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  1. estradling75

    President Nelson vaccinated

    It is not odd... It is understanding human nature. As a general rule humans are bad at math and probabilities. The more people hear about something the more likely they are to think it will happen to them. Take the lottery for example. A person is more likely to get hit by lightning Twice then win the lottery... Yet people still think that they will be the winner one day and play because they hear all about the winners every time. Same with a vaccine. Odds of an adverse reaction from a vaccine are very possibly at the "Winning the Lottery" level. If the whole point is to get everyone to take it then you have to avoid spooking many of them into irrationally thinking that they are injecting death. The problem of course is our society is becoming more and more polarized and people want their absolutes. If you do not disclose everything then you are dishonest and can't be trusted, but if you do disclose everything then the most trivial and unlikely to happen events get blown up all out of proportion and context.
  2. estradling75

    Were we ever united?

    No I will not. I (and others) have repeatedly called you personally out over this type of behavior and you continue to engage in it. I see no reason to try to discuss any issues with you as long as you think it is ok for you to personally engage in behavior (ACTIONS speaking louder then words) that you would call deplorable and reprehensible if I were to engage in it.
  3. estradling75

    Backdoor Gun Control

    What makes you think this isn't exactly what they are doing? Why couldn't a bunch of people be seeing a future need, and are out proactively buying it prior to it. Crowds simply mean a lot of people are seeing a future need.
  4. estradling75

    Were we ever united?

    Funny how you define BLM by its goals... But MAGA by whose abusing it to their own agendas. That is hardly fair, or equitable, in fact it is down right hypocritical. Yet it proves my point precisely.
  5. estradling75

    Were we ever united?

    A few thoughts... Diversity is a buzz word. Its used so much that people think that it is inherently good. It is not. It is neutral. Context makes it good or bad. Let me expand on that idea. A widget manufacturer is holding a meeting. They want to make "better" widgets. As long as that purpose is agreed to by everyone in the meeting then diversity is wonderful. However if that common purpose is not respected, and people individual 'voice' is more important then you get some talking about better widgets, other want to build thingamabobs instead and still others are focusing on what is for lunch. Diversity is a failure in this latter case. Racism is simply rebranded otherism. Humans are tribal, us vs them, normal (which is completely subjective) vs different. You can't fix otherism, tribalism, differentsim by focusing on what makes things different. You fix it by focusing everyone on things they share, things they have in common. Take for example two current movements. BLM and MAGA. Which one focus one the difference of the races and which one is race blind? Yet which one is labelled politically correct which one is considered just plan wrong. Finally white privilege... The whole argument for white privilege is that white people are blind to it. But they do not follow that to its logical conclusion. Why am I blind to my privilege? Simply because I do not consider it a privilege... I consider it normal, I consider it default. And like most humans I consider what is normal and default for me is the normal and default for everyone. This is a clearly false assumption. But it tells you my headspace. I am not hording my privilege, I am not denying it to others, I am blindly and falsely assuming they have it. Now when trying to address this difference one can either try to enlighten me, and enlist me in trying to lift others to the to the level I already assumed they were at. The only block to this is my ignorance and false assumptions. Or one can choose to attack me, try to shame me, try to get me to reduce or limit what I consider normal. When you see these two options there is a very clear winning path and a very clear losing path. Yet almost every time the choice it made to take the losing path. Its as if the ones trying to drive the 'fixes' don't really want to fix things. Why would this be, the answer is simple, if things were fixed they would have no power. And that drive for personal power (which is not limited to one party) is why we are not united like we should be.
  6. I would be pleasantly surprised if they did... The best we have had in a long time on this issue was Trump, and he worked through executive orders and abrasive personalty.
  7. estradling75

    The Shame of Elder Renlund

    That seems fair enough. It shows were the true desires of the heart really are. Which really is kind of the whole point of this existence anyways. Of course one can repent and change such desires, but that does not seem to happen that often.
  8. estradling75

    The Shame of Elder Renlund

    The Lord said he would sift his church... We saw this with the whole Prop 8 and rainbow movements... Now we are seeing it hit the other side of the political scale, with the face-masks and shut down mandates. In the end we will see who is on the Lord's side and who thinks the leaders have fallen because they disagree with them...
  9. estradling75

    Why is taco seasoning so bad?

