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  1. Sunday21

    Turning the other cheek

    Where I live you can call the police and if you know the time of the potential conflict, ask for ‘escort to keep the peace’. The police come and just stand there looking at the two of you. I have done this myself. The police officer was a big help, gave good advice and came to visit latter to see if I was ok. You can tell the person that you would be happy to meet them in the lobby of the local police station.
  2. Sunday21


    Dear Carb, I am so sorry! A shock, I am sure.
  3. Thank you! How nice of you to think of doing this! ❤️
  4. Sunday21

    Life Lessons

    Kim Chee overload!
  5. So pleased for you! This change in circumstances is a great deal better!
  6. Dungeons & Dragons was evil? Really? I had assumed that D &D had many opportunities for rescuing the frail and for team building for the greater good. Am 😮
  7. @NannieLaurie Pleased to meet you! Welcome! 🙏
  8. Sunday21


    Had Togo for major magnification but found the kitty eyes!
  9. Sunday21


    Thanks! I am considering giving myself n Xmas present. Love ❤️!
  10. This book looks intriguing! John Bytheway.
  11. I understand the Op’s Point. For some people teaching a lesson is about projecting love. These teachers mean well but ‘projecting love’ is sometimes only meaningful to those who share your small world. To the speaker the words selected and the body language have a deeper meaning that signals to their tribe but to outsiders the result can be meaningless or variously misinterpreted. As an early convert I found many talks to be uninterpretable. I can now guess at the meaning of some of these talks. The speaker was expressing love and gratitude. Talking about feelings and how happy you are about ‘how well your life is going’ is not generally helpful to the audience. Inside jokes and references to private times with friends in the audience can be alienating. I try not to talk about feelings, and especially not my own feelings, in talks and lessons because...why would anyone care if I am having a good day or a good life? If teaching a lesson or giving a talk, I try and find something useful for the audience.
  12. Sunday21

    Two hour Church

    A lot of people fear teaching, especially converts.
  13. Sunday21

    Did you attend college in Arizona or Nevada?

    My doctors suggested these states but I think they are mistaken. I need to look at the research but I think most people with migraines are affected by heat and to a lesser extent changes in barometric pressure.
  14. Sunday21

    Completely crazy anti-Mormon novel

    I gave up the book wen it claimed that members were more likely to commit business fraud.
  15. Sunday21

    Completely crazy anti-Mormon novel

    Apparently in Old Boston, the social elites would not wear clothing immediately imported from Paris. Such clothing was left in the attic for a few seasons until it was no longer fashionable and only worn once out of fashion.