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    Temples And Protection

    Here is the one sentence from his talk that may suggest what you might have interpreted as Next level temple worshipping... There is a difference between church-attending, tithe-paying members who occasionally rush into the temple to go through a session and those members who faithfully and consistently worship in the temple.” That statement is fine in and of itself and we can agree that not only in religion but life in general, the more we take things serious the more growth happens, but this is hardly next level, if anything it is standard level. He also only says that there is a difference in the people and not that one type is more worthy of blessings then the other. That is not true and Elder Bednar never said anything like it. He said there is a difference in the people but you are saying there is a difference in worship, as if you either do it or not. This is very important to point out because I do not know one person that has gone to the temple to "not" worship. Let me suggest that I do not know of 1, not 1 person in my lifetime that said "lets go to the temple to swim in the font and practice our backstroke", "its my daughters prom night, lets go to the temple to dress because they have big mirrors". You are making a false assumption that by being tired (going in and out of conscious) while going through a session, is not "actual" worship. By being overly consumed with work/family problems that occasionally distract from the session movie is not "actual" worship. Both of these examples are the result of someone that decided that he needed to go to the temple to worship and it just so happened on that day that he was feeling that way. Maybe next month his state of mind is different, we should not discourage anyone from attending the temple by making them feel that they aint worshipping properly and they aint going to receive true blessings. Elder Bednar said there is a difference in the people with those different habits but never anything about one being better then the other. In fact later he says ...our willingness to take upon us the name of Jesus Christ and the blessing of protection promised to those who honorably hold a name and standing in the holy temple. Significantly, these covenant blessings are to all generations and for all eternity. I would believe that 100% of temple goers are "willing to take upon us the name of Jesus Christ" and "honorably hold a name and standing in the holy temple". Why do you think we attend multiple times for the rest of our lives doing the same exact ordinance and procedure? Maybe it takes a lifetime to grow into and understand those covenants? but I am absolutely 100% sure that everyone who has done their endowment regardless of being half attentive or partly unaware of what happened did enter into the covenant and what was sealed on earth was sealed in heaven. Once again you assume that one goes to the temple to "not" make covenants and to "not" worship. Someone that does not want to do those things does not go to the temple. Everyone that does attend the temple, it is their intention to covenant and worship, regardless how their session ends up going. Sleeping does happen. Occasionally I hear someone lightly snoring. If the covenants were void upon sleeping the temple workers would have been instructed to wake people up, and that would require some of the temple workers to wake up themselves.
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    Temples And Protection

    Keep in mind that the simple act of starting and completing a temple session has enabled one soul on the other side eternal blessings and opportunities, regardless if you were half conscious or thinking about your work schedule the next day. Its amazing to think that we have unlocked the powers of heaven to bless others as well as ourselves. Being a worthy proxy is all that it require....oh, yeah, and a temple in operation.
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    Book of Mormon white supremacy??

    Well if Queolby is a troll posting under a fake identity (his avatar picture) then shame on him/her and may the negative energy that is circulating in his/her brain not cause further mental illness and stress. My theory. First of all let me state that I have never ever in my life EVER lost sleep at night thinking about this issue (I am a mixed race, lifelong Mormon). Its a non issue to me because its pretty simple to understand that the Gospel of Jesus Christ require a person to act a certain way and not look a certain way. If I were to guess though, I would say that Lehi and his family were light skinned followers of Christ. When they arrived in the Americas there were already civilizations of people living here who were dark skinned. The dark skinned natives did not have the Gospel of Jesus Christ and worshipped idols and had traditions that were in alignment with influences from satan. To not be in alignment with Gods ways is to be cursed, or cut off from God. These dark skinned natives were "cursed" or cut off from God. For God to curse Laman and Lemuals posterity with dark skin could have simply meant that Laman and lemual, through their disobedience, left the group and righteous beliefs of their light skinned brothers (the Nephites) and started to mix with the dark skinned natives, this would explain the literal changing of skin color from light to dark. Why would dark skin be a curse? Because mixing with the dark skinned natives also meant that Laman and Lemual adopted the natives unrighteous beliefs and therefore became cursed. This mixing of civilizations also explains why populations in the BkofM grew so rapidly.
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    Brigham Young statue vandalized

    I have a co-worker that is a few years younger then me (late 30's). I walked by his office one day and saw he was on the local newspaper website. I asked him "oh, I didn't know you have a paid subscription to the newspaper!", he replied "I don't, I just glance at all the article headings!" This generation even more so is dealing with information overload and the way we teach our youth needs to adapt. Don't bash me for saying this but I get all my church history information from the Saints Unscripted you tube channel. Its short sweet and entertaining.
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    How is the Church doing handling the latest crisis?

