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  1. Don't worry, I know all about Spaghetti Eis.☝️
  2. On another note, my wife had a miniature poodle she would carry with her while shopping. It looked like a stuffed animal, so would often go unchallenged.
  3. Don't move to Germany. Very common here. (I'm currently traveling in Germany.)
  4. These things are all true. Prior to Luther's day the Catholics solved this by selling indulgences. Problem solved
  5. Many economists agree that there is no increase in the intrinsic value of something like gold, and any "profits" should not be subject to tax. Profit on commodity transactions is currently taxed by the U S government, but it's not truly profit IMHO. Logically, it should not be tithed either.
  6. This is something that we LDS must take completely on faith, in that Joseph Smith was told that all the extant churches of the time were false in his first vision. In fact, the Catholic Church can make a very compelling case for being the true way. Every Catholic Church I've ever been in has a timeline of every Pope starting with Peter. Of course, Catholics believe that Peter held and passed on his keys. Every statue or portrait I've ever seen of Peter in a Catholic setting, shows him holding keys. This is a very Catholic belief. There is a church in Rome that has a portrait of every Pope from Peter lining the wall just below the ceiling. The scary thing is that there are only four or five more places left to place portraits!
  7. I'm not a fan of home schooling, but if one can afford it, private schools can be very good. Unfortunately the area I live in has mostly socialistic public schools. Most areas do because the curriculums are approved at the State level. This process is very insidious.
  8. Many people don't get paychecks. They own businesses etc. I did did some tax planning yesterday for a client that pays a marginal rate of 52.6% on his next dollar. Supposing he tithes on his gross, that leaves him with less than 40% of his income to live on. This does not take into account that he also pays 15.3% Social Security and Medicare tax on his first 120K. For most of us this would be disaster. In Europe, one hits high marginal rates much faster than in the US, so this can be a serious dilemma. Calculating "increase" can be very difficult. Everyone must come to his/her own conclusion with the Lord's help.
  9. Per se, consumption of tobacco or alcohol is not a sin. Of course not keeping one's covenants is sinful. My problem with many people that perceive the consumption as a sin is the fact that they see people that consume are "bad" sinful people. And that's not true of non covenant people.
  10. The regret is not having enough Grandchildren!
  11. The quote is nonsense for those of us who are goal oriented and have achieved them. I've worked hard to succeed and at the age of 69 have nothing left on my bucket list.
  12. Wine with a meal should be allowed because the food flavor can be greatly enhanced by a fine wine. And vice versa. Open to to debate is the snifter of brandy combined with a Cuban cigar after a great meal.
  13. I personally know several businessmen who groom this way.
  14. I wouldn't think twice about eating this pizza. I would only thank the roommate and offer to defray cost.
  15. Diet Coke is OK. My chiropractor has been preaching against it since forever. But when I went to Israel one of my traveling companions was a medical doctor. He was drinking Diet Coke, just like me. I queried him about the health effects, and he stated that it was fine. All the so called studies that found it was bad were almost all done by people with an agenda.
  16. You have touched on a great many issues that are pertinent to the current missionary effort. My sense has been what your statistics seem to bear out. That baptisms per missionary are down. This can lead to discouragement and "promises" made by GAs or mission presidents that are not realized only put pressure on good people that somehow are not good enough, despite best efforts. The 80-20 rule is operative for missionaries just as in real life. Some people are just better at the work than others and will have more success.
  17. Did you notice the white doves at the baptism site? Isn't that proof that Christ was baptized there?:-))
  18. The healthy snacks are the weird ones! :-)
  19. I was in Israel exactly a year ago. Did you know that every hotel we stayed in had WiFi connectivity? You're hardly going to the third world. In fact we expect daily reports of the sites visited, and the spiritual experiences you had.
  20. There is no such thing.
  21. Not sure I agree. Some on this forum are being very naive. Remember that addiction within the family context is also abuse as well. Spouses who adopt a zero tolerance policy against any form of addiction or abuse are the most successful in breaking the cycle. IMHO. Only if the offender truly repents can a solution be achieved. This invariably results in painful separation, but it's the only way.
  22. The three A'a are an idea by Dr Laura Schlesinger a noted author and psychologist. Adultery seems clear to most of us, but addiction and abuse are also very clear cut ideas, especially when children are involved. Based on articles I've read in the Ensign I think the church is fairly naive regarding the last two. True repentance is incredibly rare. A spouse with children should leave a relationship where these are present to protect the children. Ask anyone (like me) married to a child that comes from such a situation. It's not healthy for the spouse, either.
  23. There are a lot of very high paying jobs here. I just stated that only the very wealthy have the means to pay cash for a home. I own two, both financed. I could pay one off, but why? More $$$$ to be made in investments. Interest is cheap right now. Nothing has ever been a problem for me financially that more income hasn't cured. ? That being said, consumer debt where one pays very high interest is stupid. And that is what the church is saying. Live within your means. one advantage of using credit cards to pay almost everything is air miles and other rewards! I've paid for several nice trips with this feature, and bought some nice things for my motorcycle as well using HD Visa card. But I've never paid a dime's interest. Pay as I go.