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  1. scottyg

    Liberal Ideas Creeping In

    The following is a quote from a talk given by Elder David R. Stone of the Seventy in the April 2006 General Conference. That conference was held while I was serving as a missionary, and it is still, years later, my favorite one. "Because my wife and I have had the opportunity to live in 10 different countries, we have seen the effect of the ethos on behavior. Customs which are perfectly acceptable in one culture are viewed as unacceptable in another; language which is polite in some places is viewed as abhorrent in others. People in every culture move within a cocoon of self-satisfied self-deception, fully convinced that the way they see things is the way things really are. Our culture tends to determine what foods we like, how we dress, what constitutes polite behavior, what sports we should follow, what our taste in music should be, the importance of education, and our attitudes toward honesty. It also influences men as to the importance of recreation or religion, influences women about the priority of career or childbearing, and has a powerful effect on how we approach procreation and moral issues. All too often, we are like puppets on a string, as our culture determines what is “cool.” There is, of course, a zeitgeist to which we should pay attention, and that is the ethos of the Lord, the culture of the people of God. As Peter states it, “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light” (1 Pet. 2:9). It is the ethos of those who keep the Lord’s commandments, walk in His ways, and “live by every word that proceedeth forth from the mouth of God” (D&C 84:44). If that makes us peculiar, so be it." Living by every word that proceedeth forth from the mouth of God is what we should be doing as latter-day saints...not listening to and trusting falsities spouted from children. If we believe D&C 1:38, then this includes counsel from the Lord's Prophets. I would trust Spencer W. Kimball, or any other Prophet, before I took to heart the opinion of a woke teenager who feels they are wise because of a social media platform. I get that she is just a kid, but her position on this issue, and blatant disregard for Prophetic counsel, is like storing dynamite in your home's foundation. She, and those who share her view, are on dangerous ground.
  2. scottyg

    Liberal Ideas Creeping In

    We no longer subscribe to LDS living magazine because of this same type of thing. Many far left ideals have become very commonplace in that publication, and I would rather me and my children just read the church news or official church magazines for uplifting stories without having to wade through garbage. The same is true for so many latter-day saint bloggers and facebookers...too many people are putting their faith people rather than the Lord and His servants. I prefer scripture than the philosophies of men mingled with scripture.
  3. scottyg


    I am grateful for the good teachers I have had throughout my life. Whether it be school, sports, church, etc…I have always had great examples around me to help me learn and grow. My leaders not only cared about me personally, but had a great amount of experience that always seemed to apply to my circumstances at the time. They were able to share their knowledge with me in a manner that I would understand in my various levels of development from my youth until now. I would not be where I am today without their influence and example.
  4. scottyg

    Isaiah Translation

    For what it's worth, here is my measly 2 cents. I am of the opinion that the translation of any scripture or sacred text does not have to be what we would call 100% accurate in order to also be considered "correct". If we take the Book of Mormon for example, Joseph Smith made the remark that "...the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth..." I believe it is not just the actual words that caused the prophet to make that remark, but it was more so the correctness of the doctrine contained in the text that makes the Book of Mormon the most correct of any book on earth. I could be mistaken, but I don't believe the Lord really cares about a changed verb or adjective here and there, as long as His defined doctrines are clearly understood. This is the main problem with the Bible...truth has been removed and transfigured due to the follies of man. Sometimes intentional...and sometimes unintentional. Different people may use different words to describe certain things, and adding in different languages only adds to the complexity. It is only natural to expect a small bit of difference between the BOM and KJV, or even the Bible written in Hebrew or Greek. Suffice it to say that Joseph translated from the small plates what Nephi wrote, and Nephi wrote what Isaiah wrote. The translation is correct.
  5. scottyg

    Spiritual Bypassing

    I read Moroni 7 last night with my wife, and in verse 17 we read "...whatsoever thing persuadeth men to...believe not in Christ, and...serve not God, then ye may know with a perfect knowledge it is of the devil" I'm not saying this woman is of the devil per se, but a message that gives no room for the Lord or even spirituality in general most definitely is. Elder Uchtdorf has said "...we can live with an understanding of our divine inheritance as children of God and with an awareness of our potential as eternal beings." I too like the "head in the sand" phrase. The day will come when we need to give an accounting of our life, and burying our heads (or our talents) in the ground will not prevent the Lord from seeing us and one day asking us what we did with our time here.
  6. scottyg

    Spiritual Bypassing

    Possibly...however, after a bit of digging I found that the author is from Idaho. She may not be (or ever has been) a member of the church, but she definitely knows about us. Not that I'm saying this article is picking us out in particular, but I think it is safe to say she is at least somewhat familiar with LDS teachings...there is no way you can live in Idaho without being exposed to the faith in some fashion.
  7. scottyg