    I agree that rap, hiphop and popular music is filled with evil lyrics but its not trash. The young church leaders, bishops/Stake presidents of today grew up in the 80's and 90's with this music so its not that they are avoiding slamming it because it would be racists, they avoid slamming it because its harmless and didn't turn them into evil people. I was a Disc Jockey in high school in the 90s when gangster rap became famous, we played all the "clean" (bleeped out) versions at our school and church dances. Its the catchy beats, hooks and melodies that are attractive. The words are "mature" but as an innocent youth the words had no affect on my mindset or lifestyle. When I returned from my mission I grew out of that music, in fact now that im in my 40's and when I hear a song from the 90's come on the radio and pay attention to the words, I laugh to myself and say "Damn! I didn't know those lyrics were so offensive!" My teenage kids are into all sorts of music genres, all of which are 10 times more offensive then my 90s music and I have no problem with it because their true values and identity are created and nurtured in my home and not on youtube. "Evils of the day" can be a relative and even cultural term. In fact, I would say right now that soda pop is an evil of the day, why? because so many people I know have health problems due to a bad diet and soda pop is a major part of it...yet soda pop is sold on BYU campus.
  6. priesthoodpower

    Brigham Young statue vandalized

    Parents need to teach the FULL history of the church and not just the good stuff. It is irresponsible to only teach the good stuff and let your kids hear the bad stuff from anti-Mormons. Had the person that vandalized the B.Y. statue heard about Brighams racists events from a compassionate parent or even church leader they wouldnt have had so much anger built up, chances are they heard it from anti-Mormon sources. In regard to vandalizing property, yes, parents should teach their kids self-discipline and respect for other property.
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    Brigham Young statue vandalized

    I suppose by "properly" you mean teaching them ALL the truth? and not just half truths or just the "good stuff"? Im talking American history and church history. As far as church history we were only taught what was in the manuals, which was only the good stuff. Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were practically Gods next to Jesus. Its no wonder that many are outraged when they find out the "other" stuff written in the many journals. Me personally, I have no problem in separating a mans achievements from their personal life. Ones achievements are the talents that God has blessed them with to do the great thing that they did. Not many individuals could have led a group of people across the country to settle in a foreign land as B.Y. did. My ex wife on the other hand left the church and hates J.S. and B.Y. with a passion. I don't know, is it mostly men that are more understanding and tolerable of the faults of other men?
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    admin please delete

    admin please delete. Lost my entire post somehow.
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    Word from Elder Bednar

    The downsides are inevitable but also neccesary. Also, if it werent for people that are obsessed with their craft then we wouldnt have their discoveries and advancement. A man that isolates and lives alone in the wilderness for 50yrs would seem to be a sinner in our gospel, but what if science studies him and finds that he developed some miracle physical or mental attribute that cures a modern disease. I get what ur saying though.
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    Word from Elder Bednar

    The downsides are inevitable but also neccesary. Also, if it werent for people that are obsessed with their craft then we wouldnt have their discoveries and advancement. A man that isolates and lives alone in the wilderness for 50yrs would seem to be a sinner in our gospel, but what if science studies him and finds that he developed some miracle physical or mental attribute that cures a modern disease. I get what ur saying though.
  11. priesthoodpower

    Word from Elder Bednar

    God is God because he is the crrator of science. Jesus did not walk on water because he is a magician, he did it because he can control the elements. How are we supposed to get to that level without the progress of science and technology? The social aspects of our modern day advancement seem to be suffering....or is it just different?
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    Deception, the Spirit, and our bodies

