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    yes that makes sense, I think we were just worried because of the lockdown they can't leave and maybe we were making them uncomfortable. It is a tricky time.
  2. JayKi


    I would feel little bad that she can't join in conversations. We want to be good hosts but we dont have much time to talk ourselves with my wife caring for the baby and I'm working extra shifts and then sleeping lots. Yes and we are just mostly trying to encourage each other with hope we find in the gospel, we aren't trying to convince anybody to convert. I dont really feel comfortable with that and my wife doesn't either. We discussed when we were marry that we want our house/home to be a place that serves God and we think this is bad. But it is my older sister if it was a younger sister then I could ban it but older sister is different
  3. JayKi


    Sorry I have been so busy with work and trying to spend time with my wife and baby . My question is my sister her son and her boyfriend are living with us, they have been here about 3 months. My sister she used to be an active member but now she is atheist and her boyfriend is too. My wife and I recently when we are together at home we discuss the gospel a lot we are both just really passionate about it at the moment. We speak all the time about it but I feel uncomfortable sometimes that we forcing my sister and her boyfriend to listen to us, because if someone was saying that they are atheist or whatever religion I don't agree with then I wont want to listen all time. But at same time I don't want to stop discussing gospel with my wife. I think I can tell they uncomfortable but they are too polite to say. What is best solution?
  4. JayKi


    Well I think it is a straight forward quesiton, but I don't know where to ask it. Also, I may not be quick at responding as I am working in ICU at the hospital I did my medical placement in, I should have return to Costa Rica 2 weeks ago but I am stuck in England and helping fight the virus here.
  5. JayKi


    i used to be member here long time ago i doubt anyone remembers me i thought i will rejoin to ask a question .
  6. Get a life and/or grow up. You are loser who has nothing better to do than be mean to me. Now I judge you as sad lonely pitiful human with boring life.
  7. Your English is almost worse than mine. I no understand what you say but I sure you wrong.
  8. The Bishop should have told you your son confession. That isnt right at all if he didnt.
  9. She should no even think to forgive him right now. Any thought that isnt to protect the child is wasted. Poor child.
  10. Im no perfect I forgive lot of things but not harm a child. If that makes me bad I no care.