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  1. Yes. I discovered a community of saints who valued charity and possessed childlike faith and hopr: my home ward.
  2. I stopped visiting regularly when too many of the posts became derisive and critical. I went to find a site the valued charity more.
  3. Difficult to say. Anxiety has driven me to do good things in the past. I get it whenever I am not totally scrupulous. But it isn't a solid foundation. I have come to learn that my multiple scripture studies per day do me no good at all, because faith is not present when I'm acting out of fear.
  4. Community of Christ? I've only ever met two. A couple in BC Canada. Nice people, but unyielding. I wonder if it's not going to take something totally unconventional to bring them back into the fold. I don't know if typical missionary strategies are going to work.
  5. Never heard of it. Mind summarizing what it's about? Without reading it, I am nearly sure that I'd disagree with that statement. Nothing in my experience has ever lived up to official church literature.
  6. Don't blame circumstances beyond your control. It's totally possible. You'll drive them away if you're bitter and think the world is unfair.
  7. For me, the idea of mankind having evolved into their current state simply doesn't compute. 1st off, their are some major doctrinal discrepancies that come up. The theory of evolution tells us species came about throught countless generations of genetic mutations. If that's the case, where do Adam and Eve fit in? How can they be our first parents? We know also through revealed doctrine, that before the fall, there was neither birth, nor death: the 2 things that evolution requires to function. But more important than doctrinal discrepancies, are the spiritual implications. We know ourselves to be sons and daughters of God. Adam, our first father, is the primal patriarch of our race. Through him, all humans come together as one family. Each one of us made in the image of God, for He is our Father. Our destiny is to grow up unto His full stature. These are spiritual truths. Try to cram in evolution, and it takes all these things away. But I do not oppose the theory. It is, by scientific standards, sound, and ought to be studied. I do not fear it, because it cannot disprove the voice of the Lord which speaks to you and me. I know that Christ lives and loves me, and that Joseph Smith is his prophet of the restoration. So let the theory be studied and explored. It poses no danger to the Church, so long as the members if the church remember to keep their priorities straight: spiritual truths first, secular truths second.
  8. Well, as I said, I really don't know. He doesn't say anything that contradicts revealed doctrines from what I've been able to tell. All I know is that part of me is delighted at what he says, while another part is disgusted. I cannot tell why.
  9. John Pontius is a well known, if not infamous figure in the sphere of church related literature. He is known for such books as Following the Light of Christ Into His Presence, and Visions of Glory, the latter of which had been a cause of some controversy a while back. He has a small, but dedicated fan base, many of which are quite industrious in publishing their own literature and studies. I have a few family members who swear by him, but I'm not totally sure how I feel about him just yet. Any opinions? First, my own opinion: from what little I've read from him, he seems to know the scriptures very well. Wether what he writes is true doctrine or not you can tell he hasn't ever deliberately wrested the scriptures to prove his point, but declares them as he sees them. That being said, theres just something about his books that make me uncomfortable. In particular, his description of the city of Zion in VoG just makes me feel sick for an unknown reason, even though it seems perfectly plausible. Many of his fans, though ernest, seem to fixate on some points of doctrine to the point of missing the mark by my estimation.
  10. CNN isn't liberal, they just like to focus on outrage and controversy; sensationalism. In the last few years, conservatives have been their primary source of headlines, but that may change, depending on what liberals will do during this next election.
  11. Why did you all have to turn THF into Facebook? Why? It wasn't @EmotionalPomegranate who did this.
  12. Imo, The church hasn't made an official statement on that because we should all know better. When it comes time for Sabath day worship, ask yourself something: Is this my pleasure, or thy pleasure? Does this activity cause me to think of Jesus Christ, and offer humble gratitude for His deliverance? Or does it draw my attention away from holy things? Read 1 Nephi chapter 18: 9-21 in the Book of Mormon. Between Nephi and his brothers, I think it aptly illustrates the right and wrong way to approach Sabbath day worship.
  13. This is the classic Euthyphro argument. Our answer is that truth, God, and positive morality are indistinguishable. True religion is moral. False religion is immoral. There is no middle ground. If therefore people have moral issues with true religion, then that's that's their problem, not ours.
  14. @DennisTate I've been reading a few of your posts lately, and you seem to fixate on near death experiences a lot. You often talk about theories, or teachings by mystics in and out of the church of Christ. I think you're missing the point. What makes the Church of Jesus Christ strong, is its doctrines. These doctrines are simple and easy. Look through the scriptures, and you'll find there's nothing mentioned about string theory, or multiverse theory, or "grand unified theory." We as a church are not in a position to disprove anything, especially not while using near death experiences as our evidence. What we are in a position to do, is prove that God lives, and loves his children, that he actively ministers among Man through the organization and execution of the priesthood offices. This is our stance: the pure and simple doctrines of the plan of salvation, the restoration, and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Anything more than this cometh of evil. @DennisTate, have you read the Book of Mormon? If so, when was the last time you read it all the way through? I promise you, you have so much more to learn about the nature of creation from that book than you have to learn from unaffiliated, non-endorsed visions and revelations.such as you've referenced.
  15. Nah. Outrage is for worldly people. It ought to be a non-issue to us. Let the legal department handle things.