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  1. zil

    Church website:My ward

    Look to the right side of the menu bar, right of the magnifying glass, for a 3x3 grid. Click on it. Should see a "Directory and Map" option, of not, click on "All Tools" and look on that page. (No, I'm not back. Here by accident, and decided to clear notifications before closing the tab.)
  2. But what about Cheeri-0745 for breakfast?
  3. I was thinking others could help build the list. Some are obvious (there are actually 24 hours in a day, not 12; time math is easier; you don't have to ask whether "at eight" is AM or PM; etc.). But some are fun - like The Great Salad of 1810.
  4. You can describe your dinner as: "The Great Salad of 1810".
  5. Anduril, from Lord of the Rings.
  6. Pffff. You say that now. Wait until your home is surrounded by Orcs.
  7. And now, for your viewing pleasure, one of the finest-looking knives1 ever made: It's enough to make a girl swoon. 1Not available in the UK.
  8. zil

    Craziest situation ever

    Your family are demanding that you give up your life not to save their lives, but for their pleasure and convenience - this is murder (or slavery, if murder is too harsh for your mind, but really, what difference is there between ending a person's mortality and using it all up for your gain?). They are demanding that you give up your liberty for their pleasure and convenience. This is slavery. They are demanding that you give up the product of your honest labor for their pleasure and convenience. This is theft. Their actions are immoral and no commandment of God, nor any decent law of mankind demands that you submit yourself to it. Do whatever you need to, Sunday, to change your thinking on this - you have an inherent, God-given right to your own life, your own liberty, and to the product of your own honest labors. To give any of these willingly for a righteous cause is virtuous. To have them taken from you by force is a crime against all that is decent.
  9. zil

    Craziest situation ever

    Is it kind to enable another person's abuse? Those who abuse need to be forced to face their own problems and take responsibility for their own actions. It may seem unkind, but at the end of the day, it's better (for you and them) than facilitating their bad behavior. If necessary, consider what Zil would do and tell them to grow up and get a room.
  10. zil

    Computer cord endings

    Picture, or it didn't happen. Yank the USB and see if it still works. In my experience, USB cables between computer and monitor are only to allow USB ports and (sometimes) speakers built into the monitor to work. And DisplayPort doesn't require USB in order to work. The thing that the monitor-makers missed by a mile is to have their USB ports powered (all the time) from the monitor's power cable rather than its USB cable (so you can use them for charging regardless of whether the monitor is on and regardless of whether it's connected by USB cable to the computer). Dorks. (One of the USB ports in my laptop does this - runs power regardless of whether the laptop is on.)
  11. zil

    Computer cord endings

    (Only remotely accurate of my online persona, though. The real thing is a different matter.) As for not posting much, I'm basically on my way out, can't drum up the interest or the time - I've got my creative groove back and what's happening inside my head is far more interesting. I have to go now. I left three characters standing in the hallway and they're getting impatient to move on.
  12. zil

    Scouting border wall sites

    Maybe the Mexicans should get in on this - it could turn out to be like building a fence between your property and your neighbor's - too far onto your own property, and after so many years, the part of your property on "his" side of the fence is legally considered his. Meanwhile: Bordering scout wall sites Walling scout border sites Siting border scout walls Scouting border wall sites Scouting walls border site ....there's just all kinds of fun you can have with these four words.
  13. zil

    Computer cord endings

    Amen, brother.