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  1. pwrfrk

    Craziest situation ever

    No mention of a spouse...? Get a restraining order from court.
  2. I saw that last night. It was pretty good.
  3. That sounds fun. However.... The longer we live the worse the overall population looks. Will this new gene be the playtoy of the rich & famous? That, and along with the population stuggles, the environment, I disagree about Star Trek. Instead, likely Logan's Run. Now, they want to live forever. Well, maybe not everyone wants to, but then those that do will soon exceed those that do because those that die of old age will be replaced by the children and grandchildren of the rich & famous that had their genes "fixed". Then at some point that gene will mutate back into what God wanted (maybe by God's doing, though I think likely by natural causes), and will hit the amortal like a brickwall.
  4. pwrfrk

    Quote search

    Ah, yes. Cargo cults. Courtesy of WW2 in the Pacific. Cultures worshipping their flying god.
  5. pwrfrk

    An Ethical Proposition....

    I'm with Anatess and Fether. Your philanthropic endeavors are certainly admirable, however, you have far more pressing needs at the moment, i.e., you. Build a customer base, build a sustainable reputation, build capital, THEN start on your Africa project. Sure, you can still donate however much you wish to donate before hand. Just remember though, you still gotta pay your rent and feed your family first.
  6. pwrfrk

    Quote search

    A little while back there was a discussion about God, intelligence and I forget what else. There was a couple of quotes used, and I not only can I not find the thread but I cannot find or remember much about the quotes. One was something about the greater the distance, education/technology-wise, between two groups would make the more advanced group appear God-like...or something like that. The other was comparing more advanced technology to magic. Does anyone remember these?
  7. One of the most precious freedoms, so precious yet so overlooked that the Constitution missed it completely- the freedom of endangered. If they can control your thoughts, they can control your life. If they can control your life, who are you then, but a simple machine? So easy, to turn on and turn off. No longer a sentient being, so many rights you would now no longer deserve. If they don't need you, they just throw you away. You are, after all, just a simple machine. And when you start looking at things that way, when you look at population control, it makes it so much easier to stomach the crimes Hitler violated. You know....gas name it. Because you are just a simple machine with no life and no rights.
  8. pwrfrk

    Eat Your Heart Out, Tony Stark

    You guys are making me feel left out with my Osborne 1....
  9. pwrfrk


    It's not Kool-Aid, it's FlavorAid....
  10. pwrfrk

    An Ethical Proposition....

    Someone introduced computer technology to the British? Wow. No telling what's next...airplanes? Too weird for me!
  11. pwrfrk

    Why we still have Democrats

    How dare you! I did no such thing! Nor is my comment an attack on liberals. Once again I am a victim of Vort's ruthless pirarating of my fine image!
  12. pwrfrk

    8 Reasons Gasoline Prices Are Going Up in America

    IIRC there's gold in seawater. So if you're gonna use the nuclear facility to process seawater for U, you can also get strontium and other rare earth elements.
  13. pwrfrk

    Why we still have Democrats

    "Why We Still Have Democrats" = "Why We Still Have Hemorrhoids". In the end, the still has to go somewhere....
  14. pwrfrk

    Sterling Van Wagenen, pedophile.

    Child molester, yes. He admitted to that. But...pedophile...? You do know what pedophile means, right? I have a friend that was convicted of being a chimo. It destroyed his life. He spent 20 years in prison. Then five or six years later, the truth came out- the girls lied. Guess what? His life was still ruined. I am not saying the chimo in the article is innocent, because he admitted to a previous encounter. I just know from my experience s what I have seen. It is so hard to look at someone and say "absolutely guilty!" because of my friend. And just because he has admitted to it before, does not mean he did it again. I only pray that our Lord in Heaven sees to justice being done correctly and judiciously.
  15. Hmmm. I learned that anger covers pain & fear.