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  1. Sunday21

    Canadian election

    @scottyg Reminds me of the ‘who would you throw out of the boat’ questions that people used to ask as under graduates. I am not in favour of throwing people out of boats!
  2. Sunday21

    Should i quit my job?

    Hope things go well!
  3. Sunday21

    What's the last book you read?

    It was so difficult read...oh my...I only made it through because I hope to attend a book club that assigned the book! Now I have to look up the hot zone! Oh my! Read the review! No no no!
  4. Sunday21

    What's the last book you read?

    Doing so-so. Read Radium Girls about women working with radioactive materials in northern states from WWII forwards. So depressing! But incredibly well researched and written. I was really impressed by the husbands of these women. They stood by there wives through it all!
  5. Sunday21

    Canadian election

    Tennessee WARNING! There is at the very end of this article some profanity inserted by the lawyer describing this new law. Thus, I would not click on this link. I include it only as backup for the quote below. The quote below has no profanity. For example, consider Tennessee’s Healthy Workplace Act. It encourages anti-bullying and respectful workplace policies by granting immunity to an employer from lawsuits alleging negligent or intentional infliction of emotional distress if that employer adopts such a policy. Tennessee even provides a Model Abusive Conduct Prevention Policy [pdf]. As originally drafted, Tennessee’s law only applied to public employers. Last week, Tennessee amended it to apply to all employers in that state. Bravo to Tennessee for taking a stand against abusive bosses and other bullies at work. But also, how sad that we need a law to tell employees to treat each other like, well, like people. The policy prohibits employees from: Repeated verbal abuse in the workplace, including derogatory remarks, insults, and epithets; Verbal, nonverbal, or physical conduct of a threatening, intimidating, or humiliating nature in the workplace; or The sabotage or undermining of an employee’s work performance in the workplace. And it requires supervisors to: Provide a working environment as safe as possible by having preventative measures in place and by dealing immediately with threatening or potentially violent situations; Provide good examples by treating all with courtesy and respect; Ensure that all employees have access to and are aware of the abusive conduct prevention policy and explain the procedures to be followed if a complaint of inappropriate behavior at work is made; Be vigilant for signs of inappropriate behaviors at work through observation and information seeking, and take action to resolve the behavior before it escalates; and Respond promptly, sensitively and confidentially to all situations where abusive behavior is observed or alleged to have occurred. Such admirable goals. It’s just so sad that we need to legislate them into existence
  6. Sunday21

    Canadian election

    I see. And where would you like us to draw this line? Are you coming for Thanksgiving? It’s in October. There will be no candied yams. No marshmallows in anything. Pumpkin pie but flavored with brown sugar. Can you bring pasta salad? Well actually, we need to branch out a bit. Employment law Ontario. Saying insulting things about another in the workplace would be Harassment and that’s illegal under Bill 168 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. I believe that most provinces have similar legislation. When I go to conferences, us profs tell me that States are gradually enacting similar legislation but...I really don’t know about this area of us law at all. There was a time when states refused to enact these laws so the process may be very gradual indeed. Statute Law if not enforced ...well that is tricky. Is a law enforceable if it: is a new law? Hmm. In Canada, we are gentler when laws are in the process of changing attitudes. For example, a few years ago, Ontario released a policy statement about sexist dress standards. Ontario was signally that polices of asking women to wear short skirts, high heels, and low tops was unacceptable. At some point in the future such policies will be illegal. In BC it is currently illegal on safety grounds. Are we not all enjoying our foray into Ontario Employment Law? Have to make up a lecture! Night nite!
  7. Sunday21

    Canadian election

    Clarify? 1) saying something is hate speech. Is this the government having a law against hate speech? My current Canadian law is fine with me. In fact admirable policy. 2) Is this an individual making a threat of violence against another? I only know employment law so...threats of violence against another in the workplace is a dismissible offense, 3) actual violence against another. Illegal.
  8. Sunday21

    What's the last book you read?

    Did you like it?
  9. Sunday21

    What's the last book you read?

    Hi Connie! How are things going?
  10. Sunday21

    Canadian election

    Ok. Interesting difference in cultures. Isn’t it nice that we found this out? I remember talking to an American female accountant who lived in Canada who was very angry that she could not conceal a handgun on her person. Now she had never owned a handgun, but the fact that she could not was disturbing. The dinner party tried to explain why we felt that giving up handguns in our purses made us all safer. She was very unhappy. But such differences just make us all more interesting right? Fluttering of eyelashes. Are we not now a more interesting neighbor to have? Lets be honest. None of you were ever going to move here anyway, right? So really none of us have lost anything. Your neighbors ro the north are just interesting and fascinating people. Try to find us quirky and delightful!
  11. Sunday21

    Canadian election

    No. We are running a condominium and we want people to feel safe and happy. Outside of employment law, I know nothing about the law. But there are libel and slander laws in both our countries? Okay. We have found a difference between US and Canadian culture. I am cool with hate speech law and you are not. Could we decide to find this an interesting difference in cultures?
  12. Sunday21

    Canadian election

    Actually, our first source in crafting employment law is the US. We worry about you guys. There is quite a bit of intermarriage and most people that I know have visited the US and have positive experiences.
  13. Sunday21

    Suicide and the Law of Chastity

    I do not mean to be flippant. Suicide is a serious matter. In case, the situation is as described, I will be respectful. A counselor that I knew many years ago, described to me a form of therapy in which they build happy memories for depressed patients. For women they used chocolate or ice cream. Patient is asked ‘What is your favourite ice cream flavour? ‘ Next session, counselor and client eat ice cream. In subsequent session, the counselor reminds the client of this happy experience and gradually they build happy memories. I suspect that chocolate would have a similar effect. Happy memories can be triggered by watching a favourite childhood show or even playing a fovorite childhood game. Many things can bring love and comfort to a woman, and sex is rarely the first item on the list! i use this happy experience technique when visiting depressed friends. I talk to them about anything that they have told me that they like. Eg decorating pictures from a magazine, country music, anything they have had a positive experience with. If I am desperate, I bring chocolate. Layering pleasant experiences really can help!
  14. Sunday21

    Canadian election

    @Vort People are only fined after years of cajoling, nagging, and probably pleading. Happens very very rarely as a last resort.
  15. These are two young women. Please France, send me more!