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  1. Moonbeast32

    Exciting news about CNN!

    Then you have fallen into the trap of bipartisanship, and are case in point of what I'm trying to say; the very reason I loathe it. I'm guessing you think I'm a Democrat now because I was somewhat critical of Republicans. After all, if you're not with us, you're against us, right? I assure you, I've got my criticisms of both the left and the right, but never at any time have I voted for either save at the local level. I have never endorsed a presidential, congressional, or house candidate belonging to either party. This is because in my entire adult lifetime, both parties have failed to produce a candidate that meets the standards I'm looking for. You've been deceived into thinking it's one or the other. They've conditioned you to jump to conclusions like you did here. Partisans benefit from people who think like that. I beg of you to withdraw from the false narrative. It's so much more damaging than you realize, particularly to the rising generation.
  2. Moonbeast32

    Exciting news about CNN!

    Curious why you think that. Mind ellaborating? From my perspective, I do not, and have not.
  3. Moonbeast32

    Exciting news about CNN!

    A shill? Nah, I wouldn't say that. What's really happened is that the Republican party has made it way too easy for CNN to generate headlines, and they weren't able to resist turning towards sensationalism every time republicans did something controversial. I really loathe bipartisanism. It's constantly pressuring you to be either one side or the other with no in-between. Why can't anyone else see that the devil is obviously behind all this?
  4. Moonbeast32

    April 2020 "a hinge point in the history of the Church"

    My bishop, a week or two after the conference in October shared an insight he had. He said, he believed that the April 2020 general conference will end up being painfully average to those who didn't prepare for it. I believe him. I'm not expecting any major announcements, any canonizations, or anything tangible to the 5 senses. I think that at the very least, all that is new or unique about it will be purely spiritual. Don't get your hopes up for anything sensational. Just do your part to prepare instead.
  5. Moonbeast32

    Not believing in the traditional Christ

    Many members of our church reference Mr Lewis. Some even joke about him being the "13th apostle." He is indeed a very intelligent man, which intelligence, I am nearly sure, came to him as a gift from God to aid him in the work he would do in life. With such high opinions of the man, I decided to read his books. And he really is a highly intelligent and well spoken apologist. I agree with nearly everything he says. But to me, his books always fall appart when he starts talking about the nature of God. In Mere Christianity, a book where he mainly used scriptural references and real life models to explain and prove claims of Christianity, he instead tends to use more often confusing metaphors and impossible analogies when it came to explaining the nature of the tribunal god. To me, it felt like his fount of intelligence stopped gushing at full force, and he needed to supplement it with earthly reasoning. More jarring than that, was whenever he would attempt to explain God's motives. In each of his books, he presents a somewhat different theory. Mere Christianity does come closest to the principle of exaltation, but the book still describes a very alien god with incomprehensible intentions. These books have taught me one monumental truth: I am very, very grateful to have received the doctrine of the pre-mortal life. When one understands this doctrine, they understand that God is a Man, and Jesus, the Son of Man. We are his literal offspring, not in some metaphorical creator-creation way. Though the light and glory of God are more than any man can handle, and though his methods and ways remain high and mysterious, the core of his intentions are easily understood, as they were in that world. If I may speak boldly, the knowledge of a pre-Earth life and the proto-discipleship that we continue in this life is the kingpin that holds together any Christian's understanding of who and what the Eternal Father and Jehovah are. Without it, mainstream Christianity is utterly aimless when it comes to comprehending these mysteries.. Though aimless, they are blessed to have witnessed the acts and kindness of Jesus Christ during his mortality, and this has served them throughout the millennia to help them understand the true nature of God despite the heresies that would pop up later (namely, Gnosticism) I hope that last bit doesn't hurt anyone's feelings, but it is genuinely how I feel at this given time.
  6. Does this joke exist in the ghostbusters universe?
  7. Moonbeast32

