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  1. priesthoodpower

    Women and Spiritual tools outside of the Priesthood.

    Thanks for sharing that is very helpful. Its going to be a journey to slowly get my information together and present it to her in a loving way. I can only rely on the spirit to guide me. This is the type of info that I appreciate and will help me have a meaningful discussion with her when the time is right, along with some of the info that anddenex shared Im going to find those scriptural references or teachings to back me up.
  2. priesthoodpower

    Women and Spiritual tools outside of the Priesthood.

    Can you please stop, its overwhelming how negative your point of views are.
  3. priesthoodpower

    Women and Spiritual tools outside of the Priesthood.

    Im glad you offered your hindsight view so that I can offer mine. By us not accepting Bishops opinion of possible schizophrenia he ended the interview by encouraging us to continue praying which we always did, that advice (in hindsight) was spot on. Why? because had we accepted his first advice we would have walked out of his office believing that she has a mental illness and to seek professional help from a profession that claims lifelong treatment with no cure. As written in my OP, she stumbled upon a fix years later and it did not come from a professional pill prescriber. God works in mysterious ways. a. Beliefs are very powerful, for good or for worse, and for us as a new couple starting out our lives together 17 yrs ago with a belief and label hanging over her head that she has a mental disorder aka crazy, I do not know how that would have altered our path. Whos to say that depression or disablement would not plaque her or the symptoms get worse? In 2002 its a 100% chance that the "Profession" would have put her on meds and its damaging side effects. In hindsight I see the hidden blessings. b. As I studied John Nash's story he had a son out of wedlock at age 24 and abandoned the child and mother, no one knew about the child. At age 29 he married and had a second son who he raised. Of the two kids which one do you think became a mathematician like their father? Of course the second son that grew up under the same roof and influence of his mathematician father. Was it in the boys DNA to be a mathematician or the influence (environment) of the father or a balance of both? Let me ask you this question, of the two boys which one has schizophrenia? You guessed it, the second one. The environment plays a huge factor, if it were only DNA then the first (abandoned) son would have at least been a mathematician or schizophrenic but is neither. My point is that treatment for schizophrenia as prescribed in the "profession" involves acceptance and family support, in other words our 3 daughters (who worship and emulate their mom) would have grown up knowing and believing that their mother has a condition and the odds of them believing that it can happen to them greatly increase. No one but me and her know of this condition. In hindsight I see the hidden blessings. God is good! Heck! I feel as if bishops recommendation of that movie A Beautiful Mind wasn't meant for us to analyze back then, but for right now. Everything seems so clear right now.
  4. priesthoodpower

    Women and Spiritual tools outside of the Priesthood.

    Anddenex post got me thinking about the possibility of the problem being in her mind instead of actual spirits. So I thought about our first bishop interview back in 2002 when he suggested the movie A Beautiful mind. I clearly remember bishop pausing and really feeling inspired to mention that movie. Well I decided to revisit that movie and read up on it which lead me to a youtube documentary of John Nash, whom the movie was based on. John had paranoid schizophrenia which is why his actions were those of someone who is paranoid. My ex did not display paranoid actions but the hearing of voices is considered hallucination within the spectrum of schizophrenia. After 30 years with this condition John had a mind shift and decided to reject the voices, he said he "willed" his recovery and made a conscious decision to put those hallucinations aside. wow! That is exactly what my ex did via the meditation that she learned from the law of attraction, the idea of releasing "resistance" and things that you don't want in your life. It sucks that the first thing she learned to release was me, well actually religion and then me and then the voices. lol This thread is heading in the direction of mental/medical rather than spiritual.
  5. priesthoodpower

    Women and Spiritual tools outside of the Priesthood.

    Very helpful feedback, thanks! Ill have to do more research from our church literature on this subject. In my support for her I never once entertained the idea of schizophrenia.
  6. priesthoodpower

