their life is perfect, when in reality they may have gone, or are actively going, though the exact same trials. This is a problem plaguing our ward at the moment...too much comparison, supposition, and speculation taking place. It is causing folks to resent their neighbors, seek for riches, forget how blessed they really are, and how they need to be more willing to serve others. That being said, I will not bend over backwards for someone who isn't willing to do a little bending for themselves, and I have no problem letting someone fall on their they can learn to pick themselves back up.
  3. scottyg

    Simpler Vocabulary

    “It is true intelligence for a man to take a subject that is mysterious and great in itself, and to unfold and simplify it so that a child can understand it” John Taylor
  4. scottyg

    Asking evil spirit to depart

    No reason she couldn't do it if she had enough faith. The priesthood is not always necessary to overcome the adversary and his followers. God would not leave one of His daughters subject to torment and/or fear just because she does not hold the priesthood. "Although the devil laughs, his power is limited. Some may remember the old adage: 'The devil made me do it.' Today I want to convey, in absolutely certain terms, that the adversary cannot make us do anything. He does lie at our door, as the scriptures say, and he follows us each day. Every time we go out, every decision we make, we are either choosing to move in his direction or in the direction of our Savior. But the adversary must depart if we tell him to depart. He cannot influence us unless we allow him to do so, and he knows that! The only time he can affect our minds and bodies—our very spirits—is when we allow him to do so. In other words, we do not have to succumb to his enticements! We have been given agency, we have been given the blessings of the priesthood, and we have been given the Light of Christ and the Holy Ghost for a reason." Robert D. Hales, Apr 2006 General Conference
  5. scottyg

    The Gospel

    It depends on how you are defining good news vs doctrine. With regards to Baptism is it good news that it is possible, but Christ Himself also said it was a part of His doctrine. Christ was showing us the right way (His way) which is by His authority. Baptism is a part of His doctrine, and I will touch on marriage shortly. Baptism took place for centuries after the death of the apostles, but was of no worth as it was not done by proper authority. The doctrine of such just existing is not must actually do something (be baptized) the right way. His doctrine requires proper action. Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost is also part of the gospel/His doctrine. Just knowing about it doesn't do you any must be baptized of the spirit in addition to being baptized of water. Baptism by immersion is pointless without the second half - receipt of the Holy Ghost. It is absolutely necessary to have the priesthood, for if we did not then the above ordinances could not take place in the way the Lord sees fit. They would not be acceptable. Such things must be done in His way by His authority. Receiving the Melchizedek priesthood is also necessary for men to achieve exaltation, and it is required to bless both men and women in regards to marriage, which is also required for exaltation to occur. That is the whole point of overcoming spiritual death...exaltation/returning to the presence of God. Folks can put aside the gospel of Jesus Christ all they wish, and be "saved" as we call it in one of the lower kingdoms that will be prepared, but true glory is dwelling with the Father and His Son. What is your purpose in asking these questions? They seem simple, and surely such things are already known to you. The good news (glad tidings) delivered to the Judean shepherds was that hope and help was coming, that there was going to be a way to salvation; and that way is the doctrine of Christ that is now efficacious because of His completion of the Atonement and His subsequent resurrection.
  6. scottyg

    The Gospel

    My view is that the doctrine of Christ is the good news (gospel). The good news is that Christ overcame death and hell, and that one day everyone will be resurrected from the grave. If we have faith in Him, repent, are baptized in His name, etc...then His saving power comes into effect with regards to overcoming sin. That is the message that the missionaries are supposed to share with the world: inviting others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel, i.e. the restored blueprint to overcoming spiritual death.
  7. scottyg

    Stock Market Explodes Over Stock Surges

    Yes, the term investor (along with many others) is thrown around too widely these days.
  8. scottyg

