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  1. scottyg

    Impeachment question for experts

    Does no one actually read what's posted any more? Well...apparently not. Impeachment is not removal from office Impeachment is completely separate form a senate trial Vort, the House has accused Trump of wrongdoing. A formal accusation has been made. Holding a vote does constitute a formal accusation. The articles of impeachment voted upon are formal charges of wrongdoing. They are as follows: 1. Abuse of Power. 2. Obstruction of Congress. They DO NOT have to go to the senate to be formalized. If you disagree with me, fine. If you can show that I'm wrong, that's even better. Sorry my friend, but your mind already seems to be closed on this, and I cannot make it any clear I will be leaving you and this topic with this in regards to Impeachment
  2. scottyg

    Impeachment question for experts

    You missed my point. My correction is in what I posted. The house impeaches; the senate removes. He has been impeached as the house has accused him of wrongdoing. They do not have to send the articles to the senate to "confirm" or "finalize" or "validate" an impeachment.
  3. scottyg

    Impeachment question for experts

    I despise cnn, but the president has been officially Impeached. Impeachment is not removing the president from office, but laying down charges meant to remove an elected official from office. The House can Impeach the President without any input from the Senate. However, only the Senate can officially try and remove a president from office, which happens after impeachment. In order to do this, they need the articles of impeachment from the house, which are akin to charges when a crime is committed. If the senate were to move forward now it is like a judge making a judgement in court without having any charges or evidence laid before them. A judge can't make you pay a fine without having someone accuse you of misconduct. The evidence will then be reviewed by the judge and you will be found innocent or guilty. The President has been impeached...but it really is moot at this point because it means nothing without a Senate trial, and she knows the senate will not move forward with removing the president. She moved forward with this for nothing more than is the only thing she can do. Rallying her base who don't like the the president because his name is Donald Trump. They can now say he is an impeached president, which in their mind is a black mark, but really means nothing without a trial. Clinton was impeached, but not removed from office by the senate, and the democrats all point to this as proof that the right was just out to get him...she does not want this to be said of Trump. Methinks a trial will not happen this year, and pelosi will just sit on what she has continuing to say the president has been impeached and whining about other kinds of crap. She hopes that next year the democrats take over the house, at which point she will then send the articles over so a democratic controlled senate to try and remove the president. It won't happen that easily, but that is what she's going to fall back on as her plan B...assuming republicans don't win back the house of course.
  4. scottyg

    Primary Activities

    They should have gotten this pamphlet and you should have gotten this manual. We handed them out at the beginning and end of president Ballard's meeting in October. Primary is considered "children", while the YM/YW are the "youth". I would have linked to the church's website but it's currently blocked at my work. If the adults and children in your ward didn't get the pamphlet and leader guide to review at home then that's not good... It should also be available to print off online, but I would get your Exec Sec/Ward Clerk on that ASAP. We just called our boy's leaders last week and have had them talk to the current activity day leaders for the girls to get an idea of what they had been doing. This is a new area for the men as we've never really done anything with activity days. Before starting anything I would first make sure the kids actually have goals set. The children and youth need to understand that these goals aren't about making church like school...they need to learn that they can develop a relationship with the Lord, and that he wants to help them grow and develop in ways that are important to them.
  5. scottyg

    Primary Activities

    2 times a month for us.
  6. Agreed. She doesn't always need to know the specifics, but she can't just find out in Sacrament is terribly difficult to shuffle things around last minute. We never call or release anyone without letting the auxiliary presidents know that a change is coming and on what day. Sometimes we share the names, but most often we don't. Almost always we will first ask the president to pray and give us their recommendations before we make our move. Now, that being said, we did have to issue an immediate same-day release on a Sunday several years ago due to a crime being committed, and this person no longer being able to work with children/youth. That, along with a token few other situations, are the rare exception.
  7. This isn't about you or I being alienated. It is about the Spirit of the Lord. Who are you to say what does and does not alienate the Holy Ghost? If you do not know when you do or do not have his companionship then that is a problem.
  8. scottyg

    Foreign interference in our government?

