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  1. seashmore

    Fates worse than death

    No worries about the initial misinterpretation. There was a point in my life where I had a hard time going to church. I was in a YSA ward and had gone from serving in consecutive RS Predidencies to bulletin coordinator, even though I had told them I didn't have access to a computer/printer. (I learned how important it was to be set apart for a calling, because it wasn't until after that happened that I was inspired to hand write the announcements on half of the paper and the program on the other. I would copy and cut it so everyone got a half sheet with info on either side.) I was spiraling into a depression, and the bishop made a casual remark that we would not hold meetings for 2-3 weeks because there would not be enough in our ward over the holidays "to be worth it." I knew that he meant no harm, but it was hard. I had no family in the area, and have decision anxiety, so having to choose a ward to attend those weeks broke my spirit a little. What made it harder was the stake president was on the stand behind him when he said that. My depression read into that as being "not worth blessing the sacrament for," which my rational brain spent a lot of time reminding me that's not true, and I know it. (My most current bishop takes sacrament seriously to the point where he has ended a meeting cut short by bad weather to say that if anyone had arrived after it was passed that they were invited to stay after the closing prayer to receive it if they wanted.) Anyway, I had such a hard time being in church that for about 3 weeks straight, I showed up just as the opening hymn was starting, sat in the back, and left as the people administering the sacrament took their seats with the congregation. I literally only came for the ordinance. What ended up causing me to change that was I had tithing to pay. So I stayed until the end of sacrament meeting, paid it, and went home again. It was still a week or two before I was emotionally able to stay for the other meetings. As far as feeling that the sacrament is corrupted, God holds you responsible only for making sure that your heart and hands are clean and pure. If those are, the piece of bread or cracker and water you partake of are uncorrupted. If there is someone unworthy who is administering the sacrament, that is his and his quorum leader's responsibility to answer to God regarding the matter. Also, one does not have to be perfect to administer an ordinance. No one would ever get the sacrament if that were the case!
  2. seashmore

    Fates worse than death

    Genuinely curious as to what led you to draw the conclusion that I think you're acting out of codependency. I never even considered that, so I'm not sure what part of my response communicated that idea to you. You are absolutely correct that one of the foundational tenets of the Gospel in these latter days is personal revelation. That being said, I cannot receive revelation for you, nor can you receive it for me. However, I did say a short prayer while composing my original response, and asked what I could say to help you. We can be inspired to share thoughts and testimonies with each other, but we have no right to revelation on what the other is called by God to do. You have to at least make me dinner first. (That last sentence is comic relief.) I hope that you will study out in your mind what you should do to repair the damage you have witnessed done, and then ask of God if it be right. I know that He will answer that prayer and provide you with strength to do His will based on your faithfulness.
  3. seashmore

    Fates worse than death

    I'm sorry that you have experienced the treatment you have. My heart can feel your anger just by reading your words, and if you're looking for advice @anatess2 gave some worth taking. I know you would like to fix the Church and stop your abusers from abusing others, but I'm going to tell you that will take a long time. You have to put on your own oxygen mask before you can help someone else with theirs. You have to heal from the wounds of their abuse before you are fit to fight back and expect to win. I'm speaking emotionally and physically, not spiritually. Ultimately, my recommendation is to get a good therapist and try out some yoga, pilates, or meditation. Obviously, these are in addition to what I assume you're already doing: sincere prayer and scripture study. It's unclear to me (I have terrible retention and can only see a paragraph at a time) if you are currently attending Sunday meetings. If you are, carry on. If not, consider going just for the sacrament so you can show God you are renewing your promise to live His gospel and expect Him to renew His promise for His Spirit always to be with you.
  4. seashmore

    Family and the new firearm prohibition

    I read a really good book a few years ago called Amish Grace, and I believe there was a movie/PBS special based on the story of a young gunman who terrorized an Amish school and how the community responded. It may offer some perspective. There's a lot to learn from the Amish. Also, this policy allows for current law enforcement to carry a concealed weapon. I remember seeing a new police officer flash his gun at some friends in the YSA ward (by lifting up his shirt just enough to show them, didn't even take it out of the holster) and seeing it made me uncomfortable, even though I knew he would not use it unless absolutely necessary. So, if you want guns in church, convert more cops, I guess. The Lord blesses us for our obedience.
  5. seashmore

    Where should I attend church this week?

    That could be fun. I passed by one with the sign written in Spanish today.
  6. seashmore

    Where should I attend church this week?

    lol...that's my problem! I'm indecisive when it comes to matters of little consequence. Between all the recent boundary changes and my years of service in the temple and YSA wards, I'm sure I'll see a few friendly faces in my new ward. I also don't know exactly when I'll be moving my records over. (Waiting on a replacement to be called.) I haven't looked to see what time they start. I'm leaning towards just showing up at the nearest chapel (3 miles away) at 9.
  7. I have three options, all equally good.
  8. seashmore

    Released - Not ready

    Not quite in the same boat, but we're going down the same river. I'm technically homeless this month. I had to be out of my old place by the Aug 7th and can't move in to the next one until Sept 1st. The Primary Presidency has been working with the bishop since April to get me a co-teacher since March. (A new stake in our area led to some boundary changes, which led to some calling shuffling, and if there's a crack at church, I fall through it.) I've been teaching these same kids for a year, and moved with them from Sunbeams to CTR4. Normally my ward doesn't do that, but they had no regular teacher before me. I guess the person called wasn't there every week, and these kids had no consistency in teachers. I can't knowingly put them through that again, and I also know how hard it is on the Presidency to find subs every week, so I told leadership I'd stay until they have someone else called. I also know it takes time, and my transitional home is just as far to the old ward as the new ward. I've been taking the "spitefully faithful" approach and leaving that up to the Presidency, hoping that keeps them nudging the bishopric along.
  9. seashmore

    Disgruntled about local policy.

