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  1. You’re not knowing what a baby daddy is, is indicative. Basically, AFDC has enabled a lifestyle that a mother doesn’t care who the father is. As long as she has more dependents she gets more money. For herself. It’s a selfish way of life, and you’re quite correct, the kids don’t have much chance. But our US government has enabled this way of living. It’s evil. Of course AFDC people are dissatisfied with their lot in life! But I never see any of them working. And neither do you. Do you even know any people like this? I live near an area where there are many. And nothing has changed in those neighborhoods since 1967 when the “great society “ began.
  2. You are willfully misunderstanding me. OP stated in his post that he was concerned about getting welfare. But it’s obvious that his actions and decisions put him in the dilemma. I’ll Acquit him of evil intentions, nevertheless his life decisions have put him in this pickle. I think his problem could have been eliminated by proper life planning. You are correct. Common sense is not common. But I’ve lived in the so called third world, and my wife is from a third world country. It’s true, that many of the indigenous people marry (or not) very young and immediately begin to have children. Yeah, there’s a reason they live in abject poverty. Children raising children is a recipe for no progress. Some break the cycle, but not many The other, more affluent of the third world more resemble the US in their matrimonial habits. I have three nephews in my wife’s country who are waiting until they can afford to marry. They want children, etc. but realize there’s a time and a place. Common sense is very common there because there is no welfare system to go to if one fails. It’s possible to actually go hungry and live in atrocious conditions. No one wants that. Many of affluent marry fairly young, but dependence on family is also common in this segment of society, including living with in laws etc. That’s not really the American of first world way.
  3. I don't mean to cast aspersions on your dad's character, but as I hear many of this sort of story in the church, I take it with a healthy dose of skepticism. I certainly don't live my life and haven't, without making common sense decisions about marriage, when I had my children, career etc. I trust the Lord too......and take a lot of His advice about preparedness etc. I can say I've been very blessed with great kids, grandchildren and financially as well. I pay taxes in the six digits to give you an idea of my "blessings", among the worldly ones.
  4. Actually it is the correlation. Why are there so many baby-daddies? AFDC created this. I submit to you it is a government creation. People will always pick the path of least resistance. Of course, it's not just black people. Many others succumb to the easy way.
  5. I think if one asked a GA as to whether one should go on welfare to marry and have children, the answer would be in the negative. So much GA advice is taken out of context, or interpreted without using any common sense. Witness OP.
  6. Actually, they are evil. Any system that encourages people to take from others as a "safety net" for themselves bespeaks a lack of moral fiber. I mentioned Venezuela for a reason. It was once the richest per capita nation in South America. Now it's the poorest and if one reads the news, people are apparently going without enough food. I don't feel sorry for them because they voted for it. But socialism is evil no matter how it's dressed up. No matter who votes for it. Politicians are using socialism as a vote buying scheme. they are also evil. You're correct about satan, He doesn't want people to have a good life. And he invented socialism IMNSHO.
  7. Bullfeathers. you don't know that and neither does he.
  8. They actually ARE evil conspiracies. Look what "entitlements" have done to the black community in the US. They have created dependency where none existed before. I think it's morally reprehensible that any member of the church would deliberately put himself/herself in the position of taking government or any other assistance. Think Venezuela.
  9. This is very common. The bishopric does this a lot in many Wards in other ways, such as having meetings with members etc during the same hours.
  10. I don’t usually watch cable news shows. I watch the cable commentary shows about one hour per day. My newspaper is the Wall Street Journal which I download daily onto my iPad. It’s not free. I frankly don’t know how to get news from Facebook, although supposedly some big percentage of the population does this.
  11. I think they were referring to a society of two. Themselves. There is a not so secret society out there, however. That is the insidiousness of Socialism/Communism. If one looks at the tactics of the leftists in the US over the past year, it is exactly the same sort of tactics used around the world by these same fellow travelers to gain power in many societies.
  12. Your statement about the limitations of SALT is very true. Luckily they are still allowing interest for second homes. I was at a tax seminar yesterday (I’m a CPA)and for most people making $175K or less there is a tax cut in your future!
  13. I doubt number one is true. Number two is of course true. One must look at the context of the above quoted scriptures as well as to the times in which they were revealed unto man. Likely the term Son in the POGP quote is essentially a title. D&C quote clearly applies to this earth and none other. For us, there is no savior other than the Christ. In fairness all the above are opinions. No one really knows the answer. my personal belief is that each world has its own Saviour.
  14. The Church needs perspective from outside the Mormon corridor, that’s for certain. I dont care about color, but the next apostles should come from outside the first world.
  15. No tax cut for the not so rich. My taxes will increase significantly.
  16. I personally agree with your take on this matter. For instance in Latin countries Díos mío (my God) is a common expression with no intended insult to the Diety.
  17. Of course there is. Sons too. That’s us.
  18. Most women think and act the same. Marry the best looking one.
  19. True. Everyone’s hand is different. I’m a big SIG fan, but YMMV. My favorite SIG is the P210. I have an older version, but the new one has a more extended beavertail the prevents hammer bite. Best version of the 226 is the target model X-5. It’s single action and very sweet.
  20. Got into varmint hunting a few years ago. Here’s the go to gun for ground squirrels. Anschutz 1717 with S&B scope.
  21. My favorite carry revolver. Freedom Arms Model 97. .22LR
  22. So? Mother’s day was started by a greeting card company.