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  1. Midwest LDS

    In praise of LDS Obiwan Kenobis

    I love those books! They were the first books in the EU that I really got into, and are one of the reasons I am such a big fan of Wedge. I still go back and re-read them on a regular basis and I really enjoy the Battle of Coruscant in book 2 (amongst many other cool scenes).
  2. It's not typical but it happens. On my mission we had a couple instances where we'd have that many over for a member dinner or if we needed district or zone leaders over for a baptism interview. It's possible that the local companship didn't feel safe, and had several other sets over for that reason. If that's the case they probabbly shouldn't have gone over, but hindsight is 20/20. I'm just so glad no one was hurt.
  3. Midwest LDS

    In praise of LDS Obiwan Kenobis

    That is epically awesome. I tip my hat to you sir.
  4. Midwest LDS

    In praise of LDS Obiwan Kenobis

    No Wedge Antilles is the leader of Rogue Squadron and is a somewhat prominent side character in several films. Here is a pic. He survives the first Death Star run and helps blow up the Second Death Star with Lando.
  5. Midwest LDS

    Supreme Court to decide fate of 'Peace Cross' memorial

    Agreed 100%. I truly wish all Justices no matter who nominated them would fall into this category. It's the only way to preserve the Constitution.
  6. Midwest LDS

    Supreme Court to decide fate of 'Peace Cross' memorial

    Good point. Sometimes it's too easy to paint people into their respective corners and forget that most people are not 100% Liberal or Conservative and that moderates do exist.
  7. Midwest LDS

    Supreme Court to decide fate of 'Peace Cross' memorial

    I'm surprised Breyer and Kagan came around. It's nice to know some of the liberal justices recognize a ridiculous case (sometimes) when it comes around. Glad this case ended well.
  8. Midwest LDS

    British Airways Father's Day

    That was a legitimately cool story. What a neat thing to do for your employees.
  9. There you go, ruining my morning with your facts. I'm never going to get that flying carpet I keep asking for😉.
  10. Midwest LDS

    How is the Economy?

    Well I had to get you off of your Sanders addiction somehow, this new chest tattoo of yours is just wrong😉
  11. I kind of get where she is coming from, I just finished reading the article, and the an extent I agree. Her main point seems to be that in order to receive blessings we have to be actively engaged in a good cause, and striving to follow the commandments, which is true. The problem I have with her statements is that God very often does do miraculous things for us, or waves a magic wand as she puts it, that are beyond anything we deserve. I've had powerful experiences in my life where God has miraculously intervened, and I haven't always been actively engaged in a good cause at the time these things happened. God is our Father. Just like I, an imperfect and fallen mortal being, sometimes do good things for my daughter just because I love her, so too does the infinitely better Father of us all do good things for his children just because he loves us. So while I do get where the author is coming from, and to an extent I agree, I feel like she's leaning a little too heavily on good works, and forgetting the Grace of Christ in the process. But a good article overall, that's just my little nitpick☺.
  12. Midwest LDS

    Another victory for cake bakers

    Oh I know I was being facetious. Sometimes online forums don't adequately convey intended humor.
  13. Midwest LDS

    Another victory for cake bakers

    Although it seems like someone that picky would be put of business before long. "I only serve Protestants who accept the authority of the Missouri Synod!"
  14. Midwest LDS

    Another victory for cake bakers

    I get where you are coming from. From a perfectly economic standpoint your view makes sense, but I understand artists feel pretty protective about their work, and I can understand why they wouldn't want it represented in an activity they disagree with. Conversly I've never understood the desire to force people to serve you if they don't want to. I know if a court ordered me to make a cake against my will it would be the worst piece of junk cake ever baked. It's a free market system, just go to the 20 other bakers in the area who don't care.
  15. Midwest LDS

    Another victory for cake bakers

    Happy to see this. That poor couple had 130000 dollars in fines and had their religious beliefs compared to holocaust denial by a member of the State Commision. It's a clear violation of First Amendment protections.