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  1. Week 2 of virtual sacrament was awesome, fast and testimony meeting and I was able to mute the second half of a sisters testimony when she felt the need to get too preachy, if there was a dislike button in zoom I probably would not have clicked it just for the sake of being respectful. Bishop preachy = OK Random member preachy = Sorry! you dont pay my bills or approve my temple recommend. Virtual is the future in learning the behaviors of its members, with this data we can better teach, better retain and better convert. The church is a long way behind in gathering this data and the only way they can do it is through the technology. Currently the most important data the church talks about is 150 temples, 5000 stakes, 18 million members etc...that data does nothing. You see google started way back in the 90's they knew the value in data. Gather data, understand how the masses think/behave, control the masses. Satan is at the forefront of all of this so where is God? Oh, God is still and ONLY in the chapels. Well this pandemic hit because God needs us to put him in the homes sooner rather then later, in the same computers and devices that glorify violence and sex...yes the same devices that satan has been using for decades to divert the attention of our youth and members. God needs to be in there too. Our LDS apps and websites are a great start but we cant only own apps and websites, we need to own whole industries. For example Tyler Perry is an african american actor/play writer who took his screen plays to Hollywood and they told him he has to change it up. He said, "Nope, Im going to create my own studios and own my own material." Tyler Perry studios in Atlanta Georgia is now a rival to Hollywood and has a big following. Why boycott Netflix, just create our own. Why leave the boyscouts, create our own. Why attend public schools with questionable values, create our own. The church needs to stop using zoom and create their own video streaming platform so they can own the data of its viewership and know when members like me hit the mute button or minimize the screen, that is valuable data. Satan is in business and politics, soon enough it will be a no brainer that God needs to be in there too.
  2. As far as I can tell "The Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints" has always been written on every chapel, temple, and church document. Its a marketing and media problem that the church is trying to correct. In the 2000's the church put out a heavy marketing campaign called "...and I am a Mormon!" further adding to the popularity of the name, it was a huge success. Apparently in 2020 the Lord is now offended?? "..And if we allow nicknames to be used or adopt or even sponsor those nicknames ourselves, He is offended." I personally do not see any problem with how the Church and its members have represented Jesus's Church in my lifetime. 1. 3rd Nephi 27:8 - Jesus says if it is my church then call it by my name, which we have been doing. 2. 3rd Nephi 14:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. - In the 1990's there were two famous mormon Americans living in Japan, one was a TV personality the other a lawyer. As a missionary in Japan in 1999 many doors were opened to us because we were mormon just like those two famous people. As "christian" missionaries people were not interested in talking to us.
  3. Today was the first and it was a hit - it is the future. I hope this becomes a permanent thing...not saying that physical attendance should stop but when it resumes the virtual option remain for those that dont/cant/wont attend in person. The presence of the holy spirit in this virtual setting was just as strong as if attending physically. I sat at my computer (in the living room) with head phones on because my inactive kids were not interested in joining me, one was playing xbox next to me, the other two eating breakfast. My screen was visible to everyone and they made comments as they saw Bishop and another speaker as well as the cameras/faces of old friends/members that were logged in from their own living rooms. One of the priesthood boys made a funny face on his camera and my kids were laughing. The scripture Matthew 18:12 comes to my mind - If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them goes astray, will he not leave the ninety-nine on the hills and go out to search for the one that is lost? I feel that this virtual setting allowed Bishop to penetrate into places that he never could have and speak directly to me and my household while the 99 were at his side.
  4. When asked about different faith groups becoming friendlier with each other - Dr. Wood: "Im old enough now that I trust the holy spirit." I feel that the increase of evil and attack on religion over the past couple of decades is helping/forcing christian faiths to unite and look beyond their differences. Yet another example of the pride and stubborness in christianity that stands in the way of the work going forward. All denominations including LDS have a lot more growing to do.
  5. I just got an email today from our area presidency that sacrament meeting is going virtual starting next Sunday. I can now broadcast my wards meeting into my home where my inactive kids can observe..not so sure that they will sit and watch with me but the broadcast will provide the opportunity for the priesthood authority from bishop to uplift in my home. You see several years ago when my ex and kids left the church they requested that no church members (VT, HT, Primary or missionaries) visit our home. Yes they left the church but they did not leave Jesus or God. 3 Nephi 18:22 And behold, ye shall meet together oft; and ye shall not forbid any man from coming unto you when ye shall meet together, but suffer them that they may come unto you and forbid them not; Breaking down social barriers. For families like mine this is HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGEEEE!
