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  1. Could it be a bad case of cultural shock? Common symptoms of culture shock: Extreme homesickness Feelings of helplessness/dependency Disorientation and isolation Depression and sadness Hyper-irritability, may include inappropriate anger and hostility Sleep and eating disturbances (too little or too much) Excessive critical reactions to host culture/stereotyping Hypochondria Excessive drinking Recreational drug dependency Extreme concerns over sanitation, safety (even paranoia), and being taken advantage of Loss of focus and ability to complete tasks Stages: Starting from the “euphoria” of the honeymoon phase The Impact of culture shock Recovery and returning culture shock(coming back from the mission). Recovery and adaptation
  2. Short version - my doctor has keeping me on strong meds for over a year and he is concern that meds are talking too long for my body to flush them out. Since my meds has too many side effects, he does not want to stress my body any more. So he is recommending straight black coffee(8 oz) 3 days a week for who knows how long. I hate the stuff, but the doctor says I can drink the coffee or deal with side effect of additional strong meds which may keep me from working and functional. I haven't been to church for a while due to this, so I haven't been able to get a hold of the Bishop. What's your opinion.
  3. Can any one recommend a Book of Mormon Study guide for a Non-Mormon? The more secular the best. Just want the basic ideas about the parables, not tons of testimonies.
  4. I actually asked to attend the institute classes again and was directed by the stake again that it is only for YSA. They want me to attend the Adult Study classes because it is my age. I never took institute or Seminary classes(convert) so my type of personal study is very similar to college study. So I am just curious if it is normal to talk more about people person experiences(testimonies), than about what in the scriptures. I thought the adult study classes is to focus on the scriptures and the Sunday school classes are for more experiences. We only have an hour and the testimonies takes up about 40 or 50 minutes of the time. example last week we were supposed to go over 8 chapters and we only cover 2 and everyone was leaving before I got to ask questions about the other 6 chapters. I just saw all the new links to scripture study, thanks for posting them.
  5. Does anyone knows of places of getting working sheets about the Book of Mormon? I don't care if they are from the primary or college classes. I just want something to work on while studying the Book of Mormon, aka Homework Worksheets. An Example, I found one of the Tree of Life with Lehi vision and it was a picture of a tree with fill in the blanks.
  6. Just curious. When taking a local scripture class(to learn the chapters in the BOM), I hear a lot of people spiritual experiences(war stories) and then they ask me my experiences( I go blank). This takes time from studying the BOM, so we don't cover all the chapters and skip alot of the chapters which I want to understand. There seems to be more summarizing then detailed chapter information. In Institute and Seminary, I hear there is more structure classes(less experience, more detail studying). It feels like explaining the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit in one paragraph. Is this normal? The teachers are great, and don't want to be rude in class by asking several basic questions, but I feel that I am missing lot.
  7. I logged into a different browser later and I was able to order the seminary stuff, but most of the discount stuff, the "add to cart" was greyed out. Grey out = Possible out of inventory? I ordered 3 of the plain soft covers of BOM, so at least they are not running out of Book of Mormons.. Also what is the difference between the 1981 scriptures and the current scripture sets?
  8. I work with computers everyday to a point my eyes and head hurts. So when I come home, I am mostly electronic free. When I do scripture study, I "hit the books". I just haven't order stuff much from the distribution center, so I did not know if there was any restrictions(except ordering garments). Also I just saw there is a big sales on discontinued stuff on the website. That may also cause some issues.
  9. https://store.lds.org - This is for personal orders for home. I know I can order a magazine subscriptions for my home. What items(except for Garments) and I allowed to order without a temple recommend from LDS Distribution Center? I can buy certain items, but when I try to buy other items I can not "Add to cart". "Add to cart". is greyed out. . Is this just my account or does others have the same issue? One example is I can not add the Seminary Student Home Study guide, is this because I am not a student or a teacher?
  10. I do have Asperger's and I am high functional(great at my job, but lousy with personal relationships.). I am non-reactive person, (I don't lash out in person). When I get highly levels of stress through relationships, I remove myself from the situation(become inactive in the church). I try to express quietly with several members of my ward( Bishop and Elder's Quorum), but with being high functional I don't show the symptoms. With people being so busy in the Church with activities and families, I struggle with talking with many of the church members. When I have a very strong concern and need help, people interpret my concern as lightly and wave it off. So my many concerns are never handle and I continue struggle in the church.
  11. Explains why when I am home I feel so drained and tired. No color or no pattern. No motivation. Maybe the first decoration should be a picture of the presidency. I am considering of getting a piano to practice hymns at home.
  12. I had an Brother from the Elders Quorum come over last week. Aside from the Missionaries, I had never had a member from the church come into my home-5 years. He complained my home is so plain with blank white walls with no decorations. He made a joke about hiring the Young Women's group(with the parents and leaders being there of course) to come in and decorate my home. (picking out colors for the rooms , curtains, and decorations). I have no idea what Young Women do, but I noticed that their room is always warm and friendly when I go in to get scout supplies from their closet. When the dinners are planned the young women is always involved. Do you feel that this is a joke or can this be a realistic idea? I would do a big donation to the Young Women's budget.
  13. That the problem with my ward. I have no "friends" in the ward. Most of my friends has moved and members left are familes that are too busy to associate with anyone. I was in the hospital for 6 months and keep calling the bishopric for a blessing and no one showed. I had a nurse call the Church HQ(LDS.org) to get a phone number from missionary to do a blessing. In the church defense, the phone number I had was from a old bulletin where the Bishop and the ward Secretary was no longer in the ward.
  14. Then if I have a question who do I ask? I asked one question in Sunday School to get an answer and get twenty different parables and experiences. At the end of the class, I feel that my answer was never answered.
  15. I do have several hobbies(computer programming, scout council activities, reading). I just to learn MORE about the church instead of buying books online and struggle with their meanings. I also do date out of the church, but women in my area is too scary(drunk, drugged, or only talks about their ex). While I am typing this, I am rewiring a Linux OS for my rasbian Pi cluster(18 machines). Tells you how boring my life is.