    What to expect from the 2020 April general conference

    I really loved this conference because the pressure is on and you can really sense the urgency from most of the speakers. Some things-a-brewing!
  7. When my ex-wife was a youth she noticed the ability or gift to hear and sense the presence of spirits. We LDS call it being closer to the veil. It's not a pleasant gift because most of those spirits are bothersome, she would have anxiety and not be able to sleep at night, her whole life she averaged maybe 3-6 hours of sleep nightly. I first learned of this gift in the 1st year of our marriage (we are both returned missionaries and sealed in the temple), She would ask for a priesthood blessing every once in a while and I would administer it. Eventually we decided to see the bishop (this was back in 2002), he was in his mid-50s so we felt he had some wisdom along with his authority of being a bishop. He was impressed to ask us if we saw the movie A Beautiful Mind starring Russell Crowe, we did see it and my wife dismissed the idea that she is schizophrenic, the bishop left us with the advice to continue praying for help.Year 3 in our marriage we went to see a psychiatrist. After only ten minutes of hearing her story he quickly subscribed meds as his strategy, we ran out of his office as fast as we could and never looked back. Year 8 in our marriage we had moved into a different ward and sought the advice from this bishop. He was also in his 50s and we heard that he knew a little more about spirits so we were excited to meet with him. Turns out that his wife has this same gift, he asked to visit us at our home and he taught me how to cast out spirits using the priesthood. The success rate was less than 50% and if it did work the spirits would return in just a few hours or a new one would come. Bishop said that you just have to keep casting them out non-stop. After a few weeks, it was more trouble then it was worth and my wife stopped asking me to cast out spirits.Year 12 of our marriage she had a falling out with some of the church members, she started to really evaluate her life and wanted to move away from organized religion, the final straw was when she learned more about the church history which caused her to lose her faith and she left the church. This was a big blow to me because church was more than a religion it was my culture and how I identify myself in this world. Our relationship got really rocky, long story short, we divorced (amicably) in year 15 of our marriage.Before the divorce, I noticed that she was reading a lot about the law of attraction as taught by abraham hicks. I looked up what abraham hicks was and it turns out to be a woman that channels a group of spiritual entities that speak through her and teach the LOA. It sounded foreign and freaky to me so I was quick to judge it as works of the devil, I never confronted her about it because we were going through some stuff and I wanted to keep the peace in the home. The Law of Attraction taught her that if there is resistance in your life that you need to release it. That was the bit of information that gave her the courage to drive to the courthouse and initiate the paperwork for our divorce. My thoughts at the time was that I was right, this LOA thing is of the devil, its teachings succeeded in breaking up our eternal marriage, which is what satan wants.Its been almost 2 yrs now since our divorce and we are co-parenting. We have become closer as friends and I have matured in the "relationship" department in ways that I would not have if I was still married to her. Im not discounting the possibility of us getting back together in the near or distant future. The point of this post is that recently I asked her about her anxiety caused by the spirits. She said that through the LOA she learned how to raise her vibration and by doing so she found out that the spirits dont bother her anymore. I asked if it was completely gone and she said "yes" and her sleeping improved too. Raising vibration is done through a simple form of meditation that encapsulates love and joy, it does not involve the worshiping of anything or anyone, in fact Abraham hicks is not a religion or dogma. My ex still believes in God and feels that she has come closer to him, she believes that she could never go back to religion because her spirit is the type to suffer in a fear-based environment which was her entire life as a mormon, she doesn't say religion is bad but just that its not for her, in fact she has randomly bumped into LDS members out in the community and says some of them are in high vibration too. 1. Physical: Our church does not teach us how to lose weight or get in shape, other than treating our bodies as a temple and following the WOW, we need to seek professional help in regards to our physical fitness or just figure it out on our own. 2. Financial: Our church does not teach us what career path to choose or how to make money, other than encouraging education we need to seek external advice or just figure it out on our own. 3. Emotional: Our church is not a place for therapy, professional or medical services are suggested for those who need emotional help. 4. Spiritual: I was taught that through the priesthood is our direct access to Gods power and is the only source to seek spiritual advice and solutions. This is where I am stumped having recently learned what my ex did to eliminate the negative spirit energy. No amount of praying, fasting, temple attendance or priesthood blessings helped her resolve her spiritual problem, just as much as those same things (ALONE) will not help some one to lose weight or get a job. Which makes me think of James 2:17 - Faith without works is dead. Fasting and prayer to lose weight is not going to work unless you implement the "Works" diet and exercise. In the spiritual realm, is it possible that we can have Faith, be in good standing as LDS members but still discover "Works" from other spiritual sources? ..even a source like Abraham hicks (Law of Attraction) whose ideas can be beneficial? I know, I know, anything that will cause you to lose your faith is a no no. In the case of my ex she left the church first and then later on discovered the fix to her spirit problem. She would never have found this LOA thing if she remained in the church because we are very exclusive when it comes to spiritual things. I haven't done a deep dive into what exactly this Abraham hicks thing is but as time has passed and the little that I do observe here and there the less I feel threatened by it as an LDS and maybe it can be useful to LDS.
  8. priesthoodpower

    Opposition is a necessary part of learning and growth

    Thank you Elder Alliaud! ....Still, many of God’s children lose their way, said Elder Rubén V. Alliaud, a General Authority Seventy. “Jesus Christ Himself is the Lord of lost things,” he said. “He cares for lost things. That is surely why he taught the three parables that we find in the fifteenth chapter of Luke: the Parable of the Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin and, finally, the Prodigal Son. All of these stories have a common theme: it doesn’t matter why they were lost, it doesn’t even matter if they were aware that they were lost, in each case there reigns supreme a feeling of joy that exclaims: ‘Rejoice with me; for I have found (that) which was lost.’ In the end, nothing is truly lost to Him.”
  9. priesthoodpower