    Spiritual Bypassing

    To me it is a bunch of hogwash, poppycock, balderdash, malarkey...take your pick. I could say the exact same things in this article apply to philosophy, which is nothing more than man's way of avoiding the real trials and questions in life. The only "proof" or reason to believe in the author's view is her word only. She has no ground to stand on, and her argument is, truly, very weak. At it's most basic and simple level, believing in God makes much more sense than mankind's way of trying to explain everything. Unfortunately, spirituality will continue to be mocked and attacked in greater amounts in the future. That isn't to say that God has a hand in all things...because I don't believe He does. I do believe in real coincidences, and sometimes things just happen to us for better or worse. That's part of life on this earth...and we all accepted those potential risks before we came here. Being a fanatic and thinking that every single thing that happens everywhere is all the will of God is actually contrary to His plan, and can ultimately lead people away from Him. Now, the author can say faith is just a shield if they wish, and perhaps there are some who use it that way; who say that faith "helps them" while deep down they are truly struggling with their belief in God. For myself, I know what I have felt in my life, and I am not confusing true spiritual promptings for mere emotionalism. The Holy Ghost has spoken to me, and I know it was not my own thoughts. I have also had many experiences in my life that prove to me that there is a God - far too many little details all fell into place (some years in advance) for said experiences to just be a coincidence. I love Alma 30:40-41. The more I think about this the more I believe it to be true. Too many things on earth denote that there is a cannot all be explained by chance or the opinion of one who has an axe to grind against religion.
  8. scottyg


    11/20 - I am grateful for a good wife who continually serves our family. She has always been patient with me, and been willing to look past my faults. When our twins were born we had 4 children under the age of 4, and I was shortly thereafter given more responsibilities at work and also called as a counselor in the Bishopric. She has never complained about the stress she is under, and the difficulty of handling 4 young children by herself much of the time. Her sacrifices mean the world to me. 11/21 – I am grateful for the organization of the church and the progression of the Lord’s gospel. The church has so many resources in place that are able to help us and our loved ones stay on the covenant path and to progress. So many programs such as the perpetual immigration and education funds, humanitarian aid, Bishop’s storehouses, and disaster relief have lifted millions of people out of poverty and terrible circumstances. The fact that the scriptures, general conference messages, temple ordinances, and other church materials are available in hundreds of languages is a miracle – the Book of Mormon has approximately 112 languages, and the Bible over 700, with other portions having over 1,500 languages and dialects. So many things are evidences of the Lord’s love for us. 11/22 - I am grateful for the additional service opportunities that the Lord’s church offers us. I currently serve in the Bishopric, and have been anxious as of late to be released and receive a new calling. (our Stake President has let us know that their search for a new Bishop has begun as our Bishop will have been serving for 5 years in January) As I was conducting our Sacrament meeting on Sunday, I realized that this coming Sunday may be my last time doing so, and I felt a sense of gratitude for the opportunity I have had to serve those around me, and for the trust the Lord has in each of us to do His work. I have always appreciated my callings more when I was told I would be released from them, and I don’t realize the growth I experienced until I look back and see where I was before. 11/23 – I am thankful for the good people in this world who continually strive to help others. Politicians and civic leaders continually spout that they are the ones who truly care about people and know what is best…yet they never actually do anything beneficial for anyone but themselves. So many commonplace people are the ones lifting those with feeble knees and whose heads hang down. Much of this work is done in secret on an individual basis, and is truly the backbone of our society. So many church leaders (especially those leading youth) are kept up at night from worry as they totally devote themselves to serving others. Their efforts over the years have blessed me and my family greatly. 11/24 – I am thankful for a Father in Heaven who has the ability to truly love us. His ability to foresee what individuals and nations need in advance, and to put events in motion years before is amazing to me. His power and capacity dwarfs anything that mankind can comprehend, and yet His goal and focus is our welfare. It was not easy for Him to lose a part of his children before the foundation of the world. It was not easy for Him to know that Christ would be His only begotten Son; perfect without spot…and yet have to suffer more than any of His other children. It has not been easy for Him to witness the hate that His children have showed to both Him and each other for thousands of years…and yet His love is still extended to us.
  9. scottyg

    The election

    Personally, I would be very surprised if a great division does not take place before the second coming. I don't think a war would be necessary...I don't think either side would actually fight to keep the other around at this point...but money and natural resources would be the deciding factors. Regardless, I cannot see our nation staying together as one before his arrival. States could divide as individuals, but I find it more likely that there will be 2 main groups (left and right) and states will choose which group to join - similar to 2 nations; though borders of like-minded states many not always touch, causing more problems.
  10. scottyg

