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  1. It might just be a physical place, but God said it's the Promised Land.
  2. Comics are also available.........virtually.
  3. Comics are also available.........
  4. The real problem with rear view cameras and detection is that one gets used to them and ignores all the beeps. I backed out of a parking spot and into a car waiting for a red light. Totally embarrassing.
  5. I haven't read a book with actual pages since I got my Kindle around eight years ago. The twentieth century is over.......................
  6. Eternity is one Eternal round. One cannot think in terms of timelines regarding God as He has all things before Him, obviating time. Time is a human construct. Our human reasoning tends circular as in your analysis But I don’t think that’s the way things are. There is a famous couplet. As man is, God once was. As God is man may become. This knowledge was restored to us by means of the prophet Joseph Smith. It makes perfect sense, and knowing this, one reads the Bible with new understanding.
  7. I went two years ago on a Murdock guided tour. This was a Mormon moderated tour and our guide was very knowledgeable, although I did not share some of his points of view regarding what we saw. A lot of scripture was study and discussed, hymns sung, and we covered a lot of ground. Locations such as garden of Gethsemane are fairly well known and major cities that Christ was in are also known such as Nazareth, Capernaum, etc. There is some sort of church at every site that’s halfway historical and many times more than one. We went to church at the BYU chapel in East Jerusalem. They have a spectacular view of Jerusalem , floor to ceiling the audience faces during sacrament service. This tour was well worth the $$$$$$ with nice hotels and other lodgings. Most meals included except for lunch. There was also an optional side trip to Rome to see ancient Christian site for three days. Also well worth it. Israel is fascinating and should be on any Christian’s bucket list. It’s great.
  8. Get a good job, and begin your career. Save up and buy a home to live in. Save money as you work hard advancing yourself. Women will find you. You have no hobbies or interests that are fatal to having a normal life.
  9. Don't forget that hay in Spanish is pronounced as ay or long I. Saying hay (as in harvested alfalfa) will get you nowhere. I took several years of German. What is taught is what is known as Hochdeutsch or high German. In many areas of Germany or Switzerland the colloquialisms are so rampant that's it can be very difficult to understand what people are saying. Luckily they understand English. Also true in Spanish speaking countries. The worst is perhaps Argentina.
  10. Caffeine is the addictive part of coffee. Switch to a cola product, or go Mountain Dew.
  11. When I went on my mission ca. 1967 there were around two million members and twenty thousand missionaries. Now there are around fifteen million members and around 60-70 thousand missionaries. As a percentage of the membership, the missionary ratio has plummeted. That’s very discouraging if I’m running the Church.
  12. Saw Tomb Raider last weekend. Not a bad movie Better than the reviewers said As as a guy I can say Alicia Vikander is enough reason alone to see this movie.
  13. You’re barbaric. We don’t have to be cave men any more.
  14. Sad, isn’t It? As a Libertarian, I believe that the State should not be involved in schooling at all. Of course the promoters of public schools back in the day thought that the efforts to promote an agenda was a good thing they likely still do. But the curricula is not what I mean regarding sociality
  15. She was not wearing anything unusual. But she stands out in any group, that’s for sure. At the time she was only a friend of the family. I had no idea she would eventually be a daughter in law. She was compensated for her efforts.
  16. The point is to just get someone to pay attention. The model need not necessarily know anything about the product. Several years ago I was at a swap-meet selling some of my model trains. I invited my future daughter in law, who is quite a number, to help me as I had a lot of tables and needed someone to help watch the merchandise. I sold a lot of trains.
  17. In my mission the APs were called in order to keep an eye on them. I was actually companion to one for a while. He over slept every day. Yes, while in the office, life was good. Movies on Sunday night after a hamburger, of course not all the time. Those were the days. (ca.1967-69) Then of course a full P-Day on Monday to do whatever one wanted. No clothes washing or clean up for us. We had maids. Life was very very good. So in reality, many times P-Day started on Sunday after all missionary work was finished.
  18. I’m not sure how you’ve managed to live to adulthood without learning one of advertising’s basics. Sex sells.
  19. You all realize of course that there is likely insurance to cover the Church’s costs, right? Why this has gone on this long os a mystery to me.
  20. Based on the little I know, the Church should have never let it come to a lawsuit. The church needs to get the checkbook and start writing checks, if necessary, get a NDA, and move on.
  21. When talking with someone who disagrees with me, I change the subject.
  22. Yes, it’s true. I consider it a last resort. I like the sociality of school.
  23. I went on a tour of Israel in 2015 with a group whose members were largely from Utah Valley. Without getting into specifics, these people, while being quite admirable, and knowledgeable, were as different from this California born and raised and still living there person, as chalk and cheese. Many missionaries that are from Utah here in SF Bay Area consider that they are almost on a foreign mission. Their words, not mine The world is very different outside the Utah Valley
  24. I think I’ve stated I’m somewhat agnostic on the subject. If I lived in an area with crap schools and no acceptable private ones, I’d certainly consider the home school option.