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  1. I think I’ve stated I’m somewhat agnostic on the subject. If I lived in an area with crap schools and no acceptable private ones, I’d certainly consider the home school option.
  2. Yes. When the bishop is out of town for example, the first counselor is the senior high priest and will preside over meetings.
  3. My experience is that children are screened and tested fairly thoroughly before admittance is considered. So far I’m unaware of any problems with my grandchildren at least. My eldest granddaughter is far above public school grade level in all areas And who would send a normal child to a school that caters to problems????
  4. I think the Utah Valley is a great place to live and raise a family. IMO, none better. I lived there myself for a time. And I have near family in the area as well. But I do know that living there is far different than most other areas in the US. And that colors perceptions of other places and societal norms. Most people in urban areas of this nation have two earner households to both have a lifestyle and afford housing. Daycare is very rampant and I suspect the family size differs as well. These facts alone obviate home school as an option for the vast majority of families. In my neighborhood we are nodding acquaintances at best with our neighbors. My wife is the only female home during working hours. When our children were being raised, they had no peers close enough to play with on a daily basis. So unless TFP has lived in other areas for extended periods I think his ideas of socialite are colored by his life experience in his current area. OP basically described his wife as someone who was math deficient and couldn’t spell. I wouldn’t want her teaching my children, and can only feel sorry for hers.
  5. I’m really agnostic as to home schooling. I’m just pointing out a hazard as I see it. While the OP is doing home schooling, he didn’t paint an attractive picture.
  6. Because you live in Saratoga Springs UT.
  7. You live in Utah in a largely homogeneous community of similar beliefs. You don’t understand the sociality of people in many other parts of the world. Or here in the US. my kids grew up with no Mormon neighbors. In fact, our neighborhood had few children at all. They were able to interact with Mormons primarily at church and not much more until they were able to drive. By that time the boys had non Mormon girlfriends, because that’s what was available. Had they been homeschooled, they would have had largely only family interaction. Nothing wrong with that! Im a fun guy! my wife is a fairly social person, but please don’t judge the social availability by the standards of Utah Valley. School was an important social learning experience for all my children.
  8. Most people wait until the boys are 16.
  9. Biggest single advantage of private school is that behavioral problems are simply not tolerated. In addition a certain minimum of parent participation is required. My experience is with Catholic/Christian schools..
  10. OP I don’t know where you live, and that’s important when it comes to whether or not the public school is adequate. In my opinion, home schooling by definition omits a critical part of personal development , and that is social interaction with peers, and learning how to deal with the associated problems. When one thinks about life, it really is a series of decisions and problem solving. And no one is an island. The problem you have in your house is that your wife seems fairly ignorant, and she cannot teach what she doesn’t know. Your kids need to get out more.
  11. The guy was out of line. It’s this sort of self righteous nonsense that puts people off. Im a guy, and I haven’t worn a white shirt with a tie to Church in years. No one has ever mentioned anything.
  12. Thank you Backroads for your post. This is why I send my grandchildren to private schools. No serious behavioral problems allowed.
  13. This is fairly typical in units outside of the Mormon Corridor. I’ve lived in California all my life, and those are typical statistics for the units I’ve lived in. I suspect in many third world countries, this statistics are worse than this.
  14. They’re not British. Very common across the Pond.
  15. The owners of our CPA firm are all Mormon. We provide free coffee to our employees and clients. It is prepared by whoever wants to have some coffee first! If we are out, the receptionist does it for clients. Part of her job description. The current one is also a Mormon, but that has not been true in the past. By all accounts , the coffe is pretty good.
  16. Yes, that’s technically true. My syntax error. There is a scripture in the D and C on this, but I’m too lazy to look it up.
  17. The senior high priest presides in absence of the Bishopric. That is through the HP group, and then EQ. Of course having the Stake involved helps, because that President is high over everyone. Remember however that he is president of HP quorum of stake. That’s why senior HP in ward would preside. This is happened in our ward and second counselor in HP group presided. That was me at the time. A member of Stake presidency was also on the stand. Ive only witnessed this situation once in my life.
  18. This is a female thing. You don’t have to be religious. Go with it. If she discusses religion a lot, this could be a potential conflict in your married life. Sort it out now.
  19. Thank you Tookie for answering JAGs long self righteous post. I’m glad you use common sense.
  20. Only if one has my car payment. Anything less would be very marginal.
  21. My critiques are just an application of common sense. God expects us to use it. While you believe there are two seemingly contradictory agendas, I don't. I think the Lord depends on us to decide what is best in each individual situation, and prayerfully consider the options. I don't believe that any answered prayers will be advising to go ahead and have a family and place yourself in a position of having to depend on others to carry out your plans. On the face, that's ridiculous. Of course the church advises to get government assistance before church resources are applied. That's just common sense for the conservation of fast offering assets. Plus, the Church is cheap. When my son had an accident while doing missionary work, they sent him home for medical treatment so they could have our insurance pay instead of the Church's. It was a little off-putting.
  22. We had four children after waiting 3+ years after we were married. I had graduated from college and had a career going. I was not making very much, and certainly did not enjoy the lifestyle I do now. I was 31 when our last child was born. We did not have more than four children due to medical advice from doctors that it would not be wise for my wife's health to have any more children. I don't know about any spirits that we "chose" not to bring into mortality. I find this comment nonsensical and insulting. The road is never easy raising a family, and we struggled with all the usual problems of not enough money etc etc. But I chose a good profession and as my career matured, so did our lifestyle increase. I'm able to do for my grandchildren what I did not do for my own children, at least in a monetary way.
  23. Are you a US resident? Even if you're not, you must realize that a little war broke out here in the US around 1776, and it was all about taxation. At some level, I realize people vote for this stuff. But forced charity is not and should not be the purpose of government. As I've said earlier, it's a sign of moral decay. And you're wrong about force. I am forced to pay taxes and I pay a lot. I don't really want any time spent at Club Fed away from my family.
  24. You better check again. While the death penalty is not associated with evading taxes, long jail sentences are. Do you live in the US? The IRS can compel compliance with the tax laws. Ask Wesley Snipes.
  25. No one truly knows. In any event, Mary lived in a literate, educated, civilized society. The cases relating to indigenous people are not similar.