    The election

    True, but he is down approximately 90k votes with total reporting in over 85%. He would need to win at least 68% of the remaining votes to claim the state, and I don't see him making up that much ground when his current overall % is only 44%.
  11. scottyg

    The election

    I thought Donald Trump had it in the bag last night, but it now appears that Joe Biden will win with exactly 270 electoral votes. 5 different battleground states may end up with less than 100,000 votes separating the two...some may even be between 25k - 50k. Very close race.
  12. Then we must all educate them as best we can. Pres Oaks was referring to the slogan/statement "black lives matter". People need to know that the phrase and the BLM movement are two different things. BLM only cares about self-aggrandizement through destruction...they don't give a rat's patootie about actual black lives...or anyone's life for that matter. If they did, they would be protesting the countless black on black deaths we see in Chicago every day.
  13. scottyg

    Question on "Faith Crisis"

    The best advice or counsel I can give is to wait upon the Lord. Although He didn't answer Pres. Oaks' inquiries at the time, the answer did eventually come in the form of the ban being lifted. As he also said in that talk "As part of my prayerful study, I learned that, in general, the Lord rarely gives reasons for the commandments and directions He gives to His servants." Although a reason may not be given, He never leads those who truly desire to come unto Him astray...whatever that path might be. I cannot see how intentionally leading someone away from His church would be beneficial...but I cannot speak for Him. Also, make sure that your concerns are properly placed - are they with the Gospel and the Lord's doctrine, or with church policy? There are a couple of church policies that I do not personally agree with. However, I realize that my current position and view is limited, and I may not be seeing the big picture. Over time some of them have resolved, and I now know why things are the way they are. Some are not yet resolved, but I don't worry about them and put faith in the Lord's timing. There have been several times in my life (most when I was a missionary) when people have told me that they honestly prayed about the gospel, and felt that it wasn't for them. At that point I no longer tried to push our message, but simply accepted what they told me, and wished them the best. You cannot argue with a true answer from the Lord. Did they really receive a true answer, were they misinterpreting what they felt or pushing their own desires, or was it just an excuse to get us to leave them alone...only they and the Lord truly know. If the Lord has given you answers in the past, accept them, and do not continually press Him for constant reassurance with regards to every detail. Whatever your concerns may be, I would encourage you to do all of the basic "primary" things before making any decisions: pray with real intent, feast upon the scriptures, fast regularly, and provide service to others. I am not insinuating that you do not already do these things, but as we continually place ourselves in a position that is compatible with the spirit, guidance and direction tend to become clearer. The following is from one of my favorite conference talks given during my early months as a new missionary. "Like you, I have felt what King Benjamin meant when he said that we could become like a little child before God. I have prayed, as you have, to know what to do when choices that I faced would have eternal consequences. Over many years I have seen a recurring pattern in the times when the answers to such a prayer have come most clearly. Once, for instance, I prayed through the night to know what I was to choose to do in the morning. I knew that no other choice could have had a greater effect on the lives of others and on my own. I knew what choice looked most comfortable to me. I knew what outcome I wanted. But I could not see the future. I could not see which choice would lead to which outcome. So the risk of being wrong seemed too great to me. I prayed, but for hours there seemed to be no answer. Just before dawn, a feeling came over me. More than at any time since I had been a child, I felt like one. My heart and my mind seemed to grow very quiet. There was a peace in that inner stillness. Somewhat to my surprise, I found myself praying, “Heavenly Father, it doesn’t matter what I want. I don’t care anymore what I want. I only want that Thy will be done. That is all that I want. Please tell me what to do.” In that moment I felt as quiet inside as I had ever felt. And the message came, and I was sure who it was from. It was clear what I was to do. I received no promise of the outcome. There was only the assurance that I was a child who had been told what path led to whatever He wanted for me. Henry B Eyring, Apr 2006 General Conference
  14. There was nothing in Pres. Oaks talk that was controversial or confusing. Folks (and especially our kids) need to realize and remember that black lives do matter, (everyone's life matters and is important) but the organization that calls themselves "black lives matter" is not actually associated with that phrase, and could actually care less about the prosperity of black america. Their organization is all about destroying our country as we know it at any cost, and lifting themselves up through theft and violence. They, along with may rioters we see in places like Seattle - aka CHAZ, are today's version of the Gadianton Robbers - lazy, evil, destructive, and disgusting people. Black Lives Matter, but Black Lives Matter as a phrase and black lives matter the organization are two completely different things. The actions and messages of the latter are far away from love, tolerance, and acceptance. This group is exhibit A of a wolf in sheep's clothing.
  15. scottyg

    Biden Corruption Emails

    Cool your jets space cadet. Never said it was okay. Never implied it was okay. I have zero interest in debating anything. Just asked for your source. Have a nice evening.