    I live in a metro area that encompasses 5 stakes (one less than six months old). Because there is a lot of overlap in the community (my mail delivery person at work is in a different stake than where I live, and also a lot of boundary shifting in the last decade) news of a visiting apostle spreads quickly. I've known people who have gone to another state's conference to hear a GA. They don't check your recommend at the door, but a lot of people will know you are there against the counsel of your local leaders. Because my local stakes also cover some wide geography, we have started to broadcast stake meetings. My dad doesn't have to drive 45-60 minutes to the stake center on Sunday because there will be a closed circuit broadcast to his regular chapel (some would have to drive upwards of two hours one way). Leadership utilized this technology when Elder Nelson visited a neighboring stake a few months before being ordained as the President of the church so the youth in all 4 stakes (at the time) could benefit from his fireside. My point is this: if leadership thought it was important for you and your family to hear his message, that would be happening. I've been privileged to be in the presence of two apostles: Elder Eyring and Elder Oaks, and I can tell you that it did nothing more to affirm my testimony of their apostolic calling than the messages they share to a broader audience do. In fact, the stake conference Eyring presided over put a bad taste in my mouth towards him for almost a decade. I was 16, had driven an hour by myself to a city I hate driving in and heard him say from the pulpit that he understood our struggle because when he was little, worship services were held in his home because membership was so small in number. He joked, "I didn't go to Primary, Primary came to me." And I immediately tuned out because he obviously did not spend more time traveling between seminary and school than he spent at seminary. I hsve since repented of my ways and he has become one of my favorite apostles and the reason I don't apologize when I get weepy at the pulpit.
  10. seashmore

    8 Reasons Gasoline Prices Are Going Up in America

    Flooding in the ethanol region is still an issue. It will not. stop. raining. At least, not long enough for the sun and the oversaturated ground to remove the water. I-29 in Iowa (from Sioux City, through Omaha, to Kansas City) is constantly closing and reopening due to flooding. The first major overflow of this season was in March, and there are still cornfields covered by river. Elder Renlund was here recently and the Church News story about his visit shows the devastation to homes. There are railroad tracks that, while not currently covered, are one storm away from it.
  11. seashmore

    Childhood cancer

    Thanks for all the kind thoughts and prayers. Update: his leukemia is the most common kind, therefore the most treatable. They are keeping him in ICU to help him deal with the reactions to the chemo he started yesterday, and will be in the hospital a minimum of two weeks. I also found my patriarchal blessing. It was in the same document holder as the folder, but in a different slot.
  12. seashmore

    Childhood cancer

    One of the kids in my CTR4 class (that I've been teaching for about a year, since they were Sunbeams) has just been diagnosed with leukemia. I have also just been assigned as his mom's ministering sister. I've been friends with her since the time they met in the YSA ward. They have a little guy who just turned one, and the four year old is as sweet as can be; he was so excited to tell me about his skinned knee on Sunday. And I've just gotta say....I am really struggling with this. I almost feel guilty asking for prayers for myself; he's not even my kid (outside that hour on Sundays). I'm questioning how I can be of emotional support to my friend, my student, and their family when I can hardly keep it together and find faith myself. I've been having that cliche monologue: "why is this happening to him? to them? It's not fair." I've never had that reaction to any other trial. Not when my parents divorced, not when any of my relatives died, not when I got fired, not even when my sister miscarried. Bonus struggle: I can't find my copy of my patriarchal blessing. It's been a great strength to me for as long as I've had it, and it's not in the folder where I've kept it for almost ten years.
  13. The only advice I feel I can offer is to treat her the same way you would treat someone else in the ward who treated you this way. It can be difficult, but set aside the sister aspect of the relationship, and try to vent about her treatment to those who can't be sucked in to picking sides. (Welcome to the forum.)
  14. seashmore

    What's your first date stories?

    He gave a couple of different versions over CES firesides/broadcasts from about 2005-2014. I think the title was something like "dating vs. hanging out." I tried to find a link, but my iPad is acting up and not opening anything on the Church's website.
  15. seashmore

    What's your first date stories?

    I don't know what would constitute my first "official" date, but I've been on plenty of first dates with different guys. I'll share some highlights (all different dates). The good: he had friend-zoned me and wanted to buy me a concert ticket. I told him I would pay for it, but he insisted, so I compromised and said he could buy it if we could consider it a date. (Elder Oaks had recently given his "paired off, planned out, and paid for" talk to the YSA.) He agreed. Halfway through the concert, we both had our hands on our own knees, and I slyly reached over and rubbed my pinky along his knee. He didn't respond, but I tried it again a few songs later, and he took the bait and we held hands for a little while. I imagine we were adorable as we held hands and raced through the crowd to get to the car after the concert was over. The bad: He admitted he cried during an episode of Star Trek. That's second date material, unless you've both established you're Trekkie's. The ugly: he told me his residence was essentially him squatting in an old machine shed and that he slept on a mattress that was resting on his boxes of ammo. Also, he modified his truck to add those dual-top exhausts that emit black smoke when you change gears.