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  1. Unless it was a tactic. "Look at me! I'm the Republican who, knowing Trump was going to get acquitted anyway, gets to go on record as reasonable because I did vote to convict on one article but not the other! Now when the winds blow toward moderation I can say I've established my moderate cred!" The man's become a weasel.
  2. Been at a new job learning/coding Artificial Intelligence. It's taken up about 99% of my brainpower for months!
  3. I'm an Evolution skeptic... But not because of my religious convictions. It's because when I started looking into how the scientific method is (not) applied when it comes to evolution research... hoo boy...
  4. Is it wrong that I'm tempted to start a pool to bet on how long before CNN runs a story blaming Trump for the Coronavirus?
  5. When we were still in the middle of the fiasco, with remainers screaming for a second referendum and Parliament drooling over any excuse to delay Brexit longer and longer, I frequently said to my friends "Brexit is the mechanism by which the British people are disabused of the notion that they have a voice in their own government." I have never been so glad to be wrong.
  6. Gratz on Brexit, guys. Glad to see that the people still have the final word.
  7. I'm a Dune fan. Quite honestly though part of me is excited about the upcoming Dune movie, and part of me is afraid, very very afraid.
  8. I logged on here to to a rage filled rant because I'm in a very emotional state of mind right now and was gonna vent it... But I see a few people on here sincerely liked the movie... and honestly, if you liked it and this film was a source of joy for you then I don't want to take that from you. I'll keep quiet there. Suffice it to say that, even though I am not, and never have been, a man of violence, if I had JJ Abrams in a room right now... I'd want to beat that man savagely for about an hour. (Not just for Star Wars, but Star Trek as well) I'd hold back only enough so that I had some left for Rian Johnson. Today, I'm sick and home from work, and I'm watching the Original Trilogy to relive the time when Star Wars was beautiful and amazing.
  9. Thanks guys I'm also very interested in feedback from @mirkwood, as a fellow miniatures painter.
  10. So I sat with my kids this afternoon and we played Life. For those who haven't heard of it (all 3 of you) it's the boardgame where you go through "life" with a job, income, kids, buying a house, etc. The object of the game is to retire with the highest amount of money. So my daughter ended he game with almost $2M and 1 kid. She won. I ended the game with... less money than that and also had 1 kid. My son also had less money, and he had 6 (count 'em) 6 kids. He had so many kids he needed a second car game piece to tote them all around. So my daughter announced that she had won. (Which is true, by the game rules.) But then a thought occurred to me, which I shared with them. Her in-game persona will end the game of life with just one child to say farewell. The same went for me. But my son... his in-game self would pass on with an entire room full of people who love him. I think the game rules have the wrong victory conditions.
  11. Thanks! And just to be clear to everyone, I didn't sculpt it. It's a model kit that I had to assemble. Not sure why the title of the piece is "Atonement" but visually it was perfect for this purpose, and I kept the title anyway.
  12. So when my wife and I got sealed this year, I gave her this gift, which I'd been working on assembling and painting for about a year prior. It's about 12" high total. Just finally got around to adding the shrunk down copy of our sealing certificate to the base. Just thought I'd share, since you guys know what a big deal getting sealed is...
  13. You see that all over Maryland. It's a way for youth to earn some extra coin. I'm actually okay with it other than the possible safety issues.