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  1. brotherofJared

    Deception, the Spirit, and our bodies

    Sure. There are those who see evolution and creation as being harmonious.
  2. brotherofJared

    Deception, the Spirit, and our bodies

    You said that "all mental processes are physiological" and then described an "influence" that isn't physiological. Could you explain that? Bodily sensations are physiological, but mental processes, like thought - how does the Holy Ghost influence that biologically? Personally, I think our mind is not our brain. It is a conduit through which we receive knowledge from all our senses which I think we can't or shouldn't limit to the physical world, IOW, not just the 5 senses. It is literally our connection with God and all things unseen. The mind, our thoughts, is our spirit. So, I disagree with the statement that All mental processes are physiological. That would mean that all that we are is the sum total of our environment and that is simply not true.
  3. brotherofJared

    Mark of the Beast??

    I believe this is the key to understanding who or what this Anti-Christ is. Whatever it is, it's man-made. I also believe it is present, has been present and will be present until Christ establishes his kingdom on the earth. IMO, the first beast was sitting in the temple at its destruction in 70 AD. The second beast that exercised all the power of the first beast is a reference to political power. It was the same political power that established the Nicene Creed or constitution. I gather, from the scriptures, that the loss of the temple is the desolation. Daniel lamented about the loss of the temple for 70 years and it was explained that there would be a great loss of the temple in the not too distant future. Temples were then restored on the earth again, and we lost the temple for many years after the Nauvoo Temple was destroyed, so we also had experienced a desolation, not unlike Daniel's, but nothing like the loss of the temple in Jerusalem. I believe it is always an anti-Christ that destroys the temples. As for the would that was healed that cause all the people to marvel, that, I believe, was an effigy of the real thing.
  4. brotherofJared

    April 2020 General Conference Discussion Thread

    Well. The title isn't misleading is it?
  5. brotherofJared

    April 2020 General Conference Discussion Thread

    A similar event occurred when the languages were confounded.
  6. brotherofJared

    Conditions that make agency possible

    U assume that they knew it was evil. That would be incorrect. They only knew it would have harmful effects. It is not evil to touch a hot stove just like it was not evil to disobey God's command. Their innocence, not knowing good or evil, made it impossible them to understand it as evil. They did, however, have a choice. Just like the hot stove, we know it will burn us, but if something of value fell on the hot stove we might accept the consequences to save that item. In doing so, we still get burned but didnt do anything evil. So, having knowledge of good and evil is not necessary to make choices. I think the issue associated with this passage was the ability to reach our divine potential not just to have free agency. In the garden, Adam and Eve could not advance or reach their divine potential without this essential first element. We cannot be saved in ignorance. We must know good from evil or our choices, though they may have consequences, are irrelevant since the choice wasn't between good and evil. Just as Eve's choice wasnt between good and evil. Her choice was based on obtaining something that was more valuable such that she was willing to accept the consequences.
  7. brotherofJared

    I'm so excited!

    It seems logical that he was referring to his mortal ministry and work. There was and is still much work to do. As for the atonement, we're not certain when that was finished. I believe the criss was nothing compared to what he suffered in the garden. I personally believe that the atonement was complete there, but we frequently hear that it was wrought in the garden and on the cross, but I don't thin the cross would have had any meaning if the garden suffering had failed.
  8. brotherofJared

    I'm so excited!

    I dont hide eggs either
  9. brotherofJared

    I'm so excited!

    It's never been on my radar. This is all new to me.
  10. brotherofJared

    Is it hard?

    Church meetings can be difficult and sometimes uninspiring. When we held our 3-hour meetings on Sunday, I once explained that the Sacrament meeting was the highlight of the day. It would then drop considerably in Sunday School and Priesthood meetings were a complete waste of time, but I would give my ward an A for effort even though the result is the same. Now I know of people who claim that 'you get out of the meetings what you put into it', but I think that misses the mark. I can't put anything that I have into these other meetings. I read the lesson and come prepared and then the teacher teaches a different lesson because he claims that that's what the spirit led him to do. That might be true, but I have trouble following that. Or you offer a comment and it goes completely over the teacher's head, they say "uh huh" and then continue on with their lesson and not with a discussion. So these later meetings frustrate me. I feel far more uplifted in smaller intimate meetings that are of a personal nature. In fact, all my personal study and personal service is uplifting and regenerating. I can't seem to bring that into a class setting. Yes. Scripture study and daily prayer is a discipline that has to be monitored and maintained or we'll stop doing it, but it is these personal studies that recharge my batteries and personal one-on-one discussions with friends and family and service of any kind church or not. The spiritual drain comes from hostile interface, sometimes on the internet, sometimes in church, sometimes at home. I need the personal time to keep going.
  11. So, you would deprive her of doing what she thinks is right?
  12. That is a very interesting answer. It would mean that we are not now fully and completely cut off. But because this is the only existence we can remember, it is easy to not understand what it would mean to be fully and completely cut off. IOW, we take for granted what we have now, even though it's not much. Couple that with knowing what we had as we remember our previous existence, even if only for a moment. I imagine it to be a place that is literally void of any light whatsoever with people who went out of their way to reject what they once had and fight against it. I think it would be a horrible experience to be deprived of all sensory perception.
  13. brotherofJared

    BYU classroom lecture

    I disagree. Homosexuality is the sin. Holding hands and kissing aren't sins. We permit is among women to an extent. Are you going to take two girls who are dancing together at a church dance and excommunicate them for breaking the law of chastity? Is kissing and holding hands between a heterosexual couple who aren't married breaking the law of chastity? I think you are confused about cultural norms and what constitutes the law of chastity.
  14. brotherofJared

    BYU classroom lecture

    What's the difference? Just curious.
  15. brotherofJared

    Mosiah 4:7

    I have to wonder who Adam would have been the son of. If Genesis is about the origin of man there would be no "son of". I think Adam would be the exception to the rule about proper names.