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  1. You have only known this girl six months. Let her go on a mission. Since you are a student you don't seem to be in a position to propose anyway. How would you support her? Your supposed love is likely just a strong infatuation.
  2. Any one on one interaction between an adult and a child is very problematic. The Scouts have taken steps to prevent this due to lawsuits. The Church has also had its problems. The Catholic Church has booths called confessionals just to eliminate problems. Everything is out in the open, but still can be private Some adults abuse their position and some children are too wise in worldly ways. Accusations can be very corrosive and actions even more so. The Church would be wise to insulate itself from any shadow of doubt in these cases.
  3. Regardless the merits of Young or his gripes, I believe the Church will soon prohibit one on one interviews with our youth. Just too much legal liability.
  4. It's not a sin. But because of their life experience, much of their counsel is wise.
  5. They're big sellers. The biggest. I think that includes dining out.
  6. I would re join the church so you can begin your Eternal progression. It will be difficult as as a gay person you will be required to be chaste. But I believe your rewards would be worth it.
  7. Katie, If it was only the one time affair (which I doubt), that might be survivable. But coupled with the other behaviors, you need to take your head out of the sand and get rid of this loser.
  8. People have wide choices when they dine out. Cola drinks outsell them all.
  9. I was lucky in this. I married someone from a foreign country. Only occasionally saw my in laws. We got along great!
  10. I have no idea where you live. But a lot of this is regional. Cola drinks are top sellers in the US.
  11. IMNSHO, we should act as if He’s coming tomorrow.
  12. Not sure about temple rules. It would seem to me that any confirmation done by a Melchizedek priesthood holder would be valid. On the other hand, if one is not endowed, access to many parts of the temple would be limited. Likely you should not have been allowed in the confirmation area, even though in our local temple here, it’s just another room near the baptistery. Maybe a technicality?
  13. Be straight up. This is a minor problem that won’t preclude you from a mission experience.
  14. Not to mention artichoke hearts and olives. Sorry I couldn’t answer the poll, as none of the ingredients are my favorites.
  15. Th3 short answer is yes. One must accept the Saviours name of course as a condition of baptism Unless SS you are a murderer.
  16. If he will change his habits because you want him to, use that to your advantage. Glad to read you latest post. Hopefully, you can keep it all together for the children Alcoholism is to some degree hereditary, so be careful of that aspect of his “reformation “. Alcoholics get real good at hiding their habit. Good luck!
  17. Why is the garment question even part of the temple interview. Is it truly the Bishops or anyone else’s business?
  18. Catholics are generally very tolerant of other Christian religions. Remember it started as the true church. The doctrine is fairly close to ours. I wouldnt look look for problems where there may be none.
  19. The Golden Rule: Do unto others, before they do unto you.😉
  20. The National Health Service of the U.K. dispenses “free” health care in that country. It is a big political football. One of my best friend’s wife just sold her business there. Her business? Health insurance. So if one really wants decent health care in Britain, one pays to a private system. There is a reason for that.......
  21. Dump this choking loser...You can obviously do much betterIMHO.