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  1. It works for me. I just had to update my app in the app store.
  2. I view the wheat and tares parable as referring to the entire world, whereas the parable of the olive trees as just the church.
  3. I ditched Satellite back in 2018 and will never go back. No point in paying for 180+ channels when you only watch 10 or so of them...and you can only watch one at a time anyways. I picked up a digital antenna for 20 bucks online and currently have 87 channels, including all network TV and their subsidiaries, as well as PBS kids. (approx. 25 of those channels are a mix of Spanish and shopping channels) It's nice having an extra $75-80 each month.
  4. It is best practice to have font built below ground due to the symbolism that can be taught to the individual. However, it is absolutely not necessary. There are people still baptized in above ground swimming pools; either due to building regulations, or, because membership in some countries is growing faster than the church can build the chapels.
  5. For what it's worth, the Prophet Joseph wanted Zion to consist of several small towns/cities rather than one large one. That would give people a greater sense of community, and also have "more skin in the game"/ownership, thus hopefully preventing some would-be freeloaders.
  6. Olivia Newton John passed away today as well. Maybe something is up...
  7. I would be very curious to know why this restriction was put in place. The only thing I could dig up was the following website. It wouldn't surprise me if instead of clearing up the backlog, they just got rid of it.
  8. I believe so, but I do not know if Tolkien wrote any specifics. In short, the way I view it is that the color white is the reflection of all colors at once. He initially had everything he needed, and was the greatest of the five, including most in middle earth. Choosing to wear many colors over white was his outward expression of pride, thinking that he now had (or always had) the powers and knowledge of all the wizards, and those who created him. It was his way of "showing" everyone that he had all power, that he was diverse in knowledge and influence. In reality, he was muddled, confused, and a shell of what he once was. Sorry if my first comment was a bit off topic/course...I am known to do that when my mind starts thinking about too many things at once.
  9. One can argue that he was the key figure in the story...the turning point. If he had not sought his own will, but the will of those who sent him, the number of lives lost would have been greatly diminished, and Sauron would have needed an entirely new plan as his forces alone would have been spread too thin. One grain of rice can tip the scales, whether it be a wizard, or a hobbit.
  10. We sadly have multiple families/individuals in our ward who have been to the temple, and for all intents and purposes were "fully active" members; who now, have not been to church in over 2 years since the church won't "authorize" homosexuality. They fly the pride flag proudly on their homes, and tell all they meet that the church will be changing soon...that they will soon 'embrace love' and 'accept everyone as the Savior would'. A great deal of pressure will come from within just as much as from the outside.
  11. The following is another example. In coming days their rationale will shift to Christianity. How will the saints react when not just a state, but individuals are targeted?
  12. This, and other methods of intimidation, will one day be used against members of the church...or anyone who professes a belief in Christ for that matter.
  13. Possibly, but I doubt it. Multiple features don't align with the death mask. It looks more like the sketches of Samuel Smith to me.
  14. No, that is not logical. Not at all. Unless they have a death wish, that is exactly the opposite of what someone would do who is trying to cause as much damage or death as possible.