    Female v. Male College Ratios

    The Men and women who attend BYU often get an education with a specific goal in mind: Marriage and family. It is also commonly held that the best way to raise children is with stay-at-home parenting. In this church, women are often encouraged to be a stay-at-home mother. This does not mean they are discouraged from getting an education. It may seem like a waste, but let me tell you a story. My father was a very sick and injury prone man. When I was in my teenage years, he was officially put on long-term disability. The disability money was proving to be not enough to support our family of 5, so my Mother was obliged to put her master's degree to use once more, and start teaching. Contrary to what the anti would have you think, we did not become social pariahs because of this. In short, education is encouraged, but motherhood is even more encouraged. None of this is based on any official research or anything, just what I've observed.
  8. Moonbeast32

    Darkness in well lit areas

    In a bit of a strange mood today. Going to unload some strange mood feelings. I woke up today at 4 pm, showered, got dressed and read scriptures as usual. I figured that because the highway in Wyoming was clear today, that I would be working. About halfway through my dinner, I got called by my company telling me that work was cancelled for today. I wondered what I'd do all night. I decided that I'd like to go watch a movie. Sure, it isn't the best use of time or money, but it is certainly better than sitting at home all night doing nothing, letting my mental health wither away. After the movie, I'd have to think of something else. I finished diner and stepped outside to get into my car. It was dark by this time, and the full moon had begun to rise. I looked up to behold the singular view and angle my house affords of the Timpanogos mountain range. I stare a while at the mountain. Sharp triangular pieces of it's face were illuminated by the full moonlight, standing out from the dark profile of the whole mountain and giving it a depth and texture not seen during daylight. I rarely get to see the mountain like this. Whenever I do, I am filled with a peculiar vitality and excitement for life. I experience what I have come to call a "spiritual resonance." Sometimes I wonder if certain imagery and lighting triggers within me a foggy recollection of events and places in the pre Earth life. Whatever it is, it's times like these that make me deeply regret not being a painter. These moments are so elusive and easily forgotten, it seems like a a terrible tragedy that they don't happen more often. Well, clouds were coming in from the north soon, and the display would be obscured. I decided to move on. I had some time before going to the theater, so I went to Walmart to get some things. And so, I had a very opposite experience to the one before. Walmart is well lit. They have what I estimate to be hundreds of fluorescent bulbs in the celing, and isles advantageously positioned to receive the beam. The store is full of colors and pictures, each one placed there in confidence of research and psychology to determine the most appealing display possible. Soft but trendy music played in the speakers above. Though it was late, a sizeable population of customers meandered through the aisles. Despite all this, I felt overladen by a profound and oppressive darkness. I was now more aware than ever of the ecstasy from my experience an hour before, for it felt like everything in this wretched place was design to suppress it. This wasn't a new feeling, I've felt it from time to time when I leave home and go someplace public. It makes me sick. It makes me feel hopeless. It makes me feel like the joy and excitement I sometimes feel about life was just part of a dream, and now I've awoken to the "real" life. It's just not fair. People of third hour, if you've ever felt this way, how do you deal with it? Do you ever feel like abiding in thick darkness is th norm, while glimpses of pure joy only happen 1% of the time? It just doesn't seem fair to me.
  9. Moonbeast32

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    When I heard that palpatine was coming back, I decided I wasn't going to see the movie. I hate the sequel trilogy, but never before so much that I would outright refuse to see one of the movies.
  10. Moonbeast32

    Another "Church Culture Stinks" Article

    Didn't say you were. But it happens. Several of my non-USA friends appear to have been indoctrinated all their lives into thinking that Utah is the worst place on planet Earth in terms of member quality and culture.
  11. Moonbeast32

    The Glory of Men is the Woman

  12. This is where people usually say "it's between you and the Lord." I'd say that too, except it feels like such a cop out. Doesn't anyone else think so?
  13. Moonbeast32

    Another "Church Culture Stinks" Article

    I know it's popular to throw mud at "church culture," but that seems like it would be an ideal life to me.
  14. Moonbeast32

    Another "Church Culture Stinks" Article

    I've seen them referenced. What were they? Why did they stop?