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  1. I tend to agree with your feelings if I was in your place. It would seem if the mission said they could have them and if the families wanted them to have them they could send one or send the money. To buy them then send a bill without notice is kind of tacky.. In my opinion.
  2. Do you promise to plan a trip a year in acvance so I can get a cheap ticket? Jalama Beach. has a few pictures under campgrounds we love 2 I think.
  3. I'm not asking this due to lack of knowledge or the scriptures. I'm asking because during a scripture reading the term came up and people disagreed totally on it's meaning. I thought Priestcraft was anyone who posed as a person who claimed to have the right to preach, teach, and administer ordinances, got paid to, yet did not hold the Holy Priesthood, as restored by Joseph Smith. Others thought that there were good preachers in other religions who didn't know about the fullness of the Gospel, so therefore they didn't practice Priestcraft.
  4. Agreed. Why is there so much contention here? We all know those spirits are here. We all know it's their job to temp us, make us miserable, cause as much trouble as they can. Every one doesn't share the same interest. Me, I'm a researcher. I research things I want to know better. How to garden , sew, cook, have better relationships, follow the Gospel more closely. Due to experiences I've had, i have had to research what those spirits can do, what their capabilites are. If I have an enemy I want to know what the tactics are, their weapons are so I am prepared to defend myself. Yes, I count on Heavenly Father, but we also have been told we need to learn as much as we can.. If you aten't interested in knowing this stuff, fine.. Don't ridicule or make fun of those that do. Everything we learn here is an advantage on the other side.
  5. I think reports from people who experienced NDE are cool. I've read quite a few and find that they describe things we already believe in.. Of course it's not doctrine! I have found the scriptural account of Alma the Younger to describe in great detail the same things that modern NDE's say. Every time I read it I smile and think that is EXACTLY what happened to him. Read accounts from people who weren't to nice going through the experience.. Some of them describe it the same way as Alma!
  6. The idea is to share your favorite spots and sites. But also to announce super cool festivals, and or campgrounds so possibly there would be a good number of members in one place at one time. For instance there is a hot air balloon festival very close to an AWSOME state park every summer. We are going and have let others know about it hoping other members would think it was great too. Then we could run in to each other sometime while there. There is a campground in California that is soooooooo awsome and small it would be just the greatest and most fun time if the entire campground just had Mormons!!! I live on the eastcoast and would fly to california for that !!
  7. I'm very familiar with windows so much so i use Macs.! I'm not uneducated in technology or electronics. In fact i'm the go to person in our family. Superstition is also not my thing. . I guess I may be somewhat like your wife in that I've had my share of pretty heavy duty spiritual experiences both good and some downright scary! I 'm also a resercher and read in depth teachings of general authorities that Aren't publicized as much. I have my own knowledge that evil can and does have powers to do things we commonly blame on other things.
  8. My family took a cross country camping trip several years ago. Many times we could look at a family and guess that they were LDS. When we asked if they were they were shocked we could tell. There were several sites we were at that would have been wonderful if the whole site were members only! Several months ago I started a web site to hopefully get other LDS campers to start a dialogue as to their favorite sites, when they were camping so the rest of us could camp at the same time and make all of our trips even more fun! More fun for us, our little kids, our teenagers, and our friends. The further in advance an area or event the further away people could plan a trip. Is there anyone else who would be interested in something like this???
  9. Thank you Ratbag, for the recommended sites. We are all taught by the Spirit truths we are willing and ready to receive. Hence, knowledge and testimoney are gained individually. As we attend the temple we are taught that the Spirit can teach us on a greater and deeper level. In one session I was in I came to think of something that I hadn't ever noticed before. The temple matrons couldn't answer my questions so they told me to talk to the temple president . After speaking with him, he told me no one had ever asked this question and he hadn't ever thought of it before either. He told me that this idea or information was expressly for me and that there was a reason I needed this knowledge and truth in my life. It was to help me in the future in being able to recognize things for what they were. The experience has richly blssed me and given me perspective that others, it seems, don't want to know about. I will use the sites you mentioned and continue to enjoy growing in truth and testimoney!
  10. Not being on this forum for a long time, I think it interesting to come across this conversation as the first one I read. I have to agree that most LDS's don't give credit where credit is due. Christ did drive out evil spirits, even going as far to tell His Apostles that some were so strong they needed to fast and pray before trying to cast them out. I also agree that our adversary has power and the capability to control electronic devices and make them do what most people would call crazy or laugh at. I can't tell you how many times I have been working on genealogy and when it came time to print work or names out the computer would stop working, or just plain go to another site! When sitting in a FHC with others and the computer starts acting up I tell them I truly believe there are gremlins in there, and they laugh. We haven't a chance fighting an enemy when we don't know how powerful their weapons are or even what their weapons are!
  11. Two questions in one night! WHOA! I have a friend whose ex has not sent in the letter requested from him regarding his opinion or feeling on breaking the sealing. The letter was sent about six months ago and no response. She has been told no action can take place until correspondence is received from him. I thought that if no answer is received within a certain period the breaking of the sealing would move forward so that she can be sealed to her current husband .
  12. A question has arisen that I have never heard discussed. Can a person who is 18 choose to be sealed to another family member other than their own parent? Raised by another family member and having no gentle feelings or probably no possibility to ever be sealed to either parent. Thanks!
  13. Hi Guys! I am looking for a specific scripture and maybe someone here knows what I'm looking for. I know I have read and also heard discussed that in a given situation the majority of people choose evil over good that Gods arm of judgements are not far behind. I must admit I haven't spent a lot of time looking for it, just a little. Does anyone know?? Thanks!!!
  14. Yeah! You've got it! Chewing and lip smacking AND crinkling wrappers while you're trying to listen to something? This person does them all! Ick