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  1. If you married someone in the expectation that he would make you happy, you are far off the mark. In general, husbands are not entertainment committees. i think you have a lot of growing up to do. or maybe it’s hormones.
  2. I heard that the debates winner was Donald Trump!
  3. Both choices require perfect information, which many times is unobtainable. So it can be a conundrum.
  4. Very interesting. But rule eleven makes no sense at all. Simply not possible in our interdependent world. Unless we wish to always be relatively impoverished.
  5. Are any of you guys married? In my experience it’s all about the Benjamins for attractive women. Yes, even my wife. We were on a cruise a year or so ago and at the table we sat at she noticed she was the only one without a Rolex watch. Tag Heuer not good enough. Last Christmas I had to rectify the situation. In fairness, when we married, I had nothing.
  6. Just saw The Longshot. No one else need bother. This is is a Public Service Announcement.
  7. Some of these "bad" movies will survive to be come cult classics. Think Rocky Horror Picture Show. A flop in its day.
  8. I'm a big model train guy and one of my best friends lives in the UK. He wasn't at this show but we both heard about tis on a model train oriented website. Truly senseless.
  9. I think most of them are algeas and amoebas and such. So what.
  10. State of hearts? At some level it’s just business. I dont think God has a lot to do with it.
  11. I know nothing about prices in SLC, but traditionally, the Eastside is the best side.
  12. The Church merely requires its members to be chaste. If that is anti LGBTQ, so be it.
  13. Yes, this is the scripture. Any reasonable intepretation seems to mean that in the absence of the Twelve they have the same authority, just like the Twelve have in the absence of the Quorum of the First Presidency.
  14. Had Hyrum not died when Joseph did, he would have been prophet of the Church. He had the position of First Elder, by which he would have succeeded. It was due to this anomaly that the succession was contested by Rigdon et al. Another fact was that Joseph, in a blessing ostensibl named a son as a successor as well This son went on to lead the RLDS Church we LDS of course, believe that the succession contest was settled in the correct manner.
  15. I'm fairly sure is scriptural in the D&C, but I'm too lazy to look it up.
  16. Hopefully, they are taking separate transportation. Kind of like corporate executives do. If the worst happens, the Quorum of Seventy would hold the keys to the kingdom.
  17. I lived in Utah for three years while attending BYU. Since it's an atypical experience, I won't comment on the culture. But I had to get home to California ASAP because weather!
  18. It's a great gun. I also have the SIG P220 Sport as featured in the original movie REDS. It is a competition gun, not carryable.
  19. The p320 is a modular striker fired pistol. If you don’t know what that means, go buy a Ruger Single Six, and learn about shooting. IMO Sig-Sauer make the best firearms out of the box. I have several, including a P210, generally considered the best military firearm ever made. Glocks are very good in their market niche. Of of course if one is really serious about shooting pistols, Korth is the only way to go!😳
  20. I'm sure there is a lot of doo doo to wade through on these sites. That being said...…….. I know quite a few married couples who met through the internet. A nephew of mine is one of them. He and his wife were at the house last night with their one year old. Delightful family.
  21. Your husband needs to choose. His brother or you. Be be prepared to leave. This early in your marriage,this is a big red flag and deal breaker.
  22. You all realize LBJ married into money, right?😳
  23. I have attended many services that are not LDS. I’m respectful, but don’t recite the Lords Prayer or any creeds with the audience. Why would I parrot something I don’t believe in. Trump did OK.
  24. Well, clearly that’s Cumorah in the background. So yeah, I’ll go with it.