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  1. I appreciate your advice. Thanks so much. I also understand that dating is about getting to know different types of people, but the way I see it is that Elders shouldn't really be "dating" - keeping in contact with or writing - multiple girls because they're missionaries. I would not mind at all if this guy was dating different girls if he were not an Elder. But he is, so I am not so sure about what to do.
  2. Thanks for your advice! I do agree with you when you say that contact with a girl can be a distraction for an Elder. I tried to resolve this by attempting - multiple times - to reduce the frequency of emails I send e.g. rather than sending one email a week, I tried to skip a week and send it fortnightly. However, when I attempted this, each time he would email asking why I haven't emailed him for the week. I was thinking of just being straightforward and sending him an email telling him that I'm going to dial the emails down so that he can focus more on his call.
  3. Hi there. I am a 19 year old young single adult and am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have a missionary friend who I have been writing emails weekly to for the past few months. We were not an official couple before he left on his mission. We only went on a date prior to his mission, and it's somewhat obvious that we do like each other. He asked if I could email him weekly because he wanted to keep in touch with me, so I have been doing that. I enjoy hearing all about his mission and the transformation he is going through. I also try my best to encourage and support him. However, I do have some issues with keeping in contact with him, so I am conflicted as to whether I should remain in touch with him or not. First, he has confided in me about his not so good experiences which have happened to him on the mission. He is serving in a tough area, and so when he has bad experiences, he tells me about it. He doesn't tell his family because he doesn't want them to worry. I understand that his heart is in the right place when he omits to tell his family about his bad experiences, but I do not like the fact that he tells me what happened when I am not an important priority. Secondly, I recently received the impression that he is keeping in touch with other girls too. I personally do not want him to be emailing multiple girls while he is on the mission, because it may become a distraction. Also, I do not want to get emotionally invested in this Elder and then find out that I was just another mere option for him. Any advice on what I should do about this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.