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  1. Yes, it has to be installed. No, it cannot monitor a device on which it isn't installed. Find your router login, or check out that hacker link I posted. ETA: Or use your router strictly as a router and get a WAP (that has logging) to put between it and your devices - an end-user WAP is pretty cheap.
  2. Hmm. Actually, every end-user / home WAP I've ever met included a switch (around 5 ports), so you could put any wired devices in that too, and then you just have to somehow keep anyone from connecting to the router/modem (or from logging into it to turn on its wireless).
  3. Hmm. If all your devices are wireless, you could turn off your router/modem's wireless feature and buy a separate wireless access point (WAP), which includes a logging feature. Hook this to your router/modem by cable, connect all your devices to it, and start logging. Of course, if someone has the option to go in and use a network cable to connect straight to the router/modem, you won't be logging their activity, but you can log everything going through the separate WAP.
  4. Bummer. Logging is a pretty easy feature to add, so it's kinda surprising the router/modem manufacturer didn't include it. I can't think of software that you can use independent of the router (or even add to the router) to get this kind of logging - you would need a separate bit of hardware between your router and all your devices (or between your router and internet connection), and that's not the easiest thing to do. Otherwise, you'd have to have secure software on every device (and that's even harder when you have a variety of devices and OSs). OK, FWIW, if one wanted to go all serious, this article has what seems like a viable option to me. (The Wireshark app it mentions is used sometimes where I work - helps troubleshoot which server / service dropped the ball, so to speak)
  5. You don't have a "utilities" (or similar) option in the router / modem interface (usually a web interface), with something akin to "history" or "web activity log"? (Just checking - sometimes they hide these features well in obscure corners of the app.)
  6. So do I. The router came with an IP, which you type into a browser on any connected device, and it brings up a login screen. The login information came on a sticker in the router packaging. You can change the password. Don't know if that helps, but there it is...
  7. zil

    Investigator Question

    Another thought: the only way this can be true is if authority matters. That is: 1) Am I being baptized into a church which believes in and follows Jesus Christ? Is this demonstrable - that is, can I read scripture, determine what it teaches me to do, and observe that the church teaches the same things, and that its members do these things? 2) If #1 is true, then being baptized into that church can only lead to hell not only if that church doesn't have authority from God, but also if God is such that being baptized without his authority warrants condemnation to hell. a) Is God that way? b) Which church has God's authority? (Does the church claim it? Does it claim it uniquely? (If not, why not, and how credible is their list of authorized churches?) How credible is their claim?) ....of course, these are all logical arguments and I think few people are swayed by logic when it comes to religion. You need to find a way to get the Spirit involved here. Not saying the logic is useless or won't help, just saying I don't think most people will actually follow the logic, set aside their preconceived notions, study it out, and let the Spirit then confirm or deny their conclusions. Hence, get the Spirit involved as much and as early as possible, regardless of whatever method is needed to do that.
  8. zil

    Investigator Question

    In that case, show the honest answers, and do it as gently as you know how.
  9. zil

    Investigator Question

    Deuteronomy said that long before Revelation did, so if that's their basis, we'd best all become Jews. Further, Revelation was written (with those words) long before it was ever compiled into the Bible and positioned as the Bible's final book, thus, any and every book other than Revelation must be wrong. In other words, this argument is so ignorant I'm not sure I'd bother to respond to it.
  10. zil

    My Son, the Pianist

    Your son is fortunate to have parents who support his talent and skill.
  11. zil

    Investigator Question

    In addition to what @anatess2 said about intent and seeking to learn and do the will of God, I think I would, depending on who I'm talking to, add two more items: 1) How does the asker think it possible that baptism would condemn one to hell - what are the criteria which would cause a baptism to cause such a thing? And then explore that. 2) What does the Bible say about it? (As a starting point, leading to other scriptures, the testimony of the Spirit, etc.) It's entirely possible, depending on who's asking, that I might just say, "Guess I'm screwed then." - in other words, decline to discuss.
  12. zil

    What's "Anti-Mormon" to you?

    @Jane_Doe - just me being snarky with word associations. You said "getting huffy", I posted a picture of a Huffy bike. As in, I got you a Huffy.
  13. Whoa! Editing to try to replace! (I quoted them from the OP, I swear!) Can't edit that header, but am replacing the quote blocks... OK, now they all say they quote NamCam, please check on your end. Sorry about that!