    Taking a stab in the dark... Was there no mental illness/depression back in bkofmormon days and Jesus days? if not then I feel its the modern food diet that causes it. Sugar, carbs and all this unhealthy chemicals that our bodys were not meant to have.
  13. Is this a good comparison? I feel there is no moderation or fine line in Fornication, you either do it or not and it is breaking a commandment. What is gambling? We all have countless stories of people that "take a chance" or "gamble" when starting a business or buying a home etc.. We can call it investment opportunities but for the most part its a gamble. "Get rich quick" Multi-level marketing companies have swept through Mormon communities hard in the 80s and 90s and still to this day doing more harm then good. If we determine that gambling in moderation is when you gain/lose money slowly over time (starting a business) and gambling in excess is when you gain/lose money fast (bingo game) then everyone gambles in moderation.
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    Church culture and imperfection of man

    You seem to be a mirror of myself and Im in my mid 40s too, except I don't have anxiety or depression. Many struggle in the social culture of religions and its not just LDS, its all religions. From the stories I hear about other religions I think LDS culture problems are mild. You are the captain of your ship, not the bishop, not your dad or sons. I think you have heard the phrase "Many paths to the top of the mountain". Usually we hear it as a reference to the many religions and how they all lead to God. I like to take that same phrase and apply it to the gospel as we know of it in the LDS church. We are all on the same journey but some will go the scenic route, others the steepest straightest route and some take the slow curvy route. Apply this to my life and It means that my route to the top included many of the same things you experienced, like a mission and temple marriage, I had a divorce 3 yrs ago and all the struggles that that brings. I Also struggle with church attendance due to work and social anxiety. However, I still have my eyes on the top of the mountain and that's all that matters. I have learned to not care about where others are in their journey because its none of my business. Others may be higher up on the mountain than you but don't think that they are better or more fit then you, just think of them as great examples of what is possible. My own teenage kids have their own path and I think it involves a lot of stops and an eventual helicopter lift at the end from our savior, lol. Just work on your own personal relationship with Jesus and God, everything else will fall into place.
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    What happens if you do not get an answer

    Read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover, one chapter a day, nothing more, nothing less. I promise you, you will be a different person by the time you get to the end. Better yet, read it aloud with your wife since she is blind. The last time I read it from cover to cover was...well, never, and Im a lifelong 44yr old member. I started this past January, missed a few days here and there. I have the worst reading comprehension and ADHD so half the time my eyes are reading the words but my mind is somewhere else, I cant even recall what I read the next day other then the lamanites and nephites and zoramites and whoever else-amites….Just have faith that you are holding a special book in your hands, open the book and the spirit will work with you, even if somedays (or most days in my case) you feel like you are just going through the motions, that's okay God sees you putting forth effort and he will eventually let you know that you are not just holding a special book but you are holding the actual words of Gods people who existed 2,000+ yrs ago. I am in the middle of the book and have had 3 spiritual answers come to me that I wasn't expecting because God saw me trying so he blessed me. For example. When I first started reading the book my mind kept thinking..."man, Joseph Smith has a crazy imagination to be writing these, Jospesh Smith repeats a lot of the same words in each, science today cannot prove nor disprove this book so Joseph must have done something right". It wasn't till this week as I got into the book of Alma that Joseph Smith has taken a back seat, God opened my mind and has given me the perspective of Mormon, the Prophet who transcribed the actual plates 1,800 ish yrs ago?. I feel as if Mormon is talking to me directly through the spirit. So if this is Gods way of telling me that Mormon compiled these storys from ancient plates, well then, Joseph must have really had the plates, and Joseph must have really restored the true church and the LDS church is true. I wasn't even seeking for that answer but it came and its probably what I really need to know at this point in time of my life. You are already blessed Gomezaddams51, by coming to this forum and seeking advice, God sees you putting forth effort and will reward you.
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    The Excuse of all Tyrants

    The homeless are. No address, credit, income or assets? courts cant fine you and jails don't want you so the police tend to ignore minor infractions.
  17. priesthoodpower

    Are unconventional lifestyles implicitly frowned upon?

