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  1. seashmore

    What's your first date stories?

    He gave a couple of different versions over CES firesides/broadcasts from about 2005-2014. I think the title was something like "dating vs. hanging out." I tried to find a link, but my iPad is acting up and not opening anything on the Church's website.
  2. seashmore

    What's your first date stories?

    I don't know what would constitute my first "official" date, but I've been on plenty of first dates with different guys. I'll share some highlights (all different dates). The good: he had friend-zoned me and wanted to buy me a concert ticket. I told him I would pay for it, but he insisted, so I compromised and said he could buy it if we could consider it a date. (Elder Oaks had recently given his "paired off, planned out, and paid for" talk to the YSA.) He agreed. Halfway through the concert, we both had our hands on our own knees, and I slyly reached over and rubbed my pinky along his knee. He didn't respond, but I tried it again a few songs later, and he took the bait and we held hands for a little while. I imagine we were adorable as we held hands and raced through the crowd to get to the car after the concert was over. The bad: He admitted he cried during an episode of Star Trek. That's second date material, unless you've both established you're Trekkie's. The ugly: he told me his residence was essentially him squatting in an old machine shed and that he slept on a mattress that was resting on his boxes of ammo. Also, he modified his truck to add those dual-top exhausts that emit black smoke when you change gears.
  3. seashmore

    New movie - Ephraim's Rescue

    This is actually available on DVD. I love it! I got my copy with a set I ordered from I think the Living Scriptures.
  4. seashmore

    Craziest situation ever

    Sorry I didn't see this when you first posted, but I hope things are working out better for you. Setting boundaries is hard, but I have faith in your abilities to do what is best for you.
  5. seashmore

    2019 Weight Loss Group

    Something I felt silly for not knowing/realizing until someone told me, but if you have a multi speed bike, the lower numbers make it easier to pedal, which makes hills seem less intimidating. There are some pretty steep hills on my favorite trails (they're actually switch backs in some places) that I rode while training for a 60 charity mile ride. I memorized hymns as my "soundtrack", and loved the wordplay of the chorus of Praise to the Man as I ascended and conquered those hills. I can hardly wait for the weather to nicen up so I can go riding, although she needs a good tune up before that happens.
  6. seashmore

    2019 Weight Loss Group

    Unpopular opinion: Arby's salads are a winter life hack for me. Here, they're closer to $5 and generally constitute a full meal for me. I look at the cost as a convenience fee. I don't have to prep any of the lettuce, tomatoes, or meat, nor do I have to clean up after any of it. The energy it would take me to do all of that is well worth the financial cost when I'm feeling a little lethargic. I've not been attending volleyball, as it has been polar vortexing so once I'm home, I stay there. I also haven't done any yoga since I got sick three weeks ago. Curling league returned this week after two off, and my stamina and stability are improving. The social and strategic aspects are also helping with my mental health. I've been eating less sugar and have been on a soup kick this month. I'm trying to stick with low sodium and veggie heavy options. Not as close to my goals as I'd like to be, but closer than I was a month ago.
  7. seashmore

    2019 Weight Loss Group

    Get some rest. If you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything. Even gathering info to use later puts you closer to your goal, whatever that ends up being.
  8. seashmore

    2019 Weight Loss Group

    Good news: I weighed 2 lbs less this morning than I did the last time I weighed myself, and I was wearing shoes this time. Bad news: my arm is almost completely out of commission for the next 3-5 days according to my PA. It hurts all over (forearm and bicep/tricep) when I try to extend it in any direction, so even yoga is out. She thinks I did something to irritate a nerve that's along the side, kind of near the armpit. It most likely happened while napping, since I know I would have said something to the Dr. at work on Saturday if it had hurt even half this badly at that point. Came home, took a nap, woke up in pain. Who knew napping was an extreme sport? Nap safely, my friends.
  9. seashmore

    2019 Weight Loss Group

    Good news: I got in an extra workout before curling by pebbling 4/5 sheets, which was basically walking along the entire practice hockey arena with a tub of hot water strapped to my back while waving a metal spraying rod back and forth the whole time. Bad news: it was my first time, so I was sloppy and got my shirt so soaked that it was still wet two hours later. Also, my entire right arm is sore. Good news: I got a bit of exercise when I shoveled the driveway before work this morning. Bad news: I don't think it helped the arm any (although sleeping on it during an after work nap probably did more damage) and it kept snowing, effectively making my work ineffective. Good news: I have consumed way fewer calories than normal this weekend. Bad news: it's mostly because there is a nuclear attack on my sinuses that hit me Fiday morning. My eye has leaked at least five times and I've gone through a quarter box of Puffs already today.
  10. seashmore

