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  1. mrmarklin

    Hypothetical - mail-order bride

    This pic was posted on quite another forum. Consensus was it’s a dude.
  2. mrmarklin

    Hypothetical - mail-order bride

    Gotta lose the unibrow. 🙄
  3. mrmarklin

    Hypothetical - mail-order bride

    There is only one relevant question here: Is she hot?😃
  4. mrmarklin

    The power and keys of ministry

    John was the Apostle who asked to not die, but minister to the people until the Millenium.
  5. mrmarklin

    Alma 30:7-11

    It's difficult to believe that a 14yo can give consent (in absence of parental supervision) to a sexual act to any adult. Much less someone almost ten years older. While not actually condoning this situation, the law, by mitigating the penalties of such an act, is immoral IMHO.
  6. mrmarklin

    If you inherited 5 million dollars

    Other than possibly being more charitable, my lifestyle would not change. I’d have more invested😀
  7. mrmarklin

    Gold Hits Record High and Surpasses 1,900 Dollars Per Ounce

    The US has over $300 trillion in assets.. Not close to broke.
  8. mrmarklin

    Gold Hits Record High and Surpasses 1,900 Dollars Per Ounce

    Unless you are a market insider you cannot time the market. And even then............. If you want to sell high and buy low, get into a “balanced” Mutual Fund. This is your best chance. And even then...........
  9. mrmarklin

    Gold Hits Record High and Surpasses 1,900 Dollars Per Ounce

    Some of you should subscribe to Recoil magazine and similar. 😆
  10. mrmarklin

    Gold Hits Record High and Surpasses 1,900 Dollars Per Ounce

    Printing money is a potential problem. But a lot more goes into inflation analysis than that. Debt is also a problem, if the debtor has a bad debt/equity ratio. Luckily, the US has a lot of equity, with asset numbers into the hundreds of trillions. So the debt is very manageable from an equity point of view. Problems do arise if income does not cover debt interest. This is typically temporary in an economy as large as the US. But as we have learned, the financial pain can be significant.
  11. mrmarklin

    Gold Hits Record High and Surpasses 1,900 Dollars Per Ounce

    As an investment advisor, please be cautious about buying gold or silver as any sort of investment. It costs money to store properly, and also pays no income. It’s a SHTF only deal. And that’s very unlikely, at least here in the US.
  12. mrmarklin


    This is a true Story. I was in Switzerland last September 2019 eating in a nice restaurant in Lucerne with several friends. The conversation varied, but at one point I held out against Socialism and railed against the evilness of it. Topics were changed and we went on to other subjects. As we were eating dessert, a couple came to the table and stated that they had overheard the conversation about the evils of Socialism. They were from Russia, and had lived there during the Soviet period. Now living in Chicago, they stated that anyone who has lived in a socialist society hates socialism. They hated it, that's why they emigrated from Russia as soon as they could. They came to hate their local politicians in Chicago, and were looking to leave there as well. No one who has lived through what happened behind the Iron Curtain likes socialism except the ones who had privileged positions in those societies. As far as the NHS goes, I have been in the UK many, many, times and have some good friends there. My friends wife made a very good living selling...………….wait for it...…………...Health Insurance! The NHS is not for everyone for sure. Also it is a big political football. Almost daily in the press the NHS has front page headlines. Good or bad depending on the POV of the newspaper. So why any normal government would want to take on the responsibility for the general health of their population is beyond me. A way to buy votes, I assume.
  13. mrmarklin

    Book of Mormon white supremacy??

    The idea of racism in the BoM is ridiculous. Throughout the book all the prophecies regard both Nephites an Lamanites as descendants of Israel. This despite skin coloration
  14. mrmarklin


    There is Sweden. They had not lock down for covid, and it is a first World modern country. Not a lot of crazies. Be prepared to pay high taxes, however. I have been there. It seems a good country.