  6. The great thing about the book of mormon is that it documents the cycle of civilizations that have risen and fallen in the ancient Americas based on their righteousness/wickedness. Its actually really simple to predict the destructive outcomes from human behavior but because humans are so greedy/stubborn we become blinded and need prophets (and "scary dreams") to remind us. Those NDE experiences you share are awesome but to be quite honest, nothing new or ground breaking. The more I learn about enlightened spiritual teachings from various sources, the more it sounds like its based on...Jesus's teachings. Here is a quote from your NDE website.... "I was told that the world could be saved, not by its leaders, but by prayer groups throughout the world. I was told that the prayers of a group of twenty could save a nation from war. I was told that the fate of mankind rested on our ability, individually and collectively, to change the direction of mankind in accordance with God's plan ... Depending on mankind's response to God, these events may be altered, postponed, or cancelled." (Ned Dougherty) ...and here is what mormons have been doing for 200 years
  7. Im old school (80s-90s) and traditional church is the only thing I knew growing up, that is until the world started changing. On my mission 22yrs ago my mission president told us to teach the missionary lessons word for word, do not add or subtract a word, the lessons were inspired of God and is perfect as is. By the time I left the mission an updated set of lessons came out with a few changes on the wording and minus one chapter, from 7 down to 6. Wait a minute, I thought the original set of lessons were perfectly inspired by God, nope, it needed updating, and then in 2002-ish? The entire world mission program got an overhaul...dont read anything! use your own words and teach by the spirit! Things change for the better. Its not hard, for me at least, to understand and accept. Seeing how the world is changing and how worship will change makes me excited to know that the doors will be even more open for more people to partake of the gospel. I dont think its a lowering of the bar or widening the goal posts, just simply opening of the doors. 1. God is not limited within the walls of a chapel. 2. Learning the doctrine is not limited within the walls of a chapel. 3. Feeling the Spirit that testifies of the gospel of Jesus Christ is not limited within the walls of a chapel. 4. The priesthood authority to over see the church/saints is not limited within the walls of the chapel. Im not saying get rid of the chapel, just that things are changing/updating for the better. Here is a new article out today that goes along these same lines
  8. I believe this is a social/church problem and not a gospel problem. Is the covenant (to serve) being violated or the situation causing the violation? Some members thrive while others either dont or simply just go inactive. What if we remove the member from the situation (church) that causes him/her to violate? Is that a solution? Lets say that person was me and the bishop sat me down and said "PP, I notice you have a hard time serving in your callings and getting along with others in the ward. I also notice that you have a full busy life taking care of your family, work and hobbies, you seem to be happy and driven when I see you in the community and I cant understand why you are grumpy in church." .."I tell you what, as long as you can continue your scripture reading/personal prayers and tithing you can miss do need to take the sacrament at least once a month so please come to sacrament meeting once a month but you can leave right after." Me: "will I still be able to be in good standing as a temple recommend holder?" Bishop: "Yes!" ------------------------- Is this a solution? Cause you know church is not for everyone! and "serving" does not only mean to serve people in white shirts and ties. ---------------------- * fyi - This was me for 2 yrs, my work schedule fell on Sundays so bishop directed me in this way.
  9. Do you mean "pre-internet days" of social worship (strictly physical interactions) as the way we take care of each other? Does social media, online methods have a part in church worship and possibly surpassing traditional social methods? What used to be a 30min - 60min sit down with the entire family as a home teacher is now a 5 min chat at the grocery store, or a text asking how they are doing.
  10. This is beside my point and it appears that I am not articulating very well. Also my case for a virtual church worship was compared to the experience with my online college degree which fit me perfectly. My child is a senior in high school and I am 100% encouraging her to live on-campus, she needs the social experience. I had that same experience when I was 18, I didn't need it when I was 41.
  11. The temple building is necessary, the chapel bldg is not (as proven by covid when sacrament was being conducted in homes). The bishop is necessary, the RS pres, EQ pres etc. is not. Living a covenant life only require a bishop and a temple, am I right?
  12. Not remove the church, just less of the traditional "Social" way of worship which we have come to call sunday church. LDS think the only way we can serve others is to go to church once a week and serve our own. That is a selfish church and a mindset that needs to change in order for the church to grow immensely as God wants it too (fill all corners of the earth). Less face to face and more virtual, more home. Home is the new church. Every one of the 8 billion people on this earth have a home, if home is church then church is for everyone and God would smile. Once again as I shared in another post, I recently completed that last 2 yrs of my I.S. bachelors degree (started it 20yrs ago) from home without meeting one single cohort or administrator. My counselor followed up with me once a week via email, had I had any problems or if I was struggling with anything she would be available via phone but I was blowing past every course with flying colors. I had opportunities to join course chats to speak with other classmates and professors but I really didnt need that extra attention. If in-class, on-campus courses were my only option I would have never gone back to complete my degree for many reasons. These colleges and universities are finding ways, creating ways, to get their programs out to everyone. Schooling at my age and circumstance "is not for me". or was it?! was! The college just needed to adjust. The degree and courses are still the same, the process evolves. So why is it that LDS folks say the gospel is for everyone as we faithfully look forward to converting and baptizing the world, but when we proselyte and talk to our neighbors they say "it isn't for me." Not to mention there may be more people leaving the church every year then being baptized, their reasons? "it isnt for me." The gospel and God is for everyone, we are failing in the process. Covid is a wakeup call.
  13. The church/gospel is doing good and will soon be thriving.