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  1. estradling75

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    While I realize some people use such one offs to push there agenda, I am not one of them.. my only agenda is to protect me an mine as best I can. Now if a majority of your group end up dying from breakthrough COVID, or shingles or elective scar revision, then I would be concerned (and more then a little confused by that last one). I wish the more main stream media shared your restraint.
  2. estradling75

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    Indeed we have data for that NOW.. We did not have that when we started... as for the cost.. we still do not know if there are any long term negative impacts and might make it in retrospect a bad idea no matter how 'effective' it is. (Thanks for being the experimental lab monkey on that one btw) Yet from the beginning those people who recognized there was not enough data, and have concerns about possible long term effects were labeled anti-vaxers, and had the social media platforms censor and remove their content expressing this. And when you have organizations doing such a hard core suppression it becomes natural to wonder what are they trying to hide.
  3. estradling75

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    Competent medical professional on the subject of COVID might be hard to find. COVID is new and science takes awhile to settle. Competent medical professional on the subject of YOU should be within the realms of your main doctor (assuming you have one). The doctor that knows you best would be the most competent to advise you.
  4. estradling75

    Secret Combinations

    People who doubt secret combinations only need to look at what has been revealed about Big Tobacco. They did not want to destroy the world, they simply wanted to have power over it. They lied about the product they sold, they had 'scientists' and politicians on their payroll. The only way they were brought to light was that the 'kooks' and 'extremist' did not shut up, in spite of pressure Big Tobacco applied to them. Now a days we are seeing this exact same pressure being applied to those being labelled as 'kooks' and 'extremist' and it is concerning. Not because every 'kooks' and 'extremist' right but rather we are not being allowed to decide for ourselves that whom are 'kooks and 'extremist' whom might have a point.
  5. estradling75

    BYU Hawaii - vaccine required

    That is a interesting little factoid. I was wondering what it would take to merit an exception and why someone with something like Guillian Barre wouldn't be. It seems clear BYUH is following the CDC guidelines... Now people might agree or disagree with the CDC guideline but it is the legally wise path for an institution. The Admins at BYUH are not overriding her doctor... the CDC is.
  6. estradling75

    BYU Hawaii - vaccine required

    In the scriptures we read the the number of the faithful will be few. The scriptures then compare the faithful to leaven... where a small amount can lift the whole thing. So when it comes to the rest of the world we have to engage... thus we need to make allies and stuff. The problems we run into is when we forget our role to lift in order to stay allies. I think Trump was a good example of this, many of the faithful thought they should ally with him and his movement. There was nothing wrong with that. However too many thought that being an ally meant we shouldn't be trying to lift including making excuses for poor behavior.
  7. estradling75

    BYU Hawaii - vaccine required

    When I hear about Church leaders doing something wrong... one of the first things I try to apply is the Golden Rule. I have been in leadership positions, and I have messed up plenty, but I was always trying what I thought was best what I thought the Lord would have me do. I see no reasons why the Administrators of BYU Hawaii would be acting any differently. When I read articles critical of various church leaders, I have to ask myself how unbiased is the article? After all I am living proof that leaders can make mistakes. The one that is linked seems to be less about examining facts then it is about generating outrage. Where in the article do they talk about reaching out to the other side of the story and give the leaders a chance to respond? I see no attempt to do so. So this article reminds me of the trend in news that someone else described as "We are going to tell you how you should feel about something... but you have to figure out if it is true." And frankly I have no desire to let anyone pull my strings in such a manner
  8. estradling75

    Taking Odds on the Election

    Indeed I still remember when Trump won the election against Hilary.. and the utter shock that many had (even here) that Trump could have enough followers to win. While any cult of personality (And every politician is at the head of one) will have its die hard followers.. To win elections you have to tap in to something more. Trump tapped into the wellspring you described and those people saw their lack of trust verified by how the major tech and media tried to silence Trump. Biden tapped into the "He is not Trump" wellspring. That wellspring (that produced Trump as a viable candidate) is still there, being feed a daily diet of so called 'fact checking,' suppression, and lack of any real critical thinking toward the current administration in the media. This means that Trump 2.0 is still very much a possibility. Because until you treat the disease, the symptoms will keep returning
  9. estradling75

    Taking Odds on the Election

    Not only that... if we are talking election fraud.. we need to be careful about thinking along party lines only... Fraud is fraud and if it is wide spread it is really doubtful that it is limited to just one party.. So the idea that a member of a different party is protesting findings is not definitive it is simply another set of claims to process.
  10. estradling75

    Taking Odds on the Election

    Depends on what you mean my removing them. The Supreme Court has never removed a sitting president and I really doubt this conservative court will try to break new ground (and I am not sure it is constitutionally possible) But what we do have is the mid-terms... The current setup is on very narrow margins and historically the party out of power makes gains in the mid terms. If either the House or the Senate flips then the current administration is stalled and limited to executive actions. If they get the House then they can move to impeach (Because that has been weaponized now and claims do not need to be proven to start it) on the basis of being fraudulently elected, that process would allow for a federal election investigation. The results of that would be interesting. If the impeachment process runs to the end that could remove the President and we have been over that ground before and we know what it looks like.
  11. estradling75

    CRT - Why this guy is right and wrong

    I know its been mentioned before but a perfect example of this is Asian Americans. They had racial hardships including being put in prison camps because they were seen as the enemy during World War 2. Instead of constantly regurgitating the crimes inflicted on them because of the color of their skin, and blaming their circumstances on everyone else.. (Which they have had many and I am sure they can tell us about them) They focused on bettering themselves and their families, and they as a group are hugely successful.
  12. estradling75

    Discovering the teachings on the plates

    How do parents with Brown eyes... produce a blue eyed child? It was at one time a mystery. It happens and science has figured out how. But science has had no reason to target religious lineages, and the Lord has not revealed the how. Personally... My father was Ephraim, my mother was Manasseh. All my siblings and myself are Ephraim. My wife is Ephraim My oldest son is Manasseh. My two middle kids are Ephraim. To use the eye color example above it appears that Manasseh is a recessive trait in my line. But we do not know what brings it out
  13. It absolutely could be a sense of entitlement. D&C 121 warns of it. Someone who is providing something, should have the right to stop providing it.... That is a leverage point. This is why many of us do not want the government providing things... it does not take much to push on that leverage point for other things.
  14. estradling75

    Does the Lord want/need diverse perspectives?

    Need might be a strong word. In this fallen world we are going to have diverse perspectives... because everyone has there own and we have to deal with it. The command to love and minster can some times be easier, and is generally more effective, when we understand the perspectives of those we are trying to reach.
  15. estradling75

    Speak when NOT moved upon by the Holy Ghost

    The scriptures say "With out Faith it is impossible to please God." That applies to everything even questions. And the new Testament gives us an example of this Zechariah and Mary both are visited by an Angel who announces the pending birth of their kid. (John the Baptist and Jesus Christ). They both had a question that can be summed up as "How is this possible?" Zechariah is answered and rebuked for his question and doubts, and Mary gets an answer with no rebuke. This shows that questions themselves are not a problem, it is the doubt/lack of faith that is the problem. Now it is easy for us to tell if our questions are Faithful or Doubting... But it can be harder for others to tell (But sometimes it is not). Like with most actions we can take there is what we mean (our motives) and how it might be taken by/impact others. We don't get to ignore this latter bit and call ourselves Followers of Christ, but there is also a limit to how far we can take it