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  1. FunkyTown

    I am so angry right now

    But the Metric system is so hard! Everything is based on 10s. 1000 grams in a kilogram.. 1000 meters in a kilometer, and so on. The Imperial system just makes more sense, what with their being 16 ounces to a pound, 5280 feet in a mile. It just makes sense!
  2. FunkyTown

    Are supposed to feel bad when we sin?

    Faith does not equate to understanding. Here are the two great lies you need to avoid: The first is that you aren't good enough. God will never tell you you are worthless, because you aren't worthless. You are His son and He loves you. Anything that pushes you to not try or to not care is not from God. Know that you are worth the love and effort he puts in to you. The second is that you are good enough. You aren't. You should always be striving for perfection even though you will always fall short. The moment you are resting on your laurels, you start to backslide. Once you backslide, it's too easy to get worse and worse and worse. A bishop once suggested to me that I take stock spiritually every once in a while and ask 'Am I better than I was six months ago?' If the answer is yes, then all is well. If it's no, then I need to reevaluate and refocus. I don't need to put on sackcloth and rend my garments, weeping out 'Why died I not from the womb?'
  3. FunkyTown

    Trump's group of friends

    That's true! Which means either: 1) There's nothing to get because this is just American politics being blown out of proportion, like when the BBC ran the 'Is Donald Trump afraid of stairs?' piece; 2) It hasn't been explained by anyone; or 3) It is an ineffable fact. Ineffability can't really be argued, so bam! Ineffable is the get out of jail free card. I choose 3.
  4. FunkyTown

    Trump's group of friends

    I didn't create one because I'm not American, don't live in the US and had no idea it happened. So, that said, I'll give you my two cents: Meh. There are two ways the media could spin this: The first is that Donald Trump is personally responsible for some dude killing a girl several thousand miles from where Donald Trump lives. If they do that, they're acknowledging that Donald Trump is right about illegal immigration being a terrible thing. Or they could spin it as an isolated incident in a sea of illegal immigration, in which case it's nobody's fault. What they can't do is claim both simultaneously. That would be hypocritical and stupid. My opinion: Illegal immigration is impossible to stem entirely. As it is illegal, enforcement should take place. I can't think of any country in the world that says "C'mon, guys! Everone welcome any time."
  5. So he joined 2 years ago, made no posts, then came back to post this single post? Hold on a sec while I reevaluate my assessment.
  6. FunkyTown

    Doing what is right in an out of control world

    I will summarize this thread for you. A question was asked. 2ndRateMind asked us a question. In order to more properly frame the answer in a way he would understand and accept, I asked him if he could provide some information and insight in to how he saw the world 70 posts later, we were still no closer to understanding anything. I summarized my understanding of what he had posted, with such vague stuff as that he believes that Jesus "knew objective truth. Or saved us all without knowing objective truth. Or didn't save us and was just a philosophical scholar." Several pages of posts later, I called him out on it and he promised to start anew on this thread and answer questions. One month later with no responses, I think he may have ghosted. I can't be sure. But I suspect it.
  7. FunkyTown

    Doing what is right in an out of control world

    Terry Pratchett said you could travel dimensions with a potato, a box, a lever and a bit of copper wire.
  8. This is not a 'mess'. You have an obligation to your daughter, man. Your son needs help. Your daughter needs protection. Your legal obligations are the least of your concerns. The fact that you're asking what repercussions YOU will face is horrible and bad and you really, really, really need to sort things out for your daughter. Gah. The fact that this is your very first post here makes me think this is not legitimate at all and just an attempt at attention-seeking, since I sincerely doubt that anyone would create a new account on a new website to get information about an unrelated topic when their daughter was being molested. If so, this is tasteless. If you legitimately decided "Hey. My son is molesting my daughter. I should see if there's a random website out there with other random members of a group that I'm part of to see i I can get advice on this", then you are a bad person who needs to immediately get off the internet and help your daughter. And if you are offended by this and want to get on here again to try to goad me in to an argument by telling me how offended you are by me, then know that you are prioritizing an INTERNET ARGUMENT over your DAUGHTER'S MOLESTATION. That will tell me enough about you to make my decision about whether this is legitimate or not.
  9. FunkyTown

    Doing what is right in an out of control world

    It's now been one month since we asked our questions and still haven't received an actual answer to any question we asked. Just thought I'd put that out there.
  10. FunkyTown

    Will the church take me back?

    That actually sounds more like paranoid schizophrenia than testimony challenges, man. And that's all right - We all have our issues. For some, it's mental health. Just continue to take your medication and you'll do all right.
  11. Yeah. But that's still not an answer. Even insanity covers a kind of internal logic - Did he think his home teacher was offensive? Thought he was better than him?(Spoiler alert: He was). Did he think his home teacher was a maniac demon possessed by an international consortium of mind-control devils?
  12. Who shoots someone in Sacrament meeting? Did this ever get explained? Why did the guy want to kill a specific person?
  13. Maybe you should find out what culture your fiancee is from before you marry her. I can't find anything suggesting that's a marriage ritual for the two tribes you mentioned. I'd suggest talking to your fiancee more. If you don't know even the name of the culture she comes from, it suggests you don't know her well enough to marry her. Just.. Take some time getting to know her. Look up marriage rituals for that tribe and try to include her culture in it. Were I a suspicious man, I would think this wasn't a real thing, but I am not and so I think you should try to learn more about your fiancee's culture.
  14. Right. That still doesn't answer my question: Which culture is it where you have to sleep on the floor under a blanket, touching each other before you get married?