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  1. estradling75

    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    It was a rhetorical question. If the Lord clearly puts the answer in scripture... and the church clearly encourages you to read said scripture... Why do you need me or anyone else to repeat it? (aka rhetorical) As for not answering your question.. I see no reason to answer a question that fundamentally misrepresent what I am saying. Rather I address the true issue that you are twisting my words and I do not accept it.
  2. estradling75

    Does Character Matter?

    Since this is talking about character among various leaders we should remember the duty the Lord has given us concerning choosing our leaders Doctrine and Covenants 98 How each individual chooses to act on that command is up to them. (Kind of like how one chooses to pay tithing) But a faithful Saint should have the instructions of God guiding their actions even if other faithful members reach a different answer while doing so.
  3. estradling75

    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    I am not responsible for meeting your needs.. More so when to take it in directions I was not going. The Lord is the one that has plainly taught how authority is to be used. He is the one that calls everyone to repentance. The church does its part by encourage all of us to read/study/apply the things the Lord teaches. How you twist that into saying it is OK to rebuke the prophet of God says more about your mindset then it does about my words .
  4. estradling75

    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    The Lord did it.. He commands us to follow him and do what he tells us to... He gave section 121 which tells us how we are expected to handle any authority. Which the church both teaches and encourages us to study. How much more do you really need?
  5. estradling75

    Revelation- How does it REALLY work?

    Life being a test to see if we will truly choose to follow God... and potential for situations to be murky or confusing are why we are taught a pattern for receiving and acting on revelations. We are to pray, we are to study, we are to make a choice in action, we are to take that choice to the Lord for confirmation . Skipping any steps are bad... skipping that last step is what many people do. The prayer, "Hey Lord I think this is the action you want me to take right now so I am going to... Is this what you want me to do?" Fits right into the pattern... is a simple yes or no answer... It shows faith, agency and a thy will be done all in one. And it could save a lot of heart ache.
  6. estradling75

    Revelation- How does it REALLY work?

    Heh... I was just going to say if the roles were reversed... We would be telling the guy to get a clue... stop being all creepy obsessive and that this was a clear NO and NO means NO. But it looks like you got there before me
  7. estradling75

    Revelation- How does it REALLY work?

    God has a plan for us... However we at best only see the outlines of it. This plan included teaching us to prepare us and testing us. Sometimes however we mistake a teaching moment prompting for a eternal answer. This is easy to see in the example you gave. The lady in question wants to be marred which is good, but that can lead her to think that... Oh 'he is the One' which would be awesome rather then... oh 'he is a learning experience.' Thus the young lady got and education that the Lord wanted her to have. To summarize. Revelation puts us on the path the Lord would have us on. However that path might not been the one we want or even assumed he would put us on.
  8. estradling75

    Education works best when...

    A real grinding of the gears there.
  9. estradling75

    Oregon Woman sues Church for reporting abuse

    Indeed pretty typical of her... Oh I can pretend not to understand so I can ask a gotta question. The simple fact is for years now we have been told that homosexual actions are hard wired into an individual and should be allowed to expression because clearly God made them that way. When it is pointed out that the same logic and reason holds for pedophiles instead of recognizing the flaws in their case and arguments they give an emotional appeal against pedophiles. 50 years ago homosexuals had the same emotional appeal used against them and look where we are now. The simple reality is that humans have a sex drive given to them by God. God has in turn give very explicit command that it is not to be used except in very limited circumstance. People who chose to ignore this suffer the consequences.
  10. Sadly social media reinforces this behavior.
  11. estradling75

    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    Speaking of being ahead of its time... I heard a story one that when Utah was being considered for state-hood it was also going to include a woman's right to vote. (Which would have made Utah the first state to do so). The powers that be figured that the LDS women with the power of the vote would then throw off the oppression of polygamy. After all what could possibly be more oppressive to women then polygamy.. right? Well it turned out as they studied the issue, that LDS women would not, they had Faith and Believed. Learning that Utah got delayed and another state became the first to allow women to vote. My take away from that is the dangers of assuming that someone doing or living a life style that we might think is oppressive is oppressed... Because the person living it might not agree with you and if that is the case well it is there call or make not ours.
  12. estradling75

    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    When I hear talk of oppression of women I remember a conversation I had will my wife's aunt. She is a non member that married into a largish LDS family. She is opinionated, headstong, and a bit of a control freak which meant she fit right in. At one of the many family gathering we had she was going off on how the LDS faith oppresses it women. And we were largely just rolling with it because that was the kind of thing she did. But after awhile I got kind of tired of it. So I addressed her had asked her if she would say that she thought she knew a lot of LDS women? Thinking of the family she had gotten to know since being married she said yes. Then I asked of all the In-laws and nieces (and I named a few) and others that she knew how many would she say are afraid to speak their mind? How many if they feel they are being wronged are afraid to speak up? After some thought she came up with one person, a friend, she knew that was in a bad marriage. I was like ok so from you personal experience with a lot LDS women you can only think of one. How can you from your personal experience call it a culture of oppression, of you see that oppression is the exception not the rule? How is that not instead more of a result of bad individual choices? She thought about that and then moved on to different topics. The simple fact is the past was neither universally bad nor universally good... it was mixed just like every other time. And like all other it was different, but different does not mean better or worse. Better or worst is a judgment call based on whatever personal standards one wishes to apply
  13. estradling75

    Impeachment question for experts

    Indeed... The House has the solo authority to impeach the president. However the Senate has solo authority to try the case and act on the impeachment. The fact that the House is trying to dictate how the Senate does its job needs to be smacked down hard.
  14. estradling75

    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    That entirely depends on how personal she was being. If she meant that she personally (or her husband) could not have been happy... Well can't really argue with that because she would know that better then anyone else. However that would also clearly be a personal issue not a social one. If however she was speaking in more general terms (like you took it) then I would have to add my list of grandparents and other relations to yours in the proof against category.