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  1. scottyg

    Liberals in the Church

    It may be a harsh reply, but Matthew 5, 29-30 seems to sum it up perfectly for me. If something you do distances you in any way from the Spirit of the Lord, then you should stop seeing, hearing, saying, or doing that thing. No one wants to see you go, but we need to do what is necessary to keep our fire burning bright. (I'm not insinuating that yours isn't btw)
  2. scottyg

    Temples And Protection

    Those would have been very rewarding would be interesting to know the things that those who are both so temporally and spiritually advanced, like Hugh Nibley, learn in the temple. I certainly hope that's the case.
  3. scottyg

    Temples And Protection

    I agree. One possible benefit of this inability to do temple work is that in our stake the first steps of temple work has increased, namely, family history. The number of people doing indexing and submitting names (especially the youth) has gone up. I too have "gone through" a session or two, and have not always been as alert, attentive, or reverent as I could have been. When it comes time for the Temple doors to reopen I will definitely have a different level of appreciation for it.
  4. No, Bishops and Stake Presidents were asked by area authorities to begin prayerfully developing plans on how to hold meetings again. Stake presidents were then asked to have those meeting plans (created with Bishops) approved by their Area Seventy, and be incorporated into the area plan. The practices vary between church area and stake, but all of their plans are approved by church headquarters. Again, local leaders were told to start holding meetings again. They are not doing this on their own, but are given the freedom to develop some parts of their plan. Some aspects of plans have been approved, some rejected, and other aspects are requirements from the First presidency. The individual stake and area plans may be different, but all are approved by the General Authorities. We have one Bishop in our Stake who is very much opposed to meeting again, but he is following the guidance of his leaders to meet, and his ward has been greatly blessed. Other in-person Sunday meetings outside of Sacrament Meeting, such as Relief Society and Priesthood meetings, are not approved by the First Presidency at this time. Other church functions, such as Baptisms and Weddings, can be held if the maximum number of participants in less than 20, and weekly youth meetings/activities can be held if the number is also under 20, and if social distancing is practiced throughout the activity...this has not yet happened in our stake as we cannot trust the kids to practice social distancing yet. Wards here are not going rogue. Church leadership is fully aware of all meetings taking place. If you want to know why the church would open wards in certain areas, or want to comment on how legally stupid you think our leaders are, I recommend you write to church headquarters and share your feelings. Be sure to let them know how you know better than them, and how people in Utah want to do anything and everything to risk others.
  5. Really? Only people in Utah have bad attitudes about this? Worse than anywhere else? Church leaders are absolutely careless and disregard everything related to the general consensus? Really? I mean, it's not like the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve have multiple doctors and lawyers serving...oh wait...they do.
  6. scottyg

    Church has issued a statement on Covid-19

    I agree, the numbers don't seem to make sense. Currently Utah deaths are under why would our next door neighbor be hovering around 5%? Colorado has half the confirmed cases as Nevada...but 200 more deaths. New Mexico on the other hand has 8,200 less reported cases than Utah, but 315 more deaths. About half as many confirmed cases with 3x the deaths is odd. I feel that different state leaders and hospitals are reporting stats to the CDC in a different manner. Also, this has been said before, but just because someone dies while having the virus doesn't mean it was the virus that killed them. If you are an obese diabetic, who also has heart disease, and lung cancer, and you happen to get covid-19 and die a few weeks later, it will be reported as a covid death. If they died instead from getting Pneumonia, or the flu, or the common cold, the death would be reported as Lung why is everyone treating covid differently? It drives me nuts.
  7. scottyg

    Elsewhere in the World

    Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I feel that one of the reasons the media has been over-hyping the coronavirus, "racial justice", and of course, Trump, has been so that other things would not be reported or noticed by the public at large, but rather be drowned out and passed by. I get the feeling that a lot of evil and secret works have gone unnoticed in the world over the past 3-4 months. Similar to a magician's sleight of hand, or "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"
  8. scottyg

    Help from our leaders...

    Best of luck to you my friend, but we are all done here.
  9. scottyg

    Help from our leaders...

  10. scottyg

    Help from our leaders...

    I have unfortunately seen it in multiple individuals over many years...ward and stake leaders included. They feel that they have become more enlightened, when in reality they are more unhappy and lost. Everyone can see it but them.
  11. scottyg


    Gotcha. I disagree, (and still think he's an idiot) but now I understand what you're saying.
  12. scottyg

    Help from our leaders...

    You don't think they are giving God's word? You think that the messages shared at general conference are "skim milk"? You must not be listening very closely, and I recommend you just go back to lurking. As I have said above, the prophet does speak for Christ...they always have, and he does not have to blatantly say this every time he speaks. You are the one who needs to be more receptive and listen better. Quit trying to force feed yourself meat when you actually need more milk.
  13. scottyg


    This has nothing to do with right versus left. There are plenty of stupid conservative politicians. This guy in particular is simply an idiot. Maybe I missed something in your remarks, but I don't understand what point you are trying to make here.
  14. scottyg


    Nor do I, at least I don't think I do. But I don't think that case applies here. He is simply choosing of his own volition to be blind to the corrupt situation going on around him...and with the situation being as serious as it is with so many severe ramifications being possible, he is definitely a complete idiot.
  15. scottyg


    Or, he's just an idiot.