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  1. scottyg

    Married Student Ward or Family Ward?

    I have lived and served in both. I have nothing against married student wards as they are beneficial to many, but the both of you will likely grow much more in a traditional ward. The various types of service opportunities are far greater, you will likely learn more as there are more experienced members in family wards with different points of view than just young couples. The fact that you are now thinking about this shows you are ready for a traditional ward. It is also easier to make lasting friendships and connections when your ward isn't so transient like student wards. Even if you only stay there for a year or two, you will learn many things that will benefit you when you finally put down permanent roots somewhere.
  2. scottyg

    New Handbook

    It is important to note (and perhaps you already see the story this way) that Christ did not forgive the woman taken in least not right then. Christ has the power to forgive sins, but we are not forgiven unless we repent. We need to make the effort to change and improve. Just moments before this event she was caught in the very act of adultery...she literally had no time to repent of anything. Most likely she was just sorry that she got caught. What Christ did was save her life, and allow her the opportunity to change and repair what was done. He did not condemn her, but she was also not, at that point in time, forgiven.
  3. scottyg

    New Handbook

    Masturbation isn't even mentioned in the pamphlet specifically, and after reading that page I'm not quite sure what you're getting at. Do you feel that you have been taught in your life that if you masturbate you are evil and going to hell? That the only worse thing you could do is kill someone? That is simply not the case. Masturbation is a sexual sin yes, and is quite damaging because it drives away the spirit and can lead to worse/more sins, but it in and of itself is not the same thing as adultery. Adultery is the sin next to murder in terms of severity. With regards to page 36, and the verse referenced in Alma 39, Corianton was guilty of Fornication - a very serious sin. What's worse is that he was knowledgeable in the gospel, was at the time a missionary who held the priesthood, and drove people away from the gospel because of his actions. These factors compound the seriousness of his sin. It was much worse than masturbation, but still not quite as severe as adultery.
  4. scottyg

    New Handbook

    Adultery is the sin next to murder. Adultery is sexual sin, but not all sexual sin is adultery. Masturbation for example is not a sin next to murder. Is it a big deal...yes, because it drives away the spirit and can progress to worse things. There is no one in the church teaching that youth (or anyone) who have a problem with it are akin to death row inmates. The same goes for fornication...a much more serious sin, but still not in the same league as adultery.
  5. scottyg

    New Handbook

    Even if it is not "required", I have never known a Bishop to have discovered Adultery that did not convene a disciplinary council within the week. It is still considered a serious sin, places multiple families in jeopardy, and is a deliberate and major offense against the laws of God.
  6. scottyg

    New Handbook

    Yep. One cannot abide a Celestial glory without being able to live Celestial laws.
  7. scottyg

    Politifact is Fake News

    Also, rarely does anyone talk about how politifact cherry-picks what to fact check. Some democrats can say off the wall things that are a "pants on fire lie", but politifact simply wont fact-check it so they don't have to bring attention to the craziness of the person or party. Same thing goes for Trump...when he says something truthful they simply won't fact-check it which makes his overall truthfulness rating seem lower. Some people in my work office swear by politifact.
  8. scottyg

    Impeachment question for experts

    Does no one actually read what's posted any more? Well...apparently not. Impeachment is not removal from office Impeachment is completely separate form a senate trial Vort, the House has accused Trump of wrongdoing. A formal accusation has been made. Holding a vote does constitute a formal accusation. The articles of impeachment voted upon are formal charges of wrongdoing. They are as follows: 1. Abuse of Power. 2. Obstruction of Congress. They DO NOT have to go to the senate to be formalized. If you disagree with me, fine. If you can show that I'm wrong, that's even better. Sorry my friend, but your mind already seems to be closed on this, and I cannot make it any clear I will be leaving you and this topic with this in regards to Impeachment
  9. scottyg

    Impeachment question for experts

    You missed my point. My correction is in what I posted. The house impeaches; the senate removes. He has been impeached as the house has accused him of wrongdoing. They do not have to send the articles to the senate to "confirm" or "finalize" or "validate" an impeachment.
  10. scottyg