    President Nelson vaccinated

    "I am optimistic about the future. It will be filled with opportunities for each of us to progress, contribute, and take the gospel to every corner of the earth. But I am also not naïve about the days ahead. We live in a world that is complex and increasingly contentious. The constant availability of social media and a 24-hour news cycle bombard us with relentless messages. If we are to have any hope of sifting through the myriad of voices and the philosophies of men that attack truth, we must learn to receive revelation. Our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, will perform some of His mightiest works between now and when He comes again. We will see miraculous indications that God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, preside over this Church in majesty and glory. But in coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost." Russell M. Nelson, April 2018 General Conference This was given almost 3 years ago. The days are no longer coming...they are here now. No more arguing please. The Holy Ghost will tell you the proper course of action you and your families are to take, and, (for reasons known to the Lord) that direction may not always perfectly align with direction given to another. Don't worry about the actions of others. Do not gauge what you are doing to be right or wrong based off of what others do. Trust in what the spirit whispers, and follow the Lord's judgement and timing.
  9. scottyg

    Stock Market Explodes Over Stock Surges

    Too many people practice sheep/lemming behavior, and it is all too easy for a few people with perceived "social influence" to make millions off of their predictability. So many are being used without even knowing it.
  10. scottyg

    Wokeness in schools

    I believe it requires failure. You aren't going to learn critical thinking skills if failure isn't a possibility, or if the potential rewards aren't different. Too many parents and leaders baby their kids, and they never get a real chance to grow. They come home from their mission after 4-6 weeks because they miss their mom and the comforts of home. They enter the workforce, are told "NO' for the first time, and they don't know how to handle it and break down. You see these kids on college campuses all the time wanting their "safe spaces". You see them going from job to job because they can't handle directions and authority. Without income they cannot pay debts that they never should have entered into, and eventually wind up with the homeless crowd and become addicted to all of the vices that follow that lifestyle. I have sadly seen far too many kids with so much potential permanently fall into the gutter because they don't know how to do something hard. To them, anything difficult is not worth doing. They have never experienced the satisfaction (and increased appreciation) when you put time in and actually work for something.
  11. scottyg

    Wokeness in schools

    I can't begin to tell you how many people I work with (in healthcare) that cannot remember the things they were taught in school, whether it be secondary or post-secondary education. The whole goal now is to pass tests, and people do it by cramming...not actually learning the material. (much of the material isn't worth learning anyways, but that's a different beast altogether) Now, I was not a 4.0 student, and all of us have been guilty of cramming before a big test here and there, but more and more the information just isn't sticking because all that matters anymore is the grade...not what the grade is supposed to represent. Too many young people are graduating with degrees that certify they are knowledgeable in their field, when really this person is not. They find it hard to get a job because they don't actually know anything and bomb their interview, or can't hold a job due to being lazy. In college after my mission (around 2008) I was astounded to hear so many kids whining about not being able to get extra credit to get better grades in their coursework. I remember thinking "this is college...not middle school. What are these wimps saying?" But I heard it all the time, and it is now the norm. Kids want an easy ride and to be handed everything, and felt sad because they weren't getting a good grade...and many college "professors" are catering to them - giving them extra credit for volunteering at some wacky liberal arts event. Parents have always been the main party responsible for their children's education, and they need to step up. Much of what we learn is also done outside of academy walls. Street smarts are pitifully lacking in the current generation. Many kids don't want to leave home because they don't understand basic concepts like insurance or retirement plans. And among those that do, many are just afraid to mess things up and face the world, so they retreat into their own private world like an Ostrich with it's head in the sand while life passes them by. These are the ones that want government to take care of them...the ones that don't know how, or are too lazy, to take care of themselves.
  12. scottyg

    Wokeness in schools

    Many elementary schools don't even push reading and writing the way they used to. My elementary age son gets 1 hour of music a week, no art, and no history. It has been eye opening for my wife and I as we struggle to try and fill in the gaps.
  13. scottyg

    Mother butting in

    I always ask myself, "could I do a better job"? "Do I want to be in his position?" The answer is always no.
  14. scottyg

    Mother butting in

    This is odd behavior. All wards are different, virus or not. I have never come across someone who thinks they have the right to scold or correct a bishop (in a different ward no less) in this way. He holds the keys and leads the ward...end of story.
  15. scottyg

    Youth Fireside - Sinking Titanic

    Our stake is near Ogden, but we didn't hear anything about it. I would have loved to listen, and know many of my youth would have benefited as well. Bro. Wilcox is very down to earth, and also a no BS type of guy...very plain, simple, and upfront, and I like that about him.