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  1. Steve Young used to be a common fireside speaker here in the SF Bay Area in his playing days.
  2. mrmarklin

    Pornography Addiction

    The things you pointed out are red flags. As someone who married a person who came from an alcoholic and abusive family I can say, given a choice, I would have made another choice. But I was young and dumb. We have a successful family, but life could have been easier.
  3. mrmarklin

    Pornography Addiction

    It's a red flag. Fugetaboutit. Plenty of fish in the ocean. Pass on this one.
  4. I believe it takes a minimum of a year to get to know a person enough to want to marry them. That puts you through a "life cycle" of holidays, vacations, dealing with family problems, sicknesses, going to Church, possibly receiving callings, etc. etc. Hopefully, one can see it all works out and how your future partner deals with day to day problems. Seven months is too short for this IMHO. You're just barely getting past the hormonal/infatuation stage of the relationship. Carry on...……..
  5. mrmarklin

    A Flynn question

    Since lying to the FBI, or for that matter, most government officials is a felony, best advice is don't even be a witness. That's why people who are seemingly on the periphery of these cases tend to lawyer up immediately. Flynn had no reason to believe that he was the target of anything. He was the National Security Advisor, after all.
  6. mrmarklin

    A Flynn question

    Flynn's case was never tried AFAIK. He entered a plea bargain under financial duress as well as a threat by the DOJ that his son would be dragged into the mire with him. I'm sure competent attorneys could have gotten him off, knowing what we know now, but the cost was simply too great in many ways compared to the light sentence bargained for. And at the time there seemed no light at the end of the tunnel for him to get his life back. Serious DOJ misuse of power, but the government has almost unlimited resources, and most of the rest of us do not.
  7. As a matter of information, when I was on my mission, it was told to us in the SLC mission center that 60% of us would go inactive. This was in 1967. I was shocked. But then one realizes that this is the overall church activity rate at that time. So not surprising in retrospect.
  8. mrmarklin

    The Comedy News Network

    Sad comedown for a once reputable network. It was the original. The money must be good for some of the older reporters to prostitute themselves the way they do. I actually used to respect Wolf Blitzer.
  9. Even after that. China is very xenophobic and always has been. The idea about using capitalism to open up China more is a good one and perhaps will end up working IMO. But it's a seemingly long road. But in the end China will be xenophobic. That will not change in my lifetime. But don't worry about China taking over the world. Culturally, they're incapable of that.
  10. You must realize, of course, that Andy Reid, the current Super Bowl winning coach of the Kansas City Chiefs is LDS, right?
  11. mrmarklin

    Why "Just bake the cake!" is wrong

    In general, I should be able to choose with whom I do business. The Civil Rights Act got it half correct. There should never have been codified any so called Jim Crow laws requiring discrimination. But the idea of "public accommodation" for business is incorrect. And this public accommodation is what the LGBTQ groups have been asserting.
  12. mrmarklin

    How is everybody doing?

    I work in an essential Industry so no change in work routine or income. Biggest change by far is SF Bay Area traffic. My commute of 15 miles is now around 15 minutes whereas it used to be almost an hour. For me all else is normal. Except my favorite restaurants are closed except for takeout, which is not my favorite thing to do. I refuse to wear a mask or not travel to my country home. SIP is ridiculous IMHO. BtW, I’m a 72 year old diabetic. No fear.
  13. mrmarklin

    Is religious liberty threatened in USA?

    The short answer to your question is no. Let’s keep this in perspective. Covid 19 is not the bubonic plague that wiped out 1/3 of Europe in the Middle Ages. Most people that get it recover. And the ones that don’t tend to have serious health issues anyway. This lock down is ridiculous and a way that the elites are trying to control people. Just because they think they can.
  14. mrmarklin

    Is religious liberty threatened in USA?

    My point about Hitler was that he took advantage of an “emergency “ to obtain power as Chancellor of Germany in 1933. He then arranged things to rule as an absolute dictator for twelve years, even though he was not technically a dictator at all. Mostly his decrees had a legal basis. Even though we have a supposed emergency here in the US, we must be cautious about giving up any of our God guaranteed rights. Actually we should be adamant about not giving up any, including church attendance. AFAIK there is no legal basis to arrest anyone attending church.
  15. mrmarklin

    Is religious liberty threatened in USA?

    They thought he was more like Stalin.
  16. mrmarklin

    Is religious liberty threatened in USA?

    I must call you out on this. Hitler ruled Germany for twelve years under a legal emergency decree by the Reichstag. No supposed emergency ever justifies any compromise of our God given rights. No exceptions. The decrees so far here in the US are not even legal IMHO.
  17. mrmarklin

    Is religious liberty threatened in USA?

    It is and the powers that be are using this pandemic as an excuse to suppress not only religion, but gun rights and freedom of assembly and free speech. All in the name of "safety". None of this is legal of course, and I'm mostly ignoring any and all of these stupid orders. I won't wear a mask or gloves, and I go where and when I please. Over Easter we had a nice family gathering of over ten people at the house. Shocking I know. None of this has been legislated or voted upon by the people it restricts. Sadly, all my favorite restaurants are closed except for takeout.
  18. mrmarklin

    Could be hard year for fires in California

    Here In CA we have had a relatively wet spring so far. I'm certainly not expecting any unusual activity. BTW controlled burning is an EnviroNazi issue. They're agin' it. There wasn't much going on anyway. That's some of the reason fires get so out of hand here.
  19. Deep doctrine is stuff like understanding why emigrants to Utah during the reformation period were required to be rebaptized in order to Maintain standing in the Church. Or blood atonement. Or the meaning of Adam God theory and why BY kept pushing it. Or why certain groups were not able to hold the Priesthood before 1978. No reasons have been mentioned, although many have been posited by Church higher ups over the years.
  20. mrmarklin

    Why do bad things happen to believers?

    Rain falls on the just and the unjust equally. Why shouldn’t bad things happen? How does that help? Adversity can build strength. I think it helps to think about our lives as a series of problems to be solved. It’s in solving our problems we achieve our greatest satisfaction. Of course, some may be insoluble. The role of religion is to teach about solutions as well as give us consolation when things are at their lowest.
  21. mrmarklin

    My Jane Austin Simulator

    It’s Austen, people. Austen.
  22. No matter whether you’re left or right, I’m just gonna come out and say it: Joe Biden is too stupid to be president of the US.
  23. mrmarklin

    BYU to allow same-sex dancing at annual competition

    I don't believe this is so. It's certainly not the case among ice skater couples.
  24. mrmarklin

    Iran "unintentionally" shoots down a plane

    It was unintentional. The scandal, and the reason for the protests in Iran was the cover up and lying.
  25. mrmarklin

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Not quite. Too many loose ends for my sake.