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  1. priesthoodpower

    April 2020 "a hinge point in the history of the Church"

    Ever since I was a kid there was always a hype and excitement, every single year, leading up to a general conference. Whether it was "this may be president Bensons last conference.." or New temples or new apostles. Whats the word for it.. hype fatigue??
  2. priesthoodpower

    Repairing the Breach

    This was me two years ago with my three youth daughters.... This is what I did and am doing, it works.
  3. priesthoodpower

    The conditional testimony

    Over the years I have witnessed members leave the church, members come back and non-members join. They are ALL better off for having come unto Christ. After witnessing my exwife and kids leave I am learning to put all my trust and faith in Christ and try not to stress over the things I cant control.
  4. Maureen have you ever been a member of LDS? if not then you wouldnt understand because at baptism we receive the holy ghost, literally. Mores is talking about the gift we have to feel the holy ghost testify to our hearts/bosom. The brain can be "fascinated" at anytime by anyone but the heart can only be touched by the spirit/Holy ghost. Im guessing that Mores was fascinated with the information spoken of by that member but his heart/bosom felt empty (absence of the holy ghost) in that particular time and setting. Sunday school is not the time and place for those discussions (the holy ghost testified to him of it) that is why he mentioned that it would be a good topic here and why he went to talk with the guy after Sunday school was done.
  5. priesthoodpower

    Another "Church Culture Stinks" Article

    Some members will face the music and just work through unpleasurable social cultures/situations at church, most dont say a word and just disappear. My exwife and 3 daughters are one of those that disappeared. Leaders still texting me and emailing about youth activities and I dont tell them why my kids cant come, only that they cant make it or I dont reply at all. It would be embarassing for me to tell the leaders all the problems my family has with church and with some of the members. Its quite sad actually and I am torn between the two. 1,2,3,4...7 or 8 people disappear no problem the church moves on without you. 100's dissapear and now you got a stake like mine which had to eliminate 1 ward and realign boundaries 3 times in the last 15 yrs because of shrinking attendance and little if any growth. Not to mention churchwide changes in many programs to more effectively engage and serve members. In hind sight your statement stands true that the biggest and most effective way to change church culture is for individuals to change themselves. Unfortunately for the church it is the environment that these individuals have changed to find their peace without disrupting the whole, or in other words they disappear. Now instead of the individuals having a problem, the church has a problem....and not just LDS but all christian denominations are experiencing this.
  6. priesthoodpower

    Another "Church Culture Stinks" Article

    3 hour down to 2 hour church service along with a reduction of leadership meetings are just some examples of changes that impact church culture. So you are correct maureen, it is already happening.
  7. There was a point in time when I didnt pay tithing for 4 yrs, not because I couldnt but because I was frustrated with life in general. This was a time when I think I learned and grew the most, from a spiritual perspective you could say I was living the allegory Footprints in the Sand. The atonement became real to me and not just something I believed in, why? because I needed and wanted Christ even more in my life. Financially I was very blessed, my business grew during this time but im humble enough to recognize that this was a result of the momentum built up during the previous 3yrs. Still though its not like God was going to punish me and make me homeless because I stopped tithes. One day I even fell 15ft off a roof backward, smacking my head on the concrete, got up and walked away without a scratch, truly a miracle and evidence that God was watching over me that day. The title of this thread is everything that is wrong with religion.
  8. priesthoodpower

    Itching Ears -- Alive and Well

    MG, you are a convert and you grew up learning how to be friends with anyone and everyone. Mormons grow up only associating with other Mormons and that becomes their safe haven. I am an example of that and I see it all the time. The social possibilities are endless as the internet connects the world, current church culture boxes members in to a single ward for their social life and that is sad. What is even sadder is when ward boundaries split the ward a part, or one family moves into another ward then all of sudden we are not friends anymore. We claim to be a WORLDWIDE church but little do we realize we operate like a WARD-wide church. One of many instances of this mentality is when our Stake Pres. gets up a few times a year to chastise us for the low baptism rate in our wards, he says that we are not doing enough to talk to our neighbors, yet the people I have most influence over are co-workers or friends that live in other towns, I guess member missionary work is not that important if it doesn't benefit the ward.
  9. priesthoodpower

