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  1. He was likely an ordained priest, following in his fathers footsteps. There are likely some supernatural events omitted from the narrative we have. The Baptist clearly saw his mission in life.
  2. After seven years of broken promises your wife couldn’t take it anymore. You have lost her. Move on. She has.
  3. You clearly have aTestimony of the church IMHO. My daughter was like you and didn’t fit in to her peer group in the church. She is now inactive and married a non member. Dont be her. Go back to church.
  4. Satan, as is his wont did not directly outright lie to Adam and Eve. He knew they wouldn't physically die immediately, he knew that in the garden, they could never become like gods, knowing good and evil. Of course these were half truths. Also he had no access to them in a spiritual sense because he was unable to corrupt their descendants. There could be no descendants. So Eve "eats" the apple. Somehow this transgression transformed her understanding about life and also changed her physically. She communicated this to Adam. The Lord, blocked their access to the tree of life, because had they eaten of that, they likely would have become immortal at that point without chance of repentance. LDS do not refer to Eve's eating the apple as a sin. Satan did not inform them that they would be subject to the second death, which is exclusion from the Lord's presence. But God had a plan to bring them back. They could repent, they could indeed become like the gods, knowing good and evil. And yes, eventually enter into the presence of God again. Even better from God's POV their posterity (which they couldn't have in the garden), would have the same chance Adam and Eve had. So yes, they did deliberately set us up with free agency and the need for redemption. God needed them to enter into a corrupt state so that His children could follow in Adam's footsteps. None of the Saving that goes on could have happened without the Fall of Adam. The LDS don't regard Adam and Eve as sinners. But they did have to transgress God's commands to lead us to our present condition.
  5. Based on the information provided you should end the relationship. Physical attraction is not enough. You are young and will meet many others that can qualify as a good spouse.
  6. Disraeli said there are lies, damned lies and Statistics. You seem to to be stumbling into the statistics category with your assumptions. But pretty good trolling. This has done seven pages!
  7. If you are saving half of your income, you are not particularly materialistic.
  8. I think it was the Apostles creed. FWIW I don’t know it either.
  9. It's all white because she is a Temple worker. I'm impossible to buy for because if I want something I just buy it for myself. No discipline whatsoever.
  10. My wife always expects an over the top Christmas gift. This year it’s a Rolex watch
  11. I've seen a lot of stuff. Your feelings are very normal IMO and everyone on this forum has shared them from time to time. Life can be hard. BUT, the grass is not greener. Seems like you have a decent wife. That's better than most. You have a child and breaking up a family would be a tragedy just to fulfill your selfish desires for "love". That sort of "love" does not really exist.
  12. I think you are missing the OP’s point. The sociality of the Church is a big reason why people attend. This applies to people who are not single as well. The sociality is much reduced with the changes made. I feel it myself, and I’m married. I know that during the second hour, a lot of people attend Sunday school in the hallways to gain this sociality.
  13. All US cars use metric measurements. Just saying.
  14. Serious dating revolves around finding a lasting partner. I’d give it a pass. You are not compatible IMNSHO. So why waste the time? Exception: Is he rich?
  15. Fiction I would pick Shōgun. One of the great novels of last century. Non Fiction I would pick Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman.
  16. The Jews were given a clear choice as to whom to forgive. And they forgave a murderer. That’s heavy. The Carthage mob was largely ignorant IMHO. Of course, some acted with knowledge, but I perceive a distinct difference.
  17. If counseling does not your problems, move on. Its just a waste of time to do anything else.
  18. I saw The House with the Clock in the Walls. Mildly amusing.
  19. I'll post a picture of my commute next week. It's far worse. No snow, but you'll see.
  20. God is a God of order. While the Christ is clearly extraordinary, I believe the laws would apply to all mortals.
  21. Here is an historical fact about the Book of Mormon. The plates from which it was translated, were found in New York on the North American continent. It’s true that we don’t know where Lehi’s group landed. But the plates are evidence that he did. Therefore to disregard the history of the Book of Mormon is not logical. FWIW, I don’t think we are ever going to find a building anywhere that has a carving in it that says Nephi slept here.
  22. Since the Lord clearly has not returned, “rising generation” must be interpreted dispensationally. This is means that the rising generation will happen in the current dispensation. No one knows the time.
  23. Lots of reasons for separate accounts. Especially with both spouses working outside the home. I live in a community property state. What’s mine is hers and what’s hers is mine. So the supposed separation is academic. Im a big advocate of separation of checking accounts. My wife and myself are polar opposites as to how funds should be managed.
  24. A moving arm signal is a semaphore. A smash board is meant to get an engineers attention when he overruns a signal in a station. Grade crossing arm comes to mind on the other AFAIK, English has more words than any other language. Of course, not everything is covered.
  25. Let your insurance company handle this. It knows the law and will advise accordingly. You are correct in that this is probably a scam. Don’t write any checks.