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  1. priesthoodpower

    Slaughtered my Name and now my Image

    Interesting, and I like how the big news and major push from this conference was the "Restoration Proclamation". To emphasize a restoration which is what makes us very different yet same.
  2. Its the culture of LDS that is keeping Christs church from growing and allowing many to leave. Its clear that since Pres Nelson became prophet he or should I say God, has told us to get his name and now image correct. If something so simple as his name and image has slipped away from us over the years because of cultural habits (that most of us cant see from the inside), what else are we blind to see? *Eversince I was a kid and people told us that mormons are not christians we kind of puffed up our chests and stood proud that we had the truth and it doesnt matter what they think.
  3. priesthoodpower

    The Good Friday Fast, 2020.

    Pray and fast for those on the front lines. There is light at the end of the tunnel and may be closer then we think.
  4. priesthoodpower

    Deconstructing a Testimony

    Don't be too bias to see what is really happening. The re-named "Ministering" program lowered the bar on the assignment. In the old Home Teaching program we set an apt, dress up in Sunday best, get in the door, sit down for prayer and lesson with the in Ministering if we cant make some kind of physical interaction (doesn't have to be church related) with the family we can send a text "you good buddy! need anything!". Its also worth mentioning that at least in my ward the numbers did not change, ministering is still below 5%, my guess is this program will soon be dissolved. We can both agree that PEOPLE are the problem and vort thinks the ANSWER is with the people humbling them selves and changing their ways completely but when that doesn't work something else needs to give. Lets look at this small example of Home teaching. The PEOPLE were not doing it (Our stake averaged less then 10% for decades, I can only assume the church worldwide saw similar stats) so the Church changed the program. This is an example of the Church changing and not the people...and not changing because it was a failure but because the gospel is continuously being restored, human behavior and cultures change over time. HT/Ministering could come and go just like polygamy. Are we a worse off church because polygamy was recalled? Will we be a lesser church if HT/Ministering is recalled? If it is recalled, then all of a sudden repentance for not doing HT/Ministering is not necessary. The bar was just lowered, it just got a little easier. Shorter Church = The Church changing, not the People. (Im not saying Christ or the doctrine changed) Less leadership meetings = The Church changing, not the People. "The goal has never been spend three hours in church." ya think! Finally after years seeing members leave church after the one hour of sacrament (for various reasons and cant do anything about it) they finally made a pivot move. What is now 2 hrs will soon be 1hr. Heck this coronavirus situation is teaching the world to do everything online, this may be the chance for the Church to make the leap, we have gospel library and LDS tools, all our membership resources are already online, Awesome! Which of the two structures has a chance to be more successful? A. 5,000 people in a small town. 0ne church building for worship. 500 people are attracted to that church and become members. 300 stop attending overtime because they are not comfortable. 200 active members that feel comfortable enough to remain in harmony with the others. 200 members that believe they are the only ones with a one-on-one relationship with Christ. B. 5,000 people in a small town. 5,000 church buildings to worship in. 5,000 people love their church. 5,000 attend their entire lives. None go inactive and all of them feel comfortable moving at their own pace. No one in their ear telling them they are not good enough. 5,000 people with a one-on-one relationship with Christ. B my friend is online, virtual, automated, home centered church. This is a dead giveaway of the old school doom and gloom mentality that you and vort have. My kids when they attended primary 5-8yrs ago before leaving the church had this fear instilled in them from a teacher that was in the over 60yr age range, repent or go to hell type stuff, he wasn't wrong because it does say that in the scriptures, but congratulations for driving more people away from the church. Its a good thing that my kids do not need to be active members of the LDS to have a relationship with Christ and his gospel. The church is not the same today as it was 40+ yrs ago when we were growing up. I can accept that as well as the Apostles as proven by their leadership direction these past few years, but others cannot.
  5. priesthoodpower

    Deconstructing a Testimony

    You are stuck in time and blinded by your own knowledge of the gospel. You try too hard to speak for God yet we have a prophet that is slowly moving the goal posts so that we CAN welcome more of the lost sheep into the fold, quite the opposite of your beliefs. True, there are some that dont want to change their bad habits, but there are many, many good people that are turned off by what they have learned to believe is man made religions.You offer no suggestions or solutions to help folks get through these barriers that most of us have had the luxury to be born or atleast cultured into. people religion christ you see the barrier?
  6. priesthoodpower

