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  1. estradling75

    Are we alive?

    It seems to me this is the same as the philosophical question that is answered by "Cogito, ergo sum" aka "I think therefore I am" We are alive because our senses tell us we are alive... If our senses deceive us (which they can) then we can be sure of nothing... except "Cogito, ergo sum" I am alive because my senses tell me I am alive, and I have no reason to doubt them at this point. And that is as far as we can take it as anything more then a pure thought experiment.
  2. estradling75

    Original Mission

    Everyone here can understand and empathize with things not going as expected and being harder then we assumed or otherwise thought they would be. Even Jesus Christ our example encountered this. The scriptures record him being 'sore amazed' in Gethsemane when he began atonement. Now there are many ways that we might understand 'sore amazed' but none of them are 'as expected' or 'easy.' We get further confirmation of this with his prayer to our Father in Heaven asking the cup (aka the pain of performing the Atonement) be taken from him. Empathy and understanding does not change that our response to such hardships. It needs to be to follow the example of Christ. " nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt. " Sadly most of us need repeated hardships to learn this lesson, to learn to be like Christ. To often we show that our faith is very weak, instead of trusting God and his promises, we like to throw blame. 'If it was not for this situation, or if it was not for this persons actions' everything would be going according to God's plan. Which is a clear lack of faith that God is in control. Or if we are not blaming we complain about it not being 'Fair.' We look around comparing our situation to others, most of the time this puts us comparing our weakness to the image of strength someone else is projecting, which only leads to misery. Even if we avoid comparison the complaint of 'its not fair' shows a lack of faith in God's Justice and Mercy. If you fall in a pit... empathy and understanding is very nice... But pointing out the ladder you can use to climb out is much more charitable.
  3. estradling75

    President Nelson vaccinated

    Nope.. At least not that I am aware of... The simple fact is vaccines have been incredibly rushed, which is what some people have a problem with. The vaccines have not been "approved." NT is part of a trial to get one of the vaccines "approved" he is still having his blood drawn regularly. The vaccines are being distributed to the masses. These are the simple facts. People see this mess and who are understandably hesitant to take the vaccines are being told they are apostate.
  4. estradling75

    President Nelson vaccinated

    I think you are confusing @NeuroTypical being in a medical trial for the vaccine. (which makes him a very special snow flake ) And the rest of us rubes who only get the injections because we are not in a trial.
  5. estradling75

    Child support/ temple recommend

    Indeed, telling a different Bishop (yours) does not do much good. Telling their Bishop is unlikely to do anything either... If they are going to lie before the Lord and their Bishop they are going to lie... There simply is not much more the church can do in that case. They are not the courts or the law... that is were people should go to to address it.
  6. estradling75

    Original Mission

    The idea and feeling that the missionary is being punished, is simply wrong. While it is understandable why that feeling exists it does not make it any less wrong. The truth is the missionary is not being punished... he is being protected. Hundreds of thousands of faithful Saints are regularly praying for the safety of the missionaries. And the hand of God is reaching out (through his servants) and protecting this one, very clearly in this case. But like in many cases the individuals in question do not see the hand of God in their lives when it is happening. Missionary assignments are done by the same revelatory process that the church teaches its members to use. The leaders study things out, make a choice, take it to the Lord for confirmation. This is the spirit of revelation, the spirit of prophecy, this is what has called and assigned the missionary in question to where he is now. It is not unheard of for a missionary to develop a medical condition while serving. When this happens it becomes something the leader include in their study for assignments. While missions always have some dangers, it is unacceptable for a leader to purposely endanger a missionary by sending them some place they can not get the care they need. Now one might be thinking that the leader's screwed up, and it is possible, our leaders are human. That is where faith in the Lord comes in. COVID might have caught our leaders by surprise, but it did not catch the Lord by surprise. An emergent medical issue might have caught a missionary and our leaders by surprise, but it did not catch the Lord by surprise. Our leaders might even screw up and forget about a missionary for a while, but the Lord never will. Every missionary can exercise faith that he is exactly where the Lord wants him to be. The only question we need to ask is "Are we going to serve God with all our heart mind and strength even when we did not expect to be where we ended up?"
  7. estradling75

    President Nelson vaccinated

    Indeed we should follow the example of the Prophet and the Apostles... And they would be the first to tell you to follow their example in How they reach a decision (ie Study and Prayer) not to blindly copy their choices without calling upon the Lord. Having said that the Prophet having been vaccinated is a huge plus in the Pro Vaccination Column for any faithful saint studying it out. It just does not void our need to do our own study and prayer about it.
  8. estradling75

    The Tolerance of the Church

    The church has the Law of Chasity. Anyone violating it is subject to Church discipline and lost of Temple privileges. The Law of Chasity applies to all and can be summarized as No sexual relations except between a man and woman who are legally and lawfully married to each other. This is the standard for everyone but it clearly does not recognize homosexual marriages. People who do not meet the Church standard of marriage and refrain from sexual relations do not trigger church discipline over the Law of Chasity and can serve. No matter how they identify or what temptations they might have. However we also need to remember the Lord's words concerning a person that Lusts after another, even if they do not reach the having relations stage. Lusting is still a sin... even if it is common, even if it does not, by itself, trigger Church discipline. Temptation is that initial spark, lust is when we allow that spark to catch fire, by choosing to not put it out when it happens. This holds for everyone no matter how they identify or even if they are married. (Note that desire for ones spouse is not temptation)
  9. estradling75

    What, precisely, does a baptism program look like?

