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  1. estradling75

    Kyle Rittenhouse

    Indeed many horrible things have happened over the years, decades and centuries. Something horrible happening is not an indicator that things are getting worse... The indicator that things are getting worse is that we are not uniting in the face of the horrible things and collectively condemning them... Rather too many on all sides (depending on which horror) are trying to justify it as Ok, or not that bad, or only fair or expected because of X...
  2. estradling75

    A Pentacostal Reads the BoM

    As a general rule I agree... But there are too many examples in the scripture where even the prophets themselves ask why the Lord is not responding (Take Joseph Smith and Liberty Jail for example) and there are many teaching in the church how blessing do not always instantly follow obedience. (Nor punishment instantly following disobedience). Thus expecting instant answers, once we have done our part is not something we should expect, but often do. Many times in my own life I have had to take that leap of faith, and step out into the darkness with nothing but faith, hoping that the Lord will light the path once I am committed to it. Once I've done that... then the many of promised answers have came, but some I still wait for... knowing that they will come.
  3. estradling75

    A Pentacostal Reads the BoM

    In matters like this... we tend to forget that the Lord will keep all his promises... in his time... That last bit is kind of important. For example if we are talking to a faithful and true member who desires the blessing of being sealed... we have no problem believing that it will happen, but the timing might not be for a while or even in mortality, but the Lord will work it out and keep all his promises. Yet when we hear someone who is not getting a testimony of the Book of Mormon... we assume they are doing something wrong.. and while that is a good thing to check... We also have to acknowledge that the Lord is in control, and it will happen on his schedule, in his timing. While we might not understand the delay we do need to accept that it is for a wise purpose.
  4. estradling75

    Could education really be fully privatized?

    Which raises the question? What do we consider the 'basics' We live in a very complex society, and adults are expected to navigate lots of different things. I consider my job as a parent is to turn my kid into a functional adult... That can look like a lot of different things to different people.
  5. estradling75

    Could education really be fully privatized?

    The bottom line is... Parents... Parents that are engaged and active in their children's education can make just about anything work. The parents that can't be bothered.. will find that just about everything will fail.
  6. estradling75

    Possible overturn of Roe vs Wade?

    I have no problem with a line... I have a problem when we are hypocrites about the line. Take fetal homicide laws. If a person attacks a pregnant woman, and causes her to miscarry... not only can the attacker be charged with the assault on the mother, but for killing the unborn child as well (where these laws exist). To me this law just feels right and correct. But if it is right and correct... then I can not turn around and say but it is ok if the mother gets a doctor to do it or does it herself. We can either have fetal homicide laws or we can have legal abortions but it is very hypocritical to do both. And I prefer the first
  7. estradling75

    Possible overturn of Roe vs Wade?

    Some the greatest crimes and tragedies that one person (or group of people) have inflicted on another has been enabled by seeing them as 'less' than human... Holocaust, Racism, Slavery etc. In many of these cases we have said NO and Never again. To justify abortion we have to call the unborn... not human... That is only way we can feel good and justify our actions, of what would otherwise be horrific. Given that these unborn simply need a bit more time to be unarguably human... It seems that saying that they are not old enough to be human.... is as weak as saying someone is not human because of skin color, or ethnicity, or religion
  8. estradling75

    Pulling internet into another structure

    Wi-Fi node is a generic term for Wi-FI hardware. @mikbone has posted some good examples. (And he did the weather protection which I hadn't been thinking about. That is important too)
  9. estradling75

    Pulling internet into another structure

    As been pointed out the trailer being a faraday cage is a big factor limiting wifi (and cell service too). Running a cable is something is something you need to do to get past it. Now if running the cable through your house is an issue and your wifi outside the house is good.. Then you could put a wifi node outside to take it back to cable and route it into the trailer. Once inside you could continue the cable or do another wifi node on the inside. You would have to do some looking to see if that kind of thing would make sense for you (Cost wise and making sure you still have enough speed.)
  10. estradling75

    Does the Church Have a Pension?

    Indeed.. The corporate side of the church does have an obligation... The obligation it to whatever it agreed to/offered as part of it employee compensation... whatever that might be. (It seems clear that no one here can really answer that question) The idea that the corporate side church should "do more" then its obligation raises the very logical question of where does that end? After all the command for charity does not end with a singular persons aunt. If they "do more" for her then they should do more for everyone else. And if they are busy funding everyone retirement what is happening to our Temples, the temple work, the church building and missionary work? Funds are limited... That work is also commanded us of the Lord. So the church has to balance all the commands of the Lord, all of which require funding. The church will not ignore the Aunt if she runs into problem in retirement because she neglected to prepare for it... but it will not be solving it with piles of cash... It will be in the local ward leaders trying to help her and her family solve it themselves.
  11. estradling75

    Food Storage Assessment

    Having fresh vegetables as food storage is totally doable. You just need to commit to a slightly different set of preps. In this case you learn to garden, you eat what you 'grow' and your food storage isn't massive containers of wheat or beans or whatever... but a seed bank, plus whatever incidentals you like on your vegges. Of course gardening is not without its own set of challenges... which is why you need to figure it out before you need to live off it.
  12. estradling75

    Does the Church Have a Pension?

    The bottom line is if your Aunt wants to retire she needs to figure out how to make it happen... If her family wants her to retire then they need to figure out how to make that happen. As an employee there is probably something... but there is no guarantee that it is going to be enough. What ever the employer offers (aka the Church) is what it offers and then remainder has to be covered in other ways... This is why it is not recommended that a person waits to plan for their retirement.
  13. estradling75

    Free will

    My thoughts on the question of why God creates someone that will not make it.... is really simple. Even a little bit of progress is better then no progress. Lets walk through this... God sees a pre-existent Intelligence and knows what it is capable of... And does what he does to advance it to being one of his spirit children. The focal point of my thought is that the selected Intelligence is much better off with the advancement even if it goes no further. Then there is the physical body, we are better off with a physical body then with out one. Then there is the resurrection and degrees of glory. Each type is better then mortality, but some are better then others. Thus each step along the way is a benefit and gain for us but we only go as far as we are willing to go. With this idea then even Lucifer being lifted to a Spirit Child is a positive and net gain for him even if he does not go any farther. Now we do have the things like 'endless suffering' and 'eternal damnation' to deal with... But I have to ask... compared to what? What an exalted person has... Sure... But maybe not when compared to a pre-existent Intelligence
  14. estradling75

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    Did you notice my use of the word "Mandate"? Because if you did then your twisting of what is a clear disagreement with Civil Authorities, into Church Authorities is fundamentally dishonest... It is not my job to steady the Ark of God (aka the Church)... It is my job to hold my elected government authorities accountable... and I can fulfill both objectives at the same time.
  15. estradling75

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    Indeed... yet we in the very thread we have had people accuse those not vaccinated as being murders spreading COVID... And other places they are being accused of being Anti-science along with being murders. And for the record I am fully vaccinated precisely because I wanted to help those more vulnerable, and I want the data to show that I made an effective choice... The data is not there. I helped myself (Which I really didn't need) as the risk of unknown future side effect if any. I don't consider that a good exchange at this point.