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  1. Deep doctrine is stuff like understanding why emigrants to Utah during the reformation period were required to be rebaptized in order to Maintain standing in the Church. Or blood atonement. Or the meaning of Adam God theory and why BY kept pushing it. Or why certain groups were not able to hold the Priesthood before 1978. No reasons have been mentioned, although many have been posited by Church higher ups over the years.
  2. mrmarklin

    Why do bad things happen to believers?

    Rain falls on the just and the unjust equally. Why shouldn’t bad things happen? How does that help? Adversity can build strength. I think it helps to think about our lives as a series of problems to be solved. It’s in solving our problems we achieve our greatest satisfaction. Of course, some may be insoluble. The role of religion is to teach about solutions as well as give us consolation when things are at their lowest.
  3. mrmarklin

    My Jane Austin Simulator

    It’s Austen, people. Austen.
  4. No matter whether you’re left or right, I’m just gonna come out and say it: Joe Biden is too stupid to be president of the US.
  5. mrmarklin

    BYU to allow same-sex dancing at annual competition

    I don't believe this is so. It's certainly not the case among ice skater couples.
  6. mrmarklin

    Iran "unintentionally" shoots down a plane

    It was unintentional. The scandal, and the reason for the protests in Iran was the cover up and lying.
  7. mrmarklin

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Not quite. Too many loose ends for my sake.
  8. mrmarklin

    Another "Church Culture Stinks" Article

    My current experience mirrors yours, but here in California. Young people simply cannot afford houses in my area, and consequently there are few. Even renting in a decent area requires close to a six figure income. So Wards have hollowed out and are shrinking. In other parts of the State this is not true. There is a building in our stake that was designed for four Wards anticipating what was thought to be future growth. The building is gigantic. One ward is in attendance. I think the article has little to do with "church" culture and a lot to do with Utah Valley culture.
  9. mrmarklin

    Financial Whistleblower

    The Church is not required to file any forms regarding tithed funds. There is, nor will there be any government reporting regarding these.
  10. mrmarklin

    Is it really coming to this?

    You all realize that Pocahontas did not marry John Smith, right? She died in England in a mansion. Unfortunately she was a very young age, like mid twenties. There are descendants.
  11. mrmarklin

    Is it really coming to this?

    Your sarcasm emoji was turned off...…………………………………… OOOHH....You meant Pocahontas' good name...….
  12. mrmarklin

    Is it really coming to this?

    It was not DJT that used affirmative action for personal benefit. She deserves her epithet. The real problem the so called progressives have with DJT is his intense push back of all their memes and PC. The opposition has not done that before, and they don’t like it.
  13. mrmarklin

    What makes you a member?

    This is not unusual. There are many believers that due to personal reasons don't attend church. But they do consider themselves believers. We had a member in our ward that was a life long smoker, couldn't give it up. He came to church every Sunday, and was a very faithful home teaching companion. Oddly, his wife was not a member. I belong to a club of several hundred people. Because of past leadership roles, I know many members personally. Some have not been to a club meeting in years, but still consider themselves to be loyal members. And they are.
  14. mrmarklin

    Emotional affair and children

    I don't see anything in OP post to indicate she is the victim of any abuse. Before I offer further "advice" I need some feedback from OP.
  15. mrmarklin

    Emotional affair and children

    Whether I am or not, I think I’m giving good advice.