    For both yours and @Traveler's post... I am reminded of the saying... Hunger is the best sauce. I mean normally we get hungry and we eat no big deal... But if you have postpone it... and or have a larger then normal calorie spend.. your body lets you know... Food is Good.
  10. Neither party has done right with immigration. Not only like you said is it a slap in the face to those that did it right (like my mother). It also creates a group of people that are easy prey for criminals... Illegals do not want to go to the cops out of fear of being deported.. so they get preyed on... used, and abused because criminals think they can get away with it. You want to talk about Human Rights abuses, or Humanitarian Crisis will there is a big one right here in our borders. And both parties do nothing but call the other party names over it
  11. Indeed... For example I am personally willing to help other individuals. But if one of those individuals has a history of threatening violence against people trying to help, well my religion and faith would excuse me from going over. My responsibly to stay alive for my family trumps, rendering temporary aid to a stranger. When we move this up to the macro scale and immigration it still holds. We help those we can. But those that are threats we do not, because it is not safe to do so. We have an obligation to protect those already here... the only way to do that is to vet those incoming. And large numbers make the vetting more difficult . To have this concerned be so toxicly twisted into pure selfishness and mocking and scorning of the poor an needy shows the fundamental dishonesty of the statement. A variation of this dishonesty is to claim that we think ALL immigrants are criminals and dangerous. We are not saying that they ALL are. We are saying that the odds are that small subset of them are, and that subset needs to be dealt with for the protection of all.
  12. A perfect example of why this country is polarizing. One side demands that we treat every issue they think is important with utmost care and concern... Yet when the other side presents something they are concerned about, the response to attack the character of the person expressing the concern and strawmaning their statements and belief.
  13. estradling75


    In Revelations we learn that there will be Tribulations in the last days and that Lord will cut this time of Tribulation short to prevent it from overpowering the saints. This seems similar to some events recorded in the Book of Mormon. Samuel had prophesied the coming of Christ in 5 years and gave the sign of his Birth. During the intervening 5 years things got so bad that the faithful were scheduled to be executed. Ponder on that Ponder on how bad thing are that we have a (most likely) government driven execution. Please note that at this time one of the Nephi was leading the faithful. So the faithful were following the prophet and they were going to be executed. They were not spared by the Church, or by the Prophet, or by the Government, they were spared by the direct intervention of the Lord in giving the sign. We have no reason to expect the last days to be any better. So the question becomes what can we do? And that answer is also found in the scriptures. When the early saints got repeatably kicked out homes and attacked and mobbed. Joseph Smith prayed for the Lord to intervene. The Lord's answer was very clear. Follow the mortal means of redress, work the system, use the tools already given you and allowed. Then he added, "When" (not "if" but "when") that Fails then the Lord will come out and intervene for his people. So clearly we have a job to do, and just as clearly we should not put our faith in the system to really work but rather keep our faith in and on God. The other thing we are instructed to do is Preach the Gospel. Prophets and scriptures are clear on the power of the gospel message. The scriptures and prophets are also clear that not everyone will accept the gospel message when it is preached to them. Those are our God given tools in these times (and all times really) and we need to use them well.
  14. estradling75


    This is part of why I am a bit baffled by Big Tech in this matter... They are choosing a side.. and the side they have chosen is one that favors high taxes and is generally hostile to Large Corporations... Its just a matter of time before those they have chosen to ally with will turn on them.
  15. Sunday Best is about you (and each individual) choosing to Respect and Honor God, on his day, and while partaking of his Ordinances. Thus our Focus should be God Centered. Part of this also about not distracting others as they also attempting to Respect, Honor, and having a God Centered Focus. Now some might rightly say hey I have enough problems of my own I can't concern myself with what others might be thinking or how they might react to what I wear. While this may be true... its never been God's way, and it is not what he wants of us. So it is not about us (nor is it a place for us to ) expressing our individuality. But rather about our willingness to be one with our fellow saints, as God commands. And that is were the culture of various types take hold. That culture is what defines what that Oneness looks like when it comes to clothing and actions. While God likely really does not care about the dictates of our culture, he has commanded us to become one. Thus while one might fight against a culture, we need to be very careful about breaking oneness with the Saints, because while the first might not be a sin... the second most assuredly is