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  1. I don't know where you live yjacket but here in the SF Bay Area no one is saving for their first home and paying cash in just a few years. Starter homes here are $500k and appreciation is currently over 5 percent a year. That's a lot of after tax $$$$$$$. The average Joe Sixpack is definitely going into debt to buy a first home. Or any home, for that matter.
  2. Economically speaking you have no increase. So, you don't need to pay tithing.
  3. OTOH it's really hard to hear an ignoramus ask such a question. They obviously don't get out much. Our temples pale in comparison to the Vatican and many Cathedrals of all faiths. There is some very serious $$$$$$$ in some of those places. Not to mention the investment in art, etc. By comparison I'd consider our temples to be relatively modest.
  4. What the Church spends on temples it saves on modern chapels, which are marginal at best. :-) Further, temples are open to all worthy. Even the poorest among us.
  5. Movies have been made with this premise. I don't recall the names but one in the 30s with Carey Grant and the remake in the 60s with Doris Day. The movies were more chaste back then. I don't see any more remakes given today's society.:-)
  6. Hopeful, congratulations on returning to church. The missionary opinions are not church doctrine and please don't consider them determinative. Do what your doctor recommends.
  7. I think you are being very wise. I don't know where you live, but laying a foundation for life, ie. getting an education, a good career and purchasing a home is appropriate for the vast majority. I don't get the LDS culture of early marriage either. The happiest couples I've ever known have laid these sorts of foundations. It eliminates a lot of problems such as lack of financial means, maturity, etc.
  8. Since all world religions are offshoots of the true gospel introduced to Adam by the Lord, of course there is some truth in all of them.
  9. Very sunny here in Monterrey MX. I'm here for a wedding
  10. No polygamy problem if you're Muslim. I think men are allowed up to four wives. That's around 1.2 Billion people. Thats a bunch of culture that obviously is not ours. But it's popular. I'm not sure why the modern church does not practice polygamy. It's very Biblical.
  11. WOW should be revised to allow coffee and tea. Whatever rationale was used originally to name these as hot drinks is no longer extant. Studies in general, show these to be relatively benign, even beneficial. Certainly they are arguably healthier than sugary sodas and energy drinks loaded with chemicals.
  12. Of course you plan on waiting for marriage until after you're both out of school, and have a sound financial basis on which to establish a home and raise your children. You seemingly have a several year wait to sort these issues.
  13. The sins you repented of during your lifetime will not be a topic of conversation in the final judgement.
  14. I agree. A cave can certainly be used as a stable. i misstated and should been more exact in my comment.
  15. He's not picking up your hints. Move on. many times the purported "answers " to prayers are just wishful thinking on our part. Good luck in your quest for an eternal companion.
  16. Have you been there? There was a church built on top centuries old. Was Jesus born in another town, not Bethlehem?
  17. I was in Bethlehem last May (2016) and it's for sure Jesus was born in a cave, not a stable. I actually saw the place beneath a church. Its lined with marble and there is a 14 pointed gold star that marks the ACTUAL place of birth. Nothing like the the real thing to relieve speculation.
  18. I would not voluntarily bring it up Im a CPA. I was taught that with all the controversies at work with co-workers, clients, etc., never discuss politics or religion. People can be unreasonable about these subjects. As a Mormon who doesn't drink, smoke or use coffee or tea, people figure it out soon enough.
  19. 30k a year? It's not much. My housing costs $3,500 per month in the PRK and I consider that cheap. Of of course there's no input on where this guy is in his career and/or his future prospects. When my wife and I married we lived on two part time minimum wage salaries. We were smart enough not to have kids until we could afford it. I graduated and as I made more $$$$ we moved on with kids, house etc. The wife needs to take a step back and evaluate her life and what she really believes.
  20. I'm married to a Guatemalan. I'm white. One of my sons married a Mexican. My daughter married a Vietnamese. I was in the ice cream parlor with my daughter, her husband and my Asian looking granddaughter. I was treating them to ice creams. While paying, the girl behind the counter asked "Do you know those people?". True story Were mongrels.
  21. There's no evidence Moroni had to walk very far at all. The Mesoamerican geographic model is far from proved.
  22. Accents between Peru and Bolivia are barely distinguishable. Chileans speak much quicker and tend to drop esses among other characteristics.