    If you want to and your intent is to remain worthy then yes, you can live on a boat traveling the world and be in good standing. The Lord understands and any bishop would agree. In the pre existence we were not all called upon to come to this earth and be robots. The world, and yes even Gods plan of salvation advances off the backs of individuals who are trailblazers in all the fields of science, medicine, exploration, religion etc... That is what the whole Joseph Smith story is about, seeking what is within you, following the impressions of God that is within you. Whos to say that after 10yrs on a boat medical science learns something about these peoples bodys because of their diet and lifestyle that becomes a cure for some disease? that might be a bad example but you get the point. Some peoples mission in this life is greater than what might be a typical and somewhat restricting religious lifestyle.
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    Subtle Possession

    For people like my ex-wife and my younger brother. This is how they lose the faith and their path to God. them - Other People (Church) - God Its very, very complicated how drama within the church occur but when the dust settles it usually ends up where one person (guilty of offense or not) continues on with the fold and the other (guilty of offense or not) becomes uncomfortable (or alienated in their minds) and ends up leaving the fold/church. Some that make it to this point, who feel uncomfortable, simply and quietly slip away and enjoy life on another path, these people tend to not have much if any LDS associations outside of church so when they do leave they don't incur the constant reminder of their rebellion. Others who leave still want a relationship with God but because they still believe that the only way is through the church, aka "other people" whom they choose not to be around anymore, they become angry and bitter because they were taught in church that they are now on the wrong side of the fence. All of a sudden, what was a problem between the leaver and another individual becomes a problem with the whole church. When it gets to this point the leaver is usually trying to find reasons to hate the church even more and prove in their minds that everything is false because they feel they were wronged. You can see how this creates hatred in ones heart and allows for what we are trying to identify as a subtle possession. I am optimistic about the day when Gods kingdom is like a marathon. Everyone is eager to participate and try their best at their own pace. There is no shaming, judging, uncomfortableness involved. Actually I believe we were all once in that marathon, it was the pre-existence and we were all eager and willing to participate in Jesus's plan. Earth is happening to us right now and it is very, very complicated, pain, suffering, judging etc.. Next stop, heaven, back to the marathon and everyone will be exactly where they need to be.. on their way to their own personal best. At least here on earth, This is how they will find the gospel again: them - other people (Church) - God
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    Subtle Possession

    Your description of your bil fits my ex-wife exactly, she left the church 6yrs ago, except I still live with and support her and my teenage girls. This past weekend I watched conf on the big screen in our living room, as each one of them woke up and entered they made snide remarks and exited quickly, like a vampire being exposed to the light. Yes my ex has groomed the little ones over the yrs to hate the church too. Only since this past weekend has the thought of a bad spirit crossed my mind, I prayed to God to help me escape this but I keep reminding myself that after 1yr off my mission I prayed to God to send me an angel, he literally sent me her as she had just gotten off her mission. He then sent me 3 more angels, my girls, to take care of. That is why I will not leave them because I made an oath in my heart to be their provider. The funny thing is that life is all flowers and cookies in this home but when the subject of my religion comes up, they become very hostile. I have witnessed their gradual decline from church and christ and defended them as I witnessed both sides first hand. I have learned a lot and have a lot to say in hopes that I can beat this. Sadly its out of my hands, only christ can heal this.
  20. Its the culture of LDS that is keeping Christs church from growing and allowing many to leave. Its clear that since Pres Nelson became prophet he or should I say God, has told us to get his name and now image correct. If something so simple as his name and image has slipped away from us over the years because of cultural habits (that most of us cant see from the inside), what else are we blind to see? *Eversince I was a kid and people told us that mormons are not christians we kind of puffed up our chests and stood proud that we had the truth and it doesnt matter what they think.
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    Slaughtered my Name and now my Image

    Interesting, and I like how the big news and major push from this conference was the "Restoration Proclamation". To emphasize a restoration which is what makes us very different yet same.
  22. priesthoodpower

    The Good Friday Fast, 2020.

    Pray and fast for those on the front lines. There is light at the end of the tunnel and may be closer then we think.
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    Deconstructing a Testimony

