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  1. zil

    Essential Oils, Do they work?

    Pilot Blue-Black is one of my favorite inks. Fountain Pen ink is an essential oil (for my nibs) and yes, it works. 😛
  2. zil

    Essential Oils, Do they work?

    Also: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000WKZBCK/ and https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001P35A74/ ...buying in bulk. The Pilot ink might even be cheaper over there - not so far to travel.
  3. zil

    Essential Oils, Do they work?

    So don't buy Lamy ink. There are inks made in the Philippines that are quite popular over here - I expect they'd be cheap there. Troublemaker and Vinta are two brands I believe originate there.
  4. zil

    Essential Oils, Do they work?

    @NeuroTypical, @anatess2, @Vort (68gsm Tomoe River paper in a Hippo Noto notebook)
  5. zil

    Guaranteed Income Supplement

    Please! Shoes, schmoos. Take her fountain pens!
  6. zil

    Essential Oils, Do they work?

    I have to go renew my driver's license now, but I'll have a word or two for you when I get back (assuming I get back). You could save yourself by posting a FP-written response.
  7. zil

    Essential Oils, Do they work?

    Undecided. I've been lurking more over the past few weeks. What I can't figure out is why the Comet thread has yet to mention any of the other reindeer - I mean, if he hits the Earth that hard, I'm thinking it's gonna affect the other reindeer and the sleigh. And this would indicate Santa doesn't keep them on Earth (not enough room), but that would also explain how they manage to haul so many presents around so quickly... Sure, the moon is interesting and all, but not nearly so important...
  8. zil

    Essential Oils, Do they work?

    Best soap ever! MG is my generous soap benefactor, and has sent me soap on multiple occasions. No idea why commercial folk can't make soap this good.
  9. zil

    Church website:My ward

    Look to the right side of the menu bar, right of the magnifying glass, for a 3x3 grid. Click on it. Should see a "Directory and Map" option, of not, click on "All Tools" and look on that page. (No, I'm not back. Here by accident, and decided to clear notifications before closing the tab.)
  10. But what about Cheeri-0745 for breakfast?
  11. I was thinking others could help build the list. Some are obvious (there are actually 24 hours in a day, not 12; time math is easier; you don't have to ask whether "at eight" is AM or PM; etc.). But some are fun - like The Great Salad of 1810.
  12. You can describe your dinner as: "The Great Salad of 1810".
  13. Anduril, from Lord of the Rings.