    My niece was recently baptized... For the filler time between the baptism and the rest of the service they handed out a postcard size paper and a pen. And asked everyone to write a note to my niece. I had never had that happen before but I though it was pretty cool. After the service was over we were invited back to their house for lunch...
  10. estradling75

    Non-Traditional "Missions"

    Given your constant regurgitation in what you claim are your local leaders failures simply point to your failures as a follower of Christ. For example Christ commands you to forgive everyone. From your postings you clearly have not forgiven your local leaders. Our leaders are flawed and will make mistakes and even sin... They will account to God for their short comings and failure... But every time you complain about the mote in their eyes you clearly show the beam in your own eyes. You state that you did not go on a mission because of family issues. That is understandable but Christ says That is a hard thing to hear but it is straight from Christ in the New Testament. The prophet of God made it very clear that you should serve God on a mission. You chose to let family and worldly concerns override your willingness to obey the command of God. Instead of trusting and having faith in the Lord that he would take care of things while you faithfully served him, you choose not to serve. You put your faith and your trust in your own hands and abilities... Which is a form of idolatry. The consequences of your clear lack of faith in Christ followed you naturally to this day. Young Faithful church women are interested in Young Faithful church men which in the short term aftermath of your failure to go on a mission you clearly were not. When it comes to the church leaders advising Young Woman to seek after only Returned Missionaries, while dating RM's does not guarantee success, and young man that could have gone but does not shows that there are serious issues that need to be resolved. As for the Church expansion into Service Missions... it is exists now to allow more people to serve. In the past many faithful members who wanted to serve would be told no they could not by the Lord's leaders in the Church. Because the Church had no way of supporting the special needs of those members back then. The church has decided to fix this. But in all the cases of Church Service Mission they still need the desire and the willingness to put the Lord first.
  11. estradling75

    President Nelson vaccinated

    Because the flu vaccine is a crap shoot every year... Given the amount of time it takes to create a vaccine the vaccine makers have to "guess" which strains of the flu are most likely to be making the rounds in the up coming flu season... And often they are wrong. So you take a vaccine which is designed to trigger your bodies reaction (aka make you safely sick for a bit) and it does nothing against the flu that is going round because they got the wrong strain.. Vaccines can be wonderful and powerful tools but they are not a magic bullet.
  12. estradling75

    The Shame of Elder Renlund

    It simply means he is human... Telling/knowing that there is no logical or rational way one could have prevented something from happening from ones actions... Does not stop most people from feeling guilty when their actions unexpectedly cause harm to others even loved ones. This is a normal human reaction and set of feelings. It is not an admission of malice or ill intent on the part of the person performing the action.
  13. estradling75

    What is the word for it?

    In forums its called ThreadJacking
  14. estradling75

    Current Event - Stairs strike back

    It was nice of him to give a perfect example of the Hypocrisy I (and @mirkwood) was talking about
  15. estradling75

    Demands of Justice

    Part of the problem is we are trying to use Mortal definitions and understandings to try to understand the Divine. Mortal Justice is do X crime to Y time. Once Y is done then you have "Paid your debt". Divine Justice is do sin... suffer Eternally. There will be no point were you ever "Paid your debt" to Divine Justice. Lets set up the analogy of a Down Pour, but instead of Rain that is falling on us it is Suffering. This is our state, to exist in the never ending down pour of suffering unless God acts to extend Mercy. This was done through Christ. He lived perfectly showing the standard, while hard, was not impossible. Divine Justice had no claim on him, yet Christ suffered Divine Justice anyways to enact the Atonement. Using the analogy the Atonement is a giant umbrella, created and held by Christ. It is Infinite and Eternal because that is what it takes to Balance Infinite and Eternal Divine Judgement. The only limit to the Atonement of Christ is our willingness to stand under its protection. This is God respecting our Agency. Some will exercise the Faith and Repentance to come under the umbrella in this life, some only after suffering in Hell, and some never (Sons of Perdition) As for Christ paying for our Sins and still having to pay it if we do not repent.. well in Math an Infinite Set minus an Infinite Set still leaves us with an Infinite Set (Math and Infinities are not intuitive)