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  1. Midwest LDS

    Are you blessed or lucky?

    I'm a firm believer in praising God for the good things in my life. If I were receiving oil money, I would feel like it was reblessin from him, as all good things come from God. He also tells us in the Doctrine and Covenants that he is displeased if we do not recognize his hand in all things. That does not neccessarily say anything about me individually though. God makes it rain on the just and the unjust alike, so while oil money is a blessing it doesn't mean I'm (generic) any better or more worthy than any of God's other children. Quite the contrary, God rewards the faithful with everything he has. That means even the poorest, most humble saint in Africa will one day receive everything, and no longer be poor. In fact I would argue, while worth being grateful for, that oil money is more of a trial. Do the saints who have received this blessing do anything good with that money? Do they pay extra fast offerings, look for brothers and sisters in need, and bless others? Or do the merely use the money to buy themselves more comforts? That is the ultimate question in my view.
  2. Midwest LDS

    Grateful to faithful muslim women

    In this day and age of atheism and unbelief, people of all faiths need to back each other up. I'm glad you were able to stick up for your beliefs with the help of your fellow student!
  3. Midwest LDS

    Why Women Don’t Wear Pants to Church

    Overall, I don't have much to add to the debate on whether or not to watch R rated movies. Generally, if I find I have to justify doing something I'm usually about to do something wrong. Not every time, but maybe 98% of the time. So if I find myself justifying a film, I force myself to take a closer look at why, because it usually means I want to do something I shouldn't. I'm more concerned with this idea that there will only be a few of us attaining exaltation. I know the scripture says strait is the way and narrow is the path, and I do believe that if you are refering to the world at large this is true. But I wholeheartedly believe that there will be more, not less of us that are going to be exalted. Too many times we become obsessed with spirtual minutia, and act like somehow we will save ourselves by being perfect. Christ teaches us how much we rely on him all throughout the scriptures, although here is a specific example in D and C 68:9 "And he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, and he that believeth not shall be damned." All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. I'm not trying to justify sin, quite the contrary it's also crystal clear that repentance is absolutely neccessary to receive exaltation, but since all of us fall short of the glory of God, and only those cleansed by the Blood of Christ will be brought into the presence of our Father, I don't understand why sometimes we try to limit, even in many cases limiting ourselves, who Christ can save. If even a man like President Nelson, a man who is 1000 times better at living closer to Christ than me, falls short of God what possible chance do I have? I don't believe that God would have told us that we are that we might have joy if he was only planning on exalting a handful of his Saints, and casting the rest of us out of his presence. I would argue that Christ's power is great enough to exalt a lot more of us than we sometimes give him credit for, and that while we should be careful and repentant in nature, we should also trust that he can exalt regular joes like me who fall on their face all the time. If he was limited in this regard, Christ's gospel would not be good news.
  4. Midwest LDS

    Women may now be witnesses for baptism and sealings

    That's really cool. My wife would love to be a witness for our daughter when she's old enough. How neat!
  5. Midwest LDS

    ThirdHour makes a video, apparently.

    I don't know, I thought it was kind of cute. I don't see anything to be concerned about, it's just a silly little video..
  6. Midwest LDS

    Would you list a mission on a resume?

    I have included my mission service on every resume or college application I've ever sent out. I do this for a few reasons. A. I believe it shows my level of committment by demonstrating that I volantarily left home for 2 years to do something difficult. B. It shows I'm used to interacting with people about potentially difficult to talk about subjects, which actually went a long way to getting me my current job. C. It let's my employers know a little bit more about me without them having to ask. If they are going to have a problem with me being a Latter-day Saint I'd rather they find out and not hire me, then have them give me grief later.
  7. Midwest LDS

    Worship in a different church

    I have been to many over the course of my lifetime. My immediate family are the only Latter-day Saints in my extended family, and I've had the pleasure of attending a wide variety of different Christian worship services. Of the ones I've been to, I most enjoyed the services in the Russian Orthodox and Methodist churches. While my experiences have run the gamut of really good to really bad, I generally feel comfortable in other churches, and I frequently hear good lessons taught in them.
  8. That was an excellent article. I love how he tears apart the use of the gish gallop technique, but at the same time talks about the importance of faith for things we do not have the answer for. I remember having to deal with drivel like the CES letter on a regular basis as a missionary. For me, it was always a question of "well what do you want me to do if I leave my faith?". I mean no insult, but not one of the learned pastors I met understood the scriptures as well as me, and I was just a young punk of a missionary. If you were to succeed at destroying my faith, then it would do nothing but lead me into a soul destroying atheism. If the truth does not exist in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after all of my powerful, soul filling spiritual experiences, then truth does not exist at all, and I certainly would not join whatever born again lite church the Antis want me too. I'm glad there are people like Brother Snell fighting the good fight online, and protecting vulnerable members from this trash. It saddens me to think of any member traveling that road of loneliness and anguish.
  9. Midwest LDS

    Impeach Trump

    The problem with impeachment has always been that you need to get 2/3 of the Senate on board in order to actually remove the president. The Democrats do not have that. Even back when Andrew Johnson was impeached, one of the worst presidents our country ever had, the Radical Republicans, who controlled both the House and the Senate, couldn't get it done. Granted in that case President Johnson was only saved by one vote, but that was with all the cards stacked in the Republican's favor and they still couldn't pull it off. I agree with @MormonGator. I think this is going to backfire and could easily end up improving Trump's popularity. Whether or not that's enough to win him the election is another question, but it's not doing the Democrats any favors.
  10. Midwest LDS

    Atonement (A Gift for my Wife)

    That's awesome! What a great way to commemorate your sealing.
  11. Midwest LDS

    Canadian election

    Hey Trudeau is far too right of Trotsky for me to be a fan. And it's not my fault you hate ABBA so much, that sounds like a you problem you capitalist pig.
  12. Midwest LDS

    Canadian election

    My grandmother, who for decades spent a huge chunk of the year living in PEI, would argue you should vote for the Tories because she is pretty conventional. I'm not a huge fan of Trudeau, so I would argue voting for the Tories as well. But I'm an American, as is my grandmother although some times she pretends otherwise, so feel free to take my reccomendation with a grain of salt☺.
  13. Midwest LDS

    Wild animal encounters?

    I've only been once so far (it's not exactly close to the...Midwest...😃) but I will be going again, the landscape and animals are just too cool not to. I really loved all the geysers going off.
  14. Midwest LDS

    Wild animal encounters?

    Definitly big enough for yours truly! But they really were neat to see. Mostly because I had only seen them in books and the occasional video/pic online.
  15. Midwest LDS

    Wild animal encounters?

    The first time I ever saw wild buffalo was pretty neat. We were at Yellowstone for a family reunion and a herd of them cut off traffic as they slowly crossed the road. I never thought I would get that close to so many of them, I'd only ever read about buffalo herds before. Later we saw one up close outside the car (well as close as someone who is sane and understands you don't want to tick off a half ton wild animal will get). I really enjoyed that trip.