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  1. MarginOfError

    Failure to launch

    I understand that living at home is becoming more common, and that may not even be a bad thing. But if what you say about her not saving money is true, that could be problematic. If she is not investing in her retirement and savings that she won't be able to afford living independently when she retires, then someone should speak to her. Because if she doesn't have retirement savings, guess who is going to be expected to foot the bill for her life when she no longer can....yup, you!
  2. MarginOfError

    Sealings by proxy

    I would guess that the policy is in place to deal with a much different problem. Molly Mary Martin has done her genealogy work and found ancestors Amelia and Harold that were married in 1683. She can find records that Amelia married Carl in 1695 and Harold married Elizabeth in 1692, but there's no record of a divorce between Amelia and Harold. What ordinances should be performed? Rather than tasking people with onerous documentation requirements in order to reach ordinances, the decision is to go ahead and seal them all to anyone we have record of them being married to, and let it all sort out after we're all dead. Probably a better policy than consulting with the dead the Ouija boards to find out what their wishes are. Anyway, the policy is one of convenience for people doing the temple work, and comes with the understanding that the part of the sealing that binds people together is only valid so long as both parties consent to it. Performing a sealing between a divorced couple doesn't force them to be together, but rather gives them the choice. They are still free to choose "HAIL NO"
  3. MarginOfError

    News Flash!!!

    Technically, I believe that the charity that had scheduled the resort cancelled the fundraiser.
  4. MarginOfError

    Sealings by proxy

    The standard policy is (if I remember correctly), after all parties are dead, you seal each person to all of their spouses. So women are sealed to multiple men and men are sealed to multiple women and it's all one big ugly mess.
  5. I want to be that guy. I swear, when I get released from what I'm doing now, I am going to demand a calling in nursery (though I'll take primary teacher)
  6. MarginOfError

    Separating from entertainment -- has the time fully come

    I'm not going to say that I'm giving up on monitoring what my children consume in entertainment, because I'm certainly not. I'm definitely take measures to ensure they are not exposed to sexual themes and images, violent content (excluding Minecraft violence), and offensive language. But the portrayal of LGBTQ characters or family structures is not a hill I'm willing to die on. Largely because that isn't where my children are being exposed to those family structures. In the past couple of years, we've been involved in a softball team coached by a lesbian couple. My daughter and their daughter became friends. One of the children in our Karate program is a daughter of a lesbian couple. And we live in rural freaking Kentucky! Since about the ages of 8 and 5, my children have been in friendships that are directly tied to same-sex couples. Exposure from television and movies just isn't an issue--they're already living with it. And I dare say they are handling it a lot better than the adults seem to be*. * Unrelated, the season after my daughter was first coached by this particular woman, my daughter moved up an age group, while her friend and coach stayed behind. That season, nearly a third of the woman's team suddenly quit about two practices into the new season because parents didn't want their precious daughters "exposed to the lesbian." I was angry for weeks. Fortunately, it didn't happen in subsequent seasons.
  7. MarginOfError

    Separating from entertainment -- has the time fully come

    One of my favorite words in Ukrainian is `rozvaha` (transliterated). The base word is `vaha`, which can be translated as "attention," or "focus." The `roz` prefix is like a preposition, and serves to indicate scattering, or moving in different directions. `rozvaha` isn't quite "distraction," because a distraction takes your attention away in one direction. `rozvaha` evokes a sense of your attention being pulled in many different directions--instead of your focus being drawn to the wrong thing, it's being pulled away from the thing and toward all of the other things. `rozvaha` is the Ukrainian word for `entertainment`
  8. MarginOfError

    Second marriage and temple garments

    Honestly, I think your request is a bit strange. But I grew up in the Church, was sealed to the spouse in the temple clothing I purchased when I was first endowed, and my spouse used the same temple clothing she purchased when she was endowed. We had both served missions, so had temple clothing for several years before we met. In fact, we both still have the same temple clothing almost 15 years later. There's really nothing special about the temple clothing--other than it being special, but I hope you know what I mean. That being said, if it seems weird/uncomfortable to you, then buy new ones. Emotions aren't always rational, and are rarely worth ignoring. So go be you and have fun!
  9. Rather, it was their intention that the invitation be made in the second lesson (and maybe the first). Source: the Missionary Discussion pamphlets. And I believe them.
  10. MarginOfError

    Is getting pregnant from a sperm donor not allowed in the church?

    These special cases are authorized by the First Presidency. The sealing don't happen unless those being sealed present the letter from the First Presidency. For the more routine sealings, authorization (technically, recommendation) comes from the bishop and stake president. I've never heard of a sealing being denied by a temple president or sealer except for lack of proper paper work. Likewise, I've never heard of a sealing being performed because the temple president declared it acceptable absent those recommendations. But, if a couple presented to the temple with a joint tucked behind their ear, that's a situation where the temple president might put on the brakes.
  11. Oh, I'm definitely rolling my eyes. Church leaders and I have a long history of mismatched communication patterns. And I'm often irritated with how things are conveyed (or not conveyed at times). In this particular instance, I'm baffled by the "it wasn't our intention," when, as far as I can tell, it very clearly was their intention. If the statement had been something like "we tried early invitations and it didn't produce the results we desired." or "we tried that approach and have found that it is has become off putting in today's society" or something like that, I'd have celebrated it as a remarkable message. I believe that the words we use matter. And the words that were used here--"it wasn't our intention"--do come off a little like @Fether described, like the blame for the lack of success falls on over zealous missionaries and mission presidents. It's the difference between saying "we're going to correct our course" and "we're going to correct your course". It doesn't sit well with me, and I'm willing to call people on it when they do it.
  12. MarginOfError

    Is getting pregnant from a sperm donor not allowed in the church?

    There is a provision in the Handbook for when the natural parent cannot be contacted. The letter from the stake president to the First Presidency would need to detail the efforts made to find the natural parent. The other option is for the step parent to adopt the child, in which case the issue is moot. Temple presidents don't actually have any authority to say if the sealing may take place or not, barring some very obvious and egregious worthiness issues manifest when the family arrives. But that's a different matter than step parents and children, etc.
  13. You only say that because you weren't on my last test drive.
  14. Car salesman: You've had test drive, and didn't that car feel GREAT! And since you didn't have any bad feelings, why don't you commit to buying this car. We'll talk about down payments, financing, and interest rates later. But first, since it felt so great, you should commit yourself to buying it. Yeah, sure, you can back out of buying the car. But making that early commitment before learning about the harder commitments causes cognitive dissonance when backing out. Which is the point of high-pressure sales tactics. "But you agreed to buy it!" Then again, I wasn't in the field a year before I stopped carrying the discussion pamphlets. By the time I had hit a year, I'd mostly abandoned the hard commitment. I've always been antagonistic toward that approach, so it shouldn't be any surprise that I would continue to be now.