    Thank you. Spot on. Now for my socialism rant…there is no reason to think that God has a specific amount of blessings or material possessions that He will doll out equally 100% to everyone someday. You will not find any implication in scripture that any form of socialism will ever take place now or in the eternities. Any blessing we realize must be gained through obedience to laws. Saying at any point that everyone gets a participation prize was part of the adversary’s plan. One cannot abide a Celestial glory without being able to abide a Celestial law, and being forced to fall in line like socialism dictates prevents personal growth, and actually nullifies those promised blessings because we are unable grow the capacity to obtain them. Many people in the church today seem to think that when the church tried to implement the law of Consecration in the 1830’s, that it was socialism. And they think even now, that when spoken of in the temple, it refers to socialism…that we all need to be 100% equal in all things. Consecration is in fact much different. One of the main differences is that the right of private ownership is retained; neither the city nor the church nor the Prophet own anyone’s property. With socialism you have no say because you own nothing; you have no right to anything, and when you have no say you are unable to elect future leaders as well. You give them all the power at one point in time and then hope for the best from there on out…at least until an ugly revolution takes place. Say goodbye to free and fair elections with socialism. Monarchy is completely different from socialism as well, and although I prefer our current style of government, if I had to choose between the two, I would choose a king over socialism. Ultimately, the best form of government for us is the one that God has given to us for the time. In the past he has used both Kings and Judges. For us today, God had a hand in and revealed the Constitution of the United States. End of discussion really.
  9. I agree with your thoughts. President Monson often shared the following passage with regards to sin: "...Vice is a monster of so frightful mein, as, to be hated needs but to be seen; Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face, We first endure, then pity, then embrace." Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man With regards to the movie, (which I have not nor will ever be seeing) I believe the reason so many "film critics" gave it a bad rating is because I have heard it tried to go back to what Star Wars was supposed to be, yet still dabbled a little bit in the woke culture of the day. Dabbling is not enough...they want their message and views shown completely and openly. I saw TLJ and it was a big pile of of course the mainstream media loved it while the majority of true fans think it is the worst of the 9 main story films. Over the years I have gone to my home movie collection several times and removed those movies that contain bits of inappropriate material. I used to love collecting movies and had huge bookcases full of them like so many people do nowadays. I thought it was important and cool. But today that collection is down to less than 30. The rebuttals are always the same..."but, it only has that one scene...and we fast forward through it". Well, it's still there, and someday one of my children may watch it by themselves and not fast forward through it. If I kept such a movie what would that tell my children about my true views of the gospel? Do I really practice what I preach? I don't need or want filth in my home, so I got rid of it. Would you watch this entertaining movie with the Savior? Would he approve of it? On a different note, many of the individuals who profess to be gay that I associate with at work no longer see tolerance as acceptable behavior. They insist that others must accept their behavior to truly show them love and acceptance. It is not enough for gay couples to be "married" now, but they want everyone to embrace the behavior and promote it. Alternative views are not acceptable to them. Spiritually/morally speaking, they cannot stay in their own land and leave us alone in ours. This is exactly what Giddianhi once told Lachoneus: "...or in other words, yield yourselves up unto us, and unite with us and become acquainted with our secret works, and become our brethren that ye may be like unto us—not our slaves, but our brethren and partners of all our substance." With regard to the following quote, see my first post above. In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost. Russell M. Nelson
  10. The answer to your question is yes. "The standard is clear. If something we think, see, hear, or do distances us from the Holy Ghost, then we should stop thinking, seeing, hearing, or doing that thing. If that which is intended to entertain, for example, alienates us from the Holy Spirit, then certainly that type of entertainment is not for us. Because the Spirit cannot abide that which is vulgar, crude, or immodest, then clearly such things are not for us." David A. Bednar, Apr 2006 General Conference
  11. So the cost of doing family history work for some could possibly be rising. Is this just the greed of government, or is the adversary trying to frustrate the work? Or, is he just using greedy politicians to his advantage? He most certainly doesn't want to see us (especially the youth) succeeding in genealogy and temple work. Thoughts? (btw, this topic has nothing to do with Romney, just the topic he is raising concern about)
  12. I agree 100%, but also want to add that a person's "attractiveness" is subjective. For example, there are many models in the world today that I find quite attractive, and many who I do not. I don't just see them as average looking, but not physically attractive period, and I wonder how they got a job in the modeling industry. I often dated girls in high school and college that my friends found completely unattractive, and vice versa. It is nevertheless an important attribute to take care of oneself.
  13. scottyg

    Church opposes anti conversion therapy bill

    This is from LDSFS per the Deseret news “Although well intentioned, the proposed rule as written will strongly dissuade many responsible therapists from providing much-needed therapy to minors,” the letter said. “That is especially true of therapists whose counseling respects the religious identity and faith perspectives of Latter-day Saints and members of other faith communities with biblically informed beliefs about gender and sexuality.” I am not an expert on this particular issue by any means, (I work in healthcare, but stay far away from mental health) but it seems to me that the church is worried that therapists will not be able to actually tell the child they are wrong; to be able to help them see that they were not "put in the wrong body". Rather, they will be forced to just go along with what the child is feeling and help them "transition" to whatever it is they want to do/be. Making a child believe that they are lgbtqmnop or whatever, when they really are not, is exactly what conversion therapy is...just from the other direction. The church is opposed to "abusive conversion therapy", whereas many on the radial left think that conversion therapy is anyone telling a person they are actually not gay, and not born that way. Therapists should not engage in abusive or harmful therapies, but they should be allowed to tell the truth.
  14. Scary thought, but it may come to pass if the radicals in this country have their way. Many of the evil practices detailed in the scriptures are not yet happening at large in the world today...the world is going to get a lot worse before it bets better. I was reminded of this quote from Joseph F. Smith yesterday while watching the broadcast video... "We expect to see the day, if we live long enough (and if some of us do not live long enough to see it, there are others who will), when every council of the Priesthood in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will understand its duty, will assume its own responsibility, will magnify its calling, and fill its place in the Church, to the uttermost, according to the intelligence and ability possessed by it. When that day shall come, there will not be so much necessity for work that is now being done by the auxiliary organizations, because it will be done by the regular quorums of the Priesthood. The Lord designed and comprehended it from the beginning, and He has made provision in the Church whereby every need may be met and satisfied through the regular organizations of the Priesthood." More and more responsibility for gospel learning is being placed on individuals and parents (especially Fathers). We need to buck up and be spiritually, as well as temporally, self-reliant.
  15. Exactly. I serve in the Bishopric in our ward, and with almost every family we can tell who is following the "Come, follow Me" program and who is not. Some of the youth I talk to have a different/new feeling about them as they are now in the scriptures more each week. Some homes and families, sadly, have not changed one bit, and are being left behind as others progress.