    Deconstructing a Testimony

    I agree but we are talking about different things. The answer: The gospel is as complete as we will ever need it to be as it is the answer to eternal joy and happiness. Everyone needs it and everyone wants it. The problem: How do we get everyone to accept and follow it? The pessimist: "the gospel is too hard for most people, they are disobedient and are not interested". The optimist: "the gospel is so awesome..we just need to figure out how to make it acceptable in a way that is comfortable to each individual." We need to break down cultural, social and behavioural barriers. A simple example is that JS restored the gospel in english, does the world need to speak english in order to accept it? No, the church translated it into different languages to cater to the cultural needs of the world. Social barriers: Why do we currently have single wards, multi language ethnic wards? Because you cant fit everyone in one general ward. Singles feel uncomfortable and outcast in a family ward therefore we created a singles ward. Now there are thousands of other barriers that cause people to not want to attend a general ward, and sadly, as it currently stands in LDS culture, when you dont attend "church" you are left out of Gods plan (this is nonsense to me and anyone else who believes in a loving God). We cant create thousands of different ward types to cater to the thousands of different kinds of people and that is why we are seeing the dissolving of our sunday services. The answer to our problems is the internet, social media, virtualization and automation. This is how we make a gospel that is comfortable to all with out changing doctrine. This corona virus is pushing this world in a direction we never couldve imagined, I believe its part of Gods plan.
  7. priesthoodpower

    Deconstructing a Testimony

    Itll take a generation or two for this old fashion religious elitist way of thinking to disappear. Always got the answers but dont care about solutions.
  8. priesthoodpower

    Deconstructing a Testimony

    I agree with everything you say annendex, unfortunatley things are not as simple as it seems. What good is having all the answers if we cant recognize and solve the problems. I personally dont agree with the position .." they choose to leave, they are disobedient".
  9. priesthoodpower

    Deconstructing a Testimony

    To be more specific its the culture of the people in the church that makes it feel like micromanaging or shall we say the pressure to act a certain way, be a certain way, be perfect, all or nothing. 15 yrs ago I literally had an elders quorum president say to us "This is a church of progression, you cant sit and be stagnant". This type of thinking is a big part of what pushes lazy or prideful members away whereas these same people would have remained in the church content with the pace that they feel comfortable with. The tone now from our apostles are "your best is good enough". No doctrine changed but the way we think has, how hard was that? Please remember that church is not Christ. Christ is not a christian, he is THE Christ. We are... christians that go to church mormons that go to church catholics that go to mass buddhists that go to the temple...etc Home centered gospel is taking us in a better direction..."people following Christ", and this is something that EVERYONE can do, not just active mormons.
  10. priesthoodpower

    Deconstructing a Testimony

    We cant! The church in its current format, although well intentioned, is micromanaging peoples thoughts and beliefs. This works for some but not many, as evidenced by higher amount of inactives on our rosters then actives. My little sister and her family in vegas are the last of my siblings to go inactive, shes not anti or disbelieving but just tired of the mind games and needs time away to "deconstruct" her testimony. The answer to this problem is already in play, the change that Pres Nelson envisioned with come follow me home learning and worship. Its a start but it still has a long way to go before our lost sheep return home. For example my sister avoids any contact with her home ward leaders but will allow me to discuss gospel items with her, unfortunately I, nor another male relative of ours are not in her ward boundary therefore have no right to excercise any priesthood ordinances with her. IMHO we just need to wait a few more years before the term "I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves" takes on a whole new meaning.
  11. priesthoodpower

    Sacrament at home Q

    This is what I been saying years ago about why hometeaching numbers were low. Assigned friendships dont work. This new named "ministering" program is still an assignment. @Fether you are doing something that is genuine and real...hanging out with member friends that you WANT to and not ASSIGNED to visit with. This is TRUE support and ministering. I believe ward boundaries limit some aspects of our worship culture, and in some ways hindering the work. The internet and social media is slowly changing this.
  12. I grew up on the water and always respected this statement as my uncle and father taught me this from D&C. However after many decades of doing water sports and activities I believe this is just something that JS and the people of that time believed. They were not water people. I understand that while in the water you are at the mercy of the elements and dont have total control over your body and risk injury and death. Anything that brings your life closer to an end satan rejoices in. Driving a car, hiking up a mountain, riding a bike are similar risks. When I am on the water with the sun, wind, clouds and/or blue sky around me I feel closer to God. Its therapuetic, its amazing!
  13. Satan doesnt create but he tempts. Tempts a killer to use a gun, tempt an adulterer to cheat. Probably influenced Job to do something to cause the boils as well as influence poor food hygiene in China that caused this virus.
  14. priesthoodpower

    2020 General Conference Via Technology, ONLY!

    Lots of catering already going on in the church you must be blind, thank goodness we have a prophet that gets it. Meet in person, meet online, meet anyway you want. You are stuck in the 80s.
  15. priesthoodpower

    2020 General Conference Via Technology, ONLY!

    Not the circumstance I thought it would be under but I was counting down the days when church would be virtual via online. This is general conference but in Italy I heard they did sunday church services online last week due to the corona virus outbreak. I hope this trend of virtual services stick because I know a lot of inactives that need and want the gospel in their lives but are done with participating in mass type worship services.