    2019 Weight Loss Group

    I totally forgot to weigh myself this morning. My goal has been to weigh myself every third Thursday, since that's a scheduled day off from work where I can wake naturally. It also allows me to track progress without obsessing over the exact number or being overly concerned with a weight that naturally fluctuates. While in the throes of my seasonal depression, my reward for getting out of bed before 9 is McDonald's breakfast. I'm sure it sounds counterproductive, but I loooove McD's breakfast and there is legitimate concern that if I don't have a reason to physically get out of bed/the house, I don't. Which is worse for my physical and mental health in the long run. I kept the food journal for three days, and on the eve of the second day, I found myself making a choice that intentionally defied it. Namely, getting a burger instead of a salad for dinner. I'm the kind of person who goes in to the first weigh in of a weight loss challenge wearing heavy boots and carrying all my keys and three days worth of loose change. I can be a bit of a stubborn lass and have to outsmart myself sometimes when it comes to which battles I fight. The more aggressive a change is pushed at me, the harder I push back, even if it's me doing it for my own good. Didn't go to volleyball last week, but loved curling and was super excited to play an extra end! My make-shift team (they still don't three teammates for me) made me third, which I appreciated as I was still getting my ice legs back and would have felt much worse Saturday morning if I had swept six rocks per end instead of four. Side note: definitely stretching this week! The yoga has been going pretty well. I've done it three times this week already, and hope to be able to bring myself to get out of bed earlier in the day. All of my roommates are night owls, and I like being a comparative morning person. (They get up at noon; I like to be up by 9; 6 is for the birds.) Again, depression and dark mornings make it difficult right now. The only place there is enough space for it is in the living room, and that is almost always occupied in the evenings. Once our basement gets a little more finished, I'll be able to use that. This is the program/YouTube channel I've found I like best. I may end up doing this particular video for more than two weeks, but I've found I prefer male yogi's and 10-15 minute videos work best for my current circumstances. Maybe once I become more flexible/comfortable in my own body, I can move up to 20-30 minute videos.
  11. seashmore

    Am I My Brother's Keeper?

    Similarly, I have a friend who says, "Be smart. And if you can't be smart, be safe."
  12. seashmore

    Am I My Brother's Keeper?

    One of my roommates is also one of my best friends. He really is like the brother I never had*. (One of his sisters has been my roommate for years.) We tease each other mercilessly, but when it comes down to it, we watch the same tv shows. He has been working the last few years to prepare to serve a mission (I used to call him my "summer brother" because he lived with us for a summer to earn money). Although he has faced a few setbacks along the way, he seems determined to go, and I often get excited when I think about him receiving his own endowment. Out of the four of us who live here (soon to be five), he and I are the only ones who are active in the Church, and we both have a mixed bag of activity when it comes to family. Our dad's are both temple workers, but our mom's have both abandoned the Gospel. His oldest sister has a good grasp on managing an eternal family of 8, and his youngest sister is soon returning from her mission. I bring all this backstory to the table with the hopes to show how I feel about him. He's a little Opie, I'm a little Aunt Bea, I guess. He's been dating the same girl for about six months now. They met at their previous job and have a few mutual friends, but she is not a member. I like her well enough, but I've gotten the feeling that she might not actually be all that good for him. About six weeks ago, we had a pretty bad snowstorm that forced three of our house associates to stay the night. They stayed in his room together, and I trust them enough to have behaved. Also, my room is directly below his. She's been staying over more often lately, presumably because we live much closer to her job than her parents, although it hasn't been outright brought to my attention. She and I talked a few nights ago about sometimes getting our shoes confused in the morning (our feet are at least three sizes smaller than anyone else's and we both wear all black sneakers to work) and I chatted with her on her way out the door Tuesday morning. It's clear that I know she stays. She stayed last night, and I heard more bed squeaks than I normally do. The squeaks were soft, but suspect. Because of my personal past with trying to blur the law of chastity and the brotherly affection I have for him, I'd like him to avoid that kind of trouble. I'm just not sure how to bring it up without bringing tension/contention into the home. Any advice on how to do that/what to say? Or should I just turn a deaf ear and blind eye? *Please don't launch judgement at me for living in mixed company.
  13. seashmore

    2019 Weight Loss Group

    Due to weather restrictions (it was 8 degrees F at noon today), I'm thinking something indoors will benefit me best. My roommate reminded me some YSAish folks get together Thursday nights for volleyball at a stake center and I start a curling league this Friday. (Hopefully, I haven't heard anything one way or the other, but I did pay my dues and will be perfectly content if they let me throw stones by myself if there's no team for me.) In the meantime, I'll search for a good short yoga routine that I can do in a small space. Once I get into a regular exercise routine, I'll set more specific goals for my nutrition. Right now, it's just: eat more veggies and consume less sugar. My psoriasis seems to be triggered more by stress than nutrition, and I do plan on seeing a dermatologist/doctor about it this quarter to help me manage it. The depression is seasonal (usually; this year came with mitigating circumstances). If you're familiar at all with the spoon theory, I get fewer spoons a day in January than I do in August. I'll start the food journal in the morning. Mostly because I don't eat before bed!
  14. seashmore

    We Are Responsible For Our Own Learning

    *shrug* I see no problem with both being an accurate reason. There's also a fair amount of scripture that doesn't get covered at all in GD manuals.
  15. seashmore

    2019 Weight Loss Group

    Thanks for your willingness to help out! I have a cousin and a couple old YSA friends I follow on IG that share tips I pretend to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. One thing I've learned from them is that if a plan/routine doesn't work with you, it's not going to work for you. My cousin is really big into tracking, accountability, and maintaining a positive outlook on the long term end goal. The YSA friend/spouse do Cross Fit and have a YouTube channel devoted to counting macros. I watched like three before I felt like I was clued in. Anyway, one of them shared something I've actually been able to incorporate, and that is to not allow yourself to have two "bad" meals in a row. Like, if you give in to McD's for lunch, make sure supper is healthy. Not because the nutrition balances out, but because it keeps the good habits on top. I can stick to a complete overhaul for about the space of a pay period, definitely not long enough to make any sort of difference. I know this about myself, which is why I focus on small and simple things to change. I'm really good at staying hydrated, though. Have been drinking at least 32 oz of water most days since high school/the last 15 years. 1. On a minimum weekly basis, I could commit to a total of three fifteen minute workouts. Two out of three weeks, I can do more, but I work late shifts every third week so my schedule is thrown off. 2. Between lethargic depression, a big bust, and psoriasis flare ups under skin folds that make movement painful (it's the same sensation as chapped lips) I avoid high impact exercises. 3. Yes