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  1. Sanderson discussing the writing process
  2. All true! i am interested, in part, because I find the issue of poverty to be: important to human welfare, complex and frequently counterintuitive. Many people find issues with these 3 features to be interesting. My reaction to this area of endeavor, reducing poverty, is ‘Oh, How Interesting! ‘What does the data say? What about this data: suggests that this data may or may not apply?
  3. Have not read all of thread...long day in hospital w sick relative. I had this issue and there was a list of reasons why only coffee would do. I got my doctor to write me a short note that I took to my bishop. Problem solved. No questions asked. My doctor, a Muslim, was most entertained but managed to keep a straight face. My meds come w a long list of side effects. Coffee is the least of my worries.
  4. 😩😢😳😱 How could you?! And I just logged in to tell you how happy I was that Hey Google now accepts my thanks with jolly Hockey references. ‘I scored the goal but you dropped it on the tape’. I am not sure what the tape is but I imagine that I just got a point for an assist.
  5. I am on it! My team and I will begin by inviting the Claus team to mediate. Expect late night sessions powered by cocoa and sugar cookies!
  6. How is the navigation going? I fear that there is a glitch in the system. Santa has not visited me for sometime! Perhaps Canada is off the route? Our caribou are too fat to pull sleighs lately.
  7. Very beautiful indeed! Both soothing and evocative. French provincial!
  8. I see. Well I would like to find programs that spend money more efficiently. As our areas of jurisdiction are very large in some cases, provinces rather than states, the problems of the north are my problems. Handling climate change in a northern country is a major issue. On the plus side the bears are doing well.
  9. Thank you for the clarification. Well let’s see what happens in the study. In my country, we have Welfare. This program is income support for people with disabilities, people in economically deprived parts of the country, temporary assistance for young mothers so we are already handing out money. I had assumed that the US had similar programs but perhaps I am wrong on that? We have a lower income pension for people over a certain age as well.
  10. But pay taxes now right? You pay for roads, schools, national defence, food stamps, even foreign aid. American troops are serving around the world. The CDC famously has helped to eradicate malaria in many countries. The US has fought in major foreign wars. Surely if you pay taxes you are accustomed to giving money to support other people? The GIS programs are often proposed as more efficient ways of reducing poverty. Reducing the effects of poverty has been part of my role as a member of the RS presidency. Poverty control, is an area in which there are strong opinions, so let’s do some studies and find out. In addition, my country is changing quite a bit due to climate change in regions of the country in which there is considerable poverty. These areas of the country need to transition and GIS may help. As a northern country the effects of climate change are dramatic. Roads and homes built on permafrost experience serious deterioration. The caribou herds in the north of my province are flourishing by the way. Our polar bears are getting fat.
  11. I find experiments, even very flawed experiments, interesting. We have different competing theories so let’s see what happens.
  12. Well let’s see what happens...An interesting series of studies.
  13. Here’s another study in Mississippi i can’t read the following article because I am not an subscriber but Washington Post has an article: Springboard to Opportunities program in Jackson, Miss., gives moms $1,000 a month as part of a “universal basic income” experiment Aug. 31, 2019 · A Mississippi program giving low-income mothers a year of “universal basic income” reflects an idea .... Trying the experiment in conservative Mississippi, though, made the program inherently different.
  14. Found something on Stockton. Let’s see how things are going.