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  1. You shouldn’t need to lie. Once you marry, your wife should take precedence.
  2. The couple do not live in the US. The culture is different in their country.
  3. They did eventually marry in the temple and are active members of the church. The couple have a child now.
  4. Here is a true story: A couple I know wanted to get married in the temple, but couldn't afford all the niceties because they wanted to complete their education etc etc. So they married civilly without telling anyone. They "dated" for at least two years to my knowledge, of course with all the benefits of matrimony. They never lived together during this period, but stayed with their families. But to the world and even their families, the were only dating. Let your conscience be your guide.
  5. I’m currently reading Apostasy and Restoration, which was the Meschizedek Priesthood manual around 1960. It’s not particularly scholarly, but gives a good overview of the apostasy period. I am going to use the references to further study the era.
  6. You noticed Zillow’s estimate of true value, no? many homes are listed below market price to begin a bidding war. In addition this home is in a fairly scary area.
  7. You got me. My wife would not want to live in a house that has less square footage than her kitchen, however. I'll follow this. With a 4400 sq foot yard, if buildable, it will likely be bid up over the 600k mark.
  8. Let me know where in SF I can find a house for $600K I'll buy it today!!!!!!!
  9. Location is everything. Even in CA depending on where one lives, there was a huge correction in property values in the last downturn.. In the SF Bay Area, not so much. Like most economic things it boils down to supply and demand. My son bought a house in Idaho, held it for ten years, and barely got his money back. No appreciation at all. This is fairly typical in much of the US. He was able to squeeze into a home in the SF Bay Area last year and already has around $60K of appreciation. It's crazy, I know. In the SF Bay Area a starter home in most areas is around $1,000,000. This allows you to own a 3 bedroom/2 bath fixer upper. It for sure won't be perfect. And won't be large. Think around 1,200 sq ft. How can this last?? It won't. But for right now, there is so much new money coming into the Silicon Valley that this is the situation. Think about it..........With 20% down (who has 200K laying around? answer: guys with stock options) your monthly nut is $3,820 payment, taxes around $1,250 per month and Insurance of $150 per month. That is a monthy nut of $5,220! Not a lot of people in the country can crack that payment month in and month out. That does not count the maintenance, utilities and other benefits of home ownership!! What with income taxes, vehicle costs, raising kids etc etc, it's no wonder that a lot of people making $200,000 or more per year consider themselves working poor.
  10. Iran signed the nuclear non proliferation treaty and agreed to not have nuclear weapons. North Korea has not signed, but has made threats to its neighbors and fired weapon delivery systems. So I don't think any normal country would want them to have nuclear weapons. If your neighbor, a gun owner, made similar threats and shot guns into the air near your house,, he/she would likely have a problem with law enforcement and have weapons confiscated.
  11. No one here likes beer butt chicken? Yes, we have beer just for that purpose. To roast excellent chicken on our barbecue. We have many friends that enjoy coffee in the morning. While we have never bought any coffee, we have allowed preparation at our homes. One thing I will not tolerate is indoor smoking.
  12. The short answer is yes. Drugs are still illegal in the US, so no to that one.
  13. Typically banks lend 40% of gross less any payments that you have. Don't forget the possible tax benefits you will receive due to deductions for interest and taxes that you do not currently have available as a renter. You may be surprised at how much this can save, although in the mid west where you don't have to deal with California pricing this could be marginal.
  14. My top five that I have actually visited in order of preference: England. This was the HQ of a large empire, and it shows. Many spectacular buildings, and historical places. The food has improved significantly since I first started going in 2002. Germany This is the model train capital of the world, and that's my main hobby. I've met many fine people from this country that I now count as friends. I have been all over Deutschland and even have studied and picked up a little German language skills. Mexico The variety of scenery and historicity in Mexico is unmatched in the western hemisphere. Food is also awesome. Peru If you have not been to Machu Picchu and Cuzco you need to put it on your bucket list now. It's world class. The Seafood in Peru is world class as well None better and I've eaten in some of the world's finest restaurants. I'll stop at four, because none of the many other countries I've been to stand out in particular. All places I have been have very nice attractions. That's why I went in the first place. The above being said, living here in the USA is still the best combination of lifestyle and value. Except for the politics, I love California. As to weather, scenery, recreation and food options, we have it all. Luckily, the nasty politics (as well as ridiculous housing costs) will keep many people from moving here. We have way too many people now.
  15. You should move to California. No need to go to Canada. There is a large Filipino community here in the Bay Area. Many Filipino restaurants etc. etc.
  16. If you are hot, you should definitely wear a bikini. Acne goes away, hotness doesn't unless you get fat.
  17. We love freedom and hate tyranny above all.
  18. SLC IS IN THE MIDDLE OF A DESERT. This is not news. 😎
  19. I have built more than one fire in rainy conditions. Plenty of dry wood in a thick branch or a log.
  20. You are very young and hardly know this person. Her stating that she's not looking for anything serious is a flag of some sort, and don't get too excited. As Omega said, are you ready for marriage financially as well as biologically? Laying a foundation is important.
  21. Pretty much this. I'm sad for you, but you don't have a lot invested in the relationship. So get ready to make a change.
  22. Uh, No. Alicia much prettier, and a better actress/.
  23. OK OK I confess. I saw Rampage last weekend. Mildly entertaining.