    Don't be too bias to see what is really happening. The re-named "Ministering" program lowered the bar on the assignment. In the old Home Teaching program we set an apt, dress up in Sunday best, get in the door, sit down for prayer and lesson with the in Ministering if we cant make some kind of physical interaction (doesn't have to be church related) with the family we can send a text "you good buddy! need anything!". Its also worth mentioning that at least in my ward the numbers did not change, ministering is still below 5%, my guess is this program will soon be dissolved. We can both agree that PEOPLE are the problem and vort thinks the ANSWER is with the people humbling them selves and changing their ways completely but when that doesn't work something else needs to give. Lets look at this small example of Home teaching. The PEOPLE were not doing it (Our stake averaged less then 10% for decades, I can only assume the church worldwide saw similar stats) so the Church changed the program. This is an example of the Church changing and not the people...and not changing because it was a failure but because the gospel is continuously being restored, human behavior and cultures change over time. HT/Ministering could come and go just like polygamy. Are we a worse off church because polygamy was recalled? Will we be a lesser church if HT/Ministering is recalled? If it is recalled, then all of a sudden repentance for not doing HT/Ministering is not necessary. The bar was just lowered, it just got a little easier. Shorter Church = The Church changing, not the People. (Im not saying Christ or the doctrine changed) Less leadership meetings = The Church changing, not the People. "The goal has never been spend three hours in church." ya think! Finally after years seeing members leave church after the one hour of sacrament (for various reasons and cant do anything about it) they finally made a pivot move. What is now 2 hrs will soon be 1hr. Heck this coronavirus situation is teaching the world to do everything online, this may be the chance for the Church to make the leap, we have gospel library and LDS tools, all our membership resources are already online, Awesome! Which of the two structures has a chance to be more successful? A. 5,000 people in a small town. 0ne church building for worship. 500 people are attracted to that church and become members. 300 stop attending overtime because they are not comfortable. 200 active members that feel comfortable enough to remain in harmony with the others. 200 members that believe they are the only ones with a one-on-one relationship with Christ. B. 5,000 people in a small town. 5,000 church buildings to worship in. 5,000 people love their church. 5,000 attend their entire lives. None go inactive and all of them feel comfortable moving at their own pace. No one in their ear telling them they are not good enough. 5,000 people with a one-on-one relationship with Christ. B my friend is online, virtual, automated, home centered church. This is a dead giveaway of the old school doom and gloom mentality that you and vort have. My kids when they attended primary 5-8yrs ago before leaving the church had this fear instilled in them from a teacher that was in the over 60yr age range, repent or go to hell type stuff, he wasn't wrong because it does say that in the scriptures, but congratulations for driving more people away from the church. Its a good thing that my kids do not need to be active members of the LDS to have a relationship with Christ and his gospel. The church is not the same today as it was 40+ yrs ago when we were growing up. I can accept that as well as the Apostles as proven by their leadership direction these past few years, but others cannot.
  24. priesthoodpower

    Deconstructing a Testimony

    You are stuck in time and blinded by your own knowledge of the gospel. You try too hard to speak for God yet we have a prophet that is slowly moving the goal posts so that we CAN welcome more of the lost sheep into the fold, quite the opposite of your beliefs. True, there are some that dont want to change their bad habits, but there are many, many good people that are turned off by what they have learned to believe is man made religions.You offer no suggestions or solutions to help folks get through these barriers that most of us have had the luxury to be born or atleast cultured into. people religion christ you see the barrier?
  25. priesthoodpower

    Deconstructing a Testimony

    I agree but we are talking about different things. The answer: The gospel is as complete as we will ever need it to be as it is the answer to eternal joy and happiness. Everyone needs it and everyone wants it. The problem: How do we get everyone to accept and follow it? The pessimist: "the gospel is too hard for most people, they are disobedient and are not interested". The optimist: "the gospel is so awesome..we just need to figure out how to make it acceptable in a way that is comfortable to each individual." We need to break down cultural, social and behavioural barriers. A simple example is that JS restored the gospel in english, does the world need to speak english in order to accept it? No, the church translated it into different languages to cater to the cultural needs of the world. Social barriers: Why do we currently have single wards, multi language ethnic wards? Because you cant fit everyone in one general ward. Singles feel uncomfortable and outcast in a family ward therefore we created a singles ward. Now there are thousands of other barriers that cause people to not want to attend a general ward, and sadly, as it currently stands in LDS culture, when you dont attend "church" you are left out of Gods plan (this is nonsense to me and anyone else who believes in a loving God). We cant create thousands of different ward types to cater to the thousands of different kinds of people and that is why we are seeing the dissolving of our sunday services. The answer to our problems is the internet, social media, virtualization and automation. This is how we make a gospel that is comfortable to all with out changing doctrine. This corona virus is pushing this world in a direction we never couldve imagined, I believe its part of Gods plan.