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  1. Maureen

    Conference Rumors

    I've read @Fether's post multiple times now and I still come away with the same feelings. I cannot read his mind or really understand the indepth point he is trying to get across because so far he hasn't expounded on his do's and don'ts list. I can only speculate that some of the items he chose for his list is because he himself likes and enjoys them. Why on earth does he think someone who sleeps longer than 8 hours could NOT be considered an elect of God but someone who retires to bed early and rises early can. To me, that is the definition of superficial. And the fact he didn't even consider the two greatest commandments were essential for his DO list tells me again that his thoughts behind his version of the elect of God is shallow. @Fether, if you want to go into more detail on why you chose the items you did on your list, I'm more than happy to read it. M.
  2. That's hilarious. My daughter has an "Alexa" and when I'm at her place babysitting my granddaughter I can ask it (her?) to turn on certain lights or play certain music. And when I do I always say please and thank you. It's weird in a way but it's just habit too. 😊 M.
  3. Maureen

    Canadian election

    This article is over a year old. I don't use Twitter so I wasn't familiar with the ad. The article says the ad was pulled, are you saying the CPC did not pull it? M.
  4. Maureen

    Canadian election

    I haven't seen anything like that here. Can you add a link about these ads? M.
  5. I understand what you are saying, I just don't understand how you view this, as you say, "rebellious/apostate movement" as seriously as you do. The mere fact that you and many others view a lot of members banding together to wear pants or purple as rebellious or apostate is unfathomable to my way of thinking. And the fact that these people felt much safer for doing this "activity" in a group (with many members), speaks volumes as to how strange Latter-day Saints bands together to "follow tradition or else". This group was not advocating for something that was against morality or something that was unethical, it was just bringing to everyones attention that this "Sunday best" tradition might need some expanding and less rigidity. M.
  6. If women wearing pants to church or men not wearing white shirts and ties to church is not against the RULES, then where is the rebellion? There are no RULES about what clothing is acceptable only that it should be "Sunday best" and many people have pointed out that "Sunday best" can be a variety of choices depending on a person's circumstances. I guess I can understand that traditionally and culturally your Church has defined "Sunday best" as dresses for women and white shirts and ties for men; but is going against TRADITION really a serious rebellious action? M.
  7. Maureen

    Conference Rumors

    I'm starting to think that your list is superficial because your attitude (based on this post) is lacking in understanding about why being superficial in our interactions with other people is not satisfying or authentic. M.
  8. What a weird statement. Should I assume this is your attempt at sarcasm? You do realize by reading the posts on this thread that there are many posters who are actually judging this author as being rebellious. M.
  9. Maureen

    Conference Rumors

    Your list is still very superficial because you forgot to include the two greatest commandments. Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. (Matthew 22:36-40) M.
  10. The difference is your Church has a prohibition on alcohol, especially when it comes to a temple recommend. Your Church does not have a prohibition on women wearing pants/slacks to Church. What kind of TR question is asked in regards to clothing worn to church? M.
  11. Maureen

    Conference Rumors

    Really, so in other words YOU do see the elect as robotic. And if you do not then please define to me what "the elect" really are. M.
  12. But the whole point in writing the article is to show that even in the 21st century a lot of Latter-day Saints are still skeptical about a woman's intentions when they see her wearing pants/slacks to Church. They say they don't care but as soon as they see a woman wearing pants they automatically think she's being rebellious. M.
  13. Maureen

    Conference Rumors

    I think you've described Mary Poppins (practically perfect in every way). But seriouly, your list sounds like you are describing a robot. I'm not clear on the Latter-day Saint's definition of elect of God but to me it doesn't seem this elect has a heart or soul. Does this elect cry or laugh or fall ill or even require help or friendship themselves. Your list of do's and don'ts seems superficial, there's no humanity or love behind either. M.
  14. I was introduced to your Church because of these dances. And it wasn't because of standards and supervision, it was because they were fun and the kids that attended them were fun. Although I did like that etiquette of the boys asking the girls to dance holding out their arms. And back in the '70s, the music was fun and jiving was still a big thing at Church dances. And then there were the after dance socializing at Boston Pizza or *A&W, or someone would have the brilliant idea to TP someone's house. Good times. *Not sure if some are familiar with A&W back in the '70s, but it was a fast food place with Papa, Mama, Teen and Baby burgers and root beer. You order in your car and the food is brought out to you with the tray of food attached to the driver's door window. And the popular beverages at the time were called brown cow (milk and root beer) or swamp water (all the flavours of pop mixed together except for coke or pepsi because they were not allowed 😊). Now a days A&W is no longer set up that way. ☹ M.
  15. I would not be surprised if Latter-day Saints of other countries are baffled by American Latter-day Saints obsession with firearms. M.