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  1. With the new changes to the boards, I don’t have an option to log out that I can find.
  2. Figured I would link directly to the court opinion so everyone could read for themselves: US Supreme Court Case NYSRPA vs Bruen
  3. Clearly my attempt at humor was too subtle….? My grandparents have been voting Democrat for 30 years. They passed away 30 years ago… rigged elections and… nevermind. <sigh>
  4. To be fair, my grandparents have voted strictly Democrat for 30 years. Very devout Christians, they wanted what was best people. Just two, warm and friendly people who passed away in the early 1990’s.
  5. The word “authority” doesn’t appear in this verse. This verse seems to reference the king’s governance over the people, the permission (license) given to Alma to establish a church of God and permission (license) to ordain people to ecclesiastical positions. The word “power” would be a synonym for “permission” as used in this context.*** In a monarchy, the king has supreme governing power over all such things that happen among the people. You can’t start a church unless the king approves it. We can also look to the Lamanite missions served by the sons of Mosiah and how only after the kings’ conversions was the spread of the gospel really allowed. In our modern usage, Alma obtained a license from the government to start a church. He then ordained licensed ministers. *** Even if someone were inclined to believe the word “power” to reference priesthood, the word authority does not appear here. Clearly, Alma already had priesthood authority before they ever joined the Nephites under Mosiah: Mosiah 23:16 And now, Alma was their high priest, he being the founder of their church. 17 And it came to pass that none received authority to preach or to teach except it were by him from God. Therefore he consecrated all their priests and all their teachers; and none were consecrated except they were just men. This along with the baptisms he performed shows Alma already had priesthood authority. This leads to the conclusion that the “power” given to Alma by Mosiah was not referencing a transferral of priesthood authority, but rather a governing licensure (permission). Christ was the head of the church. Alma established the church as evidenced by the next chapter. Mosiah 26:17 And blessed art thou because thou hast established a church among this people; and they shall be established, and they shall be my people. Mosiah was the king. He granted power (permission, license) to Alma to establish a church. He wasn’t. There doesn’t seem to be an established church at that time before Alma founded one. The Nephites followed Christ and lived according to the law of Moses, but having religious people does not necessarily organize them into a church. In our latter-day church, we are used to things being organized a particular way. It hasn’t always been that way throughout the history of the world.
  6. As a teenager, we did this quite a bit. We would even let the kids hold on and then let go so that they could slingshot to the top and climb back down the tree. (I didn’t say that we were intelligent teenagers…) I will warn you that they do snap, crack, and uproot at times depending on the health of the tree and condition of the soil. I would say that if you are in a physically fit state to be able to climb and then drop the distance to land on the ground unharmed, then you might have a lot of fun and build some healthy hand callouses at the same time. But you need to be wise, sufficiently fit, and cautiously observant.
  7. Spiritually speaking, I would say so. Sounds to me like there is a future sacrament meeting parable you are being blessed with here… Temporally speaking, @Grunt summed up the solutions to the issues, at least for a time and less frequently. But spiritually speaking, are there daily, weekly, monthly, and annual “screws” that a father should retighten for/with his children? Do those become burdensome or flat out annoying at times? Is there spiritual locktite that can be applied? (Just spitballing here!)
  8. D&C 42:13 And they shall observe the covenants and church articles to do them, and these shall be their teachings, as they shall be directed by the Spirit. 14 And the Spirit shall be given unto you by the prayer of faith; and if ye receive not the Spirit ye shall not teach. D&C 52:17 Verily I say unto you, he that is ordained of me and sent forth to preach the word of truth by the Comforter, in the Spirit of truth, doth he preach it by the Spirit of truth or some other way? 18 And if it be by some other way it is not of God. 19 And again, he that receiveth the word of truth, doth he receive it by the Spirit of truth or some other way? 20 If it be some other way it is not of God. 21 Therefore, why is it that ye cannot understand and know, that he that receiveth the word by the Spirit of truth receiveth it as it is preached by the Spirit of truth? 22 Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together. 23 And that which doth not edify is not of God, and is darkness.
