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  1. Neither am I. If you recognized my wording it comes directly from the Declaration of Independence which credits the Creator with granting these rights as do I(life liberty pursuit of happiness etc.) I find it amusing that you credit 18 year olds with the maturity to learn how to kill someone, lead men in combat, and make life and death decisions on a split second basis, but not with the ability to decide who has the best tax policy. I did not use it as an us vs them example. I used it as a generic example. You spend way too much time overanalyzing a rather basic idea I dropped in a discussion with a completely random person on the internet. I'm not setting up an us vs them I was just describing politicians in Washington. If it makes you feel better, I'll say those young women in Washington the pronoun is irrelevant to me. If anyone is setting up an us vs. them argument it's you by claiming that 18 year olds should happily march off and die for those people who understand politics better than they do anyways. You do not "gut my argument". Maybe in your own mind you are, but your arguments are merely a collection of non sequiturs, strawmen, and goal post moving. You still haven't answered the basic crux of the question. Why should 18 year olds be denied a voice in the political process? Your argument centers around their emotional immaturity. I've acknowledged you may have a point but you refuse to acknowledge that I have a point about them being eligible for the draft. You claim the draft isn't in effect so it shouldn't matter just like there are no concentration camps, and yet there are lists of names and addresses set up so that young men can be called at a moments notice into the military There are no concentration camps or plans to set them up again (at least in this country, and God willing there won't be).
  2. You know @Vort I'm typically on your side when it comes to political issues, so your attempt to make me sound like some crazed liberal is amusing ☺. I said "old guys" just as a generic example, I could use specific politicians I just didn't want to. To the rest of your arguments, I reject your assertion that my opinion is an appeal to emotion. You need to be 18 to sign up for or be drafted for the military. We don't use 14 year olds to fight, and the fact tht 4 year olds pay taxes is irrelevant, you are creating strawmen and moving the goalpost. I do know what a right is the question is do you? It sounds like you don't. The right to life is the ultimate right. If a government has the right to order me to give it up in the name of some political objective (whether that objective is stopping Nazi Germany, holding back Communism in Vietnam, or keeping Iran in check) then I have the right to have a say in whether or not we pursue those objectives. Life is the ultimate right along with liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. I don't necessarily disagree with you about 18 year olds not being 100% emotionally mature, and if we change our draft laws or laws about when you can sign up for the military than I'm ok changing the age we gain the right to vote. Until then no.
  3. I decided to put it on my arm instead. (Pinochet for those who don't know).
  4. Not really. Wars are merely politics by other means as described by Clausewitz. If some old guys in Washington have the right to send me (generic) to my death, I should have to right to choose which old guys are in charge. My (generic) life is at stake. Unless and until we want to change things up like @NeuroTypical and @Just_A_Guy have suggested, 18 year olds deserve the right to help shape the political landscape.
  5. I guess you'll have to turn in your Any Rand award for Libertarian purity. Don't worry though! We Military Industrial Complex fanboys welcome you with open arms😉
  6. Generally I agree with you. However, sometimes the need is so great that in order to protect the country everyone needs to participate (World War 2 for example). I'm ok with a draft in those circumstances, as long as there are protected options for conscientious objectors.
  7. I disagree. As long as 18 year olds can potentially be drafted they deserve the vote. It's beyond unreasonable for you (generic) to tell a person "you have no say in the political arena, but here's a rifle go charge into no man's land and die for it". Now if you (specific) want to talk about rolling back the age a person can be drafted or make it so if you serve or are asked to serve in the military you get the vote but everyone else has to be older (21 to 25) that's different and I can see arguments for those viewpoints.
  8. Including you apparently. I told you this new tattoo looked awful, but you just wouldn't stop shouting "Feel the Bern!"
  9. Midwest LDS

    Another "Church Culture Stinks" Article

    Fine, as long as it's Martinelli's and I get to dine too.
  10. Midwest LDS

    Another "Church Culture Stinks" Article

    Lol I'm fine with change just not whining😉
  11. Midwest LDS

    Another "Church Culture Stinks" Article

    Perish the thought. Why would I spend hours of my life doing something fun and enjoyable when I can sit at home staring at the wall and patting myself on the back about how I don't soil myself with children's interests?😉
  12. Midwest LDS

    Another "Church Culture Stinks" Article

    That isn't what I said. You can't change other people by complaining about them. The only person you can change is yourself. Now an article where the author talks about ways they've changed some of their own behaviors and the positive effects it's had for them at church? That would be a good read, and a whole lot more effective than the article here. Not only that, just as I mentioned any church, ours included, will always be full of individual people who fall short of who they should be, sometimes in really big ways. Always. The question is, do you learn to love them anyways, and work to treat them as Christ would, or do you grind your teeth and whine about "church culture" and overlook your own sins and imperfections? You can only change yourself.
  13. Midwest LDS

    Another "Church Culture Stinks" Article

    I dislike articles like this because they come off as whiny. They always focus on the idea of "if only everyone changed to fit my own view of things then the church would be great". It's just silly. The Church of Jesus Christ in every dispensation has been filled with mortals. That means that since Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden, toes have been stepped on, people have been cold when they should have been kind, people have been nosy when they shouldn't have been, and rock steady members have apostatized and made others question their testimony. While I think honest attempts to improve ourselves are important, by complaining about everyone church wide instead of working on yourself, you guarantee nothing will happen. You can't change "church culture". You can change yourself, and while there are always exceptions and always will be until Christ comes again, most members are genuinely decent people who are trying to do better, so maybe try cutting each other some slack instead of complaining that everyone isn't perfect. Just my two cents.
  14. This! The Lord intends for us to consult with him on an individual basis in order to determine what "10% of our increase" means to us. If he meant it to be set in stone, he would have told us specifically that he means gross or net. I have felt inspired at different times of my life to pay gross and to pay net. Both times I made my decision based on the guidance I was receiving from the Holy Ghost.