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  1. Colirio

    Joseph was a bit of a jerk!

    😂 Mores, that was an ace response!
  2. Colirio

    Joseph was a bit of a jerk!

    Joseph lived before the time of Moses. 🙂
  3. Colirio

    Joseph was a bit of a jerk!

    In what way was Joseph living the law of Moses?
  4. Colirio

    Ceasefire in Turkey-Syria

    It seems to me that our allies in the Middle East have a way of becoming our enemies a decade or two later. We spend a lot of our blood, sweat, and tears to build these nations in that region for such short term gains. If oil is the reason, what is the REAL cost for that oil? The truth is that we are not going to have long term peace no matter which regime we support with billions of dollars in military support and infrastructure. We will be spending just as much propping up the next regime a few years later. Rinse and repeat.
  5. When you state that there was no "formal organization" at the time Nephi wrote those words, to what are you referring? Clearly, Joseph Smith translated the word as "church." He also translates the word as "church" from Nephi's writings speaking of the church if the Lamb in chapter 14: 1 Nephi 14:12 And it came to pass that I beheld the church of the Lamb of God, and its numbers were few, because of the wickedness and abominations of the whore who sat upon many waters; nevertheless, I beheld that the church of the Lamb, who were the saints of God, were also upon all the face of the earth; and their dominions upon the face of the earth were small, because of the wickedness of the great whore whom I saw. It seems to me the record states that this meaning of church is referring to the saints of God. Throughout the Book of Mormon record, translated by Joseph Smith, we read of the "church" being organized by prophets. (Mosiah 25 and Alma 6 especially) Unless I am misunderstanding what you meant by no "formal organization" at the time, I disagree with your assertion completely. It might not have the same organizational appearance that it does now, but the saints were clearly organized in prior dispensations.
  6. I'm not so sure about that. 1 Nephi 4:24 And I also spake unto him that I should carry the engravings, which were upon the plates of brass, to my elder brethren, who were without the walls. 25 And I also bade him that he should follow me. 26 And he, supposing that I spake of the brethren of the church, and that I was truly that Laban whom I had slain, wherefore he did follow me.
  7. Colirio

    Impeach Trump

    So, instead of refuting any of the points @anatess2 made about the positive impacts that President Trump has made, you instead compare him to Hitler and daydream about an idealized leadership? 🤣 1. The mainstream media is heavily biased and full of lies. Is it even a LITTLE bit possible, even just a smidgeon, that your judgment of the man's character might be influenced by the bias of his enemies? 2. There are no Pahoran, Captain Moroni, or founding father types stepping up to the plate to lead the country. It really does stink, doesn't it? The ideal you have proposed doesn't seem to be in the running. So, what other option do you propose?
  8. Colirio

    Impeach Trump

    ::shrug:: This is what I would expect "draining the swamp" to look like. Is Trump my favorite? Nope. But I love that so many creatures on both sides of the swamp are being exposed for the stagnant, bottom-dwellers that they are.
  9. Colirio

    Would you list a mission on a resume?

    Yes. I put it in a small section at the bottom of the resume for special skills/hobbies. Every single time I have been interviewed it came up and they talked about it. I used the opportunity to speak of the leadership experiences, the learning to appreciate a culture different than the one I was raised in, the teamwork experiences, the setting goals and working hard to accomplish them, the learning to get along with coworkers even when we disagreed, and many other qualities that the company was probably wanting to know about me. Having been on the hiring side many times before, one of the biggest struggles is to come up with questions that ask about those types of experiences in the applicant’s past. My missionary experiences, especially as a young man, are ALWAYS relevant to any job I applied for. Being memorable in a positive way is generally the toughest part of being interviewed, especially when there might be hundreds (thousands) of other applicants. A missionary experience in someone’s past can create that memorable part for an interviewer. Thats not even to begin speaking of the additional, positive things a mission experience tells an interviewer: - Most likely honest. - Most likely someone who helps others. - Most likely someone who has ideas that are outside the normal, run-of-the-mill thought processes. So, yes. Include it and use it positively if/when the situation arises.
  10. This is how I picture @Vort and @Just_A_Guy watching the latest Book of Mormon videos:
  11. Colirio

    What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

    When this is my tombstone, there will be no reason to have words.
  12. Colirio

    Watch trends

    Did you just call @MormonGator a daughter of Zion? 🤣
  13. Pretty much every (all?) revelation in the church in the latter days came in response to a prophet asking a question and receiving a response. (Starting with Joseph Smith wanting to know which church he should join.) That being the case, it stands to reason that it would be President Nelson’s questioning of the Lord on the matter that would result in such a response.
  14. The question that I have is: Why would the church leadership prohibit weapons except for law enforcement? Some of you more legally in-the-know might have some insight. (As well as those who are in Utah.)