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  1. Sorry you are going through this. Based on what you have told us my advise is... Do not stop doing what you know/feel to be right for your kids even if your ex benefits. With the divorce your priority needs to be your kids, which it looks like you have been doing. But now it seems like you want to control things to cut out your ex from any benefits she gets from being the mother of your kids. This completely understandable... But is also completely the natural man talking(which is why we understand it so well) don't give in to it. It leads to a bad and dark place. Instead take your frustration, sense of offended fairness, sense offended justice and hand it to the Lord and let him deal with it. Allowing you to get back to focusing on being the best father you can be to your kids. As for your ex... Kids are more aware then we give them credit for, they might not understand it yet but they will sooner then you think. Everything your ex is claiming you are doing she will accomplish entirely on her own with out you doing anything to her (Based on what you have said unless she repents). So turn it over to the Lord. Do what you know to be right... Let her laugh and mock and scorn you from the great and spacious building, heed her not. It will fall on her soon enough.
  2. I find it hard to talk about the judgemental-ness of others without becoming judgemental myself. When someone asks me "Am I a Christian?" I answer yes... because I believe that answer is correct. When someone (rarely) asks "Why do "others" consider you to not be Christian?" and I can answer that one too. There is a doctrinal difference that is at the foundation of the disagreement. A lot of people like to make a big deal of the difference, but for me when I ask myself if I were to believe differently on the doctrinal point would I be acting differently. And I have to say the answer is No. While I disagree with the other doctrinal interpretation for many reasons I have never found the difference to make a difference in how I act.
  3. Indeed... If you don't like how Christ is picking his leaders then tell him next time you talk tell him... Vent to him... get it all out... He will listen... He is unlikely to change how he does things.. but he will listen. And you will know to talked to the one and only person who can make a difference in the matter.
  4. Welcome to the forums... Since you brought up the military lets use that as an example... In the military you have chains of command. One is expected to follow orders that come from from the proper authorities and it is generally considered a bad idea to follow order that come from outside the chain of command that you are under. This is part of how they stay organized and avoid confusion... Kinda of important. God's kingdom is lead by revelation which can come to any individual... This would be highly chaotic but God has established his Chains of Command. We call them stewardships. Stewardship are what God has put you over. One is entitled to revelation from God over ones stewardship. Everyone has a stewardship over themselves. But we often have more then one stewardship. If you are a parent you also have a stewardship over your family (with in the limits of being a parent). If you have a calling you have a stewardship over that calling (with in the limits of that calling). At the highest level we have leaders who have calling/stewardship over all the Church and world. Thus I could be given instructions/directions from anyone that has a Stewardship over me who is acting within the bounds of that stewardship... Just like how a superior officer can give orders in the military but how there are limits to what orders they can give. On the subject of beards/facial hair currently that guidance is coming from limited stewardships. If you are under one of those stewardship then you should. If you are not then you are not in rebellion or disobeying for doing what you wish... No matter how many times and in different ways someone else without stewardship might declare or imply it so.
  5. And there you go being offensively misleading again. Time and time again the council of follow the word of wisdom (including no beer) has been given as general council. To always be followed. Whereas clean shaven is a narrowly focused council. Your local leaders have told you to be clean shaven to have leadership roles... great then do so... I have been in leadership roles in my ward also. I have received no such instructions. I would have gladly followed if I did. Since I did not get that council... I am following the council I did get to the best of my ability. It is hugely offensive (and very unchristian of you) to imply that I am using my wife as a pretext to disobey God. Rather then assuming that both my wife and I are trying our best to follow God as much as we can
  6. I grew up in the Church, I served a mission, I have served and will continue to serve in various callings as I am called. And I was clean shaven... up until the day my wife told me she liked the scruffy Aragorn look. Now I don't know about the rest of you but I remember plenty of priesthood lesson around listening/hearing our wives. I distinctly remember one General Authority go so far as to ask us if we wanted to receive revelation? When we answered yes he told us to go home and listen to our wives. I am a imperfect person I follow imperfectly but since that day I have been trying to do the scruffy Aragon look even though I am not nearly as good looking. Because that is what the prophet (by proxy) has instructed me to do. I am going to continue to do so until instructed otherwise. Now some one might look at me and judge me that I am not following the prophet... That is their unrighteous judgment to make and answer for. I got enough on my plate dealing with my own faults.
  7. Wow... just wow... You are so full of... something.... that you can't see that contradict yourself in the same paragraph... and then ignore your own data point to live in your own fantasy. Lets recap what you say... A lot of election fraud lawsuits were dismissed... this is a good thing I agree. But then you point out that not all of them were. Some evidence of fraud was found. It does not matter which party did the deed but in your desire to stick it to the Republicans, you proved the point. The vote and therefore the election was not secure. End of line you proved it. By your own words fraud occurred in the last election (it does not matter the party). Knowing that this will be a challenge vector to the next election, wisdom dictates pulling the teeth to that challenge now.... before there is any possibility of partisan bias
  8. I think anyone with eyes to see... Sees complaints about election rigging continuing to happen. (Agree or disagree it doesn't matter complaints going to continue) So why aren't we working to secure the vote and build up confidence that our votes are counted and fair? After all it is one thing to simply say someone is a sore loser (which they very well may be) but its a much better to be able to prove it. So why haven't we taken the time between elections to create a voting system that can prove the accuracy of the vote to the voters rather then forcing use to assume it to be accurate?