    Itching Ears -- Alive and Well

    What about the idea of wards meeting virtually online. I know lots of inactives that love the gospel but due to social drama/insecurities will not attend services. Bread and water placed in front of the computer while the priesthood with presiding bishop bless it??? I completed an online bachelors degree last year without physically meeting any teacher/counselor/ or classmate. Everything was email, forums and virtual classrooms. It was amazingly effective. This type of stuff was not available 50yrs ago. I think HMSA health insurance started online video teleconference appointments for basic primary care issues. Imagine getting diagnosed and prescribed medicine by talking to a physician on a computer screen. How much longer will the church continue to shrink due to lack of implementing the tools and resources that the Lord has placed right in front of our faces.
  10. priesthoodpower

    Itching Ears -- Alive and Well

    Men hold the keys, the church is just an entity that organizes people. The church can be re-organized (policy changes/3hr vs. 2hour service/ HT vs. Ministering/ lessen leadership meetings etc..), rebranded (Mormon..LDS..The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints) but the priesthood keys and gospel are permanent. When I talk about the church having problems its more about the social aspect/ human error and how when you gather a bunch of people together personalities will be different and cause some to be uncomfortable or offended. God doesn't shun/ label or judge us within the four walls of the chapel, other people do that. If this is what is happening in "church" then yes, church is not for everyone and church is not of God. Due to my work schedule a couple of years ago my bishop told me I only had to take the sacrament to maintain my temple recommend and to try attend sacrament meeting at least once a month and it didn't have to be in my ward it could be in another ward whose meeting time was more convenient. Sunday school and EQ are important but not necessary. As technology continues to advance it is becoming possible to worship and learn the gospel of Jesus Christ in our own homes where the priesthood keys can still be ministered without the social drama found in a church.
  11. priesthoodpower

    Itching Ears -- Alive and Well

    Just like you I had a confirmation from the HG that what I was doing was true, what was I doing? I was in the first month of serving a mission which I also equated to the church being true, but I like your words better..."I am supposed to be part of this church". That phrase leaves open the possibility that the church has human error. This is where I think the church becomes a crux to the Gospel. The Gospel is for everyone but church, at least in its current state, isn't. Presidents Nelsons move toward "home learning/worshiping" and less "church" is a step in the right direction.
  12. priesthoodpower

    Itching Ears -- Alive and Well

    Some men wont open up and just stay quiet with generic responses while relying on their better judgement. From an organizational standpoint, where there is smoke there is fire so I wouldnt be too worried that this particular person behaves this way but that many people behave this way when it comes to finding the reason they dont attend and/or left. Most of you that follow my posts in here know that I appear borderline anti-mormon when I am simply expressing my true feelings and questions about the church. Im just trying to find answers and make sense of my testimony in the gospel. I will NEVER open up like this to my local leaders or fellow members for fear of being labeled.
  13. priesthoodpower

    Kwaku at Payson Bible Church debate

    Any and all debate/arguments over religion have become pointless in the internet age, both Kwaku and Jeremy did a great job but when your intent is to prove the other wrong there is no room for the holy ghost to manifest. I left after 35 mins.
  14. priesthoodpower

    Kwaku at Payson Bible Church debate

    Its not about his debating skills, its about who he relates to. A young mormon. My 16yr old stopped going to church, youth activities, devotionals, service projects because she finds it boring but she will climb a mountain to attend a church dance.
  15. priesthoodpower

