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  1. I could only guess, but... 1. The Book of Mormon, D&C, and PofGP were all comparatively new to them - they were probably far more comfortable citing the Bible. (And I'm not sure how long it was before it became common for everyone to have these volumes and get familiar with them.) 2. Perhaps they were oft trying to show investigators and new members the truth from the Bible, because that's what their audience was also familiar with / accepting of. I have no idea though. Others who have studied Church history could give a better answer than I can.
  2. As far as I can tell from TPJS, he (and I assume his culture) wasn't obsessed with exact, cited quotes from scripture. There are lots of footnotes that link things in TPJS to verses from the Book of Mormon - implying that's where he got the idea, but he himself doesn't cite the Book of Mormon or quote it directly. (Peruse through the Citation Index, and you'll find lots of such footnotes.) No idea whether the Joseph Smith Papers project has a useful way to search for such things - I only have TPJS and Lectures on Faith. PS: He mentions the Book of Mormon in some way or other many more times than above, but above were the only direct quotes I found.
  3. zil

    April 2019 Conference Predictions

    Yes, that's the difficult balance.
  4. zil

    April 2019 Conference Predictions

    Our stake was rearranged into smaller wards in order to lighten the load on the bishops.
  5. zil

    April 2019 Conference Predictions

    The first session will start with prayer and the last session will end with prayer. Whether any other prayers will be said in between, I'm not going to guess. There will be singing, talks, and some sustaining. Something will be announced. No fewer than 5 people will take notes with fountain pens.
  6. Hmm. I'm thinking you meant this to go in your YouTube Apologetics thread.
  7. You should have gotten a border collie - then it would be like having a permanent teenager.
  8. zil


    A journal is whatever you choose it to be. Ask anyone who regularly journals and discusses journaling (yes, there are forums for it). Everyone does it differently, and more than one person has asked how people motivate themselves to write when they have no posterity to pass the completed journal on to.
  9. zil


    10:1 your brother-in-law's grandpa's story was first recorded on paper.
  10. zil


    Hate to break it to y'all, but this book thing is called a journal. Get yourself a Rhodiarama, @Grunt, pick out your favorite fountain pen and ink, and start writing! (You can type it later, if you decide to.)
  11. No, I just liked what you wrote - I've mostly been ignoring this thread because the OP is obdurate.
  12. @GaleG, There's a book called "Lehi in the Desert", which you can read online for free at that link, which gives a lot of cultural / historic / geographic background information, making it easier to understand the story at the start of the Book of Mormon. (The other 2/3 of that book cover similar things about the people in the book of Ether (later in the Book of Mormon).) Just mentioning in case you want to read. It's a very easy read, much like reading a novel.
  13. I was looking for websites describing scenic byways, and came across an article called "Every State (and DC!), Described in Emojis". It seemed like it had the potential to be amusing, so I went to look... Here's Utah: Apparently we're never getting over this one.
  14. zil

    Temptations of Christ

    The Holy Ghost (the Spirit) does not lead us into temptation. Temptation is something we experience because of agency, opposition, and our fallen nature, but the Spirit doesn't say, "Here, come on into this here brothel and see if you can take it." or other such things. The Spirit leads us to God and to good. Undoubtedly, Christ was tempted in all things - beyond our ability to withstand, I'm sure - but it wasn't the Spirit that led him into temptation.