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Found 3 results

  1. Alright, so, basically I need some advice. I'm staying in another country for 3 months, just got here a couple of weeks ago. (Originally from the US). I used to struggle with pornography a little bit and repented of it all a while ago. Earlier today, I had a relapse and looked at some. I have been 100% clean ever since I first confessed, well over a year ago. I want to confess and do so without delay! I was thinking I would just go to church in the country I'm in this Sunday (they have both branches and wards close to me, or at least that I can manage to get to). I was feeling so good and hopeful... But then realized that my records weren't moved over here... So does that mean I couldn't confess to a bishop here because I'm not under that "jurisdiction" or whatever word would go there? I want to repent as soon as possible and not have this hanging over me. There is also a temple here I wanted to go to and now I'm not sure if I should before confessing. But if I can't confess while I'm here what am I supposed to do? I'm only home for a short time when I return from this country before I go to one of the BYU schools, less than a week. I'm afraid of confessing right when I get there because I'm afraid of the academic consequences I would face, especially seeing as it would be my first semester there transferring in from another university. While I recognize fully the severity of this type of sin I don't want to be kicked out and don't think I should be since this was a slip-up for me and I'm trying to be better. I just want to confess and feel better and more fortified. I'm also afraid if I wait I'll lose the courage to do so. Can I confess to a bishop here in the country I'm in! Clearly, I'm freaking out and spiraling, please help.
  2. I’m in my senior year at Brigham Young University-Idaho and I’ve recently been dating a young man who is also a senior. We’re both starting to worry that if we don’t find a spouse now, we’ll never find a spouse. Because of this, there’s a lot of pressure to commit. I enjoy spending time with him, but we’ve had some trouble communicating our expectations and needs, and it’s resulted in us breaking up once already. We both recognized that we needed to spend more time getting to know one another and less time cuddling, etc. We ended up getting together last night, just to communicate and connect on a personal level. The evening ended in the pushing of the boundaries of the Law of Chastity. We talked about it this morning and both agreed that it can’t happen again. I like this young man, but I don’t feel an emotional connection with him. I’m attracted to him physically, but not emotionally. I don’t know if I need to break this relationship off completely. I don’t want to hurt him, but I don’t know that I’ll ever love him, because I’m not emotionally available due to being hung up on a past love. If I stay with him, I’m afraid it would be purely physical and pushing the boundaries would lead to us eventually breaking the Law of Chastity completely. What do I do?
  3. I really need help with this. I really would love some advice. I just got baptized not even a day ago... My boyfriend and I have talked about the LoC and our limits and that we cannot do things that break the LoC. He came over after my baptism and he kept trying to make out with me and kept trying to touch my butt and I sternly told him no and tried pushing him away. But he kept trying to. But I stopped him. Then we were just cuddling and he tried laying on top of me and tried kissing me once again and now after he left I feel guilty... And now I don't know what to do...