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  1. Midwest LDS

    The election

    I think we need to be careful. I've been following this thread for a bit, and I've been thinking about things brought up by both sides. But I think we've (speaking generally) strayed from earnest political discussion into vicious attacks that serve no one and foster the spirit of contention. I don't say this from a holier than thou viewpoint, I've made this same mistake before myself, nor am I a mod so take or leave my opinion as you please. But we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and many of us are active members of his church. We should do better than this.
  2. Midwest LDS

    Trump 2024?

    In many ways he did. Any conservative can be happy he got through 3 Supreme Court nominees and dozens of other judicial appointments around the country. Plus if we can hold onto the Senate (it'll be tight but I think we will win both Georgia races) Biden won't be able to pass any of his super extreme ideas like court packing. So a bit of a silver lining there.
  3. Midwest LDS

    Trump 2024?

    I would say it's a bad idea. At the end of the day, whatever else happened, Donald Trump lost this election. He lost because despite what he did right from a conservative point of view, which was quite a bit to be sure, he's awful at getting people to like him. He lost a 2 to 3 % swing of Republicans who voted for the Republican representative and senator in their state but voted for Biden. He needed to run against someone as outright hated as Hillary Clinton to stand a chance. The minute he didn't, as we can see, he choked. If he ran again and manged to secure the nomination he would lose again due to his complete lack of charisma especially on Twitter. This is one Republican who hopes he stays away from trying to get the top job so we can win again in 2024.
  4. Midwest LDS

    New Church video - What is Religious Freedom?

    That would make sense to me. From a historical perspective some of the most successful empires in history practiced religious toleration towards their subjects. Persia is one of the best known examples of this, but several of the great Indian empires including the Mauryan and Gupta empires also demonstrate this principle. Religious toleration, from a purely secular viewpoint, reduces civil unrest and foments loyalty amongst your subjects. Of course it's also ideal from a religious perspective as well, Agency being of supreme importance to God, but there is lots of good historical data backing up the concept.
  5. Midwest LDS

    Should POTUS/Senate push through SCOTUS judge?

    100% agreed. For every quote someone lines up from a Republican saying we should only nominate someone after an election, I could post a quote from a Democrat, including Justice Ginsburg, saying it's the Senate's job to nominate someone when a vacancy occurs. If the question is "are politicians right and left hypocrites?" the answer is yes. But if the question is "do Republicans need to nominate someone who will protect what remains of our Republic?" the answer is also yes. I don't know if we have the votes to get it done, but we have to try. There are Democrats right now declaring that they will increase the size of the court and impeach any justices that don't meet their litmus test of who "should" be on the court if they get elected. This is unacceptable, we have the presidency and the senate for now, we have to try to oppose this argument.
  6. Midwest LDS

    Terrified of baptism

    Welcome to the Church we are super excited to have you!
  7. Midwest LDS

    Who has gone back to church at the building?

    I've been two times in the last month, our ward is divided into five groups of 25 or less. Our ward is pretty scrupulous about following the guidelines, masks, wiping down the podium after each speaker, only recorded music etc. It was so awesome be back. Sure I would prefer the pandemic to be gone and for everything to be back to normal, it's really sparse with 25 people or less, but I love being back in the building. The Holy Ghost was so strong and, as much as I am grateful for my priesthood and being able to do at home service, there is something special about meeting together with the Saints to worship Christ. I am just glad I get to be back at church, it's gives me a feeling of normality in a world that's completely topsy turvy.
  8. Midwest LDS

    Neuro's seitch for fremen fanboys

    You're not the only one. I'm super excited about the movie for all the reasons you mentioned. Now if they can just get a cameo with Patrick Stewart charging into battle holding a pug😉......
  9. Midwest LDS

    New or potential members

    I can understand this. My wife struggles with anxiety, and the thought of being the center of attention can be a real trial. I have just a couple of thoughts. 1. Right now large gatherings are not allowed. I don't know how they are doing things in your neck of the woods, but we are not allowed to have more than a few people at any baptism. Right now, it's likely your baptism, if you choose to go through with it, will be a very small affair with just the people you want to be there. 2. It's not a long ceremony. In normal times when there is no pandemic the entire thing is usually around an hour, but the baptism itself is quick, 5 minutes tops outside of changing times. Also, I don't know if you've received a blessing or seen one given, but receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost also doesn't take very long. It's almost certainly going to also be around 5 minutes or less as well perhaps shorter depending on who is performing the ordinance. 3. It's worth it sister! That feeling of knowing, as you come out of the water, that your sins are washed away and the feeling of peace and comfort that come from receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost are beyond compare. Talk with your bishop or branch president and your missionaries and I am sure they will work with your concerns to help you feel comfortable at this ceremony. Also as far as resources for new members, there are a ton of talks and stories from converts online. Also this website https://www.comeuntochrist.org/ is designed for investigators and new members and is a great place to start looking for resources, comfort, guidelines etc. I'm sure there are other things too. Reach out to your Bishop/Branch President or Relief Society President for more local resources. God bless you sister. I'm a convert too (I joined when I was 8 ) and this is Christ's church. The Lord will help you with your concerns, I know he will.
  10. How else are you going to learn? Plus I needed one of those grilled cheese pizzas at Pizza Hut and I was out of cash
  11. I understand where you are coming from and I don't hate or mock Uzzah by any means. He made a mistake I could easily see myself making in a similar situation. However, he still made a mistake, hence the punishment from God. And it depends on who you ask about ark steadying with Martin Luther. If I were to ask a Catholic, I bet they'd say Martin made a huge mistake that shattered the church due to his own arrogance😊. Now Protestants and myself look at it differently of course, and in many churches I would agree that this would be a tough question to pose about when you should intervene and when you shouldn't. But in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as you know we believe our Prophet and 12 Apostles are the literal mouthpieces of Christ. When we try to "fix a problem" or '"steady the ark", if we have a testimony, we are making the same mistake Uzzah did. We know God has said he can take care of his church, but we choose to disbelieve him because we "know" better. Doesn't mean we are anymore evil than Uzzah, but we would still be wrong. Of course you have to believe we are actually lead by prophets and apostles for that analogy to work, so I don't blame a non member for looking at it differently, but that's how we see it.
  12. The natural man part of me would have wanted to try and steady it. I would hope my spiritual sensitivity would have been strong enough to resist that urge, all of the Israelites and especially the Levites knew God had said he would protect the Ark, but the flesh is often weak. But then that is the point of the story. We have to learn in life to avoid "steadying the ark" in situations where, just like Uzzah did, we "know" God's church is failing and we are the only one's who can fix it. I put know in quotation marks to represent that we are wrong but are convinced we are right. That's what makes ark steadying such a tempting sin and why the Lord was so clear in warning us against it.
  13. Midwest LDS

    Liberals in the Church

    I've got you covered brother. I found the Libertarian Socialist caucus of the Libertarian Party. I didn't even know these people existed. I don't have any idea how big the organization is, but their Facebook page has over 12000 likes https://dsa-lsc.org/. This links to their homepage.
  14. Midwest LDS

    Push for Utah to mandate statewide mask wearing

    I know you were kind of joking, but it might work if you really can't get people to stop trying to hug you or shake your hand. My sister and her family had a bad case of COVID. They recovered and have been fine for months but whenever anyone hears it they treat them like a family of lepers (hence why they only tell close family members and friends now lol). It might be worth a shot.
  15. Midwest LDS

    Push for Utah to mandate statewide mask wearing

    I have a Smith and Wesson myself but I'd like a Glock.