    Women and children as witnesses

    official email subscription =============== Early in this dispensation, the Lord instructed that "in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established" (Doctrine and Covenants 6:28). Consistent with this direction, members of the Church serve as witnesses when sacred ordinances of salvation and exaltation are performed.We are pleased to announce procedural adjustments for the two individuals who serve as witnesses to baptisms and sealing ordinances. These adjustments are effective immediately in all temples and in all Church units. As invited by presiding authorities: Any member holding a current temple recommend, including a limited-use recommend, may serve as a witness to a proxy baptism. Any endowed member with a current temple recommend may serve as a witness to a living or proxy sealing. Any baptized member of the Church, including children and youth, may serve as a witness to the baptism of a living person. We trust that you, as individuals and families, will find great joy in your service as you help provide saving ordinances to Heavenly Father's children.
  10. priesthoodpower

    Thoughts on new Children and Youth Initiative?

    We have sinned as a Church then. Why? let me explain, because culturally we have gotten away from it and now Pres Nelson is steering us back in that direction. In the 1960's there was only one stake in this town and my Grandfather (my dads dad) was on the stk presidency (we now have 5 stks). There was a LDS family in the area that took family home evening to the next level, they had extended family, friends and neighbors over for a gathering every month. They shared gospel discussion but more importantly they ate, sang and enjoyed each others company. Upon hearing rumors of these saints gathering my grandfather and the rest of the stk presidency became concerned that they were getting too big and there may be signs of apostasy. The head of that household was called in to meet with the stk presidency and told to stop the gathering or he would be excommunicated. This is the form of control that my generation has grown up with under the church. Maybe that's why we relied on the church to teach us because they wanted to make sure they controlled the message, the process and the behavior? Maybe it did not start off like this under Joseph Smith but over the years it developed into it. I think it was a year ago I read an article on where we are now encouraged to worship with other saints in our homes. Funny thing is that the head of that household that was told to stop his gatherings had a son that ended up being the temple president years later, he also had a granddaughter that ended up marrying my dad, yes she was my mom. I can assure you that the group was not apostatizing, they were just ahead of their time.
  11. priesthoodpower

    Thoughts on new Children and Youth Initiative?

    Thanks for clearing that up, that is exactly what I meant. The "Culture" of our religion, or any social organization where a group of people gather, is going to have this element of judging and controlling in it whether it come from a member in the group or a leader. In my own home I am guilty of micro controlling my wife (at the time) and daughters with the way they dress, what they watch/listen to, who they hang out with etc... My rules in the home are based on the standards and values of the church. This is a reason why my daughters are frustrated with me and have lost interest in the church. My two oldest are 16 and 12 and I no longer force them to attend church, two hours before church starts on Sunday I announce that they should get ready, when the time comes only me and my 9 yr old are out the door. About 5 yrs ago I remember our stk representative saying in a WC meeting that "we are losing our youth", and the solution coming down from SLC at that time was the come follow me curriculum which made the class lessons more interactive/involved hoping that this would keep the kids interest. Fast forward to today and we are talking about the classroom being the secondary source of learning. To me it sounds like we are saying "ok, ok we no longer are able to control our youth and get them in the class room, parents its your responsibility and your home is the primary place for gospel learning". I would argue that we are moving the goal posts (culturally not doctrinally) because ever since I have been a member from birth the chapel (church, seminary, scouts) was our primary source of gospel learning.
  12. priesthoodpower

    Thoughts on new Children and Youth Initiative?

    I never said that and u r jumping to conclusions. "worthiness" from a LDS perspective means a lot of things not just a question in a bishops interview. I think u r too bias to see that changes in the church are "free'ing" up members and their time. Less hours in church (from 3 to2) equals less callings, equals less saints baring testimony at the pulpit about how unworthy they feel about not living up to said callings.
  13. priesthoodpower

    Thoughts on new Children and Youth Initiative?

    This is the new model in general, the church realizes that they no longer have the same micro control overs its members. The irony is that there have always been philosophers through out time that taught that the power of God is within us all. "Self-sufficient, home centered, at ur own pace", is all signs that we need to discover that power within us (within the teachings of the gospel) rather than rely on a church leader to tell us if we are worthy or not.
  14. priesthoodpower

    Career Change - Advice?

    Those CompTIA certs are a good start and usually the minimum requirements for getting your foot in the door at an entry level Tier 1 ($30-40k). Tier 2 ($40-70k) and Tier 3 ($60-120k) is when you start narrowing it down into each of the following fields a. Networks - CCNA/CCNP/CCIE b. Server-Database - MCSE/ Netapp/ VMware/ MCDBA/Oracle c. CyberSecurity - CEH/ CAP/ CISSP d. Programming (Im not familiar with) How quick you move up the ladder depends on many things like who you know, how well you perform and the opportunities that surround you.