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  1. Sunday21

    Hi im new

    Hi @Alemmedial. Not active either but find this forum to be very supportive!
  2. Sunday21

    Craziest situation ever

    One of my church friends has agreed to talk to one of my sisters. I am going to try to ask my older sister to stay with my other sister if she comes to town. I can baracade the front door (I have a secret exit out the back) until I get the lock changed and eventually get a number lock for the front. I think I am at an end with my sisters. I just can’t stand them any more.
  3. Sunday21

    Craziest situation ever

    @JohnsonJones Thnk you! I really appreciate your kindness. I might start, if I am well enough, by attending an outdoor picnic. That might be a start. Thanks.
  4. Sunday21

    Craziest situation ever

    Further to plans to protect myself and home. i have arranged to get a numbered access pad for my home. If my house gets trashed, I can at least close off access afterwards. i have watched a video on how to install a lock on my office. I can avoid identity theft and put some valuables in the office
  5. Sunday21

    Craziest situation ever

    I am not sure about my status. Here is my story. For a decade, I was a super dedicated member. Ask the sisters that I ministered to. They are still my friends. I started getting sicker and sicker. I have a genetic autoimmune disorder. For the whole 10 years, I have had false promptings. I made a lot of very bad decisions based on these promptings. So now I have a serious illness and I can’t believe anything that God says to me. My chapel has had a lot of flooding. I and a number of others can’t enter the building. The next nearest church building is too far to drive given my disability. i think that I am done. I have nothing against church people. Yes some people have behaved badly but in any organization this is to be expected. My stake president is a habitual liar (but hard working and dedicated. He targets converts with no family in the church. He needs counselling.) I was sexuality assaulted at church twice. Same person. Two months apart. Reported it. Nothing done. Other sisters not warned. My friends in the church are wonderful people. They are still my friends. i find it hard to believe that Jesus Christ is the head of the Church. I think Jesus would have put in a reporting system. My stake Pres did some bad stuff but I cannot report him. It became clear to me that Nephi’s promise of there always being a way to live the commandments was not true for me. I tried though. I am very conscientious and I really did my best.
  6. Sunday21

    Craziest situation ever

    Sounds great! Also I hear that the net worth of the average Australian is approx twice the net worth of a Canadian. Intriguing!
  7. Sunday21

    Craziest situation ever

    I have an EAP plan at work. I spoke to a counselor there and he told me to move to another town to get away from my family.
  8. Sunday21

    Craziest situation ever

    Telling my sister’s ‘No’ is dangerous. I will have to get a locksmith. I would almost be tempted to let them trash my house but for the identity theft risk.
  9. Sunday21

    Craziest situation ever

    @Vort Thank you. I will have to say ‘No’ . Driving while impaired is unwise to say the least. I am going to change my door to one with a key pad. My sisters are entirlely capable of trashing my home and stealing. These people have no morals. I am still hoping to get better. My union has told me that I can negotiate a longer reduced hour deal. We will see. But the stress of dealing with my family is not helpful. On the other hand, I would be so happy for a solid reason not to spend time with these people at Christmas. If they do trash my house, this might be worth it just to have a reason to say goodbye to these people. I could legitimately report the damage to the police and that would be the end of Christmas with these people.
  10. Dear Netters, I have a serious illness. I am currently working. I belong to a union so I negotiated a limited time reduction in hours. I have research responsibilities that must be kept. I am ill much of the time. My condition is exacerbated by stress. My mother lives in town. She has also been ill. She has a numbe of appointments coming up. I have a sister a nurse who also lives in town. I have arranged with two friends to take my mother to doctor’s appointments for a modest fee. My brother who is in charge of the finances has agreed to this. Both of my sisters have declared that my mother can only be taken to doctors appointments by myself. Nothing else is acceptable. They give no reasons for this decision. Furthermore although my mother lives in the most expensive and elaborate residence in the city. My sisters feel that I must take my mother to more activities across town. Furthermore I must attend education workshops. un the past as I was a member if the church, I did my best to accommodate my family’s requests. I walked dogs, drove children to activities, and helped out generally. In return, my sister who lives in town has treated me with barely disguised contempt. She asked that I walk her dog one summer. I did so. My sister did not like walking her dog. I drove to her house almost daily and did so. A few times my sister was in and did not answer the door. I asked my niece who was in the house at the time and my niece replied that my mother told her not to bother answering the door. ‘It’s just her’ i help pay for my older sisters flights to my town at Xmas. My mother who is wealthy has refused to help. My sister who lives in town and can afford to help refuses to help. I am not sure about my brothers cash flow so I have not asked. i qpcan barely manage my own life at the moment but my condition is aggravated by stress so I do not wish to get into an arguments. So ...what to do. I have been sent a list of doctors appointments but I can barely keep up with my own appointments, let alone the therapy hours, work and my illness. My family is generally cruel and uncaring towards me. My sister once gave my work phone number to a man who was stalking me. i am not sure what to do.
  11. 🤣
  12. Pure Evil! Pure Evil!
  13. Sunday21

    Are there any Whovians here?

    I remember this one! I think that the motto for Dr Who was ‘keep the adults in their seats and the kids hiding behind the couch’. Nice to see engaging PG entertainment!