  9. Not poison, but sharp objects have been found over the years. Just this year:
  10. There was a great question and answer from Ask Gramps about the subject being discussed that, in turn, asked some important questions. Though it’s a bit lengthy, to shorten it would be an injustice. Question Gramps, I have read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover in preparation to serve a mission. I finished and I feel like I prayed with a real intent to know if it was true. Growing up in the Church I wanted an experience I could look back on to anchor me. But I felt nothing, I’ve read scriptures James 1:5 and Moroni 10-4,5 but I am home because of the pandemic, and struggling to go back out. How can I really gain a testimony? I can’t go out and and bear a testimony I don’t have. Matthew Answer Matthew, Thank you for taking a moment to ask this question, and it is comforting for me to see a young man who wants to be genuine when declaring a truth to others. In my youth, I found myself in a similar situation as you, but in a different way. Before I go into that let’s review from scripture items that need to be considered with a question like yours (these are general questions that may or may not apply to you right now): 1) Will God further reveal to us what we already know, but for some reason are denying? 2) King Laman, Lamoni’s father, at first was willing to give up half a kingdom to know what Aaron knew. When the reality of what Aaron was teaching settled in King Laman was willing to give up all his sins to know. Is there anything in our lives that might be preventing a witness? 3) Is our desire to know the truth real, or simply a reluctant obedience in doing what people have said without any real intent? 4) Am I tying God down to a specific experience in order to have the truth revealed and to receive a testimony? 5) How does God reveal truth? What has he already revealed to us? 6) Have you witnessed God’s hand in your family? 7) The Lord’s timing. Have I allowed the Lord to answer me on his timeline vs. when I think he should do it? An answer is promised, but an immediate answer is not. When I began serving a mission I read the following verse of scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 9:8-9 that refers to a “burning in our bosom.” This was the way God revealed truth, at least that is what was being taught, and since I had never felt this before I found myself in a similar position as you, “How do I teach the Gospel when I haven’t received a testimony”? I began to pray, read, and fast for a testimony. I wanted to feel this “burning in my bosom.” I never received this witness, and to this day I have not and do not know what a “burning in the bosom” feels like. What I did discover is that when I was no longer looking for a specific witness the Lord spoke to my mind and heart. I knew from the Spirit of the Lord (the Lord’s voice, mind, and will) and thus began the seed of my testimony. I discovered for me the truth of Doctrine and Covenants 8:2-3. The spirit of revelation/prophecy is when the Lord speaks to your mind and heart. The Spirit of the Lord then commanded me to build upon what I received. Later in my life I read the following words from President Joseph F. Smith which describes my testimony and knowledge of the gospel: This appears to be a true path by which the Lord reveals his truth to his children. There are obviously outliers to this path also. At this time also, early in my mission, there wasn’t any sin in my life that had not been repented of. If I needed to resolve something with the bishop it was resolved. When I taught at the MTC I had the privilege of teaching a young man from my home ward who was struggling also. He was not receiving the witness he wanted to receive pertaining to staying on the mission or returning home in order to marry his girlfriend. Mind you I knew this young man. I also knew of decisions he made, which would have prevented him from serving a mission as soon as he did. He had unrepented, unresolved sins that were preventing him from receiving the witness he desired. Like King Laman, he was willing to give up half of his kingdom (meaning, he was willing to leave his home, but the other half he really didn’t want to lose — girlfriend). As such, there were sins preventing the Spirit. If we are unwilling to give up all our sins (especially when we are about to serve a mission, or are on the mission) it will be hard to receive any answer from the Lord as our mind will not be prepared to receive it. On my mission, I taught a lady who said the following words, “I already know Joseph Smith is not a prophet of God, but I will pray anyway.” When we asked if she prayed she said she had and that she didn’t receive an answer. When we asked how she prayed she said the following, “I prayed and asked the Lord by saying, ‘Lord, I already know Joseph Smith is not a prophet, but because the Elders have asked me I am praying to know,’ and I did not receive an answer.” My companion and I looked at each other and were not surprised she did not receive an answer. At times, we may be reluctant although we still act, but are our actions with true intent and sincerity. Or, are our actions merely to say, “Well, I did what was asked, and still nothing.” Another story I really enjoy from President Joseph F. Smith is regarding his mother. When he was a young boy traveling with his mother and uncle at some point their oxen went missing. Joseph and his uncle had searched and searched and had come up empty handed. As he was returning back to his mother this is what he shares: Has there been anything in your life, with your family, or with a friend, or you personally that you can draw on when you are asking the Lord for a witness? The Book of Mormon says it a little differently with the following words: When you prayed, were you remembering the Lord’s love for you (his death, his sacrifice)? Were you possibly remembering any spiritual witness that the Lord (as with Joseph F. Smith and his mother) has heard and answered prayers? Were you possibly pondering the love you have for others and those who you will be serving? Were you pondering the tender mercies the Lord has shown in scripture? I want to thank you again Matthew for taking the time to ask this question, and the desire you have to be genuine in declaring your testimony. You want to know. May the Lord bless you with a calm heart and mind to hear his voice, his love, and his mercy for you as his son. Gramps
  11. Just wait. I am not sure we have even thought about the atrocities that will be committed against the people who the Taliban deem as having been loyal to the “infidels” over these last 20 years.
  12. I don’t believe anyone has tried to compare one war to another, only the method of withdrawing our troops and people. Having to send 3,000 troops BACK in order to create a safe withdrawal for our folks is leaving everyone scratching their heads. Was there so little forethought put into this withdrawal? Especially considering they had to do the same thing in Iraq when he was Vice President, the optics of this are terrible…
  13. I believe you are onto something here… A pattern begins to emerge when reading through some of his past comments. Wow.