  9. For the prophet is human and can make mistakes vs the Lord will not allow the prophet to lead the church astray I heard the following story that helped me with it. (That being said I am not a historian so I do not know if this story is a some what true story or a complete Mormon Myth) Brigham Young was speaking in the morning session of Conference. It was a fiery speech full of instruction and direction for the Saints. Then in the afternoon he spoke again, He began, by saying "This morning you heard from Brother Brigham. This afternoon you are going to hear from the Lord." And the rest of his speech completely reversed instruction he had given in the morning speech. That to me is an example how those two ideas work together. The willingness to do the Lord's will over there own is one of those characteristic that seem to exist in all our prophets. So if someone wants to say that the Priesthood Ban was "Brigham speaking in the morning" and the Lifting of the Ban was the "Lord speaking in the afternoon" I have no problem with that. The problem comes with the idea Brigham some how bound God and God could not correct the course until Kimball that i do not accept. Trying to protect an image of God by rendering him powerless seems foolhardy to me. That being said.. . Trying to understand what God is accomplishing with the Ban... what greater purpose it served... That can be a brain twister. The church has not told us this. So we are left to our own logic an reasons. I found mine but it is worth exactly nothing to anyone else.
  10. Yes... but you are missing a lot stuff that also has to happen. Hitler may or may not repent... If he does then he will have his sins remembered no more and it will not even come up in judgement.. That is the very power of repentance and being forgiven by the Lord its a very big deal. And if want if for ourselves (Which I do) then we have to allow it for everyone else including Hitler. As for the Holocaust survivor.... the Lord is going to heal him... completely totally... without question. Then the Lord is going to ask the survivor to forgive, not for Hitler sake, not even the Lord's sake, but because the Lord has asked him to for in his own best interest. If the survivor at that point denys the Lord and rebels against God... It is pretty easy to see the greater sin there. In this life we have no idea who might ultimately turn to the Lord. All we really know is who hurt us and how badly we have been hurt by them. So we need to work on forgiving them... not for them... But for us. Ultimately we want to be able to follow all the Lords commands and the Lord's command to forgive might just be one of the hardest.
  11. The problem I have with all attempts to make Brigham solely responsible... is who are they trying to protect... their image of God?!? Smash that idol please. God gets blamed for a lot of things and he is a big boy he can take it, deserved or not. But I can only image the mental paradoxes one has to setup to Claim the Church true and is Lead by prophets except.... when its not... And funny enough that "when its not" all most always involves personal gospel hobby horse. Bottom line is I see no way of saying the Church is true and lead by God, without placing the blame for the Priesthood Ban directly on him.. either through direct action or just allowing it to happen.
  12. I hear you. And I agree... I should have been more precise in my statement It should more clearly read historical records unless they had a profound impact on how things went down in the eyes of the person writing the record. In our day and age calling someone racist or sexist is pretty much the same as calling them evil. While a case might be for us and our peers, it fails hard the farther back in time we go. If we want to ego stroke us now on how much more enlighten we are now on such subjects... then we should look back with compassion to those doing the best they can with lesser light they had. Not condemning them for not holding to a standard they did not even have.
  13. And?!? If Martin Luther believed it was God's church and God was in control... Then he failed the test of Faith. You and I and most on this fourm do not believe that the Catholic is God's church and he is in control of it... So we have no problem with declaring that Martin Luther was right and did the right thing. A man pointed out for correction the failures of men. But it is an Faith and Logical paradox to believe/claim that it is God church and he is in control, while simultaneously believe the right/faithful thing to do is rebel against it. Either God is in control and you need to be patient and long-suffering, trusting in God to make it right in his own time, or he is not in which case do as you think best.
  14. I know @Jamie123 likes to have fun, and that is a good thing. But this is a public forum and there are more then a few out there that would take this subject seriously and they need a serious response. And the reality is women did not get to much representation in the historical records unless they had a profound impact on how things went down. Scriptures are not immune to this reality. The best we can do is acknowledge that it happened, and try to do better when given the chance.
  15. You don't have to be able to predict a schism years down the road to be able to ask the question "Does this action I'm about to take strengthen my friends or empower my enemies?" That is usually a much clearer answer. We protect our friends and attack our enemies And since our Judgement is suppose to be based on the Fruit people bring forth... When I see someone 'Nail' something to the door, I can get a pretty good feel for what/who they consider friends and who/what they consider enemies. Now can people make mistakes??? Sure... we all sin, and we can all repent... But repentance has some very clear steps. Including trying to fix damage we did. Martin Luther was given this chance and declined. In doing so he made it clear where he stood. Now I am not a Catholic, I do not accept their claims. But to those that do... the next steps of the Catholic Church become very clear. Even Martin Luther should have been able to understand what his refusal to repent(in the eyes of the Catholic faith) would bring about for him personally.