    Impeachment question for experts

    I despise cnn, but the president has been officially Impeached. Impeachment is not removing the president from office, but laying down charges meant to remove an elected official from office. The House can Impeach the President without any input from the Senate. However, only the Senate can officially try and remove a president from office, which happens after impeachment. In order to do this, they need the articles of impeachment from the house, which are akin to charges when a crime is committed. If the senate were to move forward now it is like a judge making a judgement in court without having any charges or evidence laid before them. A judge can't make you pay a fine without having someone accuse you of misconduct. The evidence will then be reviewed by the judge and you will be found innocent or guilty. The President has been impeached...but it really is moot at this point because it means nothing without a Senate trial, and she knows the senate will not move forward with removing the president. She moved forward with this for nothing more than is the only thing she can do. Rallying her base who don't like the the president because his name is Donald Trump. They can now say he is an impeached president, which in their mind is a black mark, but really means nothing without a trial. Clinton was impeached, but not removed from office by the senate, and the democrats all point to this as proof that the right was just out to get him...she does not want this to be said of Trump. Methinks a trial will not happen this year, and pelosi will just sit on what she has continuing to say the president has been impeached and whining about other kinds of crap. She hopes that next year the democrats take over the house, at which point she will then send the articles over so a democratic controlled senate to try and remove the president. It won't happen that easily, but that is what she's going to fall back on as her plan B...assuming republicans don't win back the house of course.
  11. scottyg

    Primary Activities

    They should have gotten this pamphlet and you should have gotten this manual. We handed them out at the beginning and end of president Ballard's meeting in October. Primary is considered "children", while the YM/YW are the "youth". I would have linked to the church's website but it's currently blocked at my work. If the adults and children in your ward didn't get the pamphlet and leader guide to review at home then that's not good... It should also be available to print off online, but I would get your Exec Sec/Ward Clerk on that ASAP. We just called our boy's leaders last week and have had them talk to the current activity day leaders for the girls to get an idea of what they had been doing. This is a new area for the men as we've never really done anything with activity days. Before starting anything I would first make sure the kids actually have goals set. The children and youth need to understand that these goals aren't about making church like school...they need to learn that they can develop a relationship with the Lord, and that he wants to help them grow and develop in ways that are important to them.
  12. scottyg

    Primary Activities

    2 times a month for us.
  13. Agreed. She doesn't always need to know the specifics, but she can't just find out in Sacrament is terribly difficult to shuffle things around last minute. We never call or release anyone without letting the auxiliary presidents know that a change is coming and on what day. Sometimes we share the names, but most often we don't. Almost always we will first ask the president to pray and give us their recommendations before we make our move. Now, that being said, we did have to issue an immediate same-day release on a Sunday several years ago due to a crime being committed, and this person no longer being able to work with children/youth. That, along with a token few other situations, are the rare exception.
  14. This isn't about you or I being alienated. It is about the Spirit of the Lord. Who are you to say what does and does not alienate the Holy Ghost? If you do not know when you do or do not have his companionship then that is a problem.
  15. scottyg

    Foreign interference in our government?

    Thank you. Spot on. Now for my socialism rant…there is no reason to think that God has a specific amount of blessings or material possessions that He will doll out equally 100% to everyone someday. You will not find any implication in scripture that any form of socialism will ever take place now or in the eternities. Any blessing we realize must be gained through obedience to laws. Saying at any point that everyone gets a participation prize was part of the adversary’s plan. One cannot abide a Celestial glory without being able to abide a Celestial law, and being forced to fall in line like socialism dictates prevents personal growth, and actually nullifies those promised blessings because we are unable grow the capacity to obtain them. Many people in the church today seem to think that when the church tried to implement the law of Consecration in the 1830’s, that it was socialism. And they think even now, that when spoken of in the temple, it refers to socialism…that we all need to be 100% equal in all things. Consecration is in fact much different. One of the main differences is that the right of private ownership is retained; neither the city nor the church nor the Prophet own anyone’s property. With socialism you have no say because you own nothing; you have no right to anything, and when you have no say you are unable to elect future leaders as well. You give them all the power at one point in time and then hope for the best from there on out…at least until an ugly revolution takes place. Say goodbye to free and fair elections with socialism. Monarchy is completely different from socialism as well, and although I prefer our current style of government, if I had to choose between the two, I would choose a king over socialism. Ultimately, the best form of government for us is the one that God has given to us for the time. In the past he has used both Kings and Judges. For us today, God had a hand in and revealed the Constitution of the United States. End of discussion really.