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  1. Canadians are frequently described as ‘mostly white people’. they mean that we are boring. Can’t dance, no style, can’t cook, can’t jump. Went to a restaurant described as ‘traditional and mostly white people’ in Ottawa. The description fit like a glove. All the customers were old white people. Like something out of the last days of the RAJ. Pukka Shabih? @MormonGator would know the term. Fine linen tablecloths, fine china and cutlery and very very over cooked food. Surely being referred to as ‘mostly white people’ cannot be an insult more a gentle pulling of the leg.
  2. Sunday21


    Dear @Texan So good of you to join us? Ahh the gentle concession of Texans and the province of Quebec!
  3. Sunday21

    So who’s going?

    Maybe time to relocate that base? Sell land for big profit square foot by square foot on eBay. Use proceeds to move to another site?
  4. Sunday21


    WANT AD: Thirty missionaries for elaborate practical joke. I confess I do not know why I think this is funny, nor do I know what situation might be referred to, but I keep picturing a nice pleasant missionary reading this ad and saying ‘Sure. Why not?’ I need a New Yorker cartoonist to illustrate.
  5. I was proud when I saw the young Saint on Stranger things. Smart, sassy and smart!
  6. Sunday21


    @JGarcia Glad to know you! Pleased that you are here!
  7. Dear Smart IT people, I am frequently in the situation of allowing technical support onto my computer eg Adobe. I never save passwords or user ids to my computer. I worry that if I then later pay bills from my computer that I may have a problem with security. What do you think? Many thanks!
  8. Sunday21

    Church website:My ward

    Dear Folks, I was trying to get into the ward directory to send a chirpy thank you to a helpful sister (admit you have done this! It’s not just Canadians!). I could not get into the ward directory. Is anyone else having this proble? But the new changes to the site are amazing! So well laid out! The graphics! And the messages that pop up really are poignant! Maybe I could send a chirpy ‘thank you’ to the site developers? What talent! @NeuroTypical and @zil probably work there!
  9. Sunday21

    Genealogy: English criminals

    No kidding! That is kinda awesome!
  10. This is so true! Both on dating sites and in person! However, it does give you a lot of practice in saying, ‘No’. Church ladies need lots of practice in saying this golden word which becomes absolutely vital with each step that you take into the relationship. Get a copy of ‘For the strength of youth’ and keep it in your purse. You will probably have to hit someone over the head with it at some point! Maybe they should issue a heavier copy? I guarantee you that you will be saying ‘No’ ‘No’ ‘No’ throughout the whole dating process. Actually ‘No, not till you are divorced’. Is the easiest ‘No’. The ‘But just come in for a moment while I find this very interesting Ensign article’ moments are trickier. Keep a journal! I promise that you will have enough material for a hysterical blog in at least six months. Let us know how it goes! By the way, some of the octopuses that I encountered went on to hold high positions in the stake. It is only by the grace of God, that I have avoided serving under bros who assured me that the LOC did not apply to them! Try to find it funny! We live in a small world and you will likely end up being friends with their wives and children.
  11. Sunday21

    Genealogy: English criminals

    My sheep stealing ancestors had some reasons for their actions. I know that we lol know the following but it makes me fell good to defend my ancestors. The Scottish (not English as claimed by popular culture) wanted to increase revenues. To increase revenues they turned the peasants off the land and left them to starve. The Scottish landlords waltzed off to London to party But were made fun of by the English. Served the landlords right! The English made fun of the Scottish landlords while the Scottish landlords made fun of the peasants. The peasants understandably responded by stealing the sheep. They had few other choices. Those peasants with more funds emigrated. My ancestors were too poor. I went to a graveyard in Lusk with a long line of gravestones labelled Robert xxx. Hung for stealing sheep. I wonder how they were able to afford a headstone? Anyway. I view them as survivors. Those peasants closer to the sea survived by collecting, selling and eating seaweed. Anyway ... all caused by social climbing Scottish landlords who were then snubbed by the English. Many of the more well off scots went to the new world along with the Irish. Many Irish famines occurred during which the English parliamentarians happily stood back and watched as the bodies of my ancestors were eaten by wild dogs. Queen Victoria persuaded foreign governments not to help. My theory is that the ancestors of the scots and Irish contributed to the civil war by refusing to give up slaves and therefore their incomes because they lived in the shadow of the starvation of their ancestors thus contributing to the deaths of many young men in the civil war. So if we could all be more understanding of the plight of others and establish a more just society, we would avoid many problems.
  12. Sunday21

    Third Hour forum get together

    Hope you all have a great time! @pam Goodluck with the move! Be careful, those Texans like to shoot people!
  13. Sunday21

    Genealogy: English criminals

    I bet you do have really interesting ancestors! And one day, you will hear the great stories!