    Kwaku at Payson Bible Church debate

    Thank you for posting this. I dont have fb so I went to Youtube and searched Kwaku and found him on the "saints unscripted" channel. I have three things I want to share. 1. Two weeks ago I found a vlog on utube of a young 45 yr old man that left the JW religion after 25 yrs born and raised. Some of the things that really interests me is that he married at 18, divorced after 12 yrs of marriage, has a 25yr old daughter, lived in his car for 2 yrs, is an entrepreneur, was shunned by his parents and JW friends after leaving the religion. He shares all of his life stories unfiltered and holds nothing back, I found a lot of gems in his videos that give me courage and strength. Im obsessed with him because he is relatable. Other channels I follow religiously is Joe Rogan, ESPN (1st take, skip/shannon), NBA, NFL to name my favorites. One channel I do not follow and is pretty boring to me is the churchs channel (T.C.ofJ.C.ofL.D.S.) I try to visit it maybe once a month especially when new videos come out but it seems so scripted and monotonous. I was thinking just yesterday if it was bad of me to think like that of our churchs utube channel but then I decided to look at how many subscribers it had and it shows 1.03 million out of 16 million members worldwide. Only 6.5% of our members are subscribed to the channel. I looked at a video posted 6 days ago "Joseph Smiths first vision" and it only had 17k views. That's a mere 1.7% of views from its own subscribers. Lets go back a month to find a video of president Nelson, that only has 54k views, 5%. Im not the only one that finds the content boring. In contrast I looked at a utube channel that my kids frequent. Norris nuts, an australian family with 3 young kids, they have 3.4m subs. Their most recent video posted two days ago and already has 2m views, thats a 64% viewing rate. How is it that a random family in australia with no talent whatsoever is more interesting than the prophet and only true church of the world? 2. So tonight I was sitting on the couch after dinner thinking how Im going to get an fhe/spiritual lesson going with my kids. I have been working nights the past week so tonight was the first opportunity in a long time (last fhe was 3 weeks ago). Usually when I mention fhe the kids run away or suddenly "need to shower/go to bed", they are some rebellious kids I tell ya! Being a little discouraged I decided not to mention anything of a fhe lesson and just surf on my phone with my earphones on. I came to thirdhour and saw your post Mrshorty and thats when I looked up kwaku on utube. Keep in mind that my kids dont know what im watching or listening to on my phone. I found the saints unscripted channel and was blown away that these young 20 something year olds were addressing mormon topics in a hip and fun way. I quickly subscribed after watching one video and then decided to watch another, considering that halloween was just a week ago I watched "Do Mormons believe in Ghosts?" which was only 6 minutes. After that I turned off my phone and then put my attention on the family and just hung out. About 10 minutes later my 13yr old daughter sitting in the corner randomly said out loud "I wonder if ghosts read people's minds", she was thinking this because her grandma passed away 5 months ago and was wondering if her grandma was reading her mind. My eyes widened as I saw an opportunity to talk religion by showing her the video "Do Mormons believe in Ghosts?", which would answer her question from a mormon stand point. I chickened out and decided not to mention the video. Then my 10yr old daughter yells out to the 13yr old "who you gonna call! Ghost busters!!". OMG, the video has clips from the Ghost busters movie. I knew this was a sign and God's hand in helping me get a religious lesson in tonight. So I called my 13yr old daughter to my side and told her I have an answer, put the headphones on her and played the video on my phone. She loved it, absorbed all the info and was entertained. Out of curiosity my 10 yr old asked what are you watching? I explained to her its about mormons beliefs about spirits, put the head phones on and then showed it to her. That was 2 of my 3 kids that got a religious message for the night, my 16 yr old had just gotten out of the shower and had no idea what we did, I had no intention of showing her the video so we carried on. About 15 mins later as my 16yr old was on the computer browsing pinterest something caught her attention and she said out loud "I want to see a psychic!", I smiled and invited her over to me. The video also addressed wigi boards, seance/psychics. Unbelievable! 3. Thank you Mr Shorty!