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Found 9 results

  1. I have had this conversation with my friend before where he brought up kissing sessions with someone you are interested in dating. This is the second time we have had a long drawn out conversation about it. Unfortunately I fell for his bait when he bought it up the second time and we had another discussion about it. He referenced the strength of youth with regards to passionate kissing and how because kissing can bring up feelings of sexual feelings, I should avoid it like he does. I explained that although it upsets/bothers him we just have different standards to him regarding this and that as long as the girl I am seeing 1. wants to do it 2. we respect each others boundaries 3. doesnt escalate past making out, then I have no problem with kissing and making out with another person. I guess since I have only read the strength of youth handbook earlier this year through him, I should understand why he is so adamant that I should accept his standard. Its true that I enjoy kissing girls but I guess more importantly, it makes me feel more secure about a potentially growing relationship. Can I do without making out with a girl, of course, but I think of the 4 pillars to a Christ centered relationship and the physical is just as important as the spiritual, intellectual and emotional pillars. I didnt necessarily mind the conversation that we had. I enjoy and greatly appreciate talking about all sorts of things with him. I think what bothers me is that I was fine with us disagreeing on it but he wasnt. I think what makes me disregard most of what he says is the fact that I would only seriously consider adopting this standard if the person I am seriously interested in held that same standard, after all I am not homosexual. I think what's also a little strange is that he is interested in the type of women who are the most likely to engage in the same behaviors. This doesn't make him a hypocrite but to me it does seem somewhat dismissive of reality in a way. What are all your thoughts. Like I said, I would likely only adopt this stance if the person im seriously interested in holds the same standard, so im unlikely to be convinced by anyone in the comments. But the discussion is open :)
  2. Recently, I was having a conversation with an investigator and at one point, she made a very interesting observation. In the scriptures when describing humanity as a whole, the Lord uses “and the children of MEN”, or, “if MEN humble themselves...” . She felt that it demotes womenhood to be less than that of men and that God would never place such restrictions on women. I made the attempt to express that in any language, the general way to describe humanity as a whole, it was by using the word “MEN” and that in noway it’s used to demean women. She wasn’t sastified with that answer. So, two questions: 1.- How could you explain and provide a suitable answer to explain this to people such as this lady? 2.- Is feminism going to destroy humanity to the point of abolishing anything and everything related masculinity?
  3. How come there aren't as many women Sunday school presidents or councillors etc, likewise men on primary presidencies ? What about 'non practicing' Temple recommend holding gay men teaching, or being on a primary presidency or auxiliaries ? Or non practicing gay women in auxiliary presidencies ? Mixed presidencies in non priesthood callings . Also on another subject why do sisters still have to 'vail their faces' in a certain part of an ordinance in the Temple ?
  4. I am investigating the LDS church and just begun reading The Book of Mormon. I'm female and in my mid 20's. I did go to one Sunday church meeting and discovered a lot of emphasis on women and having a family with children. I personally don't want any kids in my lifetime. I've always held that position for a very long time. Even though I have a boyfriend for 4 years already. He respects my choice. Would I get shunned or not be a worthy member if I do get baptized in the future and not want a family with children? Thank you. This is my main concern.
  5. I have been working on a presentation that I have been preparing for RS and YW leaders in a Stake here in California. The topic is on the growing problem of women who struggle with pornography. I thought I would share some of my resources here: This is a blog of one woman's experience of healing from a pornography addiction. By the Light of Grace A number of women blog at this website talking about their experiences of healing and struggle with pornography. LDS Addiction Recovery Blogs Let Virtue Garnish Thy Thoughts Pamphlet
  6. I didn't send a letter, nevertheless, I am thrilled to hear this! Really thrilled! April Mormon conference may make history: women will pray | The Salt Lake Tribune For Mormons yearning to see women take on more visible roles in their religion, their prayers have been answered: The Salt Lake Tribune has learned that LDS women are scheduled, as of now, to offer invocations or benedictions at next month’s General Conference. . .
  7. The church recommends that one parent should stay home and raise the kids. Traditionally that is the woman's role, and men go out and work all day and come home to happier home because she's been there. What do you do when it's the wife that desperately wants to work, and the husband hates the job she wishes she could have? Is it okay for the wife to be the bread-winner while the husband stays home? Especially if she's really not a very nurturing person, doesn't understand children and is pretty depressed because she has nothing to do all day but clean? While the husband is the oldest of 11 kids, totally gets children, and comes home stressed out and angry because he hates his job? We just got into a fight because we are disagreeing on this issue, but have no solutions.
  8. My wife asked me a great question this morning, and I thought I would pose it for all of you to ponder. "Was there ever a time other than now that women had rights?" It seemed that Eve had rights to her own opinon in the garden. I think this could be a good discussion about women's rights.
  9. In tonight's meeting I was really inspired by President Uchtdorf's talk. He told us that we can attain Godly happiness while on the earth by emulating Heavenly Father. Creation and compassion are the keys he said. I have considered the happiness that creating something gives me. When he described it tonight, as taking unorganized materials and creating something out of it that was not there before, it made sense! What joy and inner fulfillment is felt as you gaze upon your flower garden, a piece of clothing you made, plants you started from seed, a photograph you arrange and manipulate the lighting on. And it does not end. Each time you look on these things it gives you a sense of happiness and peace. Then he spoke on compassion. What one thing have you ever done that gives you any more happiness, joy and peace than to help someone who needs it? Give clothes to someone who has none, food to someone hungry, a smile to someone sad, a hug to someone lonely, and your heart swells to new heights, to enlarge, and beat even stronger. I am so grateful I have a knowledge of the restored Gospel! I am so grateful I have a testimony! I am so grateful to know that Heavenly Father loves us and gives us encouragement!!!